September 25th: Craig Harrison: It's time to ideate!

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Sep 25th: Craig Harrison
Oct 2nd: John Martin, SFO Economic Impact



It’s Time To IDEATE !

Subtitle: Unleash the Power of the Brainstorm to help solve client problems, grow your practice and even boost GGBC membership!


As a professional, are you using the “yes, and…” thinking of brainstorming to generate leads and client solutions and unleash creativity? Attend IDEATE to learn how!

To solve today's problems you need creativity, nonlinear thinking and the ability to draw from many fields, disciplines and ways of thinking.  Whether you work alone or in groups, IDEATING is a key tool to help you succeed in problem-solving and design thinking. 

Craig's program will remind you of the power of "yes, and…" thinking and brainstorming and give you hands on experience and confidence at generating oodles of ideas for fun or profit. 

We will engage in large group, table and paired brainstorming on different topics of relevance to attendees, recording ideas on flip charts and debriefing after each activity to discuss the roles of setting, environment, momentum, blocks and more to successful idea-generation. Brainstorms will be facilitated, fast-paced and fun. 


Craig Harrison's Expressions of Excellence!™ trains men and women to express their excellence as communicators and leaders. As an 11-year old growing up in Berkeley, an early  ideation of Craig's resulted in his first publication which he sold door-to-door:  his "recycled jokes" book. He's since published four books, a pocket book and three tips booklets. As a disciple of Fripp's, he proudly proclaims that he too makes his living as a speaker…MOST months! For more on Harrison visit


President Harvey was anxious to start this morning’s meeting, as he issued the two minute warning a good five minutes early, requiring that I quickly bolt down the remainder of my breakfast.  Even so, I was left with half a pancake on my plate when the meeting actually started.  Lest you think I wasted any food, I did consume that half a pancake after my note taking duties were completed.          

We had nine guests this morning.  Our Chairperson of the Day Joel Panzer hosted six of them.  Old friends Stan and Helen Goldstein, who make sure that Joel gets a hot meal often, and from AlmaVia of San Francisco Leondra Banuelos, Rob Gerds, Tracy Castle and Executive Director Katherine DunakinJoel had planned to save enough seats so all of the AlmaVia folks could sit together, but upon further analysis, Joel thought it best to spread them throughout the room.  After all, many of our members are good candidates for residency at AlmaVia.  Ms. Dunakin made the tactical mistake of sitting at my table though.  Myself and my table mates John McKnight, Marty Mijalski, Doug Wilkins and Patricia Fripp do not expect to be candidates for residency at AlmaVia anytime soon.  Past President Hugh Tuck brought along wife Judy, and Bert Hill hosted  prospective member Madeleine Savit.  This is Madeleine’s fourth meeting and she has been published once.  Madeleine’s second publication should be in this issue of the Bulletin, and as long as Membership Chair Wayne Veatch doesn’t receive any objections from the peanut gallery to Madeleine’s membership, he can call for a vote of the Board. 

Our final guest was Recology’s own Kristen Watkins from our Sustainability Department.  Kristen was hosted by Dan Negron and Rob DeMartiniDan did mention that Kristen is a graduate of MIT.  The garbage company has come a long way.  When I started forty-two years ago, if you mentioned a co-worker “went to college”, that meant he (not he or she, he) served time in prison.  Kristen really is a graduate of MIT and has never served a day in prison.  So, Rob was not along to provide protection for Dan.        

With this big showing of guests, our attendance jumped to fifty-three, which included our last arrival, your editor Antonio White.  A very respectable crowd for our speaker, Dr. Bruce Miller from UCSF.    

This morning’s excuses; Chuck Mills says Marin Carpool #3 was one person light as Bill Buchanan is off shooting, eating and drinking with his FBI buddies.  When John McKnight asked Marty Mijalski why he wasn’t with off with Bill too, Marty’s reply was “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”  Chuckles also mentioned this Thursday the Showplace stays open late.  So, you can visit Chuckles, have some wine and cheese and hopefully buy something.  Eric McGarty excused Jackson Talbot and Frank Reed, presumably both out protecting stuff.

Marin Carpool #1 did operate this week even though John Cribbs is in Pennsylvania and Jill Hoffman is still in trial.  Roy Wonder made the trip over the bridge today and was able to issue an excuse for Mike HanlonMike has another legitimate excuse.  While celebrating his and wife Yvonne’s fiftieth anniversary in Ashland, Mike was bitten by a spider and had a pretty severe reaction.  Ended up in the hospital getting antibiotics pumped in from a 55-gallon drum.  Hopefully Mike leaves the hospital today and Roy says it should be OK to give Mike a call.

Excuses requested for the future; even though he just returned from a cruise, Stan Ellexson needs to be excused for four weeks.  This time Stan is headed in the opposite direction to cruise through the Panama Canal.

Our second to last arrival, Alan Garber, was a happy guy this morning as his Ohio State Buckeyes beat Cal on Saturday and it looks like the Oakland A’s are their way to being the American League’s Western Division Champs.  Garber is also convinced there was a lot of noise up in Heaven last Saturday, as his fellow Ohio State alum, our Past President Steve Kenney, was sure to be celebrating.  Garber also requests an excuse for next week as he will be celebrating his birthday in Sedona.  Why was Garber late?  Accident on the new Bay Bridge, or should I say the Willie Brown Bridge.

