Oct 29th: Mystery Speaker, Michael Mustacchi


This morning, even though we again had a bit of a sparse crowd, Bert Hill thought he would get a jump on the five minute warning and rang our Fire Truck Bell at 7:23AM, a full seven minutes prior to starting time.  I’m wondering if our attendance was affected by the World Series?  Of course there was no celebrating in the City of St. Francis last night.  With less than a week before Election Day, President Jill Hoffman not only took the morning off from campaigning and was dressed very casually in jeans.  President Jill remains confident as her pollsters, Husband Steve and Son Robbie, still show her in first place.  Perennial losing GGBC candidate Jim Lazarus reminds Jill everyone he knew was voting for him too, and we all know how Jim’s elections turned out.  President Jill also mentioned that even though Kansas City is her home town, she’s a Giants fan through and through.  And to prove it, President Jill stripped off her blazer to reveal a Giant’s tee shirt. 

Tom Jacobs, who arrived three steps before Tom Smegal, is still encouraging any of his patients that live in Sausalito to vote for JillBill Buchanan even registered to vote in Sausalito so he could cast a vote for Jill too.  I hope nobody realizes that Bill lives in Mill Valley. Although Bill’s vote may be cancelled out by John McKnightJohn, who actually is a Sausalito resident, is still angry that President Jill forgot his birthday.  

As Hugh Tuck walked towards my table with his breakfast, he looked just like a waiter holding his plates out at arms length.  I thought he was bringing me more food.     

We had a single guest this morning.  Hosted by Jerome Stroumza was Joseph Ozanne. Joseph was the designer of the Oracle teams main sail used in their America’s Cup victory.

Excuses requested for this morning:  Sidney Mobell updated us on the condition of your editor, Antonio White.  Though Antonio is recovering from the virus he, and Wife Christina, picked up in Paris, the doc wants Antonio to take it easy for another week or two.  Steve Shain excused Terry Cowhey who is still experiencing lingering effects from his McDonald’s altercation.  Steve then requested an excuse for himself.  His Wife is leaving again, but she’s taking Steve with her to Denver.  Joel Panzer decided to emulate President Jill by stripping off his shirt, to reveal, in Giant’s orange, he has been promoted from a Pa to a Grandpa.  Son J. J. is excused as wife Michelle delivered Grandpa Joel’s new five pound, nine ounce Granddaughter on Saturday.  Although our new Papa was hoping Michelle would hold off until Monday as J. J. had tickets to the weekend Series games.    

Speaking of baby’s birthdays, Cathy Scharetg reports her baby just had his seventeenth birthday.  Cathy promises to attend more frequently, but does remind us while hope springs eternal, it doesn’t get your ass out of bed at 5:00AM. 

Excuse requested for the future, Bert Hill is going back to Seattle to check up on Mom and the following week Bert is going into the hospital for a heart ablation procedure.  We hope all goes well, so Bert doesn’t need more than a two week excuse.

Members that have returned:  As promised, Patricia Fripp is back from the UK and Ireland.  Fripp had a great time and didn’t realize the beauty and history of Ireland.  Fripp was duly impressed.  Although Fripp did strain her back on the way home and vows to travel lighter.  Agreeing with Fripp in terms of the beauty and history of Ireland,   Marty MijalskiMarty’s Wife Patti is Irish and on their trip to Ireland, Patti was so pleased to see one of her relatives was a “Turf Accountant”.  Patti thought that meant he was a successful CPA.  Marty almost didn’t have the heart to tell Patti a “Turf Accountant” is a bookie. 

Robin Brasso is back from her trip to Greece and Istanbul and had a wonderful time.  Except for the trip back home.  Lufthansa went on strike, so Robin got an extra day in Istanbul and got to see a lot of airports she didn’t expect to see.  Also not back from Istanbul, Mike Hanlon.  As mentioned in last week’s column, Mike was not robbed at gunpoint and was not in need of an emergency loan.  AOL scrubbed Mike’s e-mail account and all is well now.  Marty Mijalski just wants to know why the hijackers picked O’Leary’s Pub in Santa Rosa as the depository for any funds sent to Mike.           

Your Treasurer, Ray Siotto, has left Africa and is now in Rome spending his time taking pictures of the tiny garbage trucks used in the Centro Storico.        

Wayne Veatch wants you to know he’s the President of the White Stag Association and to answer Mike Mustacchi’s question, no he is not wearing his Boy Scout shirt.  It’s actually a British Military shirt Wayne bought at a thrift store for two bucks.  Wayne got his Giants tie from the Giants as a game day giveaway.  John Stewart offered to buy Wayne’s tie for five bucks, which means Wayne can now afford to buy two and a half more shirts.         

Happy for the Kansas City Royal’s success; John Mathers.  And, Harvey reminds us the Royals have made their greatest accomplishment in a quarter century just getting to the World Series.  Kansas City, and its fans, deserves our respect, no matter what happens tonight.  Our "World Class" city owes that to them, to ourselves and to our children.

Even though our Giants didn’t finish off the Royals last night, Dan Negron reports Recology was prepared in the event the Giants did wrap up the Series.  We started a bunch of routes early to get the combustibles off the street before the “celebration” started.  Given how last night’s game turned out, I should have been out there picking stuff up instead of watching that painful game.  Of course, “torture” is nothing new for Giants fans.  Recology will be doing the same tonight too.  Let’s hope the Giants do something different, like win.          

After the Cruising with Kids cruise, Janet Von Doepp received an e-mail that President Roosevelt’s yacht, the Potomac, is in deep financial trouble.  The Potomac went into dry-dock earlier this year and the job ended up $75K over budget.  They are hoping to organize a Pearl Harbor Day Champagne Cruise as a fundraiser.  We’ll publish the details as we receive them.  

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; The Brixton on Union Street in Cow Hollow. 

Your Speaker’s Chair, Mike Mustacchi, was supposed to be in Mendocino today.  After last week’s meeting, Mike was feeling a touch of the flu coming on, so he took our speaker’s advice.  Mike didn’t contract the flu, but his honey, Honey, didn’t follow the same regimen and did.  So, no trip to Mendocino.  That’s a good thing though, as our Mystery Speaker was….. Mike Mustacchi 

Jackson Talbot made it for two weeks out of three and John Bell visited Hundley Hardware.  John even bought some stuff.  

Hugh Tuck attended the premiere of Video Games, The Movie this past Saturday.  A history of, what else, video games.  Why?  Well, Hugh and his buddy, Phil Pitts, invented the first video game.  Hugh didn’t say when, so you’ll have to GTS it.  

We had two jokes this morning.  The first from Don Persky.  Guy is on a date.  Wonders if he’ll get lucky.  The girl already knows.  The second from John McKnight.  A woman goes into a pet store and asks to buy a parrot that talks.  She comes back to the pet store complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a mirror.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a ladder.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a pool of water.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot died.  The owner says “did the parrot say anything before he died?”  The woman says yes, “does that pet store have any food?”        

Mike Hanlon had one birthday this week.  Hedy Kaveh on Monday.   

Knucklehead of the Week; another baseball figure.  Former Oakland A’s slugger Jose CansecoJose, you put the bullets back into the gun after you finish cleaning it.