Sept 4th: Mickey Griffith,The Referral Post

Please Mark Your Calendar for Our Upcoming GGBC Speakers

SEPT 4th: Mickey Griffith, The Referral Institute
SEPT 11th: Nicole Schapiro
SEPT 18th: Dr Bruce Miller -Research at UCSF in Neurodegenerative Diseases
SEPT 25th: Craig Harrison: Good, Better, Best!
OCT 2nd: John Martin, SFO Economic Impact Report



The Referral Institute is a training, coaching, and consulting company that helps people create Referrals For Life®  We offer professionals a systematic way to gain more business by referral.  Our training programs ensure that our clients understand the 3 Core Competencies to referral marketing which are:

1)  To gain the right referral marketing education

2)  To stay immersed and engaged in the information

3)  and to make sure that their referral network gets trained by the experts

There are many benefits for doing business by referral. 1) you have business coming TO YOU; 2) the prospective client tends to be less “price sensitive”; and 3) you have perceived trust with the client because you were referred.  What does this mean???   YOU have a HIGHER closing ratio on your appointments!



President Harvey snuck, or should I say sneaked, up on me this morning.  I was still chatting in the back of the room when President Harvey issued the five minute warning.  Usually, I’m more than halfway through breakfast by that time.  We were still in the Commandant’s Ballroom this morning, although we could have easily fit into the Regimental Room.  We had but a single guest and thanks to some late arrivals, managed to just reach forty.  Twenty less than our minimum.  I know a lot of our members are travelling or working and are properly excused, but it’s almost September and we should be well clear of the summer attendance doldrums.       

Our lone guest, Eric Tuvel, was hosted by Bert HillEric is the new program director for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.    

Two excuses were requested for this morning from Frank Reed for Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot.  Both out protecting stuff.

John Cribbs finally had some company on his trip across the Bridge.  Marin Carpool #1 had two passengers this morning as Roy Wonder returned from two weeks in Salzburg, Austria.  Jill Hoffman is still in trial in beautiful downtown Hayward, so Jill needs an excuse for this morning.  Marin Carpool #2 was just Les Andersen and John McKnight since Mike Mustacchi woke up at 9:57AM.  His $300K alarm clock, Recology Route 210 was really running late today.

Excuses needed for the future; now that Bert Hill finally has a car, he and wife Lorna are taking their first road trip in twenty-five years to Dunsmuir and then on to Fortuna.  Isn’t that sort of a round about routing to get to Fortuna?  Bert still hasn’t told us what he’s driving.

After giving Bert some driving tips, Wayne Veatch, in his role as the Secretary of the Veatch Historical Society, will be heading to Branson, Missouri for the Veatch Family reunion.

Heading in the opposite direction, John McKnight will be on his way to Hawaii.  More specifically Pearl Harbor to attend the unveiling and dedication of the Admiral Nimitz statue, commissioned by the Navy League, at the Battleship Missouri Memorial this coming Monday.  In other news, John will be leaving the Harbor Light Center in a month or so for a new position.  Still with the Salvation Army, John is the new Director of Emergency and Disaster Services for the entire Golden State Division!

In honor of John’s trip to Hawaii, J.J. Panzer’s word of the day is; O ka la nokonoko (Hawaiian), a day spent in nervous anticipation of a coughing spell.

Asking for a provisional excuse; John MathersJohn doesn’t have faith in Caltrans and is worried the Bay Bridge won’t be open by next Wednesday.

This is one dedicated member, Betty Taisch, who returned from her Great Niece’s wedding in Boston late last evening and was here right on time for breakfast.  Good thing too, because if we were depending on Mustacchi to take this morning’s pictures, you wouldn’t be seeing any photos in this bulletin.   

Sitting at his table all alone this morning was Chuck MillsChuck couldn’t understand why, as he says he invited all his friends.  Usually Bill Buchanan sits at that table, but since Marty Mijalski is in Costa Rica, Bill was at my table.  I always need an FBI agent close by.  We waste guys are uncomfortable when we don’t have our customary FBI “protection”.   

After a long layoff, Bernie Blutman returned and delivered five, count ‘em, five jokes.  Finally, some good jokes to go along with breakfast.  Steve Shain says he now he can safely call Jeanine Spencer and not risk getting a hang up.

Even though Bernie was in attendance, we still had a couple of guys try to tell jokes.  Bill Buchanan did have a pretty clever Anthony Weiner limerick and then gave us a name recognition quiz.  Except nobody recognized any of the names.  Past President Hugh Tuck’s joke, an old one heard at the GGBC before, ended with the punch line “in the pool”.  On a non-Bernie day, these would have been passable attempts at humor.

