April 16th: New Kids


It appears we have established a new pattern of calling the meetings to order.  Bert Hill rings our Fire Truck Bell for the five minute warning and President Jill Hoffman calls the meeting to order promptly at the stroke of 7:30AM.  The GGBC has a new aura of predictability and stability added to our Wednesday mornings. 


We again had three guests this morning.  Hosted by President Jill, one of our previous speakers, Jeff Herndon from the USO.  Chris Burns brought along contractor Tre Graff for Tre’s second visit.  Not wanting to waste those breakfasts Recology bought for Rob DeMartini, Dan Negron decided to treat Alesia Mack to her second breakfast at the GGBC.  Alesia checks in our drivers at Sunset when they complete their routes, and since not too many routes finish by 7:00AM, Alesia has time to make the trip downtown with Dan.  


Dan also mentioned last Saturday was Recology’s Great Compost Giveaway.  Four locations distributed 120 cubic yards of our finest compost and the leftovers were dumped in Tom Jacob’s driveway.


Excuses requested for this morning.  Via text message, Alan Garber is still recovering from the effects of Passover.  Reg Young excused Jim Simpson and Mike HanlonFrank Reed excused Jackson Talbot, still on duty protecting the pointy building.    


Excuses requested for the future. Steve Shain’s wife is leaving again.  Except, this time she’s bringing Steve along.  Next week Steve and Cathy will be in Palm Springs.  Terry Cowhey hopes the Greyhound makes it a quick trip.  Also going to Palm Springs, or technically Palm Desert, is Hugh Tuck with his family.  Hugh also reminds the membership to make sure to update your information in Hugh’s old style printed roster.  And Hugh still has three rooms available at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite in May. 


Wayne Veatch needs an excuse for two weeks, as Wayne and Janet are going to Puerto Vallarta.  Wayne says he’s now a member of the San Francisco Bee Keeper’s Society and installed a hive in his back yard last Sunday.  Wayne says the little guys seem to be doing fine in their new habitat.  But, Wayne was corrected by Bert Hill.  Most of the bees in the hive are not little guys, they’re little gals.  Remember, the male bees are just there to service the queen.  They mate and die.  The little gals make all the honey.  Bert also needs an excuse for next week.  Returning to Seattle to finish the ADA job on his Mom’s house.  Bill Buchanan and his Timberline Geezers are on a roll and going back up to Mt. Rose again next week.  The Geezers are also planning trips to Yosemite and Mt. Lassen.  I think Bill still has a spot open.  David Dissmeyer’s wife is taking their daughter on a college tour to the Pacific Northwest.  So, David will be taking the dog up to Healdsburg next week.             


Len Stec and Arlan Kertz both looked very relaxed this morning.  Arlan reminds us we have 364 days to file our extensions.

Last week Betty Taisch played golf with Mayor Ed LeeBetty said the Mayor is a pretty good golfer.  The conversation centered on Sunday parking meters.  That’s what happens when you play golf with a politician.  You talk about parking meters, instead of sports and women.  Unless you’re playing golf with Bill Clinton.


Speaking of sport and women, Christine Torrington stayed to the very end of last night’s Giants game.  The extra inning game finished after midnight and the Giants won. Beating the hated Dodgers 3-2.       


Our happiest father this morning was John MathersJohn’s third daughter returned to San Francisco and a new job after ten years in London.


A bit of sunshine, Stan Ellexson reports Russ Gorman is hanging in there.  A bit more sunshine from Joel Panzer, Madeleine Savit is doing better.  Not quite ready to return to breakfast though.  


This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Sally’s at 300 De Haro Street, corner of 16th Street.  A very good breakfast spot.  Within walking distance of my office.


Janet Von Doepp, on her way to get some of Recology’s finest compost mentioned she passed Zazie Restaurant.  Long line out front with lots of families.  A French bistro in the heart of Cole Valley at 941 Cole Street, just south of Carl Street.


I think these restaurants should throw me a free meal or two for all this free advertising. 


