August 28th: Joel Engardio: A Moderate Revolution, Starting with Schools


Well, for two weeks in a row President Jill Hoffman has begged off with an excuse.  This morning she had a deposition go south, which required her immediate attention.  So, First Vice President Joel Panzer presided over his second meeting in a row.  First VP Joel again personally provided the five minute warning, not relying on Bert Hill, to perform this important task.  Plus, this morning First VP Joel started right on time, not two minutes early.  This allowed me to finish by breakfast before the meeting commenced.

I have to wonder though; are we going to see President Jill again before Election Day?            

I’m usually quite happy with the breakfast buffet served up by the MMC.  I was a little disappointed this morning though.  As I was coming through the buffet line, I noticed we had breakfast burritos, one of my favorites.  These tasty treats are scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla.  Not too heart healthy, but topped with some salsa, they are the perfect breakfast entree.  Except this morning, my burritos contained only scrambled eggs and there was no salsa on the buffet.  Thinking I may have simply selected my burritos from the wrong side of the pan, Alex King confirmed he did get any chorizo or cheese in his burritos either.

This was a bad sign, further amplified by somewhat sparse attendance.  Two tables were completely untouched. 

One good sign though; we admitted a new member this morning, contractor Tre GraffTre received the customary new member round of applause. 

We had a single guest this morning.  Hosted by Mike Mustacchi was his long time friend, Sheldon Baker. Sheldon is in the PR business and his car has the personal license plate “PR WIZ”.  Seems Sheldon didn’t pay some parking tickets, so “PR WIZ” got booted then towed.  Of course, in San Francisco, the cost of the ticket and tow is less than what it would have cost to park the car in a garage.  Mike also did mention Recology route #209 does a great job and I was ready to deliver that complement to Mike’s collector, until I realized the route that picks up Mike’s house is #210.              

Excuses requested for this morning; Mustacchi is on a roll and says he spoke with She Who Must be Obeyed, and Yvonne tells Mustacchi that her Mike, Hanlon, is having breakfast this morning with the National President of Catholic Charities.  Hanlon was going to bring the National President here, until he found out there was no chorizo in the breakfast burritos. Only one excuse via e-mail for this morning; from me for Patricia FrippFripp woke up this morning feeling not so great and decided to go back to sleep.   Reg Young excused Jim Simpson and Rickey WilsonBetty Taisch excused Joanne Fazzino.       

Excuses requested for the future; David Dissmeyer is going back to Healdsburg for two weeks before it starts to rain.  I guess Karen Nemsick didn’t need an excuse for this week to go to Yellowstone, because she was here.  Karen did ask to be excused for all of September though as she’s going to Italy and Croatia.  Bill Buchanan suggested Karen swing though Crimea, is it’s supposed to be a bargain.  But don’t leave your Kevlar at home. 

Bill Buchanan is also planning a big grand opening party for his new office.  It will be right down the street at Piatti.  I’d make the trip to Marin for a free meal.  Actually, I’d pretty much make a trip anywhere for a free meal.    

Members that have returned; J. J. Panzer is back from visiting his in-laws in Wisconsin.  After a week in Wisconsin, J. J. sure appreciates being back home in San Francisco.  

Wayne Veatch is finally back home in San Francisco too.  Wayne spoke with John Mathers and John is progressing nicely.  John was happy to get his signed napkin from the GGBC, but wonders if the MMC expects to be paid for it.   Chris Burns returned after a very long layoff.  He and his wife completed their adoption of a new baby, finally took custody of their foster daughter, Chris was promoted to Commander and now his wife is pregnant.  From a family of two to a family of five by February.            

Two weeks ago John Bell returned from Costa Rica and recommended a less crowded, alternative airport to the Capitol of San Jose.  Except John forgot the name.  John remembered this morning; Liberia.  Although, Bill Buchanan thought Liberia was in West Africa, not Costa Rica.  I looked it up though, and yep, there’s Liberia up in the northwest corner of Costa Rica.    

Every week Les Anderson recites a list of items needed by the Boy’s & Girl’s Club.  One item is always a new dump truck.  Les has had to revise that item a bit.  Now Les wants a CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant dump truck. 

Our most CARB compliant member, Arlan Kertz, took the Tesla up to Tahoe and made it.  Arlan did have to stop at the Super Charge Station in Vacaville in both directions though.   

Words of wisdom from Alex King.  Want to talk to God, pray.  Want to meet God, text him while driving. 

Phil Moscone says he’ll be retired for the full month of September.  

Up late last night was Steve ShainSteve was at the musical Over the Top, which is about Motown.  Steve though it was great, and Steve said he usually doesn’t like musicals, like Madam Butterfly.  Maybe that’s because Madam Butterfly is an opera, not a musical.     

Last week Betty Taisch and Rich spent their fourth anniversary of being together up in Mendocino.  On the way back they attended the TWA annual picnic.  Rich used to fly for TWA.  Betty was surprised how many former TWA employees are now in real estate.  Interestingly, my aunt Rita was a long time employee of TWA, and now she’s in real estate too.  Betty also attended two events where she met Nancy Pelosi.  The first was at the Woman’s Building celebrating the ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.  Robin Brasso was there as well.  Surprisingly, Terry Cowhey was not.  Their second meeting was at a check presentation at a realtor’s event.  Betty did not say if Representative Pelosi was a presenter or a presentee.

Bert Hill then mentioned seventy-five percent of his bicycle safety classes are comprised of women.  So, I guess when women got the right of vote that included the right to ride a bike? That’s random.

Anther random comment.  Chuck Mills said the biggest mistake his people ever made was letting that Dago off the boat.  I’m not really sure how women’s suffrage and bike riding are tied to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America.  The Indians should be grateful, because before Columbus got here, they didn’t even know they were in America. 

When our attendance is light, even the most inane, random comments make it into the column.                         

After Sunday’s earthquake, John McKnight gave kudos to PG&E for getting power restored so quickly.  Surprised John was at breakfast and not up in Napa?  Well, Napa is in the Salvation Army’s Del Oro Division, and Del Oro had enough resources to do the job without having to call in the Golden State Division.  John also managed to sneak in a riddle  Which day of the week do chickens hate the most?  Fry Day.        

We were reminded by Tom Jacobs that school is back in session.  Not because Tom feels we should be more careful when driving.  Your travel time is going to be longer.  Run over them kids Tom.     

Reg Young, still subbing for Mike Hanlon, didn’t have any birthdays this week either.  So, we celebrated Wayne Veatch’s birthday since Wayne wasn’t here in July.          

As mentioned in this column last week, our former member, Harry Kim, passed away two Saturdays ago.  Harry’s memorial service was last Friday and in addition to myself, Joel Panzer, Bert Hill, Bill and Claire Buchanan, Hugh Tuck, Cathy Scharetg, Rich Corriea and two other former members, David Heller and Frank Jordan, were all in attendance to pay our respects to Harry and his family.  Frank even delivered the eulogy and did a wonderful and heartfelt job.  Since Sidney Mobell honored Harry by wearing a zipper tie this morning, I’ll forgo naming a knucklehead for this week as well.