Alan Garber, quick to realize he’s no match for Bernie, said he had nothing “pithy” to say.  Garber did lament his last westbound trip over the old Bay Bridge though.  

Are you waiting with baited breath for the Chamber’s new logo and tag line?  Jim Lazarus says take a breath, as the big unveiling has been pushed off until October.                  

Grant Hundley figured out a way to double his business.  Put two knobs on every door.  

This week John Stewart doesn’t need Phil Moscone, as John returned intact from his trip to the Colorado dude ranch.  John would still like to know why he was paired up with the oldest horse. 

A bit of timely fire safety advice from our seventeen year veteran of the Capay Valley Fire Department, Rickey Wilson.  For you rural residents, make sure you clear that brush and have your defensible space ready.  No defensible space?  The firefighters will just pass your house by and not waste their time or water.  

Janet Von Doepp says husband Chris is up in Tahoe.  Hopefully creating a defensible space.  In any case, Janet says she changed all the locks.  

A reminder from Arlan Kertz, you have three weeks remaining until your third quarter Federal estimates are due.

Patricia Fripp wore a different Area 51 hat this morning.  There’s a good reason though.  Last week Patricia was in San Mateo preparing a construction company’s staff for a big bid presentation.  Fripp was going to conduct her instructional presentation in a glass walled conference room with glass doors.  Before she started, Patricia thought it would be a good idea to visit the ladies room, and in customary high speed Fripp fashion zipped out of the conference room, and upon her return, zipped right back in.  Only problem, someone had closed those glass doors while Fripp was gone.  Unfortunately, without an Area 51 hat, Fripp led with her nose.  Patricia really knows how to apply makeup, because even if you got really close to Patricia, you couldn’t see her black eyes.  Fripp looked just as fabulous as usual.   

What it feels like to join the getting old department; Tom Jacobs was asked by a patient for a referral to an oral surgeon in Marin.  No problem, except everyone Tom recommended is now retired.

Given he was this morning’s speaker, Tom Smegal made a special effort and arrived to breakfast fifth to last.  Tom Jacobs was fourth to last.  Alan Garber was third to last.  Antonio White was second to last and relatively new member Alan Jones was last.  Hey, at least these guys showed up and with Alan’s, Jones that is, arrival we managed to hit forty.

I’m wondering, given Tom Smegal’s propensity for late arrival, when did breakfast start in 1974 when Tom was President?  7:45?  8:00?  When did breakfast start in 2001 when I was President?  Il Duce always started the meetings right on time.  To the second.        

This week Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh says everything is right with the world.  All his usual suspect failed to sign in today.

As Mike Hanlon was not here this morning, Reg Young was prepared for birthday duty.  But, Reg didn’t have any birthdays again this week, so the birthday song was not sung for two weeks in a row.

Knuckleheads of the week:  Well, we know where the four producers fired by KTVU over the Asiana pilot names gaffe ended up.  They are now all working for MTV and producing the Video Music Awards.  This show is supposed to be “G” rated and suitable for children.  What were they thinking when they decided Miley Cyrus’ performance would qualify for a “G” rating?  Let’s see Miley strips to her underwear, grinds her backside into singing partner Robin Thicke’s groin, and simulates masturbation with a foam “we’re number one” finger.  I guess they’re thinking the key word here is “simulates”.               





Many Kinds of  "TROLLING?"

Judge Tom Smegal earned audience appreciation for his "Patents Primer" last week.  

Our speaker matched a popular recent lead of  US Attorney Melinda Haag.  He started with colorful early-day  Patent  Office tales.  Founding Father Thomas Jefferson's "shoeboxes" of handwritten paper applications led deftly through to modern electronic megafile 'shoes.'

Former GGBC President Tom then took it one better.  He handled audience questions and comments with experience from our podium.

Sidney Mobell shared some of his own insights of personal experience.  That's a rare opportunity to hear directly from a renowned creator of truly Original works warranting protection.  Others joined in about endless lawsuits, and even of so-called "Trolls."  

Following JJ Panzer's lead for just checking what a word really means, I soon found more than expected under "Troll."  Most references came up first about today's sometimes intentionally offensive online blogging.  After that, some more general guides and commentary on social media etiquette.  Much less than I had expected about Norse legends.  Even they pay a price for modern "patent trolls?"

I thank former GGBC President, now Judge,Tom Smegal.  Well done!