Apr 30th: Michael Weiner, M.D. The Brain Health Registry


This morning with Mr. Clean, aka Bert Hill, in Seattle reviewing the contract for the remodeling of his Mom’s house, and President Jill Hoffman, who is chaperoning son Robbie and a bunch of his fellow 8th graders on their trip to Ashland, Oregon, it fell to First Vice President Joel Panzer to issue both the five minute warning and to call the meeting to order promptly at 7:30AM.  I did notice that First VP Joel did decline the offer by President Jill to loan him her size seven low heel pumps.  

This morning we had four guests.  First VP and Chairman of the Day Joel  hosted Kevin Sweeney, who actually turned out to be a second speaker, though he did not share advance billing with Dr. Michael WeinerMike Mustacchi brought along Sandra Belzer, who is the organizer of our frequent tenth floor neighbor, Power Sewing.  Dan Negron decided to treat another member of his staff to breakfast at the GGBC.  This morning it was Route Supervisor Lynell Stinson.  Interestingly, Lynell met with J. J. Panzer at his newest building yesterday morning to check out his new trash container enclosure.  When J. J. mentioned he knew me, Dan and Rob DeMartini, Lynell told

J. J. that qualifies him for our friends and family upcharge.  Speaking of J. J., he was the host of Todd Clobes, who has been J. J.’s friend since they were in Business School together. 

We had a lot of excuses this morning in addition to the previously mentioned Bert Hill and President Jill.  I know this won’t make Alex King happy, but I received two excuses via text message.  The first from Alan Garber and the second from Mike Hanlon.  While Garber’s text was short and cryptic, Mike did say he’s on his way to Florida and will be gone for two weeks.  I also received an excuse via e-mail from Past President Harvey, regretting another missed meeting.  As reported previously in this column, Past President Harvey’s Mom is seriously ill and this morning a “last chance” surgery consultation is occurring at Stanford Hospital.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Harvey, his Mom and his family.

Excuses delivered via the old fashioned way, in person by a fellow member; J. J. Panzer excused both Aaron Draime, who is ill, and Karen Nemsick, who is tired.  Normally, being tired isn’t a suitable excuse, but in this case, given last Saturday was Rebuilding Together San Francisco’s Rebuilding Day, with something like thirty projects going on simultaneously, we’ll grant Karen her excuse.  It was a good day for two other GGBC members, J. J. Panzer had the most volunteers and raised $17K for his project.  Part of that $17K included two new heaters donated by Hugh TuckAntony Mills’ project was in the Bayview and it sounds like Antony’s project ran well too. 

Frank Reed excused both Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot.    

Excuses requested for the future.  Reg Young is going to Cancun for a week and then to Miami for his daughter’s medical school graduation.  Len Stec is going to Pennsylvania for eight weeks.

Members that have returned; Hugh Tuck back from Palm Springs where he needed to rest up after cranking out 110 Eggs Benedict for Easter.  Janet Von Doepp was in her home town of Ukiah for a funeral service.  The woman who passed was eighty-three years old and was taught to play the piano by Janet’s Mom at age eleven.  Janet’s Mom thought this woman should have gone to Julliard, but she stayed in Ukiah playing the piano for local churches.  Played at four different churches on Sunday, and died on Monday.  Christine Torrington was in Reno for the ukulele festival.  Sounds about one step up from the accordion festival.        

Bill Buchanan and the Timberline Geezers didn’t go to Mt. Rose.  Instead they went to Kirkwood where there was ten inches of powder.  Now Bill’s here in San Francisco and it’s ninety degrees outside. Isn’t California a great place?  Bill also dropped a few flyers on the tables this morning for a new book, Unabomber, written by former FBI agent and GGBC Speaker, Jim FreemanTom Jacobs pointed out that two of the agents that staked out Ted Kaczynski were his patients.  Tom also treated another retired FBI agent that recently died at 102 with all her teeth.  So, I guess this means you shouldn’t let Bill Buchanan or Marty Mijalski bite you.   

Commenting on Alex King’s crusade against text messages, Chuck Mills says his ancestors did just fine with sign language and smoke signals.  Our other Mills, Antony, says he received a text message from one of his superintendents on a job in Michigan.  It was a photo of the guy sitting in a golf cart in ten inches of snow.  No text, just the photo and emojis.  What are emojis?  The little smiley faces inserted into e-mails, tweets and text messages.  Who is the GGBC’s master of emoji’s?  Sidney Mobell

No joke from Marty Mijalski again.  But, Marty had another story from his trip to the  Bahamas.  This comment didn’t involve scantly clad women though.  When you pay by credit card in the Bahamas, Marty says the merchants have hand held scanner that are RF protected.  Why don’t we have those scanners here?  

Rickey Wilson is still a cabana boy with all those second graders in the pool learning how to swim.

Not smiling this morning; Steve Shain.  His Mother-in-Law is back.

We have a new nickname for Little Miss Sunshine, AKA Terry CowheyTerry is now “the lowest responsible bidder”.  After hearing that, Johnson You just shook his head. 

Speaking of Johnson, this morning’s only jokes were Johnson’s.  The first was about a young woman in medical school and organ donors.  The second joke was about good haircuts, bad hair cuts, good tips and bad tips.  Arlan Kertz says after listening to Johnson, he knows who created the tax code.   

As mentioned in this column two weeks ago, John Mathers third daughter returned to San Francisco after ten years in London.  So, last Friday John and his daughter went out to buy her a new car.  First stop was Toyota where all the prices are fixed, no negotiating. Second stop was Acura, where the prices were low, but no room for negotiating.  Third stop was Volkswagen, where good old fashioned haggling is allowed.  John seems satisfied and his daughter is driving a brand new Volkswagen.  This story even warmed Ray Siotto’s heart.

Looking for a nice apartment downtown to rent?  Joanne Fazzino has a two bedroom with parking for only $5K a month.  A bargain in San Francisco.  Joanne also started a new diet.  The Paleo diet, short for Paleolithic, or eating like a cave man.  I’m also curious as to why very slim women are always looking for new diets.  This week’s restaurant recommendation; Catch, which is Paleo friendly.  On Market between Castro and Noe.    

It looks like Stan Ellexson is on his way to becoming the poet laureate of the GGBC.  This weeks entry; here lies the body of Mary Jane, a prey to fears and terrors, a virgin born, a virgin died, no hits, no runs, no errors.

Attendance Chair Hedy Kaveh had all the usual suspects and wanted to know why Steve Shain placed a question mark in the box next to his name.  Hedy also singled out Dan Negron for failing to sign the attendance sheet three times in a row.    

I also neglected to mention in last week’s column that in addition to myself, Ray Siotto, Alan Garber, former members John Hurabiell and Matt Gabe, our senior photographer, Mike Mustacchi, was in attendance as well at the 3rd Annual Salute to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans last Wednesday.  Of course Mike was working, but working or not, there is there.      

Even though Mike Hanlon wasn’t here, we still had two birthdays to celebrate.  Johnson You and Hundley Hardware, which is ninety-five years old.  I guess we need to send a hat down to Bryant Street.     

Knucklehead of the week: I have to jump on the band wagon and go with Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  If you don’t like black people, why do you buy a team in a league that’s seventy-six percent black?  You could have bought a hockey team.  The NHL is only three percent black.  Of course, would you still be mad when your half black girl friend posts a picture of herself with a toothless Canadian?