Apr 23rd: SFPD Chief Greg Suhr


This morning, at first glance, it appeared that a stranger stepped up to the podium to ring our Fire Truck Bell to issue the five minute warning.  Upon closer scrutiny, it was Bert Hill, who in honor of this morning’s speaker, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, decided to shave his head.  President Jill Hoffman, who did not decide to shave her head, called the meeting to order promptly at 7:30AM. 


We should have Chief Suhr speak every week.  A full house and we had to set up an extra table to accommodate the crowd.  We beat the minimum today.     


Today’s column is a guest column.  Normally that means I’m not available to write the column and a substitute, or guest, columnist steps in.  Today it means we had twelve guests.  Hosted by President Jill was one of her fellow attorneys, David Toomey.  Mr. Clean, Bert Hill, brought along Kevin Dole from the Bicycle Advisory Committee.  Our Treasurer, Ray Siotto, treated two of his fellow Calamarians, F. X. Crowley and Terry Redmond to breakfast.  John Mathers hosted environmental consultant John McCullough.  With no early patients this morning, Jim Simpson brought real estate consultant Nancy Gillie to breakfast.  Alan Garber hosted Gary and Diana Arshen, to which Rickey Wilson said to Garber, “I didn’t realize you had two friends”. The Arshens are both Doctors, Gary is a leading expert on diabetes and Diana is a renowned marriage counselor.  Rickey, who does have more than two friends, brought along two, both veterans of the SFPD, Jack and John Cleary, all the way from Sebastopol.  Marty Fleisher hosted real estate investor Rick Felson.  And last, but not least, Eric McGarty’s guest was Peter Franklyn one of the organizers of the Napa Valley Ride to Defeat ALS.  Peter also organized a ride to raise money to defeat diabetes, which brought in almost $2 million!


There was one other person introduced as a guest by Hedy Kaveh.  But Moti Bagherian isn’t a guest; he’s a long time member that took some time off to care for his wife.  Moti didn’t need Hedy; he could have introduced himself and would have received the same warm welcome from all our long time members.  Moti was glad to be back and we were glad to see him after such a long layoff.                    


Excuses requested for this morning.  J. J. Panzer excused both Betty Taisch and your editor; Antonio White and Eric McGarty requested an excuse for Jackson Talbot.    


Excuses requested for the future.  Robin Brasso, after thanking Chief Suhr for cracking down on those careless motorists, will be in Sacramento next week lobbying for women’s rights.  Phil Moscone will be heading back to Colorado to see his son Gavin’s rugby team, University of Colorado, rated #21 in the nation, play the #2 rated team, Life University.  Life University?  Is that a real school?  Patricia Fripp is heading to Chicago and then to New Jersey. 


Excuse not needed; Bill Buchanan and the Timberline Geezers pushed their trip to Mt. Rose back to this coming Friday.


The Master of Disaster, John McKnight, didn’t waste any time telling our first joke of the morning.  A lady took her pet duck to the vet.  After examining the duck, the vet says “your duck is dead.”  The woman asked, “are there any tests you can do to make sure my duck is definitely dead?”  The vet brings in his pet Labrador who sniffs the carcass, puts his paw on the duck’s chest and walks out.  The vet brings in his cat, who also sniffs the corpse, puts its paw on the duck’s chest, and then walks out as well.  The vet goes over to his computer, presses a few keys and hands the lady his bill.  The lady looks at the bill and says “your charges are a bit steep aren't they?”  The vet retorts, “if you'd accepted my initial diagnoses, my fee would have only been $20.00, but with a lab report and a cat scan it’s $120.00.”


Yes, I know, an old joke and half the membership was trying to deliver the punch line before John even got half way through.  But, I do owe John a debt of gratitude.  My pen ran out of ink and John bailed me out with a replacement.


Marty Mijalski did mention he had told that joke previously at the GGBC.  Marty didn’t have a joke this morning, although Marty did have an observation.  Last week Marty was in Nassau, Bahamas.  Marty didn't realize it was such a poor country until he saw the women were too poor to buy enough cloth for their bathing suits.   


Back from Palm Springs, John Stewart had a joke as well.  A teacher asks her class; “what did you learn about Easter?”  A little boy replies; “if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you should go see your doctor”.


In honor of our speaker, although he didn’t shave his head either, Johnson You told a joke about a policeman who asks his Chief for a raise and a promotion.  Had something to do with one guy doing the work of three guys and the Chief wants to know who are those other two guys.    


Tom Jacobs was astonished this morning.  He didn’t see a single Recology truck on his way to breakfast.  Tom did have an observation about the type of car driven by the most arrogant drivers.  Originally, Tom thought it was the BMW.  Now it’s the Prius.  Also, the ’69 Camaro is getting new brakes.  And Tom isn’t the only classic car owner in the GGBC.  Our other Tom, Smegal, mentions he has an original ’63 T-Bird convertible.  Bought from Ray Siotto?


Fortunately Recology Route #210 was right on time this morning.  Mike Mustacchi didn’t see the truck, but it did wake him up and as a result Mike was also right on time to breakfast.


Looking for a new place to live?  J. J. Panzer has two new luxury TICs in the Mission.  This Saturday is Rebuilding Together San Francisco’s Rebuilding Day and J. J. Panzer has the most volunteers for his project.  That means it has to be more than thirty-five, because that’s how many volunteers Antony Mills has working on his project in the Bayview this Saturday.  


This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; get the Porterhouse at Original Joe’s.  Or, if you’re in the Richmond District, try Chapeau on Clement Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues.


Did you know we had a poet in the GGBC?  A timely rhyme from Stan Ellexson; Water in the well gettin' lower and lower, can't take a bath for a month or more, but I've heard it said, and I'm sure it's true, that too much bathin' will weakin' you.


Chairman of the Day Rich Corriea is going to be inducted into the George Washington High School’s Hall of Merit on May 1st.   Rich was worried he was going to have call on the membership of the GGBC to boost attendance, but it turns out the event is a sell out.  And, if Joanne Fazzino ever gets tired of giving us restaurant recommendations, we can call on Rich’s son Jack.  Poggio, right on Bridgeway in Sausalito.  Great Italian food, but not the best place to ask your Dad for an $1,800 computer.


Mike Myatt paid a visit to the GGBC, both to hear Chief Suhr and to invite the membership to this evening’s 3rd Annual Salute to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, featuring General James Mattis, former commander of the U S Central Command.  Myself, Ray Siotto, Alan Garber, along with former members John Hurabiell and Matt Gabe took Mike up on his offer.  And, news from Matt, he’s now the commander of his reserve unit, which is based at Pearl Harbor.                 


Mike Hanlon had not a single birthday this morning.   

Knucklehead of the week: the fifteen year old kid from Santa Clara who wanted to visit his mother in Africa.  So he jumped a fence at San Jose Airport and stowed away in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines 767.  No heat, no pressurization, and no oxygen, so he’s lucky to even be alive.  A travel tip; if you want to go to Africa, you don’t stow away on a plane that has “Hawaiian” emblazoned on its fuselage.