March 26th, Carole Rodoni


This morning, even though Bert Hill was here, President Jill Hoffman enlisted Hugh Tuck to use our fire truck bell to deliver the two minute warning.  Hoping for some late arrivals to bolster our crowd, President Jill delayed calling the meeting to order and started four minutes late.  “Il Duce” is now really dead.


If you are a regular reader of this column, you do know that I have stopped reporting the weekly attendance.  I’m going to make an exception today though.  I know it was a miserable, rainy morning, but our attendance didn’t top forty.  Our speaker, Carole Rodoni, braved the inclement weather to deliver another great presentation.  We owe it to Carole and all our speakers to provide them with a respectable audience and not have them face a sparsely populated ballroom. 


I will also point out that all of the GGBC’s Recology members, myself, Rob DeMartini and Dan Negron were in attendance.  Takes more than a little wind and rain to stop a garbageman.  


In addition, I will make a preemptive apology if I mis-quoted any of you.  Both of my translators and extra pairs of ears, John McKnight, who is in Orlando, and Marty Mijalski were absent.                 


We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by Bert Hill was Janice LiJanice is a community organizer for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  Janice must be doing a pretty good job, because those bike people have way more political juice than their numbers should produce.  Hedy Kaveh decided since son Ryan, who is on his spring break from UC Santa Barbara, was coming to the City anyway, Ryan should get up a little earlier and accompany his Dad to breakfast.


Excuses requested for this morning.  Reg Young excused Mike Hanlon, who has to attend a funeral this morning and Jim Simpson, who has to work some early patients into wishing they weren’t feeling like their funeral is fast approaching.      


Excuses requested for the future.  Glad to have a week off from being in Los Angeles, Frank Reed says he’ll be back on his schedule next week as usual, so an excuse is needed.  President Jill will be on Navy duty next week.  This will place Mini “Il Duce”, Joel Panzer, back at the podium.  Also Mini “Il Duce” says the GGBC’s Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament will take place on August 2nd, a Saturday, at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael.


Speaking of Navy duty, new member Chris Burns’ intro, “keeping you cool on the weekdays, protecting the world on the weekends.”


Bert Hill warns the membership the SFPD is enforcing the vehicle code on bikes and pedestrians.  Citations are way up.  About time.    

There were a few complaints about this morning’s scrambled eggs Florentine.  The most printable from Joel Panzer, “we have the green eggs, where’s the ham?”  No complaints from me though.  I like spinach.    


J. J. Panzer is now thirty-one days out and counting down on his Rebuilding Together San Francisco project.  Three GGBCers have already volunteered, Bert Hill, Wayne Veatch and Joanne Fazzino.  If you would like to join your fellow members in this worthy cause, see J. J.      


Karen Nemsick also mentioned Rebuilding Together San Francisco is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary.  Plus, the last Saturday in April is National Rebuilding Day and       J. J.’s project is one of many.  If you like beer, Karen’s Building and Brews fundraiser is on June 26th.  I’m sure as the date gets closer, we’ll get more details.


Members that have returned; Wayne Veatch is back from Fortuna and since it was raining this morning, Wayne decided to leave the bike at home and use his bio-diesel car instead.  Wayne’s bio-diesel is made from expended vegetable oil. Which is why Wayne’s car smells like greasy French Fries.


Definitely semi-retired attired this morning, Phil Moscone is back from Colorado where Phil watched his son’s University of Colorado rugby team beat the Air Force Academy. 


Alan Garber almost didn’t get the mic this morning, but fortunately the GGBC’s sense of equality, irrespective of what you might say, kicked in.  Garber is back from spring training.  The Giants only played twice while Garber was there and both games were sold out.  So, Garber watched the A’s instead at $70.00 a seat.  I thought spring training games were pretty cheap.  


For those of you that think Garber sleeps through every presentation, I tell you that’s not the case.  Garber pays very close attention to what our speakers are saying.  What’s Carole Rodoni’s favorite tag line?  “At the end of the day”.  According to Garber, Carole used it nineteen times during her talk. 


Speaking of spring training, Dan Negron’s Son Kristopher is still on the Cincinnati Red’s roster.  Right now, the teams are carrying twenty-seven players and Friday is the cut down day to the final twenty-five man roster.  If Kris makes the final cut, Dan needs an excuse for next Wednesday as Dan will be at the Great American Ballpark watching the Reds, and his Son, play the Dodgers.     


This past Sunday Robin Brasso and her daughter went whale watching off Half Moon Bay.  Saw plenty seals, dolphins, and maybe a walrus or two, but didn’t see any whales.  Got a rain check though, so they can try again.       


