Sept 3rd: Donald H. Kagin, Epic Buried Backyard Treasure


President Jill Hoffman returned and just to prove she’s serious about breaking the curse of the GGBC, she was accompanied by her Campaign Manager, Sarah Hook.  President Jill  personally provided the five minute warning and started the meeting right on time.   So, it appears there isn’t a spot for either Joel Panzer or Bert Hill in President Jill’s new administration.                 

Besides Sarah, we had one additional guest this morning.  Hosted by her husband of forty-three years, Judy Tuck.

For those of you complaining about the tardy arrival of the bulletin, I only write this column, I don’t control the bulletin’s publication.  Your editor, Antonio White, does accept blame for the late 8/27 edition, but this week our Program Chairman, Mike Mustacchi, didn’t get the speaker’s bio to Antonio until early yesterday.  Of course, given the high level compensation myself and my compatriots receive for composing this bulletin, which is zip point s..t, maybe those complaints are better left unsaid.           

Excuses requested for this morning; received via e-mail to me, Phil Moscone for this morning and next week too. Phil is going to Yellowstone to wave at the bears and the bison.  Reg Young excused Mike Hanlon, who has a doctor’s appointment this morning.     

Excuses requested for the future; Bert Hill forgot to mention during this morning’s meeting he will be in Seattle celebrating his Mom’s ninety-fourth birthday next week.  Jim Lazarus didn’t forget to mention he needs a three week excuse.  Next week, an early meeting followed by two weeks in the Alsace region of France looking for the roots of Leopold Lazarus.   

Members that have returned; Janet Von Doepp is back from two weeks in Tahoe.  Rickey Wilson was pulling building permits last week.  Rickey also recommends visiting the 49ers Museum at the new Levi’s Stadium.  Just don’t go on a game day.    

Sidney Mobell mentioned our speaker, Donald Kagin, is known all over the world as an authority on rare coins and will be participating in the World Gold Exhibit next year in New York City.  Who else will be participating in the World Gold Exhibit?  Why, Sidney Mobell of course.

Best of this morning’s intros; Marty Fleisher, extraordinary and humble lawyer.

A riddle from Bert Hill; what does the Tea Party and ISIS have in common?  They both blame Obama for everything.      

Sausalito resident John Stewart is in favor of renaming the Waldo Tunnel the Robin Williams Tunnel.  John also related Robin’s famous comment about the tunnel.  People of all colors enter the tunnel and they all come out on the other side white.  Jim Simpson says he’s been through that tunnel many times and he’s still not white. 

Bill Buchanan reports the phone rang three times yesterday.  All three calls were form Claire.

Although we’re all concerned about how President Jill Hoffman will fare in her contest for Sausalito City Council given the GGBC curse, Chuck Mills says the Marvelous Marin Breakfast Club’s members don’t have this problem.  Many MMBC members have been successfully elected to public office.  Chuck also did mention those MMBC members mostly ran unopposed. 

Crossing the bay to attend last weekend’s Sausalito Art Fair, Alan Garber reports he saw Marty Fleisher, extraordinary and humble art collector, along with Bill and Claire Buchanan.  President Jill was there too, but nobody saw her.  Garber also told a very old joke this morning.  Not worth expending the ink.  Betty Taisch was considering attending, but she decided to clean her office instead. Betty was also trying to bring up a joke on her phone, but the joke wouldn’t download.  Too bad.  I’m sure it was better than Garber’s.      

Since he’s been recovering from knee surgery, Rich Corriea hasn’t been working, but he’s been putting his time to good use by going to various breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  Rich thinks that’s a pretty good later life choice.

Unfortunately for Rich, his table mate was a uncharacteristically casually dressed Patricia Fripp (after breakfast Fripp is heading to the airport to fly off to Vegas).  Fripp decided to give Rich a few speaking tips.  First off, don’t put your left hand in your pocket because like almost all men you’ll start to jingle coins or your keys, which is incredibly distracting.  Fripp also put her hand down Rich’s pocket to demonstrate.  Good thing Maria wasn’t at breakfast this morning.  What do you do with your left hand guys?  Let it flow, use it as an exclamation point.  Or, as I like to say; be an Italian.  Fellow Italian Mike Mustacchi chided Rich for not checking his zipper. 

Mustacchi also reports John Mathers is almost well enough to come back to breakfast.  Maybe next week.  Mike’s free Jensen-Healy has now reached the $4K level.                  

A reminder from Arlan Kertz; Federal estimates are due in less than two weeks. 

Illustrating the state of education in this country, Alex King related the story of the two high schools boys when asked if a car is travelling at eighty miles per hour, how many miles will it travel in an hour.  They didn’t know the answer.  For those of you that don’t know the answer, it’s eighty miles.         

Rethinking the whole golf thing, Steve Shain got beat by both an eighty year old and an eighty-four year old last week.   

Our last arrival, Tom Jacobs, said that traffic was exceptionally bad.  Tom, did you forget you mentioned school was back in session last Wednesday?  Maybe you just need to leave for breakfast earlier.  Tom also couldn’t wait to ask our speaker a question.  Didn’t even wait for the presentation, just asked the question during his intro. 

Reg Young, still subbing for Mike Hanlon, again didn’t have any birthdays this week.  

Knucklehead of the week; Neel Kashkari.  You want to be Governor?  You should have waited four years.  You probably would have a decent chance at beating Gavin, but Jerry’s going to clean your clock.