Jul 9th: Bob Silvestri, Community Venture Partners


With the Holiday behind us, our attendance had a rebound this week.  We were in the Crystal Ballroom this morning, and while not completely full, we had a respectable crowd for our speaker Bob Silvestri.  Like last week’s speaker, Randy Overbeck, Bob arrived early as well, around 6:45AM.  So, Bob had time to interact with our membership, and Bob too decided to stay.  Maybe we are the nicest people in the world?  Or, maybe Bob just didn’t meet Terry Cowhey.    

Bert Hill again rang the fire truck bell to give the membership the five minute warning, but President Jill Hoffman didn’t take Bert seriously and arrived at the podium three minutes late.  Unfortunately President Jill had to open the meeting with some sad news.  Our former member, Allan Rubens, who joined the GGBC in 1975, passed away on June 8th at the age of seventy-seven from the effects of Alzheimer’s in Boise, Idaho.  Allan will always be remembered by us older members as our “revolving door” guy.  President Jill called for our traditional moment of silence and at this time we are not sure if a memorial service will be held here in San Francisco.           

I received a couple of clarifications this morning for items I reported in this column previously.  Back on 6/18, I said Jim Simpson needed an excuse because Jim had an early appointment with Dr. Tom Jacobs.  Since Tom was here, I questioned as to why Jim was not.  Jim didn’t want to have the slightest possibility of having any residual food in his mouth before his appointment.  I wonder if Tom’s other patients are this diligent?  I also mentioned my wife would really like the black and white polka dot scarf that Cathy Scharetg was wearing.  Well Cathy really loves that scarf and isn’t willing to part with it.  Cathy did tell me it’s a Kate Spade though and there’s a Kate Spade store right in Burlingame.  I guess I better start saving up.  Then in last week’s column I mentioned Bert Hill traversed 37,000 feet of elevation during his 600 mile bike ride.  Bert tells me that was incorrect; it was 74,000 feet, or 37,000 feet going up and 37,000 feet going down.         

We had three guests this morning.  Hosted by Bert Hill was Bert’s bike riding partner Andy StoneAndy is the Chief Gardener at Golden Gate Park.  As soon as Andy arrived this morning, I could tell by Andy’s attire, back pack and helmet that he was probably a guest of Bert’s, and I was right.  Our other two gests were both hosted by Patricia Fripp.  Lawyer Sue Rokaw is the President Elect of the Fisherman’s Wharf Rotary Club and new-member-in-the-pipe-line Dana Walsh returned for her third visit.  Dana already turned in her application to Membership Chair Wayne Veatch, has been published twice in the bulletin with no objections from the membership, so now Dana is ready for a Board vote.  I will also point out that all three of this morning’s guests have excellent penmanship, as I could easily read their names off the guest sign-in sheet.           

Excuses requested for this morning; via e-mails and voice mails to me; from Mike Hanlon, Phil Moscone, who is in Santa Barbara, Hugh Tuck, who decided not to get up and leave Truckee at 3:45AM this morning, and Alan Garber, who had to bring wife Michele to Oakland Airport for an early morning flight.  Janet Von Doepp asked to excuse Betty TaischFrank Reed returned from pounding nails in Los Angeles to excuse both Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot, and then proceeded to ask to be excused for the next two weeks as Frank is returning to Los Angeles.

Members that have returned; Len Stec is back from eight weeks at the family homestead in Pennsylvania.  While Len was back east he toured a number of Civil War battlefields.  Len found it so interesting; he’s going to visit more on his next trip east.  But, before Len can go back east again, next Wednesday he’s leaving on a two week cruise to Alaska. 


Don Persky is back from Burma with a stop on the Big Island.  Karen Nemsick returned from being a bit under the weather and thanked all the GGBC members who attended her Builders and Brews fundraiser back on June 26th.  I was sorry I had to miss that one.  It’s very rare for me to miss an event that involves brews.

Back after spending two weeks on the road riding the bus with the Triple A Louisville Bats watching son Kris play, is Dan Negron.

Pointing out that no birds were harmed in the making of her outfit, Patricia Fripp is back from the National Speakers Association convention and from Fripputizing all of California’s District Attorneys.  

John Bell gave a great review to the luxury resort, Cavallo Point, the lodge at the Golden Gate at Fort Baker in Sausalito. John didn’t tell us why he was at Cavallo Point, but a little bird disguised as Steve Shain said John was there to get married. Congratulations John!                   

Looking for something to do on August 21st?  Joanne Fazzino invites you to the PPMA’s Texas Holdem Poker Tournament.  I shouldn’t miss this one, since it’s being held in Recology Golden Gate’s Fiore Hall.  Today’s restaurant recommendation is Spiazzo Ristorante, 33 West Portal Avenue, right at the entrance of the Twin Peaks Tunnel.  If you couldn’t figure it out from the name, Spiazzo is Italian.  And it is quite good.            