Before passing judgment on the new kids, Ed Flowers asked a question.  Do you know what the brown shoe navy refers to?  Naval aviators wear brown shoes.  The rest of the Navy wears black shoes.  And, by-the-way, all the new kids received thumbs up from Ed.  Not as suspenseful as Dick Pohli though.  With Dick there was always that slight delay to plant a tiny seed of doubt in the minds of our new kids before the thumbs came up and Dick flashed his big grin.   


When Alex King arose to give his self-introduction, Rickey Wilson asked “is that a banana in your pocket or are you glad to see me?”  It was a banana. 


Chuck Mills’ parking space has gotten an extension of its reprieve.  The developers of those new apartments across the street from the Showplace have a problem.  One of the buildings to be demolished is the old San Francisco Ice House.  Solid walls over a foot thick and that wasn’t expected by the contractors.


It is now T minus ten days to Karen Nemsick’s, and Rebuilding Together San Francisco’s National Rebuilding Day.  J. J. Panzer has two more volunteers for his project, Chris Burns and Tre Graff, who actually are skilled workers.  If you’re an unskilled worker, which describes ninety percent of this club, J. J. promises he can use you too.    


Since the weather is nice today, Mike Mustacchi decided to make up his golf outing that was rained out.  Mike asked Steve Shain if he looked good in his golfing togs.  I didn’t catch Steve’s reply.


Patricia Fripp made it back from Seattle where she did some merchandising for her Brother and Sister-in-Law.  Fripp also says our originally scheduled speaker, Nicky Bezag, did finally make it to San Francisco.  Only ten days late and is leaving our fair City either tomorrow or Friday.  A much shorter stay than originally planned.


A reminder from Eli Hill; next Wednesday is Administrative Assistant’s Day.  Most of our membership doesn’t know what an Administrative Assistant is.  They used to be called secretaries guys.   


Did you know Tom Jacobs makes Easter baskets for his staff?  With chocolate bunnies, eggs and even peeps.  Instead of fake paper straw, Tom could have used some of our compost.  Makes for an earthy Easter basket.  Tom is also having his ’69 Camaro serviced.  Tom inherited the Camaro from his parents who bought it off the dealer’s floor in ’70 for three grand.  Looks nice when parked next to Tom’s ’63 Galaxie.  All Tom needs now is a nice 2002 Labrie Side Loader.  I have a few for sale.  This way Tom can become a blocker instead of a blockee.      


For two weeks in a row, no jokes this morning.  The Master of Disaster, John McKnight was here, but substituted a disaster kit tip for a joke.  One gallon of water per person per day with at least a three day supply.


Program Chairman Mike Mustacchi issued a clarification for the membership; Chief Greg Suhr is speaking next Wednesday, April 23rd, not on Thursday, April 24th as mentioned in this week’s e-mail speaker’s preview.  Since your editor Antonio White had not yet arrived, this gave Mustacchi to perfect opportunity to toss Antonio under the bus, saying the error was Antonio’s.  Also, Joel Panzer reminds us the date given for Dr. Michael Weiner, April 30th , is correct.            


Reg Young, subbing for Mike Hanlon, had two birthdays this morning.  Today, Phil Moscone, who was not here, and on Friday, Patricia Fripp, who was here.  Since Fripp is used to wearing hats, she had no problem donning one of the birthday hats and receiving a proper GGBC serenade.  And, as Fripp stood next to Reg for a birthday photo, I realized Reg is slightly taller than Fripp.     

Knucklehead of the week: San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith.  You’re one of the premiere defensive players in the NFL, you make almost $2 million a year, and you should be in line for a long and lucrative career.  So, you get a little testy with a TSA agent during a routine screening before a flight at LAX and tell the agent you have a bomb.  This is Aldon’s third arrest in less than two years and will probably trigger a suspension from the league.  Next time you pull into the McDonald’s drive through; don’t be surprised when Aldon hands you your hamburger.