Gary Brechin: The Living New Deal


President Jill Hoffman was running a bit late this morning, so we only got a two minute warning, which turned out to be a six minute warning because the mass of members couldn’t get through the breakfast buffet fast enough.  Even though President Jill enlisted Rickey Wilson to prod the members through the line.  So, while there isn’t a spot for either Joel Panzer or Bert Hill in President Jill’s new administration, there might be a spot for Rickey.                 

There were no guests this morning. 

I do have a breakfast burrito update for you though.  Yesterday was the GGBC Board’s monthly meeting, which is held up on the 12th floor.  There on the buffet were breakfast burritos.  Up on the 12th floor, the burritos contain the proper scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheese.  We need to have the chef on the 12th floor share his recipe with the chef on the 10th floor. 

Excuse requested for this morning; received via e-mail to me, Patricia Fripp is heading to Boston to sell CDs and tee shirts at Brother Robert’s King Crimson concert.    

Excuses requested for the future; Reg Young needs two weeks as he’s heading to Aruba to celebrate his birthday.  That’s a long way to go to avoid wearing one of our birthday hats.  John McKnight also needs two weeks as next week John will be in Alaska conducting disaster training and the following week he’ll be at SFO for a big disaster drill.  Alex King will be there too, but Alex can ask for his own excuse next week.   

Members that have returned; John Mathers is back, looking good but there’s a little less of him.  The experience did prompt John to consider a new career as a weight loss guru.  John will guarantee you’ll lose sixty pounds in a week.  John also got a special welcome back from fellow GGBC cancer survivors Wayne Veatch (seven years) and Arlan Kertz (fourteen years).

Other members that have returned looking the same; John Cribbs back from Salt Lake City, Roy Wonder back from the Adriatic, Ed Flowers back from DC and Brooklyn where Ed got to see his new Granddaughter again, now at eight months of age.  Also, back from an Adriatic cruise, Marty MijalskiMarty’s cruise was on Costa Cruises, yes that Costa Cruises, and initially Marty was quite happy with his large stateroom right up at the front of the ship.  Until it got windy and the clips on the flag pole above Marty’s stateroom started banging against the pole.  Marty nicely asked the Costa staff to correct the problem, but given the typical Italian sense of urgency in such matters, it never got repaired.  So, in the middle of a very a windy night Marty and wife Patti couldn’t take it anymore and Marty headed out on deck in his pajamas and tied a bath towel around the rope, clips and pole to eliminate the noise.  Marty’s bath towel fix remained in place for the duration of the cruise.  Too bad Marty wasn’t on the Costa Concordia.  Marty would have rushed down below decks and stuffed bath towels into the gash in the hull and Marty would have saved the ship!                 

Unfortunately for Marty, since he wasn’t at breakfast least week, Marty committed a speaker’s faux pas and had his right hand in his pants pocket for the duration of his comments.  Rich Corriea, chided last week by Patricia Fripp for having his left hand in his pants pocket mentioned he hasn’t put that hand in his pocket for the whole week as he related the story of his Mom, who passed away back in ’98, tell him that the Corriea’s had some very special ancestors.  Turns out that Chief Justice John Marshall is Rich’s 6th Great Grand Uncle.  

Looking for a place in the Marina.  Joanne Fazzino has a studio available for $2,450.00 a month.  Joanne’s restaurant recommendation for this week; Fred’s Coffee Shop in Sausalito.  On Bridgeway, but past the “touristy” area.  Great for breakfast.   

Betty Taisch said the symphony gala was wonderful, but more importantly, if you live and own income property in San Francisco, make sure you vote no on Proposition G.  This proposition jacks up the transfer tax and J. J. Panzer mentions there’s no exemption for inherited property.  

Joel Panzer reminded us tomorrow is 9/11 and asked for a moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives on that day. 

On her way to a pedestrian safety meeting, Robin Brasso was crossing Van Ness Avenue with a group of other pedestrians when the group was almost hit by a red light running bicyclist.  And this is note worthy because?

Stan Ellexson will be at Coast Guard Island this weekend with the Sea Scouts.

