May 21: Margi English, St. Vincent DePaul


Well, this week it wasn’t so busy at the MMC, so we were moved back into the Crystal Ballroom instead of the more intimate Crystal Lounge.  So, while last week’s speaker,

S F Rec & Park boss Phil Ginsberg, looked out over a sea of smiling faces in a full room, this week’s speaker, Margi English, from the St. Vincent de Paul Society, did not share the same experience.  Though I have stopped reporting our weekly attendance, this week’s wasn’t too good.  One table completely untouched and many tables with only three or four members.  Although President Jill Hoffman was back in charge this week, and according to Recology official time, started the meeting two minutes early.

There were no guests this morning. 

Excuses for this morning; via e-mails to J. J. Panzer, Betty Taisch is in San Diego and Karen Nemsick is moving her staff into new offices this morning.  Jackson Talbot excused both Frank Reed and Eric McGartyReg Young excused both Mike Hanlon and Jim SimpsonKen Brown excused Marty FleisherJoel Panzer excused Patricia Fripp who is in Monterey speaking to nuclear power plant operators.  Hopefully not instructing them on how to properly “spin” a meltdown.  Fripp needs an excuse for next week as well, since Fripp will be in Las Vegas.      

Other excuses requested for the future; Jim Lazarus will be spending his birthday week in Kauai.  Leaving right after this weekend’s annual USS San Francisco Memorial Ceremony at Land’s End on Sunday, Stan Ellexson is heading to Las Vegas. Stan is looking forward to riding the High Roller, the world’s highest Ferris wheel.  After Vegas, Stan is going to Palm Desert to see his sister.          

Members that have returned; Rickey Wilson is back from New Orleans and sadly reports the famous Brennan’s restaurant has closed.  Brennan’s had been around as long as the GGBC, opening in 1946.  Reg Young is back from Cancun, where Reg reports the ruins are still ruins and from Miami and Daughter Erin’s graduation from Medical School.  I told Reg he’s lucky to have his very own doctor.  Except Reg says Erin’s specialty is pediatrics not gerontology.

Wayne Veatch is back from beautiful Fresno.  If you ever do go to Fresno, Wayne does recommend visiting the Forestiere Underground Gardens.  Mike Mustacchi returned from Spokane, which is where Chuck Mills’ family is from.  Mike also points out that a night in Motel 6 now costs $69.00.  I don’t think it would be a good idea to change the name to Motel 69 though.

After being gone for five months, Sidney Mobell completed his world cruise in New York last week.  Although Sid had to switch to the Queen Mary in Southampton to cross the Atlantic.  While in New York, Sid visited his solid gold Monopoly set at the Museum of American Finance and noticed a large promotional poster for the museum featuring
Sid and his set.  Rickey Wilson wants to know if Sid snapped a “selfie” with the poster. Sid will also need another five month excuse as he has already booked next year’s cruise.        

Back from his swing through New England, Alan Garber delivered the morning’s only joke.  A guy asks his wife “what would you do if I won the lottery”.  The wife replies “I would take my half and leave”.  The husband says “I won twelve bucks, here’s your six, so leave”.  Garber also mentioned he looked for Sid in New York, but didn’t see him, that the Red Sox will not repeat and that pedestrians in New York are just as bad as pedestrian here.  Except pedestrians in New York are a bit shrewder when dealing with drivers.  

Marty Mijalski declined to tell a joke since he believes the GGBC is becoming increasingly joke unfriendly. 

Jim Lazarus did relate a funny story from years back when the City was thinking of putting some Venetian Gondolas into Stow Lake.  Acquiring a fleet of gondolas was a considerable expense, so Supervisor Chester MacPhee suggested getting one male and one female and letting nature take its course.  

President Jill asked who should be awarded Goldie the Chicken this morning, Garber or Lazarus?  Actual joke outranks a funny story or a clever comment, so Garber wins by default again.  

Bill Buchanan continues his fascination with the ladies who write the weekly church bulletins.  An excerpt; “this week is our rummage sale and don’t forget to donate anything you don’t want and bring your husbands”.

Is Showplace Square going the way of the Gift Center?  From showrooms to office space for the tech industry.  Chuck Mills thinks so and that’s bad for Chuckles.  First Chuckles looses his parking space to a huge apartment complex and now his showroom is going to become an office for some app designer and his dog.

Hugh Tuck brought the new, “old style” printed rosters to the meeting this morning.  If you have any corrections, see Hugh.  And, if you don’t like Hugh’s roster, next time you can put it together.

Do you have any jewelry that needs repair?  Janet Von Doepp recommends Ken BrownMike Mustacchi asked Janet if she checked the stones.

J. J. Panzer reports wife Michelle, expecting a baby on 11/07, has yet to have a pregnancy meltdown.  It’s still early.  Ed Flowers tells J. J. to have Michelle wait until 11/10.  That’s the birthday of the Marine Corps.

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Just for You Café in Dogpatch.  Located at 732 22nd Street, a half a block from 3rd Street. 

John Cribbs had a frog in his throat this morning and could barely croak out his name.

So, President Jill came to John’s rescue and announced that John’s Granddaughter has been named Queen of the Prom.

Arlan Kertz reminds us our first quarter estimates are due on June 16th.

Not a fan of the new Bay Bridge, Phil MosconePhil says there’s way more traffic on the new bridge.  That’s probably not the bridge’s fault.  There’s way more traffic everywhere.

Grant Hundley advises the membership not to buy Sage Software.  Grant didn’t tell us why though.

Heading to San Joaquin County to pickup a foster child who, sadly, is a meth baby, Chris Burns and his wife.  An admirable undertaking.  Just in case there are any problems in getting approved, Chris asks if any of our judges have an “in” with their colleagues in San Joaquin County.   

As Rich Corriea got up to give his self-introduction, he said he had nothing to say.  But, Rich pulled a Terry Cowhey and reconsidered his position while holding the mic mentioning he heard on NPR that eBay’s security had been breached and that you should change your password.  It is also suggested you have a different password for each web site you visit.  Given the number of internet site we all use, it’s no wonder we’re always forgetting our passwords.   

Our poet laureate, Stan Ellexson, credits this week’s entry to S. E. Kiser; “I’d trust my husband anywhere”, she said; “my faith in him is full, ‘tis satisfied; I know that all his thoughts are fair”, she said, “I know he’d put temptations all aside; I know that he is strong, sublime”, she said, “I know that all his love is mine for e’er; I’d trust my husband anywhere”, she said, “unless a woman happened to be there”.  

Joel Panzer reminds us that the GGBC’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament is coming up on August 2nd.  Still at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.

Reg Young, subbing for Mike Hanlon, had three birthdays this morning; on Sunday, Ed Flowers, on Monday, Dan Herling and on Friday, our former member and sponsor of President Jill, Matt Gabe.  Only Ed was here to wear a hat and be properly serenaded. 

No knucklehead of the week and I’m not implying my subject is a knucklehead, but we can’t say enough about distracted driving, bike riding, or walking.  On Monday evening, eighteen year old Brittney Silva was walking and having an argument with her father on her cell phone with ear buds firmly planted in each ear.  She was upset, not paying attention and in her own little world when that little world was invaded by an Amtrak Capital Corridor train moving at track speed, 79 miles per hour, killing her instantly.  Please be aware of your surroundings and if you are walking, driving, riding a bike or a skateboard, set the damn mobile device aside and pull those ear buds out of your ears.