Sept 11: Nicole Schapiro, Inspiring Life Success

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SEPT 11th: Nicole Schapiro
SEPT 18th: Dr Bruce Miller -Research at UCSF in Neurodegenerative Diseases
SEPT 25th: Craig Harrison: Good, Better, Best!
OCT 2nd: John Martin, SFO Economic Impact Report



Nicole Schapiro was described by the “New York Times” as a role model for all people who want to succeed and are not afraid of the odds. At age 15, Nicole fled alone from Communist Hungary to the United States. Speaking no English, she lived as a “homeless” person in New York City for one year. Through persistent negotiating she received a scholarship to the University of Chicago, earning a BS in Psychology, and later a MA in Industrial Psychology from NYU. Before the age of 30, she became the first woman senior vice-president of Sales and Marketing at Citicorp in New York. In 1992 Nicole’s home burned in the Oakland, CA. Firestorm and in 1993 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is known as a survivor of obstacles who exudes power and determination in an up-beat manner and is indeed a role model for risk taking, visioning, hard work and success. Nicole’s own life story combined with over 30 years of practical experience informs and inspires individuals and businesses to achieve higher productivity and create a bold future. Her ability to communicate, understand and motivate people at every level and culture is often described by clients as “magical”.



President Harvey was running late this morning due to a delay on BART.  But, still arrived soon enough to start the meeting a full three minutes early.  A little better attendance than last week.  A total of forty-four.         

We had two guests this morning.  Chairman of the Day Marty Fleisher hosted Lisa Safran, who is a public speaking coach.  I was quite impressed when Lisa signed in, as her penmanship is extraordinary, compared to the average GGBC guest.  Turns out Lisa was an elementary school teacher before she became a speech coach.  Our second guest, hosted by President Harvey was our former member Jaime Martinez.  I don’t know if Jaime was on BART too, but he was our last arrival.

Unbelievably, Tom Smegal, Tom Jacobs, Mike Mustacchi and Antonio White were all on time.  That means I know for sure Recology Route 210 was running on time today as well.

I will apologize in advance if your item or comment does not appear in today’s column.  The acoustics in the Commandant’s Room were not too good today.  I was in my customary seat, but still couldn’t hear clearly.  Of course, my not hearing clearly may have nothing to do with being in the Commandant’s Room.  Could be another cause, like listening to those noisy garbage trucks for forty years.

Excuses requested for this morning; Janet Von Doepp from me.  Janet had another follow up surgery and is concerned if she came to breakfast she might laugh too hard and pop out her stitches.  As Bernie Blutman was not here this morning, Janet didn’t need to worry about that.

Marin Carpool #1 is back down to just John CribbsRoy Wonder wasn’t here this morning and Jill Hoffman needs an excuse as she is taking a deposition in Gig Harbor, Washington.  At least that’s better than being in beautiful downtown Hayward like last week.  Marin Carpool #2 was just Les Andersen, as John McKnight is on his way back from Hawaii.

Unless Roy and Jill return next week, Marin Carpool #1 will not operate at all for the next four weeks.  John Cribbs is heading to Utah next week for his Grandson’s promotion to Eagle Scout, and then onwards to Pennsylvania to visit family, attend his sixtieth high school reunion and wife Roberta’s sixtieth high school reunion. 

Needing an even longer excuse; Alan Jones.  Now that Alan has successfully transitioned from Federal employment, he’s heading home to Montana for five weeks.

Also heading to a high school reunion; Betty Taisch.  Although for Betty, it’s only the fiftieth.  Before heading to Syracuse for the reunion, Betty will be stopping in Southern California first.

Members that have returned; David Dissmeyer back from two weeks in Healdsburg and Marty Mijalski back from a week in Costa Rica.  Marty says he really wished he was here though, fighting traffic across the new bridge and listening to old jokes.  I think Marty was kidding.

Rich Corriea was back, but didn’t have any stories or crime avoidance tips this morning.  Rich did say though, the Bay Bridge Troll needs to be installed on the new span as quickly as possible.  I agree with Rich.  You can’t take a chance with anything that can upset the Karma, JuJu or Fung Shui. Rich also thanked Recology for reliably pickup up his garbage for five generations.  I’ve only been around for two generations, but I do appreciate Rich’s complement.        

Although, even without getting any crime avoidance tips from Rich, Frank Reed did mention that September is Emergency Preparedness Month.  It’s also Robert Goulet Mustache Month.  

Member that has almost returned; Stan EllexsonSidney Mobell received an e-mail from Stan letting Sid know Stan is still cruising but will be back next week.   

Mike Mattis, sporting bright blue pants mentioned he rode his bike across the Emperor Norton Bridge yesterday, which was the first day the bike and pedestrian lanes were open.  Surprisingly, Mike didn’t see Bert Hill.  Although, I have it on good authority that Bert is riding across the bridge today.  Which is why Bert wasn’t here at breakfast this morning?  