I don’t know if Ed Flowers was prompted by tablemate Roy Wonder, but Ed’s first question after his self-intro was directed at John Stewart, our new Presiding Judge.  Ed asked; when Mike Hanlon was the Presiding Judge, Mike built a new courthouse at 400 McAllister, what are you going to do?

Stewart’s reply; “I’m going to try to pay for it”.  John’s also concerned about the Hall of Justice, which is falling apart.  First priority; the elevators.

A question posed by one of our newer members, Catherine Acccardi, to Mike Mustacchi.  Does the GGBC have a book of rules?  Well, no rulebook, but the GGBC does have by-laws, which do explain some of the mysteries.  Hopefully Catherine’s question will spur Mike to read them.

Today’s text and die warning was provided by Alex King.  A correction from last week’s column though, Janet Von Doepp pointed out the young mother who reached into her purse for her smart phone while driving, hit a tree, not the car in front of her.  Mom is doing better considering she had only a twenty percent chance of making it.  Janet also mentioned magician Walt Anthony has contracted a case of shingles.  Walt still can’t perform and fellow magician David Facer continues to sub for Walt at the Magic Parlor.  David performs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00PM.  Remember to mention the GGBC and you’ll get your $40.00 ticket for $10.00.  The Magic Parlor is in the Chancellor Hotel at 433 Powell Street.  

J. J. Panzer’s idea for a new business.  Combine power walking and door knocking. 

J. J.’s going to call it Jehovah’s Fitness.  Arlan Kertz says, “not bad for a Jew”.

Even though the Giants aren’t playing very well, Christine Torrington says the Giant’s have the best fireworks.       

Supervisor Malia Cohen, unhappy with the owners of Showplace Square for deceptively trying to get one of their buildings listed as an historical landmark, shelved the legislation that would have granted that status.  That means Chuck Mills and Dana Walsh don’t have to move.    

Bill Buchanan’s updated the membership on wife Claire’s medical condition.  As Bill mentioned last week, Claire has been experiencing muscle spasms in one of her cheeks.  So, Bill brought Claire to Johnson You for treatment.  Johnson’s diagnosis; TMD or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  I can’t believe Johnson can even pronounce Temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  But, after only three treatments Claire is almost cured.  Mike Mustacchi wants to know if Bill’s insurance covers the interpreter.   

Do you like old timey, small town, 4th of July celebrations?  If so, President Jill suggests you come to Sausalito next year.  No fog, pancake breakfast, a parade that let’s your kids

and your dog march, great fireworks and you can see the San Francisco fireworks too.    

Over the long weekend, President Jill brought son Robbie over to the Cliff House for lunch.  Very disappointing.  President Jill should have gone next door to Louis’ Restaurant.  The Cliff House hasn’t been the same since Ray Siotto’s Dad left. Without John McKnight and Alan Garber in attendance, Marty Mijalski elected not to tell a joke and decided to just give us a witty riddle instead.  Why did the Mexican’s invent tequila?  So, ugly people can get dates too. 
In order to fill the joke telling void, our poet laureate, Stan Ellexson, stepped in with a religious joke, the punch line of which was; “I’ve been married to his brother for thirty years!”  Stick to the poetry Stan.   

Needless to say, no Goldie the Chicken award this morning.  Although, I think J. J. Panzer’s comment would almost qualify.

Reg Young, subbing for Mike Hanlon, had no birthdays this week.    
Special events reminder from Joel Panzer; the joint meeting with the Lake Merritt and Berkeley Breakfast Clubs is on July 24th, a Thursday, at the Lake Merritt Hotel.  Still time to sign up, and your GGBC breakfast card will be honored.  Marty Lurie from KNBR will be the speaker. 
Also, the GGBC’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament is scheduled for  Saturday, August 2nd at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.  We need at least forty attendees to break even and right now we’re short.  So, please signup, because if we don’t hit forty, we’ll have to cancel and eat the deposit.  Our well received speaker from last week, Randy Overbeck, ran out of business cards and asked if we could include a link to his e-mail address.  I’ll do one better, here’s Randy’s e-mail address; papangrandmaoverbeck@mac.com along with a link to his publisher; http://www.heroicteacherpress.com.

Knuckleheads of the week:  Brazilian soccer fans for making their center, Fred, the scapegoat for the devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup’s semi-final round.  First off, Fred as the center has little defensive responsibility, although he did little to spark any offense.  Still, when you get pounded 7-1, there’s plenty of blame to go around.