April 2nd: Mike Phelps, SF's Fleishhacker Pool


I have mis-spoke.  “Il Duce” is not dead.  He’s alive and living in the body of Mike Mustacchi.  This morning, President Jill was on military duty in our nation’s capitol and First Vice President Joel Panzer was sitting on Guerrero Street in his Prius with a flat tire. 


Therefore, the duty passed to Second Vice President Mustacchi to preside over this morning’s meeting.  Well, “Il Duce” or “Capo de Tutti Capi” had matters well in hand.  Personally giving the first early warning a full twenty-five minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  Following with a five minute warning, a two minute warning and starting right at the stroke of 7:30AM.  Second VP Mike even wrapped up the intros, all our other business, complemented Christine Torrington and Antonio White for arriving on time and even introduced Kiirsti Heon, who is Donna Rose’s replacement, all well before 8:00AM.  Which gave our speaker, Mike Phipps, his full thirty minute speaking allotment.  Mustacchi’s only slipup; he spilled coffee on the front of his shirt, requiring he keep his jacket zipped up throughout the program.  By the way, I did not misspell Kiirsti’s name.  She’s Finnish and that’s how the Finns spell her name.


We had a single guest this morning.  Hosted by Don Persky was Linda Miller from Applied Materials.   


Retroactive excuse requested; last Wednesday Marty Mijalski woke up at 1:00AM and was feeling pretty sick.  Turns out Marty contracted the norovirus.  Usually, retroactive excuses are not allowed, but Marty was too sick to even text an excuse, so we’ll make an exception.


I know Alex King frowns on texting, but the Master of Disaster, John McKnight, says texting is the most reliable way to communicate during a disaster.                         


Excuses requested for this morning.  Via e-mail, both Bert Hill and Harvey are dealing with Mother health issues.  Bert is in Washington state, as his Mom’s dementia is advancing, and Harvey’s Mom has been in the hospital for almost two weeks and is quite ill.  The club conveys our best wishes to both Bert and Harvey during this difficult time and our hopes for a positive resolution.  Alex King excused Reg Young, who is lost in Pacifica and Mike Hanlon, who is having his hearing aids adjusted.  To which the membership chimed “what”.     


Excuses requested for the future.  Stan Ellexson will be having his annual rheumatology exam next Wednesday.  Phil Moscone is going back to Colorado to see another of his son’s rugby games.  Hopefully Phil will be back in time for his birthday, which is in two weeks.   


Excuse not needed; Dan Negron’s Son Kristopher was on the Cincinnati Red’s roster until this past Sunday.  The Reds decided to hold a vet for that last roster spot, so Kris didn’t make the final twenty-five man roster.  Kris goes back to the minors and Dan doesn’t make the trip to the Great American Ballpark for opening day.  Maybe later in the season though.       


Excuse that might be needed; with things heating up on the Korean peninsula, Chris Burns may be making a trip there soon.


J. J. Panzer had to sub for Dad Joel at the front desk this morning.  J. J. also had four more GGBCers volunteer for his Rebuilding Together San Francisco project.  Joining Bert Hill, Wayne Veatch and Joanne Fazzino will be Hugh Tuck, Antony Mills, Ken Brown and Marty Fleisher.  You too can join your fellow GGBCers on April 26th.  See J. J. if you are interested.     


I hope Marty recovers from his bout with laryngitis before the 26th.  This morning Marty needed Ken Brown to introduce him.  Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lawyer that couldn’t talk before.


Members that have returned; Betty Taisch is back from New York City.  The real estate market is so hot here Betty sold two houses, sight unseen, while she was back in New York City.  Betty was also at the Marin Speakers Series and heard former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, former Space Shuttle Commander, Mark Kelly speak.  If you have the opportunity to hear Congresswoman Giffords and Captain Kelly, don’t pass it up.       


Bill Buchanan and his Timberline Geezers got blown off the mountain on Saturday, but after the storm dropped fourteen inches of fresh powder, Sunday was a pretty good day.  Bill also says the dedication for the memorial bench at the crash site of George Burk’s plane will be scheduled soon.  


For the second week in a row, the happiest guy in the room was David Dissmeyer.  Another happy guy, Antony Mills.  No rain forecasted for next week though, so David and Antony will probably be grumpy next Wednesday.  


A new intro line from Wayne Veatch; President of the White Stag Association.  Sounds impressive.  This association supports Boy Scouts Troop 122’s summer camp.


This week’s countdown message from Arlan “Chico” Kertz.  You have less than two weeks to file for your extension.


Steve Shain can’t multi-task.  Handed the microphone, Steve had to finish pouring his coffee before he could introduce himself.  Steve is back in his house, but his Mother-in-Law is still in Marin.  Steve hasn’t decided when he’ll tell her the house is done.


According to Robin Brasso, there were no pedestrian deaths in San Francisco for the past week.  Prompted by the membership to tell a joke, Robin complied.  A ninety-five year old man goes to the doctor and says “doc, I can’t pee”.  The doc says “you’ve peed enough”.  And old joke yes, but it was by far the best joke of the day.


This morning’s other jokes; giving credit to his Son-in-Law, Chuck Mills had a riddle.  Why don’t lawyers take Viagra?  Because it makes them taller.


This prompted Alan Garber to say he just took some Viagra, but he didn’t have a flooring joke.  


Uncharacteristically dressed in a coat and tie, Rickey Wilson attributed his joke to actress Cheryl Ladd, of Charlie’s Angels fame.  Cheryl is a better actress than joke teller.  I’ll set the scene, two elderly ladies are sitting on the beach, the punch line “they’re growing wild now!”


The worst joke of the day was from Hugh Tuck.  It was so old and so bad it elicited audible groans from both Alan Garber and Marty Mijalski.      


With both Mike Hanlon and Reg Young absent, it fell to Second VP Mike Mustacchi to handle the birthdays too.  One birthday this morning; Rickey Wilson, who is now Medicare eligible.  This also explains Rickey’s formal attire, including a very spiffy tie from the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.     


Knucklehead of the week: Former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan EichBrendan got booted from his job because back in 2008 he contributed $1,000 to the yes on Proposition 8 campaign.  Now in most of the country, what CEOs believe and who gets their political contributions doesn’t really matter much.  But, in the San Francisco Bay Area it sure does.