John Mathers’ brother is going to be in town next week.  John says his brother is a gold digger and is looking for investors.  John says this is not a scam.  Don’t worry; Jack Shea is having a special on fraud insurance.  

Sunrise over the Novato Narrows, the high point on Rickey Wilson’s trip to the City on Wednesday mornings.     

On the cutting edge; Jonathan StoneJonathan gave up his land line a month ago and doesn’t miss it at all.  Says it’s wonderful.  What’s next Jonathan, sealing off your mail box?

Patricia Fripp is taking an uncharacteristically short trip this weekend.  Going to the first legal same sex wedding in Pinole.  Pinole?       

J.J. Panzer’s word of the day is; Karelu  (Tulu, India) The mark left on the skin by wearing anything tight.

Also, with a word of the day; Christine TorringtonChristine has visited fifty countries and says she always tries to remember a positive word from each one.  Christine’s word; cule cule, which means happy happy.  Not sure what language, but in Italian, culo culo would mean butt butt. 

Does this mean Christine will have a positive word of the week from now on?  Implying that J. J.’s word of the week is negative?

As Tom Jacobs was walking down Mason Street this morning, he passed Recology truck #14385 and was curious as to why the driver moved so fast, literally running from can to can.  Is our driver on commission, or does he get paid by the can?  No, our drivers are on the “task system”.  Finish your route and you can go home and get paid for eight hours. Even if you’ve spent less than eight hours on duty.  I did tell Tom the task system probably wouldn’t work too well for dentists.  

As mentioned previously, Bernie Blutman wasn’t here.  So, we did have a few of feeble attempts at humor.

It appeared Alan Garber was not going to tell a joke, as he started his self-introduction by telling us he went to the Sausalito Art Fair over the weekend.  Upon arrival, Garber ran into Betty Taisch and Rich WankGarber says Rich is a lair and a cheat, as when Rich went up to the ticket window, Rich requested a senior ticket for Betty.  After giving us that tidbit, Garber launched into a football joke with political overtones.  Ray Siotto said it was the best joke Garber ever told.  Of course, that bar is set pretty low.      

Mike Mustacchi was well prepared for his joke.  It was printed out on six pieces of paper with extra large type which Mustacchi spread out over our table.  It was a joke about God and Adam, featuring a series of questions and answers.  The last question; “what’s a headache?”

Delivering a quip with political bent, Joel Panzer says; “just when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, they build more tunnels”.  Did that come from Terry Cowhey?   

These jokes aren’t going to do Steve Shain any good.  Now Jeanine Spencer is rejecting his e-mails too.  They’re not doing me any good either.  I’m kind of like Herb Caen, except Herb had a lot bigger and more creative pool of “item feeders”.  Your column is only as good as your sources and my sources aren’t exactly “top tier”.       

We did manage to get one clever comment though.  Past President Hugh Tuck’s grandson was getting ready for his first day of kindergarten.  When Hugh’s Daughter Hope asked “are you ready to go?”  The reply was “let’s get it over with.”  So, excepting Bernie Blutman and Johnson You, a five-year old is funnier than the whole GGBC.   

In addition to all the usual suspects, Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh singled out three members for special consideration.  Grant Hundley, Alan Jones and Jonathan Stone didn’t check themselves off this morning.  

Mike Hanlon is still MIA, so Reg Young had to announce for the third week in a row; no birthdays.  Since Wayne Veatch is at the Veatch Family Reunion, Mike Mustacchi gave the minutes.  Except since Mike overslept last week, he only knew Tom Smegal was the speaker.  I guess Mike doesn’t read President Harvey’s column.     

Knucklehead of the week:  the as yet unnamed hunter that lost control of his campfire in the Stanislaus National Forest, which grew into the Rim Fire.  Now the fourth largest fire in California history, covering over 370 square miles, and costing, as of today, $80 million to fight.  And it’s still not out.   




Diana Nyad's recent record setting swim, from Cuba to Florida, sensationally achieved her life dream.  She was born August 22, 1949.   Could that be pretty near some kind of average for our own GGBC membership?

Last Thursday, Peyton Manning scored a career best 7 Touchdowns in a single NFL game. That record was last matched before He was born.  He managed the feat less than two years after he was released by the Indianapolis Colts. He'd undergone cervical fusion surgery.  Few NFL players achieve their greatest performance at 37, even without such injury.  The "Elder" Manning brother's big night reminded me of how many of us celebrated Joe Montana besting Steve Young, when the 49'ers first met the team that had given our "aging" and " injured" hero another chance. 

My Dad taught me to respect outstanding accomplishments of older players and performers of all kinds.  I understand that better now that I have reached his age then! Maybe I should try to pass that on to my daughter, as she competes in Elementary School sports?