May 28th: Rebecca Katz, SF Animal Rescue and Control


Business has picked up at the MMC this week, so Elmer and Jorge were very apologetic, since we were moved back into the Crystal Lounge.  I told Elmer and Jorge there’s no need to apologize.  I personally think the smaller room suits our needs just fine.  So, unlike last week’s speaker, Margi English, from the St. Vincent de Paul Society, who looked out over a sparsely populated room, this week’s speaker, Rebecca Katz from S F Animal Care and Control, looked out over a room filled with happy smiling faces.  Except for Terry Cowhey, who is never smiling and never happy.

Ollie unhappy that he was not invited to the GGBC, being barely restrained by Pete Ratto’s daughter Elizabeth

Ollie unhappy that he was not invited to the GGBC, being barely restrained by Pete Ratto’s daughter Elizabeth

We received a panicked e-mail from President Jill Hoffman at 6:07AM.  President Jill had to bring Robbie to school this morning and wouldn’t be able to make our meeting.  Not a problem, as First Vice President Joel Panzer was ready to step in.  First VP Joel did not use the tiny dinner bell this morning preferring Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn.  Although Second VP Mike Mustacchi wanted to ring our Fire Truck Bell.  Whatever works.  First VP Joel even managed to call the meeting to order, according to Recology official time, one minute early.

We had three guests this morning.  Hosted by John McKnight was Patrick Otellini, the new Chief Resiliency Officer for Mayor Ed Lee.  Chairman of the Day Rich Corriea brought along two guests; Jane Tobin, the President of the Friends of S F Animal Care and Control, who assisted our speaker with a short presentation of her own.  Rich’s second guest was a very unique visitor for the GGBC.  Three year old, six pound Maltese Gigi.  We have had canine guests before, from the Guide Dogs for the Blind for example, but this was the first time we ever had a dog up at the speaker’s podium.  I will also complement Rich on Gigi’s excellent overall mellow behavior.  Far better behaved than my just over a year old Maltese mix Ollie.  Ollie would have been up at the podium barking up a storm and then start running around like a Tasmanian Devil.          

Excuses for this morning; via e-mail to me, Alan Garber is pretending to be a lawyer in San Jose.  Jim Simpson excused Reg Young who had a bit of a late night.  Reg should have spent the night with Alex King in the van.  Eric McGarty excused Frank Reed.           

Excuses requested for the future; Arlan Kertz is going to Philly for a wedding and reminds us our first quarter estimates are due on June 16th.  Bert Hill returned from the Boy Scout’s National Annual Meeting, where former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was elected their new President.  Next week though, Bert is going back up to Washington state to attend to Mom. 

Members that are leaving town but will be back by next Wednesday; Sidney Mobell is heading to DC for the Smithsonian’s affiliates dinner on Saturday.  Marty Fleisher is going to Palm Springs to play golf.   

Members that have returned; Rickey Wilson back from New Orleans didn’t give a report because Rickey said the club was too rowdy last week.  During Rickey’s visit he asked one of his waiters, “how did Katrina affect you?”  The waiter replied, “I had six feet of water in my house and I was loading bodies into a semi like they were cordwood.”  Betty Taisch is happy to be home after four trips.  Two of which she liked.  One of the “liked” trips was to Washington DC where Betty visited the National Archives.  Very impressive and worth a visit.  Betty also liked the Rancho Tecate Spa.  John Bell returned after a long layoff.  So long in fact, John needed instructions on how to use the microphone. 

Last Wednesday Tom Jacobs was on Kauai at the ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed.  The ranch covers 2,500 acres and the owner is from Palo Alto.  Tom’s fiancé still isn’t up on all her California geography as she asked the owner “were you a rancher in Palo Alto too?”     

The saga of Steve Shain’s house isn’t over yet.  No hot water for five days.  Of course, Steve’s house isn’t submerged by six feet of water and Steve hasn’t had to load any bodies into a semi.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  Truly a first world problem.  

Ed Flowers reminds us that Fleet Week is really back and the commissioning of the new USS America will occur on October 11th.    

Coming sooner than Fleet Week is Karen Nemsick’s builders and brews fundraiser for Rebuilding Together.  On Thursday, June 26th.  Details will follow.

Also coming sooner than Fleet Week, as we were reminded by Joel Panzer, is the GGBC’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament.  On Saturday, August 2nd at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.

J. J. Panzer is happy that wife Michelle has reached the point where she looks pregnant not just fat.  Michelle is happy too.

Celebrating his 40th Anniversary as a member of the GGBC is Mike Hanlon.

This morning’s introduction tag line from Chuck Mills; “covering the world with carpet one room at a time.”  

Only one joke from the membership this morning.  Even though he feels the GGBC is becoming increasingly joke unfriendly, Marty Mijalski decided to get it a try.  The KGB sent an expedition to Egypt to excavate a tomb and retrieve a mummy.  They brought the mummy back to Russia and the head of the KGB asked “how old is this mummy”.  One of his agents replied, “3,182 years”.  The Chief asks “how do you know for sure?”  The agent replies, “he confessed.”

To bad President Jill wasn’t here, as I am sure Marty would have been awarded Goldie the Chicken.

Our speaker, Rebecca Katz, not realizing the GGBC is the home of more old jokes than the National Archives, told two.  How do you keep a dog from charging?  Take away his credit cards.  And, then Rebecca recited John McKnight’s lab report/cat scan joke.  Except Rebecca inflated the costs of the procedures.   

Hugh Tuck’s nephew Marshall Tuck is being hammered by incumbent Tom Torlakson in his race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Then again, all this publicity has certainly raised awareness of Marshall’s campaign and clearly establishes Marshall as the number one challenger.       

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Crepes on Cole at 100 Carl Street, corner of Cole.  Right on the N line.

Mike Mustacchi pointed out the driver of Recology truck #14526 is the most polite, helpful and accommodating garbage collector in the City.  Mike couldn’t stop raving about this guy.  J. J. Panzer wants to know why Mike gets the equivalent of “turn down, valet” garbage service.  We like to think every customer on Route 210 gets that type of service.        

UCSB graduate Janet Von Doepp is deeply saddened by what occurred this past Friday night.  No parent sends their kids away to college expecting something like this to happen. 

Mike Hanlon is finally back and was able to handle the birthdays himself this morning.  Two birthdays this week plus one delayed celebration. On Sunday, Jim Lazarus, on Saturday, Les Andersen and on last Sunday, Ed Flowers.  Even though Ed received proper recognition last Wednesday, Ed was unhappy he got the second team.  

Knucklehead of the Week

For the first time in recorded history our Knucklehead is a member of the GGBC.  Only I will not reveal the member’s identity.  Seems our member inadvertently tossed his keys into a city litter can.  The can had just been emptied, so the keys went all the way to the bottom and couldn’t be retrieved by just reaching into the can.  So, what do you do?  Wait for the next Recology truck to come by to empty the can again?  Call 3-1-1?  Try to find a homeless guy that has a City Can Key?  Or call Pete Ratto, who will have a Route Supervisor there faster than if you called 9-1-1.  Note to our member, my Supervisor, Brian Bell, is a vodka or tequila type of guy.