Feb 26th Susan RoAne: How to Work a Room


This morning, even our leader needed an excuse.  President Jill Hoffman had a deposition that didn’t finish up yesterday as planned, so she had to be back at it at 8:00AM this morning.  First Vice President Joel Panzer stepped up to run the meeting, although just like President Jill, he relied on Bert Hill to deliver the five minute warning.

I didn’t realize it was that difficult to ring a fire truck bell.  It appears though that Bert is the only GGBC member that can figure it out.    


We had a whopping ten guests this morning.  Patricia Fripp accounted for five of them; Bob Emmer, Simma Lieberman, Craig Harrison, Lynn Fraley and Ann Mahony.         Bert Hill’s guest was Tim Buchen from the Bay Area Boy Scouts Council.  Marty Mijalski hosted fellow retired FBI agent Steve GrayMarty says he and Steve worked together for so long that Steve knows Marty better than Marty’s wife Patti knows MartyBetty Taisch hosted soon-to-be member Joanne Fazzino, making her fourth visit to the GGBC.  Another soon-to-be member, in theory hosted by absent Past President Harvey, was Aaron Draime of Terminix.  Aaron was introduced by Betty too.  Our final guest, hosted by Mike Mustacchi was Julie Otto, the Director of Military Relations for the Academy of Art University.    


Excuses requested this morning for this morning other than President Jill’s.   I’ll request another excuse for John McKnight who has left exotic Fresno and is now in Alabama and Reg Young excused Rickey WilsonReg didn’t say where Rickey is.         


Excuses requested for the future;  I didn’t lie in last week’s column, your Attendance Chairman, Hedy Kaveh, will be in Paris for the next two weeks, except Hedy is leaving this afternoon and decided he did have time to come to breakfast.  Hedy chided new member Eli Hill for not checking himself off, but had to retract his admonishment of Alan Garber and Tom JacobsHedy pulled the attendance sheet before they arrived.  I guess you’re thinking Garber and Jacobs were the last members to get here.  Nope, the last arrival was Christine Torrington


Heading to Los Angeles to make a training video, Rich Corriea.  Officially requesting his excuse for the next six weeks, Doug WilkinsDoug will be on his way to Baja, more specifically, Laguna San Ignacio.  Who else will be in Laguna San Ignacio?  Stan Ellexson will be stopping there on his two week Mexican Riviera cruise.


Members that have returned; J. J. Panzer, who didn’t actually miss a meeting, is back from Jacksonville where wife Michelle ran in her first half-marathon.  Michelle finished, so now J. J. figures he’ll start running half-marathons too.  Dan Herling was in Victorville, which looks a lot like Mexico, except Mexico has a lot lower unemployment rate.  Patricia Fripp is back from Vegas where she had 400 people at her last seminar.  Marty Fleisher wanted to know if anyone missed him.  Since Marty came back, Ken Brown thought he would come back to breakfast too.  Of course, now that Ken closed his San Francisco shop and moved into Sidney Mobell’s office, Ken is probably just lonely.         


Some sunshine on this very gray and wet morning, Bert Hill says Madeleine Savit is recovering at home and doing much better than she expected.  Surprisingly, Bert’s self-introduction was uncharacteristically short, and Bert caught Marty Mijalski with a mouth full of food when he handed Marty the microphone.     


Who was the most embarrassed guy in the room this morning?  John MathersJohn’s wife gives seminars in how to conserve water.  Who didn’t turn off his irrigation system?  Take a guess.    


Who were the two happiest guys in the room this morning?  David Dissmeyer and Antony Mills.  All this rain means they are going to be busy guys.


Did you think Les Andersen looked a little jumpy and nervous this morning?  Didn’t Les get his banana?  Les got his banana, but his daughter is one week overdue with Les’ latest grandchild.


Having heating problems; Betty TaischBetty’s building’s radiant heat hasn’t worked for a month.  I think it’s time to call Hugh Tuck.  At least Betty did receive some warm recognition from our senior photographer, Mike Mustacchi, for all her great work in taking photos for the bulletin.  


Chuck Mills is about to lose his parking space.  Construction is starting soon across the street from the Showplace on another big apartment complex.


Arlan Kertz reminds the membership that you have about eight weeks left to file your extensions.   


Are you interested in pedestrian safety?  Robin Brasso invites us all to a Pedestrian Safety Forum sponsored by the FDR Democratic Club tomorrow at the First Congregational Church, 1300 Polk Street, corner of Bush.  Starts at 6:00PM. 


Ed Flowers, who may or may not have been dozing, was prompted to tell Robin that Post and Bush don’t cross.  Robin repeated, that’s POLK not POST.  This reminded Ed of the old Phyllis Diller joke; Phyllis calls her husband Fang and tells him she just got into an accident at Post and Bush.  Fang says Post and Bush don’t cross.  Phyllis replies, they do now.


Our chamber guy, Jim Lazarus, had a little quiz this morning.  What two major cities not in the Sun Belt are experiencing population growth?  The answer, New York City and San Francisco.  Interestingly, what two major cities have the high number of pedestrian fatalities?  The answer, New York City and San Francisco.          


This morning Rich Corriea had a story that unfortunately was not for public consumption.  So, I had to put my pen down.  Believe it or not, since our Bulletin has gone on line, we now have readers that are not members of the GGBC.  Hey, I’m as shocked as you are, but Antonio White says our readership spans the country and we even have some international readers too.  They must live in some pretty boring places.  


Aside from Ed Flowers’ Phyllis Diller joke, we had only one more.  Both Alan Garber and Marty Mijalski declined to tell jokes and with John McKnight in Alabama, it was Steve Shain dipping his toe into the frigid waters of the GGBC joke pool.  Steve’s joke was a long one and the punch line was; “this guy has the Pope as his chauffer!”  Steve should have kept his shoe on.  Alan Garber and Marty Mijalski both told that joke here at the GGBC years ago.  It didn’t work for them either Steve.


So, here we are again.  Are either of these two jokes worthy of the Goldie the Chicken award?  Evidently not, as First Vice President Joel didn’t even look Goldie’s way.


We did have two snappy self-introduction tags lines; John Stewart’s “keeping civil litigation civil”, which he has used before, and  Little Miss Sunshine’s (aka Terry Cowhey) “representing everything you don’t want your kids to be”. Close, but I give the edge to Little Miss Sunshine


No Recology safety report this morning because Tom Jacobs had something better.  Did you catch last evening’s KPIX news cast?  If so, you would have seen a story about Recology employees overstating weights of recyclables collected at our buy back facility at the transfer station on Tunnel Avenue.  This story goes back to 2007, and the state cleared Recology years ago of the accusations of fraud involving our CRV buy back operation.  Ironically, the photo KPIX selected for this story on its website was of Tom’s nemesis, truck #14443.


Mike Hanlon is back and had two birthdays this morning, although we celebrated three.  This week’s birthdays, Mike himself on Monday and J. J. Panzer on Thursday.  But, since I sort of got short changed last week, Mike made it up to me this morning and announced my birthday again as well.  I let Mike and J. J. wear the hats, since I did get to wear one last Wednesday.   


Knucklehead of the week; Dana SnayDana’s father, Patrick Snay won an $80K age discrimination settlement against his employer, a Florida private school. As part of the settlement, Patrick had to sign a confidentiality agreement that he would not divulge the details of the settlement.  Dana though decided to post a big “suck it” comment on her Face Book page reveling the amount of the settlement.  Say adios to your $80K Patrick.