Aug 20th: Bert Hill & Andy Stone, Two Wheeled Adventure


This morning, President Jill Hoffman had to bring son Robbie to his first day of school, requiring First Vice President Joel Panzer to step up to the podium to preside over this morning’s meeting.  First VP Joel personally provided the five minute warning, which was actually only a three minute warning, as First VP Joel started the meeting two minutes early.  President Jill also wanted me to mention this is a legitimate excuse and is not an attempt to avoid appearing at the GGBC until after Election Day.            

We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by our speaker, Bert Hill, was his riding partner Andy StoneBert had a bit of difficulty with the microphone this morning.  The mic just didn’t want to work whenever Bert spoke.  Strangely, the mic operated just fine whenever another member spoke.  It’s possible back of the room tampering with the sound system’s control panel by Treasurer Ray Siotto may have had something to do with the strange, intermittent malfunction.  Our other guest was Rickey Wilson’s good friend Cindy Carter.      

Excuses requested for this morning; from Frank Reed for Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyJohn McKnight excused Les Nessman.  No, the News Director of WKRP did not become a member of the GGBC.  John meant to excuse his driver, Les Anderson.  Of course, every time I hear the name “Les Nessman”, I think of his sports casts when he would refer to golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez as “Chy Chy Rod-ri-gweeze”.      

Excuses requested for the future; John Cribbs is going to visit his son and family in Salt Lake City.  Karen Nemsick is going a bit farther.  To Yellowstone for the first time.  Not going as far as John or Karen, Hugh Tuck is heading back to Truckee.      

Excuse reminders for previously excused members; Joel Panzer reminded us that J. J. is in Wisconsin visiting his in-laws.  Jim Simpson reminded us Janet Von Doepp is at Tahoe.

Excuse requested for last week due to a failed text message; Reg YoungReg says he texted me last Wednesday and Reg had the right number, but I never got the text.  Reg was called for jury duty, got selected for a jury but ended up with a mistrial.  Fortunately for Reg, Alex King was not here to chide him for relying upon texting to get his excuse. 

Ex post facto excuse requested; even though the GGBC doesn’t allow ex post facto excuses, from Marty Fleisher, golfing last week.  I was going to say only a lawyer would request an ex post facto excuse.  Until Ken Brown also requested one.  Ken’s driver was playing golf.  

Members that have returned; Dan Negron back from Denver where he watched son Kris’ Cincinnati Reds play the Rockies.  Looks like Kris is now the starting second baseman, and in his first game against the Rockies, went 4 for 4.  John Bell is back from Costa Rica.

Patricia Fripp is back from her short trip to Las Vegas.  Says Al Pacino’s one man show was fabulous and that Nick Cage was sitting a couple of rows below.  Fripp did have one suggestion for Pacino though; don’t give the microphone to members of the audience.  We could also make that recommendation to the GGBC.  Fripp also saw Ghosts, the play and Expendables 3, the movie, and recommends them both.  This prompted Christine Torrington to give a movie review of her own; the Hundred Foot Journey, highly recommended as well.

Back from visiting the birthplace of Roy Joyce, International Falls, Minnesota is Tom Smegal.  For you newer members, Roy was a long time member of the GGBC who passed away back in 2007.  But a small piece of Roy is at each meeting of the GGBC.  The GGBC plaque on the podium and the metal case it’s stored in were fabricated by Joyce Brothers Sheet Metal Works on Shipley Street back in the days when real stuff you could actually touch was made here in San Francisco.

Your editor, Antonio White, returned from Seattle where he, like J. J. Panzer, was visiting in-laws.  Antonio says they have great Chinese food in Seattle.  Or, maybe the great Chinese food is served at his in-laws house. 

Roy Wonder is back from his two week Adriatic cruise.  I wonder if Marty Mijalski is now occupying Roy’s cabin?  The GGBC equivalent of “hot racks”.                                     

It’s getting close to that time again.  Arlan Kertz reminds us less than four weeks until your Federal estimates are due.

Steve Shain’s wife has left him again.  Don’t feel sorry for Steve.  His Mother-in-Law is still there to keep him company. 

