May 14th Phil Ginsberg: Dir. Bay Area Park and Rec


This was the second week in a row we had our meeting in the Crystal Lounge.  So, our speaker, S F Rec & Park boss Phil Ginsberg, faced a nice full room.  According to Roy Wonder, President Jill Hoffman was at an event at son Robbie’s school.  That allowed First Vice President Joel Panzer to move up a chair.  Instead of ringing our fire truck bell it sounded like First VP Joel used a tiny dinner bell.  Even so, the meeting came to order right on time.  Maybe our membership is more compliant when we’re in the Crystal Lounge.     

Again, this morning we had only two guests.  Hosted by Patricia Fripp, who is in Minneapolis, was frequent GGBC visitor and member of the National Speakers Association, Linda BurkeLinda was introduced by First VP JoelEli Hill brought along his first GGBC guest, Megan Piccininni, an Irish Italian from New York City.  Although Eli said he and Megan are colleagues, I think their relationship may be a little more serious than that.   

Excuses for this morning; from me for Mike Mustacchi, who is in Spokane.  Jim Simpson excused the previously excused Reg Young, who is in Miami for his daughter’s medical school graduation, and Tom Jacobs.  Even though he’s giving a presentation at the Commonwealth Club this morning, Frank Reed stopped by long enough to excuse Eric McGarty.

Excuses requested for the future; Les Andersen will be undergoing his annual prostrate checkup next week.  I’m sure Les would rather be here at breakfast.  Robin Brasso missed last week’s meeting due to an eye infection and needs an excuse for two weeks, as Robin is going to Paris.  Bert Hill is heading to Nashville for the Boy Scout’s National Annual Meeting.  Bert also mentioned that next month he’ll be taking another bike trip through the state of Jefferson.

Members that have returned; Cathy Scharetg is back from her two week trip to Ireland with her son’s Rugby team.  OK, that explains the last two weeks.  What about the last six months?  Chris Burns had to miss last week’s meeting because he was finishing up a thirteen page paper, and this week Chris can say he’s finished his first year of USF’s MBA program.

This past Monday, as a kick off to National Salvation Army Week, John McKnight organized the T.O.P. Chefs Competition. Held in Civic Center Plaza, the Army parked three of its disaster canteens, each assigned a team of first responders to prepare a meal using only the items you would find in disaster kit.  Thirty minutes to prepare a main course, a side dish and a dessert.  Leading the SFPD’s team was the GGBC’s own Rich Corriea, and Rich did report his team beat the team from the SFFD.  Rich did omit the winner of the competition was the Oakland FD.  Maybe next year Rich.   

My backup as the writer of this masterful column, Bill Buchanan, says his role models are the ladies who write the weekly church bulletins toiling over their typewriters in church basements.  Next time Bill pinch hits for me, Antonio White promises to print our bulletin using a mimeograph machine.

This reminded Chuck Mills that many moons ago, the Marvelous Marin Breakfast Club’s Bulletin was printed by the Dominican Sisters.  Until the bulletin got a little too racy.        

Today’s restaurant tip from Joanne Fazzino; 1300 on Fillmore, which is located at 1300 Fillmore Street, corner of Eddy Street.  Joanne says the pork chops are the biggest she’s ever seen.

This morning as Hugh Tuck drove up 101, as he crossed the County line, he noticed Recology’s transfer station was a bit more pungent than usual.  Hugh was ready to report us to the BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District).  Rob DeMartini can’t understand Hugh’s displeasure.  Rob was at the Transfer station this morning and to Rob, it smelled like money.  Myself and Dan Negron agree with Rob.       

This week’s installment from the poet laureate of the GGBC, Stan Ellexson; she took my hand in sheltered nooks, she took my candy and my books, she took that lustrous wrap of fur, she took those gloves I bought for her, she took my words of love and care, she took my flowers, rich and rare, she took my time for quite a while, she took my kisses, maid so shy, she took, I must confess, my eye, she took whatever I would buy, and then she took another guy.   

There were no jokes this morning and Marty Mijalski said he had nothing intelligent to say.  But, that statement brought to Marty’s mind a quote from Mark Twain, “It is better to be silent and have people think you are a fool rather than open your mouth and prove it”.  Something that occurs regularly at the GGBC.  Also, my hearing is going fast.  Even though I was sitting right next to Marty, I could swear he said the quote was from Karl Marx.                       

With both Mike Hanlon and Reg Young in Florida, there were birthdays to celebrate.  Or, lets say nobody owned up to having a birthday this week.    

Knucklehead of the week: Robert Copeland, the Police Commissioner of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, who used a racial slur in reference to the President.  Irrespective of your politics or your personal feelings, that’s way over the line for any public official.