Aug 21st: Alfonso Montuori, CA Institute of Integral Studies


    August 21st: Alfonso Montuori, CA Institute of Integral Studies
    August 28th:Tom Smegal, Patent Law
    September 4th: TBA
     September 11th: Nicole Schapiro
     September 18th: Dr. Bruce Miller, Researcher UCSF Neurodegenerative Diseases


    Alfonso Montuori is an educator, consultant, and musician. His transdisciplinary research has focused on the application of creativity research and complexity to better understand how to live in a complex, pluralistic, uncertain world. He has focused particularly in the areas of leadership, future studies, cultural pluralism, education, and Creative Inquiry. He is working on a book that outlines how our understanding and practice of creativity has changed in a networked world, and articulates a worldview in which creativity is a central, rather than peripheral, phenomenon.

    A graduate of the University of London, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and the Saybrook Institute, he has been Distinguished Professor in the School of Fine Arts at Miami University of Ohio, and in 1985-1986 taught at the Central South University in the People’s Republic of China.



    We got our Fire Truck Bell back today.  Except President Harvey wasn’t here to use it, as President Harvey had an unavoidable work requirement that popped up unexpectedly.  First Vice President Jill Hoffman is in trial, so it fell to Second Vice President Joel Panzer to preside over this morning’s meeting.  That’s what we get for elevating lawyers to positions of responsibility in the GGBC.  Second VP Joel used the Fire Truck Bell to issue the five minute warning, and then called the meeting to order using Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn.  A good strategy by Joel, as ringing the Bell first brought the membership right into the room.  Just like Pavlov’s dogs.  Also, the bananas were out early, so Les Andersen and Arlan Kertz were overjoyed.  Shows how exciting GGBC meetings are when bells, horns and bananas make news.       

    MMC had another big event today, the luncheon for the Blue Star Moms, which required the Crystal Ballroom relegating us to the Crystal Lounge.  But, Jorge again did a good job and set us up for fifty-six seats.  Unfortunately, we didn’t need nearly that many as our attendance fell to only thirty-eight.  Even in the Crystal Lounge, thirty-eight isn’t a big crowd and doesn’t look like a big crowd.  Good thing this morning’s program was new kids so we didn’t embarrass ourselves in front of a “real” speaker.  

    We had but a single guest this morning; the late arriving Madeleine Savit hosted by Bert HillMadeleine is working with Bert in putting those bike lanes onto Polk Street.

    Excuses requested for this morning; Reg Young excused Jim Simpson, so I excused Mike HanlonJim has early patients to torture and Mike is mediating a big construction case up in Santa Rosa. 

    Excuses requested for next week; John Stewart is bringing the kids and grandkids to a dude ranch in Colorado.  It’s going to be the Stewart family version of “City Slickers”.

    Excuses not required because of good planning; Betty Taisch has three out of state trips scheduled, but Betty will not miss a single meeting.  Out on Thursday or Friday, back on Monday or Tuesday.

    Members that have returned; Wayne Veatch back Camp Wolfeboro in the high Sierras with the Boy Scouts.  Eduardo Blount returned from a six day backpacking trip in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, which is also in the high Sierras.  Eduardo saw a lot of wildlife.  Including marmots.  Why did I single out marmots and not bears or deer?  That’s because Bert Hill mentioned he loves marmots. Surprisingly, Terry Cowhey loves marmots too!  Sidney Mobell is back from Vegas where Sid was visiting his money.  Sid didn’t mention if there were any marmots on the strip.          

    I haven’t been giving the carpool reports for a couple of weeks because Marin Carpool #1 has usually just been John Cribbs making the trip into the City alone.  This morning was no different.  As mentioned previously in this column, Jill Hoffman is in trial.  Roy Wonder is travelling.  John thinks Roy is in Southeast Asia, but doesn’t know for sure. 

    But, Marin Carpool #2 is giving Lyft and Uber Cab a run for their money.  As Les Andersen and John McKnight were coming into the Marina after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, John’s cell phone rang and it was Mike Mustacchi on the other end.  Mike was wondering if Les and John could swing by and pick him up.  Mike returned from Arizona late last evening and left his car at the Olympic Club, so Mike was in need of a ride.  Only potential problem for riders of Marin Carpool #2 is you never know what Les is going to be driving.  This morning it was a Ford Ranger pickup.  So, John moved over to the middle of the seat and Mike squeezed in.  Mike also had a photo job at MMC this morning, so all Mike’s gear went into the back of the Ranger.  Upon arrival at MMC, Les and John even helped Mike schlep all his gear inside.  That’s service.  

    Les mentioned deer season opened last weekend and Les went up to his spread in Cloverdale to try his luck.  Got a deer, plus a pig, plus two rattlesnakes.  The rattlers were big ones too.  They taste like chicken.  

    Speaking of chickens, more bad fortune for the GGBC as Johnson You was not in attendance this morning.  So, the GGBC endured another long series of chicken worthy jokes.   Matter of fact, I don’t think Foster Farms or Tyson has enough chickens to take care of the GGBC.   

    If you thought Stan Ellexson’s joke of last week was way too long, you should have been here this morning for Don Persky’s joke.  This joke was longer than Don’s new kid’s presentation.  The punch line; “my wife is from Minsk.” 

