Aug 6th: Jennifer Friedenbach: Laura's Law


Two weeks in a row in the Crystal Ballroom, although given the size of our crowd this morning, the Crystal Lounge would have been a more appropriate venue.  Bert Hill was paying better attention this morning, so he gave the five minute warning right on time.  Then to make sure everyone realized the clock was ticking, Bert used the portable microphone to give us continual warnings right until show time.  I say show time, because Bert’s count down reminded me of being at the drive-in theatre.  But, instead of my girlfriend snuggling close, it was Marty Mijalski at my side.  Not quite the same, returning me to the reality of the morning.  Unfortunately, First Vice President Joel Panzer didn’t remember that President Jill Hoffman is on vacation, and that he was supposed to be running the show.  First VP Joel called the meeting to order five minutes late.       

We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by Don Negron was thirty-five year veteran of Sunset Scavengers Ramiro Alvarez.  I say Sunset Scavengers because when Ramiro started in the waste business there was no Recology, it was Sunset Scavengers and Golden Gate Disposal.  Ramiro has also been a guest at the GGBC before.  Maybe you didn’t recognize him.  Last time Ramiro was at the GGBC he was carrying a packing can leading our precision drill team.  Our other guest, hopefully for the last time as a guest, was Dana Walsh.  Although Dana was introduced as a new member, since she will be in Denver next Wednesday, the Board actually hasn’t voted on Dana’s membership.  The vote was supposed to happen yesterday, but with President Jill on vacation, the Board meeting was moved to next Tuesday.  Let’s say Dana was hosted by her sponsor, Patricia Fripp this morning.                 

Excuses requested for this morning; from Alex King for Mike HanlonMike is interviewing candidates for the Catholic Charities Board up in Santa Rosa for the next two weeks.  From me for Past President Harvey.  As you all know, Harvey’s 89 year old Mom is recovering from recent surgery at Stanford Hospital.  She is now in a Surgical Rehab Facility in Los Gatos, recovering slowly.  Hopefully she will show some measure of greater improvement soon.  Then Harvey can get some rest.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Harvey and his family.  From J. J. Panzer for Karen NemsickKaren is in Washington, DC, at a national Rebuilding Together meeting.      

Excuses requested for the future; John Cribbs is having cataract surgery on Monday and won’t be able to see clearly enough to drive across the bridge on Wednesday.  Marty Mijalski is leaving next Wednesday for a two week Adriatic cruise.  If this causes President Jill a measure of agita, or Italian heartburn, worried as to who will take the minutes of Tuesday’s GGBC board meeting, no need to worry as Marty will be there.  Hugh Tuck is going back to Truckee for another week. 

Sidney Mobell is heading to Arizona to visit his brother, who fell and broke his hip.  Sid will be back for breakfast on Wednesday though.  No excuse needed.  

Members that have returned; David Dissmeyer has finished his remodeling project up in Healdsburg.  No more projects for David for a while, as Daughter Heidi is starting college at St. Mary’s in the fall.  Christine Torrington is back from Ashland, Oregon and says it’s not all Shakespeare in Ashland.  Patricia Fripp returned from Las Vegas where she saw David Copperfield’s show for the first time.  Patricia was impressed. 

Last night during National Smash and Grab Night, as Bert Hill described it, otherwise known as National Night Out, Bert was serving as Supervisor David Chiu’s driver.  They actually were in a car and not on bikes!  After the night’s festivities were over, Bert stopped at Tower Burger on Portola Drive to pickup, what else, a burger for wife Lorna, who was not feeling well.  Even though Bert’s car was parked less than twenty feet away, he was still a smash and grab victim.  Janet Von Doepp mentioned she owns rental property in that area and says there’s always trouble in that shopping area.  Back in late 2000-early 2001, between moving from the Marina to San Mateo, the Ratto’s rented a house in Monterey Heights.  We often frequented Tower Burger and thought that little shopping area was pretty nice.  I guess things change after thirteen years.  Rich Corriea tried to explain what happened to Bert using the triangle of crime.  I’m pretty good at geometry, but I didn’t quite get the triangle of crime.  I’ll just say to avoid being a smash and grab victim, do not leave anything of even minimal value visible in the passenger compartment of your car.   

No joke from Alan Garber this morning, only two observations.  First, the month of August 2014 has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays.  This will happen again in 800 years.  Garber also thinks Rich Corriea is breathing a sigh of relief now that the infamous serial attempted stowaway Marilyn Hartman has moved to Mineta San Jose Airport.  Although, now Marilyn is a successful serial stowaway.     

An observation from Rickey Wilson this morning.  On Rickey’s two block walk from the Sutter Stockton Garage, there were ten homeless people sleeping in doorways along Sutter Street.   

If you caught Betty Taisch’s interview on CNBC you might have gotten the answer why.  The median price of a home in San Francisco is now over $1 million. 

Speaking of cash or lack thereof, Tom Jacobs looked in his wallet and he had only two bucks.  Who just got married?  

Phil Moscone has three days off, so now Phil thinks he really is semi-retired. 

Now that Phil has more time off maybe he can check out this week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Moshi Moshi on 3rd Street in Dogpatch.  I still can’t believe fine dining has come to Dogpatch.  

Bill Buchanan reported he finally got a phone call at his new office.  It was from Tom Smegal letting Bill know that Tom is in Ely, Minnesota.  Believe or not, Bill even knows where Ely, Minnesota is.  Bill was there with wife Claire in ’72 for a canoe trip.      

Chuck Mills reported this past weekend’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael was a great event again.   Our turn out was a little lighter than in the past, but the weather was beautiful, the food was excellent, as usual, and the competition was fierce.  Plus, I’ll give special recognition to both Marty Mijalski and John Mathers, who each bought a couple of tickets knowing full well they would not be able to attend but wanted to assure the event would be a success.  Thanks to all from Joel Panzer as well, since it appears the GGBC even turned a slight profit on the tournament when we were worried it was going to show a loss.    

There were zero jokes this week.  Although, Steve Shain told one to all the early arrivers, then reconsidered when it was time to recite the joke in front of the masses.    

We had a single birthday this week.  Today, on the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Betty Taisch.  And, though I’m the last person to be considered a good judge of woman’s fashions, I must say Betty’s dress was quite chic.  Please see the photo in this edition of the bulletin and please disregard the less than fashionable headgear.       

No knucklehead this week because I think we should take a moment to honor Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk,  who passed away on July 28th at the age of ninety-three.  Dutch was an Army Air Corps navigator and flew almost sixty bombing missions during World War II.  While Betty was in the process of arriving into her Mother’s arms, Dutch was guiding the Enola Gay, a B-29 bomber, from the tiny island of Tinian to Hiroshima.  Thanks to Dutch and his crewmates aboard the Enola Gay, countless American lives were saved from what was certain to be a brutal battle in the final fight during the invasion of Japan.  Dutch was the last surviving crew member of the Enola Gay.