Oct 1st: Eve R. Meyer, Executive Dir, SF Suicide Prevention


We had a bit of an unruly crowd this morning. Bert Hill delivered the five minute warning at exactly five minutes, but that didn’t seem to get any reaction from our socializing members.  President Jill Hoffman was conducting a deposition in Belmont, so First Vice President Joel Panzer stepped up to the podium to call the meeting to order.

Unfortunately, First VP Joel had microphone problems and had to use both our Fire Truck’s bell and Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn to attempt to create some semblance of order.  Eventually, the membership passed through the buffet line and sat down.       

Back into the Commandant’s Ballroom for this morning’s meeting, and while we didn’t have breakfast burritos on the buffet, we did have salsa for our scrambled eggs.  Marty Mijalski and I realized we didn’t remind Jorge and Elmer about the temperature issue though, as the salsa was still too cold.                  

We had three guests this morning.  Hosted by Larry Jacobson was Nephew Alec BoliverAlec is happy to be here in the Bay Area, but says his uncle Larry is cramping his style.  Len Stec brought along lighting designer Randall Whitehead, and Betty Taisch’s guest was Kelly NormanKelly designs solar system especially for San Francisco, where the sun often doesn’t appear for days.    

Excuses requested for this morning: via e-mail to me, Hugh Tuck, but Hugh didn’t say why he needed an excuse.  Reg Young, back from Aruba and sporting a fine tan, excused Jim Simpson.    

Excuses requested for the future; Patricia Fripp will be working at the Warfield this Friday and Saturday nights selling more tee shirts and DVDs at yet another King Crimson concert.  Then Fripp needs to be excused for three weeks as she is going to England, where Fripp will be speaking in front of the UK version of the National Speakers Association, and then onto Ireland for vacation.  Robin Brasso needs two weeks as Robin is going to the Greek Isles and then onto Istanbul.

Members that have returned; Rob DeMartini and Mike HanlonMike Mustacchi says Rob bought along his family pictures this morning.  Shots of the Blue Angels and the Fleet Week air show Rob has complied over the past few years.  Mike, Hanlon, that is, says Catholic Charities doesn’t need him any longer, so he’ll be here regularly again.

Mustacchi also reminds us that next week’s breakfast is on Thursday to accommodate the Blue Angels.  Plus, make sure to get on Mike’s sign up sheet as the MMC is really busy and we’re going to be in the Heritage Room.  Only the first sixty to sign up get in.

Jim Lazarus is back from France, where he was visiting the birthplace of his Grandfather, Leopold Lazarus, just in time for his oldest Daughter Kate’s wedding on Saturday.  Don’t forget your check book Jim.         

The count down continues. Arlan Kertz says you now have two weeks left to file your taxes.  And, no more extensions. 

Frank Reed made it for two weeks in a row and he’s still trying to find Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot, who have both been missing in action for quite a while.

J. J. Panzer says no on Proposition G and J.J. gave a telephone pollster quite an earful on this measure.  Betty Taisch even took her Granddaughter to a No on G rally.  Too bad Betty’s Granddaughter can’t cast a vote, but she’s only turning one year old tomorrow. 

According to Bill Buchanan the dogs are eagerly awaiting hunting season. 

Chuck Mills’ greeting to our esteemed First VP Joel, “nice hat”. 

An observation made by First VP Joel; saw a blind guy walking with his dog.  The blind guy was holding a poop bag.   

Did you see Janet Von Doepp’s left arm.  That bloody bandage was covering a cut from a cabinet door that fell off its hinges and wacked Janet’s arm.  Janet, better talk to Grant Hundley about the replacement hinges.  You don’t want another injury. 

Although Roy Wonder wasn’t here, Ed Flowers was positioned properly ahead of John Stewart to give the appropriate “all rise”.  Plus, if you’re a philatelist like Ed, head down to the front of the Ferry Building on Monday from Noon until 5:30PM where the Post Office will cancel a new stamp honoring the US Marines.         

Even though Hugh Tuck was not here to make the announcement, his nephew Marshall Tuck, was endorsed by the Chronicle.

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Isa in the Marina.  A small plates California style French restaurant.  On Steiner between Lombard and Chestnut.  Isa has been a great restaurant for a long time.  Back to when I lived in the Marina.

Chided for wearing a Hawaiian shirt by Jim Lazarus, Wayne Veatch stole a line from Rickey Wilson and told Jim, “I’m retired and this is my appropriate work attire”.  Wayne had a restaurant recommendation of his own; Crazy Sushi on Mission Street near 29th. 

Speaking of Rickey Wilson, have you been watching the Roosevelts on PBS?  If so, did you catch the episode where Eleanor Roosevelt visits a hospital in New Guinea?  As Mrs. Roosevelt walks down the corridor, the nurse walking next to her was Rickey’s Mom.

Heading to the St. Cecilia’s Grammar School Class of ’57 57th year reunion is Jack Shea. 

Still confused about the three foot rule and need a clarification?  Ask Bert Hill. 

Reminding us the Giants are playing the Pittsburg Pirates tonight in the last chance for these two teams to make the playoffs, John CribbsJohn says go Giants.

Alan Garber hopes the Gigantes do a better job than the A’s last night.  Garber was so disappointed by the A’s loss, he didn’t even attempt to tell a joke. 

No joke but a riddle from Rich Corriea.  What’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?  About three weeks.

Back from last week’s disaster drill at SFO, John McKnight says Alex King was invaluable as Alex was enlisted to drive one of the Salvation Army’s mobile canteens.  Only problem, all the firefighters wanted to talk with Alex slowing down the canteen’s serving time.  John also told the morning’s only joke.  An old one about a foul mouthed parrot that gets put into the freezer.  The punch line; “what did the chicken do?”  No rebuttal even attempted by Marty Mijalski.  Although, First VP Joel’s speed is unmatched when awarding the rubber chicken.  Completely justified this morning. 

Finally, Mike Hanlon is back and had only one birthday this week.  On Monday, Frank Reed.  So, Frank wouldn’t be lonely though, Mike mentioned we missed Len Stec’s birthday from last Saturday, so both hats were utilized and both Frank and Len were properly serenaded by the membership.

Knucklehead of the week;  a previous winner, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig for this sudden death, one game, wild card playoff.