Football season is in full swing, so Cathy Scharetg is back into football Mom mode.  Sadly though, tomorrow is the funeral service at St. Mary’s Cathedral for Rashawn Williams, the 14 year old Sacred Heart football player who was stabbed to death by another 14 year old.  I guess it wasn’t so bad growing up in the fifties and sixties.  I never had a team mate stabbed to death by another kid.  Chicago native Harvey says you think this is bad, in Chicago more kids are killed over a holiday weekend than in a war zone.  Kids killing kids.  Who would have ever thunk we’d live to see this.

Steve Shain’s daughter was shopping in Nordstrom’s fine jewelry department and the salesman who was helping her asked if she was related to Steve ShainJuan Garcia sends his regards to us all.  

Our bottle collecting expert, Tom Jacobs, has an issue with last week’s speaker, Donald KaginTom has been collecting bottles for forty-eight years so he knows a bit about digging up staff that’s been buried for a long time.  So Tom is of the opinion those cans were not found where Kagin claims they were found.  Tom thinks the can were buried somewhere in Nevada.  Alan Garber thinks this is a canspiracy.  

Atlas Heating had an index card made up for every heater they installed since 1929.  Hugh Tuck thought he should bring Atlas up into, at least, the twentieth century and sent the whole batch of 60,000 cards to India to be scanned and loaded into a spread sheet.  All this for only $2.5K.  Not a bad deal, but Hugh didn’t have anything to say about the quality of work, so we don’t really know for sure if this was such a good deal.

Our two jokes for the day, the first from the Master of Disaster, John McKnight;

A woman called a plumber because her dishwasher quit working.  The plumber couldn't accommodate her with an "after-hours" appointment, so she told him, “I'll leave a key under the mat. Fix the dish washer, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a check. By the way, I have a large dog named Killer; but he won't bother you. I also have a parrot, and whatever you do, do not talk to the parrot”.  Well, sure enough the dog, Killer, totally ignored the plumber, but the parrot cursed, yelled, screamed, and drove the plumber nuts.  As the plumber was ready to leave, he couldn't resist saying, “You stupid bird, why don't you shut up!”  To which the bird replied, “Killer, get him".  Alan Garber’s question to McKnight; “I thought you were going to tell a joke?”  Since Bert Hill wasn’t here, Garber also warned us the three foot rule goes into effect on September 24th.  What’s the three foot rule?  When driving your car, you must always allow a minimum of three feet when passing a bicycle.  You know what’s going to happen now.  Bike riders will stay far out enough in the lane to prevent you from passing.  Actually, twenty-two states have passed this law before California.        

Our second joke, more of a riddle actually, was from Chuck Mills.  Why don’t attorneys use Viagra?  It only makes them taller.   

Since the intros started to run a little long, President Jill asked the membership to limit their comments from this point.  Bill Buchanan deferred his comment until next week.  But our President’s request fell on deaf ears as Terry Cowhey proceed to give us his weekly report on dealing with the City’s PUC.  The same report Terry gave last week.  And the week before that.  And the week before that.  

Hedy Kaveh then announced his plan to spur attendance.  Have the full membership call a member that hasn’t been attending.  Hedy’s first choice; Todd Lewis.  Maybe Hedy should have picked a less imposing member as his first choice.  If Arlan Kertz or Reg Young stop attending, I volunteer to call them.  

At this point, in order to speed up the program, President Jill decided to forgo minutes, announcements and birthdays.  A big mistake, as this is going to cost Jill a vote in her race for Sausalito City Council.  On Saturday, it’s Sausalito resident John McKnight’s birthday.      

Knucklehead of the week; NFL Commissioner Roger Godell.  Is Roger a liar or is he simply incompetent?  Or, is he an incompetent liar? Or, is his staff so incompetent they didn’t realize after viewing the second of the Ray Rice videos they should bring it to their bosses’ attention? In any case, now that former FBI Director Bob Mueller has been hired to run the investigation, it doesn’t look good for Roger.  Remember another former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, handled the investigation of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State and that didn’t work out too well for all the high priced powers that be at Penn State.