Thanking Bill Buchanan for all the endorsements over the past few weeks; Johnson YouJohnson also told us a joke about the woman who was charged $1,000.00 for a hotel room when she was supposed to be charged only $300.00.  The punch line, I think, the $700.00 for the sex is included.    

Robin Brasso does not like the SFMTA’s parking meter card.  Says it doesn’t work, prompting the same comment from Patricia Fripp and Mike Mustacchi.  Wow, I like the parking meter card and have never had a problem. 

Wish Jack Shea and wife Kathy a happy anniversary.  Forty-eight years.       

This morning on his way in from Sebastopol, Rickey Wilson had his wipers on.  Ironically, Rickey took a trip to his old stomping grounds to visit the grave site of Rose Nichols, the wife of his old Cache Canyon River Trips Crew Chief.  It’s totally dry in the valley.    

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Griddle Fresh on 24th Street at Noe.  Great breakfast spot, but it’s small, so you’ll probably have a bit of a wait. 

Rich Corriea yielded his time to speaker Bert Hill

As mentioned last week, Betty Taisch did go to see Paul McCartneyBetty allowed plenty of time to get to Candlestick and saw the whole show.  Even played a recorded snippet for us on her iPhone.  Betty also journeyed to San Diego for a real estate conference where the key note speaker was the guy that cut off his own arm to free himself from a crevasse in Utah.  He’s now a motivational speaker.  Doesn’t give any tips on how to saw off your own arm though.

Our poet laureate, Stan Ellexson’s latest entry was Dr. Seuss on Why Computers Crash.  Quite long.  If you want the full text, e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

From Tom Jacobs; some good news and some bad news.  The good news; no garbage trucks or bicycles to impede Tom’s trip to breakfast this morning.  The bad news; Tom’s Mom passed away last evening.    

While Tom may have had an easy trip into town, Larry Jacobson didn’t.  Sixty-five minutes from Emeryville.  Larry’s nephew has moved in with Larry.  Also, Larry’s nephew isn’t a Leo Conte type “Niece”.  He’s twenty-one years old and straight.  For you new members that don’t know what a Leo Conte type “Niece” means, here’s the explanation.  Leo was the President of Golden Gate Disposal Company.  He was quite a ladies man and preferred younger ladies. When we were asked “who is that young lady with Leo”, our response was always “his niece”.

Mike Mustacchi has acquired a new car.  Back in 1978, Mike accompanied his girl friend to Salt Lake City.  Her father just bought a new Jensen-Healy sports car and allowed the kids to take it for a ride.  When pulling into the garage, Mike hit a ladder and damaged both the ladder and the car.  Although his girl friend’s father was more upset about the ladder.  In any case, the family kept the car all these years and now that both Mom and Dad have passed, the family gave Mike the Jensen-Healy.  It does need some work though.  Start saving your pennies Mike.                            

Although Alan Garber says it’s increasingly difficult to find clean jokes, Garber had one for this morning.  It was excruciatingly long and the punch line; Denise (da niece) and da nephew.  First VP Joel quickly, and appropriately, awarded Garber the rubber chicken.       

Although Mike Hanlon wasn’t here, Reg Young was in attendance, but we had no birthdays this week.        

Right at the end of our meeting, Mike Mustacchi took to the podium to give us some bad news.  Our former member, Harry Kim, passed away last Saturday.  Harry joined the GGBC in 2003 and will always be remembered for his zip ties and a record that will never be broken.  Harry gave the longest new kid’s presentation in club history.  It had to be separated into numerous installments, and if we ever had a new kid’s no show, we would have Harry get up and give us a different two-year installment of his life.  Harry was also quite a singer, favoring the songs of Simon and Garfunkel.  I considered Harry to be one of my most dedicated recyclers.  Harry’s pickup day was Thursday, and Harry would tell me without fail every Wednesday that he was going home right after breakfast to make sure his recycling and compost were properly sorted for the following day.  Rest in peace my friend and someday we’ll meet again at the great transfer station in the sky.