May 7th: BART Police Chief, Kenton Rainey


This morning we were moved back into the Crystal Lounge.  As I have said before, I like the smaller Crystal Lounge, as it makes our attendance appear larger.  This morning though, we had a good crowd and pretty much filled every seat.  Even thought Mr. Clean, aka Bert Hill, is back from Seattle, it fell to Jorge to deliver the five minute warning.  President Jill Hoffman, back from her trip to Ashland with son Robbie’s 8th grade class, appeared quite well rested and called the meeting to order right on time at 7:30AM.  It turns out President Jill had her own hotel room and it was husband Steve that did most of the actual chaperoning.  Although, President Jill would like to visit Ashland again, next time without the gaggle of 8th graders.        

This morning we had two guests.  Although both are members of the SFPD and were introduced by Rich Corriea, John Sanford and Dominic Yin were actually hosted by   Mike Mustacchi.  Rich did probably give a more detailed introduction than Mike could have.  John is a native San Franciscan and graduated from USF.  Dominic was born in Japan, is a UC Berkeley grad and spent five years as a Navy JAG.  Mustacchi also pointed out that I misspelled his guest from last week’s name.  It’s Sandra Betzina not Sandra Belzer.  I did get the part were Sandra is the organizer of our frequent tenth floor neighbor, Power Sewing right.  Although, I will say, and Membership Chair Wayne Veatch will agree, many of our guests do not display their best penmanship when signing our guest sheet.

An interesting observation with respect to the number of guests brought by our speaker, BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey.  Like SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, Chief Rainey doesn’t travel with an entourage.  So, it was just the Chief, no driver, no aides, either uniformed or civilians, meaning no extra breakfasts on the tab of the GGBC.             

Not too many excuses this morning.  All were delivered via the old fashioned way, in person by the member or by a fellow member in the excused member’s behalf.  No e-mails or text messages.  Alex King was a happy guy this morning.  Jackson Talbot was here to excuse both Frank Reed and Eric McGartyJoel Panzer excused Patricia Fripp, who had an undisclosed emergency this morning and for next week when Fripp will be in Minneapolis.  Alan Garber needs a two week excuse, first going to New York City to visit with friends, then on to New Haven to see Mom and finally to Boston to see his daughter.  Our urban cyclist/urban bee keeper, Wayne Veatch, will be taking his ’52 Studebaker on a trip with the California Historical Vehicle Association next week.

Members that have returned; Past President Harvey was here, but his Mom isn’t doing so well.  Thoughts and prayers need to continue for Harvey, his Mom and his family.  Properly rested Karen Nemsick was back and grateful for the beautiful weather this past Saturday.  Even though it rained on Friday, Karen’s 800 volunteers worked in warm sunshine without wind and didn’t have to worry about getting wet on Saturday.  Todd Lewis decided his big project at LAX’s Terminal 5 could do without his presence this morning and came to breakfast instead.  When Todd isn’t in LA, his kids are keeping him busy.  Todd’s daughter has a spot on the 4 X 100 relay team and his son has 65 baseball games on the schedule.  Back to breakfast after a full year off is John Bell.


Leaving early this morning was Jim Lazarus on his way to a public policy meeting.  Before he left Jim posed the question “how high do you want the minimum wage to go?”

Today’s restaurant tip from Joanne Fazzino; Roka Akor at the corner of Jackson and Montgomery Streets.  Steak, seafood and sushi.  So, I guess that qualifies as Paleo friendly.

As pointed out by Hugh Tuck, the GGBC does not make, or allow, any political endorsements at our meetings.  So, just as a suggestion, Hugh says please consider casting your vote for his nephew, Marshall Tuck, who is running for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Hugh’s not endorsing Marshall’s candidacy, but a lot of the State’s big newspapers have.

J. J. Panzer’s new TIC units at 24th and Bartlett Streets go on sale today.  J. J. had bigger news though.  He is going to be a Daddy.  I guess this means Joel’s going to have to change the name of his boat from Happy Pappy to Happy Grandpappy.

Joel also pointed out that it’s the fiftieth anniversary of the War on Poverty and that we never seem to win any of these wars.  Chuck Mills confirms he already lost the war on poverty a long time ago.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors presented an award of appreciation for teaching all those second graders how to swim to our cabana boy, Rickey Wilson.  Handing Rickey his award was Supervisor Efren Carrillo, the Board’s resident burglar/peeping tom.  

The poet laureate of the GGBC, Stan Ellexson, reminds us that Sunday, May 25th is the annual memorial ceremony for the cruiser USS San Francisco out at Lands End.  This weeks poem; In Atlanta it was Mabel, in Mobile her name was Flo, Cincinnati it was Dollie, Betty Joe in Buffalo, in old Philly it was Mary, down in Tampa it was Jean, but on his expense account sheet it was “meals and gasoline”.  

There have been some notable deaths over the past week.  Antony Mills asked if we could include in our thoughts and prayers Half Moon Bay flying legend Eddie Andreini who died in the crash of his Stearman biplane at Travis AFB during the Thunder Over Solano air show this past Sunday.  Eddie, who has been flying since he was sixteen years old, was seventy-seven.  Christine Torrington acknowledged the passing of SFPD veteran Warren MaloneyWarren was a third generation San Franciscan and it was his Dad, Pete, who founded the San Francisco Police Academy. Rich Corriea took a moment to express his sadness over the passing of John Legnitto, Recology’s Group General Manager for San Francisco.  John passed a week ago Saturday after an unbelievably tough two and a half year battle with pancreatic cancer.  John’s favorite saying was, “we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time”. And John had many good times in his short life of only fifty-seven years.

Your editor, Antonio White, arrived sporting our all new GGBC logo merchandise.  We have tee shirts for $24, hats for $28 and polo shirts for $48.  They’re still in the prototype, testing phase and should hopefully be available to the full membership soon.  The red sneakers are extra and are not an officially branded GGBC product.

There were no jokes this morning.                    

No Mike Hanlon and no Reg Young, so no birthdays to celebrate either. 

Knucklehead of the week: no truly viable candidates for this week and I hate to appoint a knucklehead that doesn’t deserve it.  You are all probably aware of my distaste for giving awards just for the sake of giving an award.  You’ll never get a trophy for being a “participant” from Pete.  So, for this week, no knucklehead.