Apr 9th: Lynn Oakley, Twin Peaks History


Possibly last week’s performance of “Il Duce” (aka Mike Mustacchi) prompted President Jill to reaffirm her promise that “the trains will run on time”.  With Bert Hill ringing our Fire Truck Bell as if it were a locomotive’s bell at the five minute warning, President Jill called the meeting to order exactly at the stroke of 7:30AM.  Matching the performance of “Il Duce”.  


We had three guests this morning.  Hosted by Chairwoman of the Day Janet Von Doepp was our speaker Lynn Oakley’s husband, Ray “Bud” Oakley.  Responsible for our other two guests was Bert Hill.  Except, one of Bert’s guest wasn’t really a guest.  Our lapsed member architect Jean Orino is back working in San Francisco and would like to reactivate her membership.  Welcome back JeanBert’s other guest probably won’t be a frequent visitor to the GGBC.  Harold Brown is the Director of Alumni and Parent Relations for the Phillips Exeter Academy, which is in Exeter, New Hampshire.  Not in close proximity to the GGBC.


Upon realizing the GGBC has two graduates of this prestigious institution, Jean Orino and Eli Hill, President Jill issued her first, and I think the GGBC’s first, special proclamation making today Phillips Exeter Academy Day at the GGBC.  Isn’t Robbie Hoffman getting ready to enter high school?  Well played President Jill.


Ed Flowers was especially happy to meet Harold, not because Ed had a kid in or is looking to get a kid into Harold’s school, it’s because Harold is a fellow New Yorker.                         


Excuses requested for this morning.  Via e-mail, your editor Antonio White is in Las Vegas and will not be returning to San Francisco until tomorrow.  John McKnight is at another conference, this time in Mountain View.  Not nearly as long a trip as Orlando, or for that matter, Las Vegas.  Reg Young excused Jim SimpsonFrank Reed excused Jackson Talbot, allegedly working.  Joel Panzer excused our Treasurer Ray Siotto and assured us the GGBC’s coffers are still full.  The absence of our Treasurer also required J. J. Panzer to spend his second week in a row at the check-in table.  And given the continuing absence of Past President Harvey, it would appear his Mother’s illness has not diminished.  Again, the club conveys our best wishes and prayers to Harvey and his family.


Excuse requested for the future. Marty Mijalski’s wife Patti is forcing him to go to Nassau for a week.  Marty would rather be here listening to Alan Garber’s jokes.  In order to ease Marty’s depression, Mike Mustacchi promises to call Marty next Wednesday with Garber’s joke.      


Corrected excuse; Stan Ellexson is having his annual dermatology, not rheumatology, exam today.  No arthritis in Stan’s family.


This week we had two important countdown messages from Arlan “Chico” Kertz.  You now have only six days to file for your extension.  More importantly; your property taxes are due tomorrow.  And, if you waited to read this reminder in this column, your property taxes are now delinquent.


Dueling slogans; Jim Lazarus’ “our City, your business” and Grant Hundley’s “more for your door than any other store”.  Which do you prefer? 


Members that have returned; Patricia Fripp is back from the UK where she saw her Sister-in-Law perform.  Fripp is heading to Seattle to see her Sister-in-Law perform again, but will be back before next week’s meeting, so no excuse needed.   


Bert Hill is back from working on his Mom’s house up in Washington state and while Bert was gone, he made the Chronicle’s front page.  Well, not Bert, but Bert’s now evicted tenant, Jeffery KatzJeffery was hosting Airbnb guests in his living room.  Or should we say, Bert’s living room.


After numerous trials and tribulations, Mike Hanlon finally made it back to breakfast.  Giving credit where credit is due, Mike says Rickey Wilson’s swimming program for second graders in Sebastopol made the front page of the second section of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  The Sebastopol Rotary, of which Rickey is the President, has run this program for thirty years.     


Since Bill Buchanan and his Timberline Geezers had such a good time up on Mt. Rose two Sundays ago, they’re going back this weekend.  Bill still has one spot open.  Bill also wants to know if Leland Yee would like to come back and speak at the GGBC. 


Back from a good mid-week interlude.  Betty Taisch headed north to Sonoma yesterday evening, stopped at Roche Winery and then went down the block to hear Rabbi David Zaslow speak.  Initially, I was under the impression the Rabbi spoke at the winery, which I thought was a pretty good idea.           


David Dissmeyer was not grumpy this morning, but David is resigned to just be waiting for next winter.    


This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Café du Soleil, on Fillmore near Webster. 