Vouching for Garber, as he too had to brave the Brown Bridge, Phil MosconePhil just barely beat Garber into the Crystal Ballroom.  Phil also is going to actually be retired for three whole days.  A record.

Leaving for two weeks in Paris; Jerome Stroumza.

I think our speaker’s subject, neurodegenerative diseases, caused some of our member’s to experience sympathetic lapses of memory.  For a moment, Patricia Fripp forgot she was going to be in Denver next week.  Fripp did not forget though the four W’s of making an interesting speech; when, where, who and what happened.

Betty Taisch is back from attending her high school reunion is Syracuse.  Betty had a great time.  Couldn’t remember anyone though.  But, since Betty had such a good time, she’s going back next year.

Tom Jacobs says he can’t think of any dentists that have or had Alzheimer’s.  Of course, Tom could have just forgotten.      

I think and all my table mates read last week’s column when I lamented on the quality of my sources to feed me clever and interesting items worthy of inclusion in this column.  So, Fripp provided her quick lesson in how to deliver an interesting comment or story, John McKnight gave us an early introduction to his new title; the Master of Disaster; Doug Wilkins, a Kiwi, was gracious in his commentary on America’s Cup, and Marty Mijalski told our only story, a true story by the way, which in honor of our speaker included a neurological theme, didn’t violate HIPAA and wasn’t in the least bit offensive to our many guests.  Marty’s story came via his daughter, a neurology resident, and featured an eye dilation problem.  Seems glass eyes don’t dilate very well.

To expand further on the above, John needs a new title as he is leaving Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Center, but not the Salvation Army.  In two weeks, John is moving six blocks closer to Downtown to Divisional Headquarters to become the Director of Emergency and Disaster Services for the entire Golden Gate Division.  Let’s hope in his new position John spends a lot of time preparing for disasters, not reacting to them.

Of course Doug didn’t really have to be too gracious in his commentary, given Emirates Team New Zealand’s most likely insurmountable lead over Oracle Racing Team USA.  Since the winner picks the location of the next America’s Cup, let’s just say Wellington Harbor has a very nice bay too.  

Both Jonathon Stone and John Mathers agree the crowds for the America’s Cup have grown.  The racing has been pretty exciting and is well worth a visit.  Another plus, Christine Torrington reports all the “merch” at the America’s Cup Village is fifty percent off.       

Given last week’s GGBC double car break-ins, Rich Corriea had a bit of advice.  Don’t even leave your old lunch bag on the seat of your car because that will invite a smash and grab.  Leave absolutely nothing visible period.  Rich also had a TSA tip.  Keep your bullets out of your carry-on.  Bert Hill is still upset about his grungy bicycle gloves that were stolen right off his bike.  Antonio White loses laptop, i-Pad, i-Phone, and all his video equipment = $15K.  Bert Hill loses his bike gloves = priceless.              

No reminder from Arlan Kertz.  If you didn’t pay your third quarter estimates by Monday, you’re late.

Wayne Veatch has returned from Middle America where he was attending the thirty-seventh Veatch Family Reunion.  While there, Wayne visited Bentonville, Arkansas, the home of WalMart.  The biggest tourist attraction in Bentonville is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which is funded by the Walton Family Foundation.  The second biggest tourist attraction on Bentonville?  It’s a tie between the Cram-A-Lot compactor factory and the Tyson Chicken processing plant.  Actually, they’re not even in Bentonville, they’re in Springdale.

Speaking of WalMart, John Stewart’s daughter is the Director of Marketing for Mattel and visits Bentonville often.  If I heard this correctly, Mattel does $1.5 billion worth of business with WalMart a year.  That’s a lot of Barbies!  

Our new member Alex Mozes feels he needs to define himself as one of the GGBC’s young and hip members.  Since J.J. Panzer already gives us a word of the day, Alex is going to give us a Start-Up on the week.  This week’s winner; Fresh.  Or healthy meals made easy.  Place your order and for fifteen bucks, Fresh will deliver it right to your door.  If you’re cheap, just call Domino’s Pizza.  They do the same thing. And, this morning, J.J. didn’t have a word.

Another new member, Antony Mills reported he attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor last week.  Five young men, all from Troop 263 in Half Moon Bay were promoted.

Whenever Ed Flowers sits next to Roy Wonder he get the irresistible urge to say “all rise”.  Roy says “eat your heart out John Stewart and Phil Moscone.”  Those guys never had a bailiff as good as Ed

Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh is pretty happy, as it seems that most of our members are checking off their names regularly.  Except Hedy feels there’s no hope for Alex King, today’s lone scofflaw.  Only one scofflaw?  That’s because Rickey Wilson is in South Carolina.  

Even though both Mike Hanlon and Reg Young were not here, I wasn’t going to let President Harvey pass up the birthdays for this week.  We missed John McKnight, who had a birthday last Friday.  John got to wear one of the hats and was properly serenaded.

Just as God, and Jack Block, intended.

The Knuckleheads get a pass this week.  Deadline looms and my minimal creative juices have run out.   






Madeleine Savit, Non Profit Exec.: 

Sponsor: Bert Hill




Summer ain't over. 

Last weekend's celestial end of Summer is always too soon for me.  School kids felt that back when Labor Day meant, "The LAST Weekend of Summer."

Keeping "a bit of Summer" in your heart all year could be one key to happiness.