Len Stec says his annual weight reduction plan is working.  Most people call it tax season.  Fellow accountant, Arlan “Chico” Kertz, says you have less than three weeks to file for your extension. 


This morning an upbeat David Dissmeyer says the weatherman is a pretty good guy and was right for once. 


Too bad it was raining.  Mike Mustacchi was doing his best Steve Shain impersonation since Mike was supposed to play golf today.  Mike did have a nice time in Calistoga though. 


Joanne Fazzino’s restaurant recommendation for this morning; Poquito on 3rd Street in Dogpatch.  Upscale Mexican food.  Ever think you’d see upscale any kind of food in Dogpatch?   


John Mathers mentioned his Daughter and Son-In-Law are attending a conference in Austin, Texas.  John’s Son-In-Law is a glacier expert.  That must be a pretty exciting conference.


A big bet is riding on tomorrow’s Stanford-Dayton game.  Stanford alum John Stewart is hoping Dayton alum Dan Herling will have to buy him lunch and not the other way around.  I think Judge Stewart better dust off his credit card.  Dayton beat Ohio State and Syracuse, both better teams than the home town boys.


That gigantic apartment development across the street from the Showplace has been delayed.  Chuck Mills’ parking space has received a temporary reprieve. 


Against wife Clare’s better judgment, Bill Buchanan is going cross country skiing tomorrow.  Insurance up to date Bill?   


President Jill made certain to note that Tom Jacobs arrived on time this morning.  As you all should have heard by now, Tom is getting married in July.  What you may not have heard or known, Tom was introduced to his fiancée by his hygienist Tracy.  You probably also don’t know that Tracy had a heart transplant fifteen years ago.  Well, Tracy’s heart is having a bit of a problem and Tracy is going into the hospital for a valve replacement.  So, lets all make sure to say a prayer for Tracy.       


Proud Papa Reg Young reports daughter Erin will be spending her residency at Children’s Hospital in Oakland.  


President Jill is becoming a community activist.  Seems the City of Sausalito wants to rezone the neighborhood behind the 7-11 for high density, low income housing.  This borders on President Jill’s neighborhood, so President Jill has mobilized the neighbors in opposition.  Son Robbie says “we’re going to war!” 


There were no jokes this morning.  Like Chuckles’ parking space, Goldie got a reprieve too. 


Reg Young, subbing for, Mike Hanlon had zero birthdays this morning. 


Incredibly proud of himself this afternoon; me.  Why?  Even with our crummy attendance and even greater dearth of witty comments, I still managed to craft a full length column.  Most of which is true.     


Knucklehead of the week: State Senator Leland Yee on so many levels I don’t have enough paper to list them all.  



March 26, 2014: GGBC (Golden Gate Breakfast Club) speaker, Carole Rodoni, "2014 Real Estate Economic Predictions".   Speaker Carole Rodoni during her dynamic presentation, and the receiving a well-deserved GGBC certificate of appreciation from President Jill Hoffman.

March 26, 2014: GGBC (Golden Gate Breakfast Club) speaker, Carole Rodoni, "2014 Real Estate Economic Predictions". 

Speaker Carole Rodoni during her dynamic presentation, and the receiving a well-deserved GGBC certificate of appreciation from President Jill Hoffman.


Re-Visiting an Old Friend-Napa

I was in the town of Napa this week for a superb seminar on Best Practices in Winery Operations, for continuing legal education credits, naturally!  If you are like me it had been quite some time since I actually spent any significant time in downtown Napa.  Let me tell you there is a renaissance fully underway, and ironically, the riverfront area in Napa may be the best kept secret in Napa.  The conference was at the beautifully re-purposed Napa River Inn, which was designed to inhabit the Historic Napa Mill, a National Registered Landmark built in 1884.   The rest of the riverfront from the hotel north to Third Street has become a mecca of great food and wine shops.  Many of the Napa Wineries have opened tasting rooms in town, which allows tasting a wide variety of wines via a painless afternoon of strolling through town.  The Riverfront also boasts great restaurants, notably Morimoto (ate there two days in a row) and Fish Story. They city also had the foresight to restore the Uptown theater to it’s Art Deco glory and now boasts a wide variety of live concerts.  It is a spectacular small venue to see some surprisingly A-list performers.   If you are looking for a great, no hassle getaway worlds away, but just a 45 minute drive from San Francisco, the Napa Riverfront is the place.,

Your President, Leader in all Things,

Jill Hoffman