Aug 13th: Chris Gallagher, USACOE, The Bay Model


President Jill Hoffman has returned from her family vacation in West Marin and provided the five minute warning personally.  Then she got distracted and didn’t return to the podium until ten minutes later.  Still in vacation mode, President Jill even brought her cup of coffee along.             

Only a single guest this morning.  Hosted by President Jill, her rapidly growing son Robbie.  I am going to venture to say Robbie is now taller than his Mom.  I couldn’t be 100 percent sure, since this morning Mom was wearing heels and Robbie was not.  Although President Jill says Robbie will be looking up to his Mom until the day he dies, irrespective of how tall Robbie actually grows. Also, Mom had to bribe Robbie with a cappuccino to get him to come to breakfast this morning.  President Jill may be on to something here.  A free cappuccino when you arrive at the GGBC.  Guess I should probably stop calling Robbie, Robbie and start calling him Rob

President Jill also had a big announcement this morning.  She is now a candidate for the Sausalito City Council.  President Jill admitted she thought long and hard about her decision knowing the curse of the GGBC.  Although I will point out Frank Jordan was elected Mayor of San Francisco while still a member of the GGBC.  So, it’s possible President Jill can be the second GGBC member to win elective office.  I did suggest to President Jill she could persuade the membership to change the GGBC by-laws to allow political endorsements. Then the GGBC could endorse all her opponents.      

Excuses requested for this morning; from me for Marty Mijalski and John McKnight.

Marty’s leaving for his two week Adriatic cruise today and Les Anderson says John had an early meeting.  Chuck Mills excused Bill Buchanan, who had an important meeting “downtown”.             

Excuses requested for the future; J. J. Panzer is heading to Wisconsin to visit his in-laws.  Wisconsin where there’s nothing to do and the food is bad.  Bert Hill is going to be a babysitter next Wednesday as he’s covering that last week before school starts.  This prompted Robin Brasso to remind us all to be aware of vacation mode little kids walking to school that may not be too attentive.  Or, less attentive than usual.  Now that Janet Von Doepp’s big dredging lawsuit has settled, she and Chris are heading to Tahoe.

Although she just returned from Southern California, Patricia Fripp is leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas.  While she’s there, Fripp is going to take in Al Pacino’s one man show.  Arlan Kertz was glad to see that his junior partner Len Stec returned.  Upon receiving the microphone from Arlan, Len promptly requested an excuse for the next five weeks.  Len is heading to the Far East.

Other member that has returned; Aaron Draime spent the last two weeks touring Oregon.

After wrapping up his remodeling project up in Healdsburg and returning to the GGBC, David Dissmeyer pointed out that he’s two-for-two.  Another remodeling project that’s almost finished; Frank Reed’s in Carlsbad.  More importantly, Frank’s wife Patricia says when the house is done, she and Frank are going to sell it.  That means more regular attendance for FrankFrank did say he’s missed us.  Or, most of us anyway.

There were many reminisces and comments about the passing of Robin WilliamsRickey Wilson tried to e-mail his condolences to Michael Pritchard, Robin’s great and good friend, but Big Mike’s e-mail box was full.  Patricia Fripp related the story from her great and good friend, John Cantu, who ran the Holy City Zoo back in the early 2000’s.  Robin would often visit the Holy City Zoo and tend bar in addition to doing his standup routine.  John told Fripp he was able to sell every glass Robin touched. 

Even though both Marty Mijalski and John McKnight were not here, there was no joke from Alan Garber again this morning.  Garber did have an observation though; colleges are going to require written consent for any sexual contact.  Garber didn’t outline all the parameters, which is probably good, but it does make you think.   

Now that both boys are back to playing football, Cathy Scharetg says they are no longer acting like a couple of grumpy old ladies.        

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Pesce at 2223 Market Street.  If you’re Italian, you’ll know what’s served at Pesce, and Joanne points out they serve great steaks too.  

Although Betty Taisch says the best seafood in San Francisco is served at her house.  I guess Rich is quite the chef.  Might be a good place for the GGBC to have an “off site”. But, not tomorrow night, because Betty’s is going to see Paul McCartney

From Jim Lazarus, the latest idea to come out of the Board of Supervisors; work schedules must be set two weeks in advance.  If you change the schedule, you must pay a penalty.  Small retail businesses, bars, restaurants and…..garbage companies are really going to like this one. 

What an outrage, Phil Moscone had to wait forty minutes for his two casual carpool riders before he could cross the Bay Bridge.  Phil, this is truly a first world problem. 

On his way to breakfast this morning, Tom Jacobs saw an iconic San Franciscan, novelist Herb Gold waiting for Muni.  Herb just published his memoir, “Still Alive, a Temporary Condition”.  Herb is ninety.  Upon arriving at breakfast, Tom saw another iconic San Franciscan, Sidney Mobell.

Speaking of iconic San Franciscans, Terry Cowhey had dinner with former GGBC member and Past President and sponsor of Pete Ratto, Gene DeMartiniGene, known to all us older members as “famous Italian Astronaut and Test Pilot, Broccoli Zucchini”, is having a bit of a rough time.  When you’re a garbageman for forty plus years, your back is bound to deteriorate and that’s the problem Gene is having.  Even though Gene’s now in a wheel chair, he can still talk, so give him a call at 415-346-4730.       

We did have one joke this week.  From Chuck Mills.  Not entirely PC.  Involved a Marine and two Arabs on a plane, expectorating in shoes and urinating in soft drinks.

Despite concerns that our annual Dick Polhi (aka Broccoli Zucchini’s sidekick Romeo Tortellini) Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament was not going to break even, thanks to the previously mentioned donations and some last minute signups, Joel Panzer reports we actually turned about a $1,300 profit. 

This week’s sunshine, John Mathers is finally home after spending twenty-five days in Mt. Zion Hospital.  John had some intestinal problems that turned out to be a bit more serious than originally anticipated.  We’re hoping John can rejoin us for breakfast soon.
With no Mike Hanlon or Reg Young in attendance, we had no birthdays this week.  Or, nobody that would admit to a birthday.      

No knucklehead this week either because I have to get over to Sausalito to register to vote along with some member of my family.  Do you think they’ll mail our absentee ballots to Colma?