Oct 9th: NAVY Blue Angels


Looks like most of our membership actually read the bulletin and paid attention during last Week’s meeting and showed up on this bright and sunny Thursday morning for breakfast.  Why Thursday?  Well, if it’s Thursday, it must be Fleet Week and we’re going to have a visit from the Navy’s Blue Angels.  

And, as typical for Fleet Week, the MMC is extremely busy and we were to have breakfast in the very small Heritage Room on the tenth floor.  Fortunately for us, the MMC’s staff kept wheeling and dealing and managed to get us into the larger Crystal Lounge.  Then Elmer and Jorge did a bit of wheeling and dealing on their own to squeeze seventy-six seats plus the full breakfast buffet into the room too.  Good thing, because we used each and every one of those seventy-six seats.   

Bert Hill delivered the customary five minute warning, but I guess President Jill Hoffman was a bit excited having the Blues here and called the meeting to order five minutes late.  President Jill did confess though, when she joined the Navy her first choice was to be a JAG and her second choice was to be a Blue Angel. 

As is customary whenever the Blue Angels visit, we had an armada of guests.  Twenty-four to be exact.  Len Stec brought frequent GGBC visitor Jorge ArangoChristine Torrington had two guests, diabetes educator Inger Thunes and all the way from Norway, graphic designer Anne HummelBill Buchanan hosted wife Claire, Chuck Mills hosted wife Marion and Karen Nemsick, back from Italy and Croatia just in time for Fleet Week, hosted partner Paul GrayJanet Von Doepp also hosted two guests, our former member Patti Mangan and Janelle Boltz.  Another two guester was Wayne Veatch who brought along Kelly Norman for Kelly’s second GGBC visit in as many weeks and Joe Phair another frequent GGBC visitor.  Hugh Tuck hosted retired Naval aviator George Canon for George’s second visit.  The last time George attended the GGBC, I mentioned in this column that George flew the F-8 Crusader, the last of the gun fighters.  George corrected me this morning though.  While George did “steal” a few flights in the fighter versions of the F-8, operationally he flew the photoreconnaissance model.   Our land based photographer, Mike Mustacchi, brought along another land based photographer and fellow Galileo grad Gene ChitoiAaron Draime hosted Barney Foland.  Recology’s Air Force vet, Dan Negron, brought along Recology’s twenty-one year Navy vet, Jeffery HouseJeff never misses a visit from the Blue Angels.  John McKnight’s guest was Laine Hendricks, the Public Relations Director for the Salvation Army’s Golden Gate Division and also the President of San Francisco Rotary Club #2.  Alex King made good on a two year old promise to a little kid and brought his neighbor Kai Guevara to see the Blue Angels.  Since the Blues only missed a year, Kai is still a little kid.  President Jill hosted new member in the pipeline Laila El Sissi.  Finally, Don Persky holds the record for most guests this morning, bringing along son Louis, neighbor Paul Sabharwal and Paul’s son Leo.  Our speaker, Blue Angel #4, Major Brandon Cordill of the USMC, had four members of the team with him.  They didn’t sign in though, so I can only identify Major Dusty Cook, also of the USMC, who flies Fat Albert, the Blue’s C-130 Hercules, who sat at my table this morning.                   

Excuses requested for this morning: via e-mail to me, Past President Harvey is in trial in Los Angeles.  Janet Von Doepp excused Betty Taisch who is attending a real estate conference. 

Tentative excuse requested for the future; Bert Hill is heading to Washington to move his Mom into her now fully ADA compliant house.  If all goes well, Bert will be here next Wednesday.  [Editor's note: yours truly was supposed to be excused due to illness for past two weeks]

The members were good about limiting their comments this morning to allow the full allotment of time to Major Cordill for his presentation, the questions that would follow and the after meeting photo ops.  

I will issue kudos to Rickey Wilson for his appropriate aviation themed tie.  This also proves Rickey does own a tie.  Other aviation related comments; John Mathers Father-In-Law helped develop the ejection seat.  Christine Torrington flew with the Blue Angels twenty years ago.  Wayne Veatch is also a pilot, although the Cessna 140 Wayne flew is slightly smaller and a bit less powerful than a FA-18.  

Worried looking member this morning; J. J. Panzer.  Today is wife Michelle’s last day of work before going on maternity leave.  Now down to four weeks and counting to fatherhood for J. J.

Only one joke this morning.  From Johnson You.  The punch line, “if you don’t work hard the computer will take your job”.

Both John McKnight and Marty Mijalski, declined to tell any jokes this morning as they were concerned Major Cordill would laugh so hard he would get sick and be unable to fly.   

We had a single birthday this week.  Today, former 747 pilot Don Persky.  An aircraft slightly larger than Wayne Veatch’s Cessna 140.  

I know your bulletin arrived late, but don’t blame your editor, Antonio White or Program Chair Mike Mustacchi.  It’s my fault.  With our meeting on Thursday and a full calendar of Fleet Week events, this column didn’t get written until Sunday morning.

In honor of Fleet Week, no knucklehead this week.