Mar 6th: Karen Nemsick, Rebuilding Together


This morning President Jill Hoffman handled the five minute warning personally. Possibly because Bert Hill is in Washington, DC, and then President Jill called the meeting to order two minutes early.  President Jill invoked the memory of Il Duce by proclaiming “the trains will run on time.”    

We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by Alex King was Alex Johnson of Carrier Air Conditioning.  I believe this would be Alex’s, Johnson not King, third visit to the GGBC.  Dan Negron brought along Recology’s Regional Safety Director, Jeffery House.  And this morning, with our safety guy primed and ready, Tom Jacobs didn’t have a single Recology safety observation.   

Excuses requested for this morning.  I’m going to request excuses for three members.  First, a third excuse for John McKnight, who is back from Alabama, but is now touring the southern and eastern regions of the Golden Gate Division, like Bakersfield, Tehachapi and Bishop.  John’s new job sure takes him to all the best places.  As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Bert Hill is in Washington, DC, at the National Bike Summit.  Why didn’t Bert bring Little Miss Sunshine (aka Terry Cowhey) along?  After all Terry would be jumping at the chance to meet Nancy Pelosi.  Since today is Ash Wednesday, and it is a requirement that Catholics abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Marty Mijalski thought he would avoid temptation by not coming to breakfast this morning.  Of course, those of us over the age of 59 don’t have to fast, only abstain from meat.  So, no sausage patties, but the waffles with butter and syrup are OK. 

Reg Young excused both Jim Simpson and Mike HanlonMike also probably wanted to avoid the siren call of the sausage patties. Don Persky asked to excuse Jerome Stroumza as Jerome had to see a patient early this morning that was having a dental emergency.  Good thing that patient’s dentist is Jerome, not Tom Jacobs because Tom can’t have any interruptions to his garbage truck safety patrols.  Joel Panzer excused Eli Hill, who had an early meeting at PG&E.          

Excuses requested for the future; Bill Buchanan will be taking the dogs out for some exercise next Wednesday.  Bill says both dogs were downcast this morning when Bill emerged wearing his suit instead of his hunting togs.  Marty Fleisher is being forced to go to Scottsdale next week.  Robin Brasso will be heading to New York City to attend the United Nations Conference on Women.  After receiving a very special introduction from Antonio White, Patricia Fripp mentioned she will spending next week in Jacksonville, Florida, helping the speaker’s bureau of the Wounded Warrior Project.  Fripp said there were only two good acceptance speeches during the Academy Awards; Jared Leto, winner for best supporting actor and Lupita Nyong’o winner for best supporting actress.  I will not take this opportunity to make a snide comment about supporters.  Fripp liked Ellen DeGeneres too. 

Members that have returned; Jack Shea, along with the protector of the pointy building Jackson Talbot.  Not on the 6:00AM flight to LAX is Todd Lewis.  So, Todd decided to come across the bay to breakfast.  Janet Von Doepp took some time off from being Nurse Nancy to husband ChrisWayne Veatch is back from Heavenly Valley, where Wayne reports it was very peaceful.   

We welcomed two new members this morning.  Both received Board approval yesterday, so new member rounds of applause were in order for Joanne Fazzino and Aaron DraimeJoanne is also thinking of giving us a restaurant review each Wednesday during her self-introduction.  Was there any possibility Joanne and Aaron wouldn’t be approved for membership?  None, as John McKnight had their badges ready on Monday.       

Joanne’s mention of restaurant reviews prompted John Mathers to recall a group to which he belonged, the Out to Lunch Club.  This club had only seven members and, as the name implies, went out to lunch every other week.  John would like to revive this practice.  Any takers?  Little Miss Sunshine (aka Terry Cowhey) suggested a club that would visit a new bar every other week.                  

Joel Panzer’s sunshine report; Madeleine Savit is still recovering and doing well.  Joel also reports that Bert Hill’s Doodle Poll on dates for the Bocce Ball Tournament has been extended.  The most popular date so far is July 6th.  If we don’t get a bigger response, the Tournament may be moved to September or October.    

A question posed by Mike Mustacchi.  Why are there so many bikes parked in front of the MMC?  

Even though it’s stopped raining, Antony Mills isn’t worried.  Antony does seismic upgrades too.  

Did you notice Les Andersen was much calmer this morning?  New Granddaughter Malina arrived on Friday.  Malina is Grandchild number nine, along with two Great Grandchildren, for Les.

Hugh Tuck said he’s one of eight kids.  His parents were good Catholic procreators.  That being said, why didn’t Hugh take Ash Wednesday off as well like Mijalski and Hanlon?      

Here’s a quiz for you.  Who knows Arlan Kertz’s childhood nickname?   

Since Roy Wonder wasn’t here, Ed Flowers was almost speechless.  Just introduced himself and sat down.    

Rickey Wilson, down from way up north, wants you to know he’s celebrating his thirtieth year in the GGBC.

Tom Smegal wants you to know he clearly beat Tom Jacobs to breakfast this morning.  Jacobs was handed the microphone to give his self-introduction while standing in the buffet line.  Matter-of-fact, Smegal was almost finished with his breakfast when Jacobs got the microphone.   

There were no jokes this morning.

President Jill announced we are having a membership drive breakfast on April 23rd when our speaker will be SFPD Chief Greg Suhr.  Your guests are free that morning, but the idea is to bring prospective members.  Not just random bodies to fill the seats, since we are sure Chief Suhr will fill the room on his own.     

Since Mike Hanlon wasn’t here and Reg Young didn’t know in advance, we had no birthdays this morning.  But, nobody in attendance fessed up to having a birthday this week either.

We had a moving tribute, created by Antonio White, in honor of our member Michael Mattis who passed away in his sleep last Friday.  Michael was only forty-nine years old.  No word on the services at press time.  We’ll send out an e-mail blast as soon as we have the details.   

No Knucklehead this week because I’m going to give you all a serious safety warning for yourselves, your children and your grandchildren.  You probably have all heard about Jenna Betti, the fourteen year old girl that was struck by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train in Martinez on Sunday.  Jenna was sitting on the tracks with her boyfriend talking.  When they heard the train approaching, they got up but Jenna dropped her smart phone and went back to the tracks to retrieve it.  That afternoon, I had lunch with her Grandfather, Remo Scocci, one my old partners at Golden Gate Disposal.  I cannot imagine the grief that Remo and his family are experiencing.  There are two things I always told my girls.  Never turn your back on the ocean and never turn your back on a train.  Whenever you are near train tracks, don’t take any chances.  Trains are deceivingly fast and quiet.  Tangle with a train and I will guarantee you the train will win every time.