A well dressed, but out of uniform again, as pointed out by Jim Lazarus, Rich Corriea is a bit stressed.  I’m sure you have all heard of Marilyn Hartman, the 62 year old woman who has been caught three times trying to sneak onto airliners at SFO.  Back on February 15th, Marilyn got through a TSA checkpoint and boarded a flight bound for Hawaii.  When the actual seat holder arrived, Ms. Hartman was booted off the flight, but not arrested.  So, she tried two more times.  San Mateo County issued a court order barring Ms. Hartman from the Airport, but, as you can see, she is very persistent.  So, Rich has 150 cops on the lookout for Marilyn to assure we won’t see Rich’s unsmiling face in Matier & Ross attempting to explain how this seemingly harmless woman can breach SFO’s security.         


Since Rich is now Speaker’s Chair Mike Mustacchi’s assistant, Alan Garber suggests Rich get Ms. Hartman to speak at the GGBC, and give us tips on how to fly for free. 

Garber than passed the microphone to Steve Shain after introducing Steve as the National Spokesman for the Men’s Warehouse.  Steve may fit the part, but he’s no George ZimmerSteve insists his Mother-in-Law’s apartment is still unfinished, so she is still in Marin.  Plus, in the Washington state version of the Final Four, Steve’s high school alma mater won its sixteenth state championship.     


Robin Brasso used her whale watching rain check, went out on Sunday and actually saw a pod of whales.


I think Tom Jacobs needs to get some glasses.  Tom says Recology truck #14553 has been blocking a lane on Lombard Street for two days in a row.  Except, we don’t have a #14553.  Our highest numbered side loader is #14527, which was blocking a lane of Polk Street this morning.  But, like I told Tom before, no pickup or lane restrictions on Polk Street and we have to do our best to keep those Marin commuters off Polk and on Van Ness Avenue where they belong.  Of course, Rob DeMartini says he never gets blocked by garbage trucks.   


In honor of the Masters, our other Tom, Smegal, was wearing his green coat.  Tom has never won the Masters, but he played in a golf tournament that gave every golfer a green coat.   


For those of us that have not fully embraced smart phone technology, Hugh Tuck is passing around his version of the old style printed roster to make sure we all update your information.   


There were no jokes this morning.  Given the quality of the jokes lately, that was probably a good thing.


Illustrating the membership’s inability to sign his attendance sheet, Hedy Kaveh held up a copy of Tuesday’s Chronicle which prominently featured a front page article on UCSF’s Brain Health Registry.  Hedy encourages our entire membership to register.  Seriously though, Joel Panzer reminds us Dr. Michael Weiner will again be speaking to the GGBC on this very subject in three weeks, on April 30th.          


Mike Hanlon had three birthdays this morning.  On Tuesday, John Cribbs and on Thursday, President Jill and Sidney MobellJohn and President Jill were here to wear the hats, but Sidney was in the Indian Ocean on his way to Mumbai.


A word of sincere thanks from myself, Len Stec, John McKnight and Antonio White to those members of the GGBC, Patricia Fripp, who brought along Cynthia Baron, wife of our long time member Al Baron, Betty Taisch, who brought along Rich Wank, Alex King and Rich Corriea, still not in uniform, and former member Mike Milstein, that returned to the MMC this evening to attend the Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center’s 73rd Anniversary Dinner.  A special added thanks to Mike Mustacchi, who again provided all the photography without charge.


A word of sincere thanks from myself and Len Stec only, to Antonio White, who produced three excellent videos for this event, one of which featured former GGBC member and San Francisco Police Chief and Mayor, Frank Jordan and to John McKnight, who with less than half a days notice prepared and splendidly delivered the all important “ask” to close out the event.  Borrowing a tag line from our recent speaker Carole Rodoni, at the end of the day, this event raised over $100K for the Harbor Light Center.  Our best dinner ever.       

Knuckleheads of the week: the clowns that blocked another Google bus Friday morning protesting the eviction of tenants from a building on Guerrero Street owned by a Google executive.  Amanda Ream, an “organizer” says “this is the smoking gun; we’ve been waiting for a direct link to Google for a long time”.  Amanda further states “it’s clear that Google is more directly implicated in the housing crisis than they want to say”.  So, I guess if I buy a building in the Mission and evict all the tenants, Recology is contributing to the housing crisis too?  Like I said before, there’s plenty of reasonably priced available housing in Detroit and Cleveland.  If you don’t make enough money to live here, maybe you shouldn’t live here.    



From Washington D.C.: Our President is quite at home in the Oval Office. Perhaps we should create a GGBC PAC and get her into the race?


See our past President and dear friend Tom Smegal showcased one of America's most important alumni journals. See what Tom is up to these days with his new role. Remember, he's from the Government and he's here to help us.