    Not to be outdone by Don, Stan was prompted to tell a shorter, but just as old, joke.  Stan’s joke’s punch line; “We had our best plastic surgeons working for five years to make an alligator look like a Dachshund!”  On a serious note, Stan also reports that Russ Gorman’s condition is stable.

    Chuck Mills added a bad lawyer joke, which prompted Alan Garber to raise the bar and deliver an actual clean joke.  A guy is walking down the beach in Florida.  He finds a lamp buried in the sand.  Pulls out the lamp and rubs it a bit and a genie appears.  The genie tells the guy “I can give you one wish”.  The guy says “I want to live forever”.  The genie replies, “I can’t grant you eternal life”.  After thinking a bit, the guys asks the genie; “for my wish, I want to die when the Democrats balance the budget and erase the deficit”.

    After all these jokes, Jack Shea says he’s grateful he doesn’t sell bad joke insurance.  Plus Marty Mijalski’s self-esteem skyrocketed when Marty realized he’s not nearly the GGBC’s worst joke teller.  Marty’s not even in the bottom five.

    After the succession of jokes running from extremely bad to pretty bad, Reg Young conveyed to Joel Panzer, “this was your audition and you lost control.”  The Nominating Committee may have to reconsider Joel’s ascent through the chairs.                    

    Most interesting job ever held by a member of the GGBC; cutting bull’s toenails.  That’s what John Mathers did as a teenager. 

    Tom Smegal’s introduction; “not another unemployed lawyer”.  Although Jim Lazarus pointed out to Tom that Tom started his federal career way too late to build up a really fat pension.

    Speaking of fat pensions; this morning Alex King was back in a suit since wife Karen needs him again.  To which Lazarus asked “are you sure you don’t have an appearance before the Retirement Board?”

    Given the Giants dismal performance this season, Rickey Wilson is ready for football.  I think I’m ready for football too.

    Steve Shain thought he would call our former member Jeanine Spencer and recite all the jokes he heard at last week’s meeting.  Jeanine hung up on him.  Steve also mentioned the next GGBC golf tournament is going to be held in late October.

    J.J. Panzer’s word of the day; Jeruhuk (Malay) The act of stumbling into a hole that is concealed by long grass. 

    Bill Buchanan’s badge is still missing.  Although, Joel Panzer figures it’s gone forever and ordered Bill a new one.  Of course as soon as the new badge arrives, the old one will turn up.  Just like the case of our American Indian member, Hedy Two Badges.     

    Speaking of Hedy, now that Ramadan is over, Hedy has returned to breakfast and his role as Attendance Committee Chairman.  Looking at this morning’s sign-in sheet, it was all the usual suspects; Ed Flowers, Rickey Wilson, Steve Shain and Mike Mustacchi.  

    As mentioned earlier in this column, Mike Hanlon was excused this morning, but Mike e-mailed Reg Young this week’s birthdays.  Except, Mike sent the e-mail to Reg late last night and Reg was out late last night and didn’t check his e-mail when he finally got home.  So, no birthdays this morning and when the assembled membership was asked if anyone has a birthday this week, nobody fessed up.       

    Since Secretary Wayne Veatch was not at last week’s meeting, the minutes of that meeting were delivered by…..John Mathers.  It sure comes in handy when a member is the speaker.  

    Knucklehead of the week:

    San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.  Now most you are probably saying Filner is old news.  Filner’s already apologized to the women he harassed, begged for forgiveness from the public and he’s been through “rehabilitation”.  Even though Filner spent less time in rehab than Lindsay Lohan, that’s still more time than Anthony Weiner.  I’m singling out Filner now because he’s been banned from all San Diego area Hooter’s Restaurants.  Or should I say Breastaurants.  When Hooter’s can make a statement about the fair treatment of women at your expense, you are a real knucklehead.                   






    World News echoes Thomas Jefferson's prophecy:  "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."  He added, "What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion?"  

    Our "American Civil War" ended 148 years ago. That leaves only about 500 days to our next shot at Jefferson's benchmark.

    Lifespans of nations can be shorter than their founders' lives.  Sparks from the  "Torch of Liberty" prove more eternal. 

    The "End" of The United States of America could have come with the “Cuban Missile Crisis."  That was 50 years ago.  "Rogue Nations," Terrorist "dirty bombs," and even nuclear power plant meltdowns, are at least 'a bit' less universally threatening. 

    How about Vitality of our Personal Liberty?  Smart Phones on the Worldwide Web promised a "New Renaissance" of globally accessible thought and expression.  NSA versions of George Orwell's "1984" have not extinguished that.  "World Record" prison rates of our own people are at least now questioned by the U.S. Attorney General. 

    Could our now fully One Quarter-Millenium-Old "Body Politic" just be suffering some "Senior" changes?  "Citizen Farmers" fighting for Liberty at our national birth long ago faded to only a fraction of a single percent.  Could we now be adjusting to a new "Heart?"

    The true Vitality of Liberty in our United States can no more be reckoned in years than we can say so for ourselves.  Better to ask, "How do YOU FEEL about the future?"  Better still, "To what do our young aspire?"  I see hope there, and at least "Hope for Hope" in all of our "Modern World."  

    Let us all hope today's terrible bloodshed in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and throughout what was once the "Ancient World," will foster some new "Forest of Liberty?"*

    *("Harvey's Heresy" is not endorsed by any political party)