Sept. 24th: USCG Vice Admiral Charles Ray


Looks like the GGBC will accord a Coast Guard Admiral the same on time start courtesy extended to an Army General.  So, this morning Bert Hill delivered the five minute warning two minutes early.  With seven minutes to get seated, the membership was ready to go when President Jill Hoffman called the meeting to order. 

This morning, we were in the more intimate Crystal Lounge, which I think is the best venue for our meetings.  Initially, I was a bit concerned with our attendance, since there was a significant scattering of empty seats at each table.  Until Ed Flowers decided to join us, myself and Marty Mijalski were the only occupants of our table.  As the meeting progressed though, a good number of stragglers came through the doors and we ended up with a decent showing for our speaker Vice Admiral Charles Ray.              

No breakfast burritos on the buffet this morning, but I do have a GGBC breakfast observation.  We did have Eggs Benedict and I have noticed whenever we have Eggs Benedict, about half our membership will take the poached egg and the Canadian bacon, but will leave behind the English muffin.  I’m curious as to why.         

We had six guests this morning.  Hosted by Joel Panzer was our guest Chairman of the Day, from the National Coast Guard Foundation, Joe Phair.  Accompanying Hedy Kaveh was this tall young man who turned out to be son Ryan Kaveh, soon to be on his way back to UC Santa Barbara for his second year.  I still think of Ryan as that little kid in the Elf’s hat helping me pass out the door prizes during our Holiday Party.  Ray Siotto hosted San Francisco Giants Senior Vice President Mario Alioto.  Just like last week, our remaining guests were hosted by MikesMyatt was responsible for retired Army General Tony Taguba.  Does that name sound familiar?  General Taguba led the investigation into the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.  A horrible black mark for the US Army redeemed only by the incredibly thorough and honest investigation conducted by General Taguba.  Who placed honor and integrity above all.  Since Mustacchi is the program chair, he was the host for Admiral Ray’s staff members, Lt. Colleen Denny and Petty Officer Second Class Vance Hughes.  Lt. Denny has the best penmanship of any guest we’ve had all year. 

Excuses requested for this morning:  via e-mail to me, Patricia Fripp is in Madison, Wisconsin speaking at a conference and then selling tee shirts and DVDs at another King Crimson concert.  This begs the question; does Fripp follow King Crimson or does Brother Robert and King Crimson follow FrippBill Buchanan asked Chuck Mills to “give me a lame ass excuse”.  So, Chuckles did.      

Excuses requested for the future; Stan Ellexson needs two weeks for a fifteen day cruise through the Panama Canal.  Stan will be leaving from our brand new cruise ship terminal at Pier 27.  This prompted John Mathers to mention four years ago his brother texted “lock #3, go on line”.  So, John did follow his brother’s suggestion and was able to watch his brother’s ship transit Panama Canal Lock #3 in real time and see his brother up on deck.

Members that have returned; Frank Reed back from Carlsbad.  Plus, Frank is going to retire from Universal Protection in December and hopes this will allow him to come to more meetings.  Len Stec is back from Southeast Asia and when Len was going through his mail after he got home, realized he received his Medicare Card.  Interestingly, while Len was in Malaysia he had an opportunity to use their health care system.  Len contracted a little infection and spent a couple of days in the hospital.  Received great care at a cost far less than what it would have cost here in the States.   

Time is running out. Arlan Kertz says you now have three weeks left to file your taxes.

J. J. Panzer says rents are up up up and vacancies are down down down.  Also, the countdown has started to fatherhood for J. J., and to Grandfatherhood for papa Joel.

What did papa Joel do this past Saturday?  Walked three miles in the San Francisco Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

 Grant Hundley wanted our speaker to know he spent six years in the Coast Guard.  Marty Mijalski’s Dad was in the Coast Guard too.  Not at the same time as Grant though.  In the ‘30s.  Marty’s Dad was the Captain of a minesweeper.    

Ever wonder what Don Persky does at the Korean Immersion Education Alliance?  Supports Korean studies and students here in San Francisco.  Also, arranged for a teacher exchange program.  Five Korean teachers will be coming to San Francisco in January.

Robin Brasso was at the CEDAW luncheon on Monday.  What’s CEDAW?  Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.  What city was the first to enact an ordinance supporting the principles of CEDAW?  Why San Francisco of course.  In 1998.  

Ed Flowers received an e-mail from our former member George Grotz, who now lives in South Carolina.  George asked Ed if Ed knew where Yemassee, South Carolina is.  Yep, Ed knows.  That’s where Ed got off the train on his way to basic training at Parris Island.  They are having a reunion at the newly restored train station.  George invited Ed to stay with him if Ed decides to attend. 

Not considered a political endorsement in violation of the GGBC by-laws, but Hugh Tuck reports the Republican Party endorsed his nephew Marshall Tuck, a democrat, for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

No joke from Alan Garber this morning, only an observation.  At Sunday’s Patriots/ Raiders game every point was scored by a “kowski”.  The placekicker for the Raiders is Sebastian Janikowski, the placekicker for the Patriots is Stephen Gostkowski, and the only non-kicker scored points came on a pass reception to Patriots tight end Rob GronkowskiMarty Mijalski wants to know if this is a Garber back handed Polish joke.    

Betty Taisch started watching Homeland and thinks it’s great.  So, Betty is binge watching.  Except she’s waiting for season two, which is checked out of the library.  One word Betty; Netflix. 

Need an expert witness for your bike accident lawsuit?  Call Bert Hill.  The last case Bert was working on settled.   

Tom Jacobs says Recology truck #10371 smells bad.  First off, like I’ve said before, it’s not the truck that smells bad, it’s the stuff inside.  #10371 picks up food waste.  Wayne Veatch says he’s got no complaints with Recology.  The truck that picks up Wayne’s food waste doesn’t smell bad.  Of course the food waste truck in Bernal Heights picks up a lot of “traditional” green waste too, like landscape material, flowers and soiled paper.  That dilutes the smell of the food waste.  Wayne also brought some of his newly harvested honey to breakfast this morning.  Wayne has his own bee hives up there in “green” Bernal Heights.        

Our last arrival for two weeks in a row; Cathy Scharetg.  This morning though, Cathy is down to a single crutch. 

Even without Mike Hanlon or Reg Young, we still did celebrate two birthdays this week.  This coming Friday it’s Alan Garber’s birthday, and so Garber wouldn’t feel lonely we celebrated Joanne Fazzino’s birthday too, which was actually last Friday.  And, we should have put a hat on Robin Brasso, since we missed Robin’s birthday from the previous Saturday.

Up coming special event reminder!  The Blue Angels are coming back to town for Fleet Week.  So, our meeting will be moved from Wednesday, 10/08 to Thursday, 10/09.  Sign up with Mike Mustacchi, as space is limited. 

Knucklehead of the week; anyone who willingly visits North Korea.  I mean does anybody not get arrested and sentenced to years of hard labor on some trumped up charge?  Ever?