Mar 19th Hon. Quentin Kopp, CA High Speed Train


It’s too bad Bert Hill wasn’t here this morning, because President Jill Hoffman dispensed with any warnings and simply called the meeting to order.  Only one minute late as opposed to the three minute late start of last week.  So, “Il Duce” is still dead. 


We had four guests this morning.  Hosted by Joel Panzer, but introduced by Patricia Fripp, was Marie-France Ladine from the San Francisco City Academy.  The City Academy has 120 students in grades K though 8.  Betty Taisch brought along Brandon Grande from First Person Creative.  Ray Siotto had two guests but had to rely on Rich Corriea to introduce them.  Frequent GGBC visitor and fellow Calamarian Terry Redmond and F. X. Crowley, who used to run the Stage Hands Union.         


Excuses requested for this morning.  Ironically, after hoping Alex King didn’t read last week’s column when I requested an excuse for your editor, Antonio White, which I received via a text message, this morning Alex King needs an excuse.  Alex is running a fever.  How did that request get communicated to me?  Via text message.  Reg Young excused Mike Hanlon, who had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  Eric McGarty asked to excuse Frank ReedJoel Panzer excused both Hills.  Father Bert is in Washington State, not DC, with his Mom and son Eli is making a presentation to, or as Joel said, lecturing P G & E’s top brass.     


Excuses requested for the future; Betty Taisch heading to New York City for the National Association of Realtors convention.  Another week of travelling for John McKnight.  Next week John will be in Orlando for a Salvation Army conference on disaster response.  Patricia Fripp will be flying to the UK to see her Sister-in-Law perform.  Also, Fripp corrected Joel’s correction from last week’s column.  Fripp was in Jacksonville, Florida, helping the speaker’s bureau of the Wounded Warrior Project.  Not Sacramento.  There are never any errors in this column.  While Betty, John and Fripp head east, Stan Ellexson heads north to Portland for a joint ships reunion.  Stan’s ship; the USS Orca, AVP-49, a seaplane tender.  I didn’t realize Reg Young named his business after Stan’s old ship.


Speaking of ships, Stan had asked if I had received any e-mails from Sidney Mobell lately.  Not since my birthday back on February 20th.  This sparked a bit of concern, but not to worry; Sid’s fine and was able to answer Stan’s latest e-mail.  The Queen Elizabeth is having problems maintaining its internet connection.  Sid is in Pusan, South Korea and sends his best to all the members of the GGBC.  Also, if you need to get Sid a message, just text him. 


Three of our newest members, Aaron Draime, Karen Nemsick and Chris Burns, sitting in close proximity, all received another new member round of applause.  Our other new member, Joanne Fazzino, who did not sit at the same table as the three musketeers, did not.  I will second Joanne’s restaurant recommendation for this morning though; Fresca.  Three locations in San Francisco, on Fillmore, West Portal and 24th Street.  Peruvian food.  Very good. 


Members that have returned; Ken Brown back from New York City.  Also back from New York City, Robin BrassoRobin was at the United Nations Conference on Women.  The major topics; gender equity and violence against women.  Len Stec is back from the family homestead in Pennsylvania.               


Our speaker, the Honorable Quentin Kopp, brought out a lot of fond memories and recollections from the membership.  Ed Flowers mentioned his son was an intern in Quentin’s office during his tenure on the San Francisco Board of Supervisor.  Ed’s son’s job was to answer the phone and field complaints.  A woman called saying her garage door opener wasn’t working.  Ed’s son told her Supervisor Kopp would be right over. 


Jim Lazarus was a Deputy City Attorney during that same period.


Fellow Judge John Stewart always admired Quentin, as it was Quentin who filed suit, and won, to overturn the law that judges must live in the jurisdiction where they sit.  So, San Francisco resident Kopp sat on the bench in San Mateo County, Sausalito resident Stewart sits on the bench in San Francisco, and semi-retired Piedmont resident Phil Moscone also sits on the bench in San Francisco.  Before that law was ruled unconstitutional, I think this was called “carpetbagging”.       


Marty Mijalski was so impressed with John McKnight’s presentation of last week; Marty spent his intro time lauding John and didn’t leave enough time for a joke. 


A downcast David Dissmeyer says the weatherman lies.


A guy that knows his basketball, Dan Herling, reminds us the NCAA Tournament starts today.  The only Bay Area team to make into the NCAA is Stanford.  This prompted J. J. Panzer to mention that Cal has more Nobel laureates than Stanford.  Excuse me; I need a minute to fill out my Nobel laureate’s bracket.        


By the time you read this, it will be too late.  Chuck Mills says sip and shop is tomorrow evening and invited President Jill to attend.  


Still living at the Laurel Motor Inn is Steve ShainSteve says it’s costing him $400.00 a night.  To which Jim Lazarus quipped, “yeah, $75.00 for the room and $325.00 for the hooker”.


Watching the constant media coverage on missing Flight 370, Bill Buchanan is wondering why nobody is asking Mr. Roarke’s sidekick Tattoo, “where’s the plane, where’s the plane”.  Dating yourself a bit here Bill.  These two guys are both dead and our younger members have no clue as to who they even are.


Tom Jacobs says that Flight 370 is on the ground somewhere and will become the world’s biggest dirty bomb.  OK, I confess.  Flight 370 is hidden in my yard and is parked right next to Tom’s nemesis, truck #14443.


A warning from Arlan “Chico” Kertz.  You have less than a month to file for your extension.


Embarrassed by his home town, John Mathers says San Diego had twenty solid blocks of participants for its St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Puts San Francisco to shame.  


Proud Papa Reg Young is counting down the days as daughter Erin is in her last year of medical school.  Erin even has a job lined up.  Except Erin won’t know until Friday where.


We had three jokes this morning.  One from John Cribbs and two from Johnson YouJohn’s joke: A guy meets a gal on a singles cruise.  They really hit it off.  During one of their conversations, the guy mentions he’s an avid golfer.  The gal says she’s a hooker.  The guy replies, “it all a matter of how you address the ball”.  I’ll give you the punch line of Johnson’s first joke; “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry too.  I’m sorry three”.  Joke #2 was about an eighty-five year old man that get’s his wife pregnant.  I’m not sure of the punch line.  Actually, I’m not sure of the body of the joke either.   


President Jill did not award Goldie this morning.  


President Jill also reminded the membership we are having a membership drive breakfast on April 23rd with speaker SFPD Chief Greg Suhr.  Your guests are free, but they have to be prospective members.  They can’t be hungry family members.   


Reg Young, subbing for, Mike Hanlon had a single birthday this morning; Dan Herling. Dan got to wear his choice of hats and then stood next to Reg for a photo.  That photo was priceless.


Janet Von Doepp mentioned that she, along with myself, Wayne Veatch, Jonathan Stone, Antonio White and wife Christina, attended the memorial service for our member Mike Mattis at the San Francisco Elks Club.  It was a very moving service, especially sad for someone who has left us so young.  Antonio presented Mike’s Dad with a GGBC pin and promised to send him Mike’s badge.        


Knucklehead of the week: me for picking Ohio State to beat Dayton.