Jun 11th: Donald M. O'Keefe, U.S. Marshal N. California District


From a down business week to an extremely busy business week at the MMC required we move into a new venue for breakfast.  This morning we were in the newly remodeled Leatherneck Lounge on the 2nd floor.  Last time we had a meeting on this floor, we were up on the theatre’s stage.  So, between the Leatherneck Lounge and the theatre lobby we were able to squeeze in sixty seats and accommodated our assembled membership with ease.  Not, so easy for Jorge and Elmer though.  Everything, tables, chairs, china, cutlery, and food all came down from the 10th floor.  Since Bert Hill has returned from Washington State, he handled the five minute warning for President Jill Hoffman

President Jill was quite pleased to preside at this newest venue.  So, you better not complain.            

We had two guests this morning.  Chris Burns hosted Tre Graff for Tre’s third visit.  Tre is going to submit an application soon and points out his last name is G-r-a-f-f, not G-r-a-f, so he’s not a relation of the late Al Graf.  Our second guest, Deniz Beces, was hosted by John MathersDeniz is the daughter of one of John’s good friends and is here attending grad school all the way from Izmir, Turkey.  Upon realizing that John’s guest was from Turkey, Rickey Wilson bid her good morning and welcome in Turkish.  Of course Rickey could just have unleashed a stream of gibberish and none of us would have been the wiser.

Excuses requested for this morning; from me for Patricia Fripp, who is in Las Vegas.  From Reg Young for Mike Hanlon, who is in Seattle for his Granddaughter’s graduation. 

Excuses requested for the future; J. J. Panzer will be on the beach in Cancun next Wednesday.  J. J. also asked for an excuse for Doug Wilkins, who has returned from his trip, but couldn’t make it to breakfast this morning. Of course, Doug did ask for an extended excuse, so it isn’t a problem.  Bert Hill will be on his 400 mile bike ride from the state of Jefferson, then down the coast to home.

Where’s Mike Mustacchi’s badge?  It’s in Betty Taisch’s car.  Betty says she won’t forget to bring it back to Mike next Wednesday.  Betty also says her son bought this hi-tech Japanese water filtration system for four grand.  Betty says the water is the best she’s ever tasted.  This comment elicited numerous responses from the membership, the gist of which is; you don’t need any fancy Japanese filtration machine to get good water.  Just move to San Francisco and drink our Hetch Hetchy tap water.             

A funny story from the Airport via Rich Corriea.  Seems a couple of guys met in the terminal while waiting for their flight.  They decided to visit the lounge and have a few drinks before boarding.  Except, they had a few too many drinks and got bounced from their flight.  So, one guy tells the other guy to pull $6K out of the bank to pay for their new tickets.  Before they buy the new tickets, they decide to sleep it off.  Upon awakening, the ticket buyer’s new friend is gone and so’s the $6K. 

Did Bert Hill look a little sore this morning?  Bert was riding his bike down Bosworth Street and suffered a hit and run altercation with a car.  Bert got to ride in an ambulance. Other than a sore hip, Bert seems fine.  No report on the condition of Bert’s bike.

Bert’s story resulted in a flip side comment from Karen NemsickKaren stepped off the curb, with the light, and almost got creamed by not one, but two cyclists.  Too bad the guy that hit Bert didn’t stay around because Chuck Mills was willing to give him a reward.  Or more properly, a bounty.

Attempting to “cross the aisle” so to speak, Wayne Veatch introduced himself as “a very careful urban cyclist”.  Then let us know he’s leaving tomorrow in his ’52 Studebaker for Peggy Sue’s All American Cruise in Santa Rosa.  Runs through Sunday.         

John Mathers asked if the membership is familiar with Dropbox.  Dropbox is a file sharing service.  So, John decided to post all his pictures from his trip to Japan on Dropbox and allow his friends access to see them.  One of John’s friends, who happens to be an attorney, decides to view the photos and then deletes them.  John didn’t realize you can disable the “delete” feature. 

According to Hugh Tuck, this Friday will be the earliest sunrise of the year. Not the longest day, just the earliest sunrise. 

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Bobo’s Steakhouse.  Also known was Boboquivari’s.  Located at 1450 Lombard Street, just west of Van Ness Avenue.

The week’s poem from Stan Ellexson.  Apt rejoinder.  “Come, come” said Tom’s father, “at your time of life, there’s no longer excuse for thus playing the rake--It’s time you think, boy, of taking a wife”.  “Why so it is father--whose wife shall I take?” 

