OCT 15th: New Kids with a Twist


Well, you can tell the Blue Angels weren’t on the program this week.  MMC wasn’t too busy and we were moved back into the Crystal Ballroom, but we really didn’t make good use of the space.  Bert Hill was a bit late in delivering the five minute warning, so it was more of a two minute warning.  President Jill Hoffman was busy campaigning, so First Vice President Joel Panzer had the duty again.  First VP Joel did triple duty today.  In addition to his customary duties at the front desk, he also subbed for Treasurer Ray Siotto, who is on his three week vacation that will take him to East Africa, Rome and London.

Before you start grousing about our treasury being empty, Ray certainly needs this vacation.  He’s been working on Fleet Week since the beginning of the year and seemed like he was in multiple places at once all last week.  Getting the Navy’s bands all over the City to their performances, running Friday’s softball tournament, cutting through all the red tape to get the yearly group formation photo, this year at Justin Herman Plaza right in front of the Ferry Building, I could go on and on.  So, let’s give a big thanks to Ray, because without him, Fleet Week wouldn’t have been such a great event. 

From twenty-four guests last week to zero guests this morning.

Excuses requested for this morning: Jim Simpson from Reg YoungSteve Shain excused Terry Cowhey.  Seems Terry had an altercation at the McDonald’s on 3rd Street.  A young woman, high on drugs, decided to throw a chair at Terry.  You have to be high on drugs to throw a chair at TerryMike Mustacchi excused Aaron Draime, who is at an early meeting and Rich Corriea who is in Monterey for a meeting.       

Excuses requested for the future; Stan Ellexson has a doctor’s appointment next week and will be heading to Newport the following week for a Sea Cadets meeting.  Stan also mentioned 250 sea cadets were in attendance at the commissioning of the USS America on Saturday.  Stan’s table mate Sidney Mobell was there as well, as was yours truly along with my daughters Elizabeth and MichelaAlex King needs three weeks off, first heading to the Southwest then onward to China.   

Excuse reminder; via e-mail, Patricia Fripp had a great time at the UK version of the National Speakers Association, in Patricia’s words she was a smash, and now she’s in Ireland for some R & R.  

Members that have returned; Betty Taisch back from Southern California and reminds our San Francisco residents to vote no on G.  Tom Jacobs returned from a dental convention in San Antonio and says he had some of his patients who live in Sausalito lobby for President Jill at candidate’s night.  Phil Moscone back from another trip to Boulder, Colorado watching his son play rugby.  Jackson Talbot was happy to see we hadn’t melted down his badge after his long layoff.  Jackson has a good excuse though; he became a Dad in April.  A little baby boy who arrived five weeks premature.  It was touch and go for a while, but baby, and Mom and Dad, are doing just fine now.   

The count down reached zero today.  Arlan Kertz says today is it.  Last day to file your taxes.  . 

J. J. Panzer’s countdown is 23 days until fatherhood.  

Chuck Mills is still worried about loosing his space at Showplace Square.  A big, long time tenant just got evicted from a prime corner spot. 

Although Janet Von Doepp’s computer died that didn’t stop her from the annual Cruising with Kids event.  This is a cruise on Franklin Roosevelt’s yacht, the Potomac, along with a flotilla of historic boats, for terminally ill kids.  One of the historic boats used to be owned by Janet and her first husband.  The second wife still owns it. 

Hugh Tuck says he didn’t realize being retired means you still go to work but don’t get paid.  Take Grant Hundley’s advice, only work a half a day like Grant.  From 6:00AM to 6:00PM.   

No restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino, but she has a nice three bedroom available at Scott and Fell Streets for $7.1K per month. 

Christine Torrington was at last night’s Giants game and thought we really need a miracle to pull this one out.  And sure enough, the miracle occurred.  Wayne Veatch reports wife Janet and son C. J. were there. 

It’s October, so that means Rebuilding Together is starting it’s fall projects.  Karen Nemsick says three seismic upgrades this Saturday and all the usual projects next Saturday.  All in the Bayview.    

Finally, Bert Hill’s Mom moves into her fully ADA compliant home tomorrow. 

John Mathers related a story about his bee keeping Father-in-Law.  Seems his Father-in-Law imported a few hives from Italy and had to stencil landing instructions in Italian on the hives. 

Speaking of Italians, with apologies to me and Ray Siotto, Harvey wished us all a happy Indigenous Peoples Day. 

John Stewart says the Court Clerk’s strike will be over today.  If you’re called for jury duty, you better report. 

Now that Fleet Week is over Mike Mustacchi has only about 10K pictures to go through.  Mike, just send me the pictures you took of me and my family.

Don Persky says his son Louis was more excited than ever watching the Blue Angels on Saturday.  Why?  Because he knew Major Brandon Cordill, flying Blue Angel #4. 

Two jokes this morning.  From Alan Garber, a bad political one, the punch line in reference to President Obama; “I don’t have a clue” and the teller replied “large bills or small.”  From Marty Mijalski, a joke you can tell anyone.  Even little kids. What happened when the frog parked in a red zone?  He got toad. 

Mike Hanlon wasn’t here and Reg Young wasn’t sure, but we had two birthdays this week.  Arlan Kertz on Monday and our travelling Treasurer, Ray Siotto on Friday. 

No knucklehead this week because it’s train time and I don’t want to miss it.