July 10th: Doug Wilkins, "Thrown" Out of Africa



  • July 10th Doug Wilkins: "Thrown" Out of Africa
  • July 17th TBA
  • July 24th United States Attorney, Melinda Haag, Northern District of CA
  • July 31st TBA



"Uncle" Doug Wilkins blatantly exploits the Sun for his own benefit. Sometimes he exploits it to help others. The story he'll be sharing has to do with the latter. Come join us to hear Doug share about his adventure in helping put solar panels on a school in Africa. As our Vice President Jill Hoffman likes to say, "Pause for Laughter."



This morning we returned to the Commandant’s Room, but given our sparse crowd, MMC should have kept us in the Crystal Lounge.  Thirty-six members, three guests and two speakers for a total of forty-one.  That’s ten less than last week and we were nineteen short of our minimum.  This may be why President Harvey delegated the two minute warning to Past President Hugh Tuck.

We also received a news flash prior to the start of the meeting from Antonio White that the U. S. Supreme Court dismissed the appeal over Proposition 8 clearing the way for same sex marriages to resume here in California.  Of course the GGBC had its own significant contribution to same sex marriage.  Back in 2005, the GGBC’s own Judge Rich Kramer ruled against Proposition 22, which stated marriage is only valid between a man and a woman.  

President Harvey was fortunate that Past President Hugh was even here this morning.  Yesterday was the return date for the GGBC’s visit to Yosemite.  It was a great trip until then.  The bus chartered by Past President Hugh lost its brakes and power steering near the booming metropolis of Atwater.  Fortunately, the driver was able to navigate the bus into a gas station and there was a bar directly across the street.  So, Past President Hugh, Tom Jacobs, John Cribbs, Grant Hundley and Les Andersen happily walked across the street to await the arrival of the relief bus.  All of them managed to make it to breakfast though.              

We had three guests this morning.  Bert Hill brought along wife Lorna, since this morning’s program was on the Boy Scouts of America and Lorna is on the Executive Board of the Bay Area Council.  Tom Jacobs brought a guest along for the second week in a row, dental intern Jeff Yangberg from UCSF.  Our final guest, Alex Mozes was hosted by J. J. PanzerAlex has been a friend of J. J.’s since they were little kids and Alex intends to file his GGBC application with Membership Chair Wayne Veatch.    

Excuse requested for this morning; Reg Young reminded us the previously excused Mike Hanlon still has two more weeks of PT scheduled. 

Excuses requested for the future; Marty Fleisher is heading to Jackson Hole to visit his sister and celebrate her birthday.  J. J. Panzer reports Dad Joel was correct about J. J. leaving Orlando last week, but J. J. came back to San Francisco before heading to Wisconsin to visit his In-Laws next week.  Steve Shain will be making is twenty-fifth annual golfing trip to Whistler next week.  Also, Steve says the prizes for the GGBC Golf Tournament are in his trunk and will be awarded “in the near future”.  

Members that have returned; Wayne Veatch is back from Cincinnati, where it was 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity, and Wayne corrected the item from my previous column in which Wayne’s excuse was published.  It was wife Janet’s high school reunion, not Wayne’s.  Ken Brown has returned from Taiwan, and somehow tied that into a story about his home town of Detroit.  Mike Mustacchi has been well traveled.  Starting in Phoenix, where it was 108 degrees, then on to Washington DC.  Sidney Mobell suggested Mike visit the Museum of Media, better know as the Newseum at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue.  But Mike couldn’t find it.  Maybe Mike needs a better GPS.  Mike also paid a visit to Quantico, Virginia, the birthplace of Bill BuchananMike also wants you all to know, he got up at 5:18AM, meditated and put out his garbage.   All before breakfast.    

Last week Don Persky had a distinguished house guest; the Speaker of Parliament from Burma, or Myanmar, depending upon your political leaning.

Looking at Chuck Mills badge which identifies Chuck as the “Ower” of CEM Designs.  John McKnight says he didn’t make that badge and blamed the previous administration.

Jim Simpson wants you to know he hasn’t hurt anyone yet today.

New member Antony Mills also received a second new member round of applause.  These multiple rounds of applause appear to be fast becoming a new tradition of the GGBC.    

Also receiving a round of applause; Eduardo Blount for keeping his shingle out for a second week.  With all this applause, I felt out of place, so I requested and received a round of applause for myself.  Eduardo was also happy to see all the Boy Scout representation.  His leaders from Troop 88 were all in attendance, Wayne Veatch, Joel Panzer, and Bert and Lorna Hill.

This prompted Ed Flowers to resurrect an old GGBC practice of announcing your Boy Scout Troop.  Ed started with Troop 605, Manhattan.  Grant Hundley and Rickey Wilson, Troop 1, San Mateo.  Doug Wilkins, Troop 218, Mission Hills (near San Diego).  Doug also reminds the membership that he will be our speaker when the GGBC reconvenes on July 10th.  Mike Mustacchi, Troop 346, San Francisco.  Joel Panzer, Troop 143, Philadelphia.  Tom Jacobs, Troop 13, San Anselmo.  Wayne Veatch, Troop 121, Los Angeles.  Tom Smegal, President of the Piedmont Council.

We probably won’t be seeing Larry Jacobson for a while.  Larry has been hired by the America’s Cup to skipper a 40-foot catamaran that will be used to transport the media. 

A close call for Betty Taisch this morning.  While walking up Sutter Street, Betty heard a loud noise and realized she had been almost hit by a ball tossed off the roof of a building.  The thrower wanted his ball back.  Betty didn’t give us her response to that request.  Most likely, it was a non-verbal reply.

Cathy Scharetg is training for the Marine Corps Marathon coming up this October.  Cathy is running for the Semper Fi Fund and hopes to raise $4K.  Remember, the Semper Fi Fund provides aid to any wounded veteran and 94 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to those in need as disbursements.  

Best line of the morning goes to Chuck Mills.  When Terry Cowhey arose and began his self introduction with “if I were a hooker”, Chuckles quickly replied “you’d be broke”.             

Here is your GGBC upcoming special event reminder:

On Saturday, July 13th, we have the annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  The price is $75.00 per person.  There’s still time to sign up, see Joel Panzer.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, bring Joel a check. 

Reg Young, still subbing for Mike Hanlon didn’t have any birthdays for this week.  So, we celebrated one of our more recent birthdays.  Tom Smegal, who had his birthday back on June 15th, because Tom was here to wear a hat and give us a reason to sing the birthday song.    

Knucklehead this week.  Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  I don’t think I have enough space to list all the reasons.