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Karen Nemsick: Rebuilding Together

Executive Director Karen Nemsick has been a Bay Area resident since 1988. Her long nonprofit career has focused primarily on moving families out of poverty. After working five years at Raphael House, a shelter for homeless families, Karen started her own nonprofit called Women In Action to fill a gap in job preparedness training at welfare-to-work programs. Women In Action activities taught teamwork and communication skills to women moving from welfare to work, and the activities also built confidence and challenged women to overcome self-defeating beliefs. She also provided leadership as the Executive Director of Healing Waters, a nonprofit that provides wilderness adventures to men, women, and children affected by HIV and AIDS. In addition to her direct service work, Karen has worked as a consultant to executive directors and small nonprofit organizations on program development, leadership, operations, grant writing, and fundraising. She joined RTSF in June 2009 and is thrilled to be here!