Arlan Kertz, back from a family wedding in Philadelphia, says he doesn’t like Philly Cheese Steaks.  And, your first quarter estimates are due on Monday.

Good news from the Board of Supervisors.  According to Jim Lazarus, the minimum wage in San Francisco isn’t going up to $15.00/hour.  It’s going to take five years.  So, next year it will be $12.25/hour effective May 1st.          

John Bell did not make it three weeks in a row.                    

Again asking for a show of hands this morning; Steve Shain.  The GGBC Golf tournament is in two weeks on Wednesday the 25th.  Price is $75.00.

An interesting observation from Dan Negron.  Most of you San Francisco residents are familiar with Recology’s bulky item collection.  You have some big piece of junk to get rid of, you call us, and usually we pick it up within forty-eight hours.  We pickup about 300 bulky items per day.  We’re also responsible for picking up the City’s abandoned waste.  In this case, we must make the pickup within four hours of notification.  We pickup about 600 items of abandoned waste per day.  So, if you can’t wait for two days for Recology to take away your stuff, or are too busy to make a phone call, just abandon your stuff out on the street.  It will be gone that day.

J. J. Panzer had a recycling story too.  Heinz and Ford have formed a partnership to turn tomato peels into bio-plastic.  This isn’t a joke.  Heinz and Ford are serious.  Soon we’ll be driving cars that smell like catsup.  Available in any color you want, as long as it’s red.

Cathy Scharetg is still trying to use her trip to Ireland with her son’s rugby team as an excuse for missing all those meetings.  What does a rugby team have for breakfast?  Why vodka of course.  At least the Irish rugby teams do. 

Wondering if the GGBC didn’t pay the MMC enough as evidenced by this morning’s venue, Tom JacobsTom appeared to be facing the morning with some trepidation though.  After breakfast, Tom has to make a trip over to Villa Marin as his eighty-nine year old mother has been mis-behaving and Tom has been called into the Principal’s office.           

A single joke this morning.  From the Master of Disaster, John McKnight. A fellow finds himself in front of the Pearly Gates.  St. Peter explains it’s not so easy to get into heaven.  St. Peter says “we’re getting pretty full and you need to have done something special.  Were you religious in life?” The fellow answers “no”.  St Peter asks “were you generous? Give money to the poor or charities?”  The fellow says “no”.  St. Peter asks “did you do any good deeds?  Help your neighbors? Anything?”  The fellow says “no”.     Now St. Peter is becoming concerned and says, “Look, everybody does something nice sometime. Work with me! Now think!”  The fellow thinks a while and says, “there was this old lady. I came out of a store and found her surrounded by a dozen Hell’s Angels. They had taken her purse and were shoving her around, taunting and abusing her. I got so mad I threw my bags down, fought through the crowd, got her purse back and helped her to her feet.  Then I went up to the biggest, baddest biker and told him how despicable, cowardly and mean he was and spat in his face”.  “That's impressive” said St. Peter, “when did this happen?” “About ten minutes ago”, the fellow replied. This prompted Alan Garber to say “McKnight told that same joke three months ago.” Still, the joke was good enough to keep Marty Mijalski on his “words of wisdom” track.“Support bacteria.  It’s the only culture some of us get”.

With only a single joke, President Jill refrained from awarding Goldie the Chicken.   
All attendance sheet scofflaws got a pass this morning as well.  Hedy Kaveh put out the updated attendance sheet late and as a result, Hedy went back to the Claude Grimm method of recording attendance.            

Special events reminder from Joel Panzer; the joint meeting with the Lake Merritt and Berkeley Breakfast Clubs is on July 24th, a Thursday, at the Lake Merritt Hotel.  Marty Lurie from KNBR will be the speaker.  And, the GGBC’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament will be on Saturday, August 2nd at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.

Reg Young, again subbing for Mike Hanlon, had two birthdays this week.  On Thursday, Cathy Scharetg and Owen O’Donnell.  An interloper from next week sneaked into today’s celebration though.  Tom Smegal, whose birthday is on Sunday.  Remember, the GGBC’s week runs from Sunday to Saturday.  No Birthday song next week for you Smegal!           

No Knucklehead of the week this week.  Instead I’ll make an observation about our fair City.  On Friday morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in San Francisco making an appearance with Republican candidate for Governor, Neel Kashkari.  They wanted to have their photo op at a family owned small business.  Preferably, a Republican family owned small business.  In San Francisco, that would be pretty hard to find.  But, there is one; Hoogasian Flowers.