OCT 22nd: Dr. Michael Smith, M.D., The Radio Doctor


This morning when Bert Hill stepped up to the podium to ring our Fire Truck Bell to deliver the five minute warning, only myself, Marty Mijalski and Sidney Mobell had sat down to breakfast.  So, Bert rang the bell extra hard and the sound reverberated quite well off the walls of the empty Crystal Ballroom.  I know I’ve been avoiding reporting our weekly attendance, but when the membership filed into the room and took their seats, three tables were completely untouched.  We had a good speaker too.  Dr. Michael Smith told us how to avoid catching the flu and since it’s flu season, is there more timely a subject?  Grant Hundley and Les Andersen heard Dr. Smith’s presentation yesterday and Grant was here this morning to hear it again.  Dr. Smith even told a joke.  Why didn’t the lobster want to share?  He’s shell fish. Just as good as Marty’s “he got toad” joke of last week.   

Even though it’s only thirteen days until Election Day, President Jill Hoffman took the morning off from campaigning.  President Jill is pretty confident though, as the polls show her far ahead in first place.  Of course those polls were conducted by Husband Steve and Son RobbieBill Buchanan suggested President Jill invoke the memory of another female council member and Mayor of Sausalito, Sally Stanford.  President Jill’s new suggested campaign slogan; “as long as I am Mayor, those girls will make a living”.  Upon further consideration, maybe not a good choice.  Tom Jacobs says he and his patients that live in Sausalito continue to campaign for Jill.  Since Tom lives in San Rafael, Jill may have to take that support at arm’s length.  We don’t want Jill’s opponents saying her support comes from “out of towners”.                 

We had three guests this morning.  Hosted by Betty Taisch was solar guy Kelly Norman for his third visit.  If Kelly turns in an application, he’s already satisfied the critical “must attend three meetings” requirement.  Betty also hosted Clem Howard who does political fund raising and is also working for the MMC to recruit members.  Maybe we should get Clem to recruit some members for the GGBC.  Mike Mustacchi brought along Sheldon Baker who works with our speaker.  Sheldon even handled the speaker’s introduction. Note that Mustacchi was on time this morning thanks to Recology Route 210.        

Excuses requested for this morning: Reg Young excused Jim Simpson and then requested an excuse for himself, as Reg is going to Monterey next week.  Mike Mustacchi requested an excuse for the other Mike, Hanlon, who is getting a shot of lubricant into one of his knees.  No, Hanlon was not robbed at gunpoint in Istanbul and is not in need of an emergency loan.  His e-mail account got hijacked.  Mike is just fine in Santa Rosa.  Mustacchi also excused Ed Flowers who is in the process of framing all the special Fleet Week commemorative pictures.  Joel Panzer excused son J. J. who is at the Sonoma Mission Inn with wife Michelle counting down the days.  Sixteen to be exact, until the arrival of parenthood.   

Excuses requested for the future in addition to the above request from Reg Young; heading to Cape Town, South Africa for three weeks is Alan GarberGarber’s Step-Daughter is getting married.  No, this is not a candidate for the longest wedding in history. Garber, borrowing a page from Treasurer Ray Siotto, is going to take in a safari or two.  Garber also vows to continue his world wide search for clean jokes.  David Dissmeyer is heading back to Healdsburg to finish up a few projects before the rain really starts.  David had an opportunity to visit his daughter, a freshman at St. Mary’s in Moraga.  Says she’s have a great time.  Another St. Mary’s parent in the GGBC; Marty Mijalski.        

Excuse reminder; via e-mail, Patricia Fripp has one more week in Ireland and says she misses the GGBC very much.  Fripp will be back next Wednesday.

Members that have returned; it was déjà vu for Roy Wonder.  Flying back from Frankfurt, Roy’s plane diverted to Reykjavik, Iceland.  Sixty years ago, Roy was flying Navy patrol bombers out of that very airfield.  Noah Griffin returned to sing his latest ditty about the Giants and the World Series.  Sung to the tune of “One Singular Sensation”.  

For his next career, John Mathers is thinking of becoming a quality of life consultant.  Wayne Veatch would like to join John, since they have shared the same quality of life issues. 

This past Sunday Hugh Tuck attended the Serra High School Class of ’64 reunion at the Olympic Club.  Steve Shain echoed Hugh’s comments, as Steve attended his fifty year high school reunion earlier this year and was amazed as to how everyone just picked up right where they left off fifty years ago.

Feeling good, along with the rest of the GGBC’s membership, after the Giants’ rout of the Kansas City Royals last night, Christine Torrington.  This prompted Rickey Wilson to admit after sixty-five years he has finally realized that baseball is a pitcher’s game.  Harvey was watching the game with friends and his buddies were already talking sweep.  Although, Harvey cautions; remember when the German Battlecruiser Bismarck engaged the Royal Navy at the Battle of the Denmark Strait sinking the HMS Hood with its first salvo?  The crew of the Bismarck was thinking sweep too.  Two days later, the Royal Navy more than evened the score.  I usually don’t use the baseball/World War II naval battle analogy, but given the results of Wednesday evening’s game (this column was completed Thursday morning) Harvey was spot on.          

Looking no worse than usual, Terry Cowhey returned to breakfast this morning.  Terry was admitted to Kaiser Hospital after his altercation at the McDonald’s on 3rd Street, but didn’t follow up with any details. 

I misunderstood Janet Von Doepp last week.  I thought the Cruising with Kids cruise occurred the previous weekend.  Actually it was last weekend.  Don’t ask to see Janet’s photos of all those historic yachts though.  She forgot to charge her camera.  

Even though it rained the whole time he was there, Bert Hill finally moved his Mom into her fully ADA compliant home.  

Although Mike Hanlon wasn’t here, Reg Young was, but we didn’t have any birthdays this week. 

Knucklehead this week; even though he’s a great guy and has raised tons of money for veterans and the family of Brian Stow, this week the award goes to Giants third base coach Tim Flannery.  Three times Tim has sent Buster Posey home and three times Buster has gotten thrown out.  Tim, when I put new tennis balls on the back of my ninety-five year old Mom’s walker, she’s faster than Buster Posey.