July 17th: Cooper Dressler, Solomon Krevans and Vincent Casalaina; America's Youth Sailing Force

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  • July 17th:  Cooper Dressler, American Youth Sailing Force
  • July 31st:  Gerard Choucroun, NCIRE
  • July 24th:  United States Attorney Melinda Haag, Northern District of CA
  • August 7th: TBA
  • August 14th: TBA
  • August 21st:Alfonso Montuori, CA Institute of Integral Studies
  • August 28th: Tom Smegal, Patent Law


The American Youth Sailing Force (The Force) competing in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup. More than just sailors, this self-managed team comes from all walks of life including having served as riggers, boat-builders and sail-makers. The Force aims to prove that, with steady determination, hard work and passion, anyone can compete on the elite international sailing circuit. Charting a course to inspire the next generation of young American sailors, The Force conducts community outreach with established organizations to demonstrate the use of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the love of sailing. Meet the San Francisco’s Youth America’s Cup Team – The Force.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is an international sailing competition between 10 teams, each representing their home country, with all team members being between 19 and 24 years old. The event will take place September 1 to 4, 2013 in San Francisco Bay. The teams will be sailing the same 45-foot, wing sailed catamarans currently being sailed by the elite America’s Cup teams competing in the America’s Cup World Series. Not only does this event represent the pinnacle of high performance youth sailing in the world, but it will also form a clear pathway for the next generation of the world’s top sailors into the America’s Cup.




Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July Holiday and your day off from the GGBC.  Only one member fessed up to coming to the GGBC last Wednesday and that was John StewartJohn did say though, this makes two weeks in a row he was in attendance.  We were in the Commandant’s Room again this morning, but our even more dismal showing made the room look emptier than usual.  I know it’s summer time and a lot of you are on vacation, but if you’re in town, try to make it to breakfast.  Thirty members, two guests and two speakers, one of which was a member, for a total of thirty-four.  That’s seven less than two weeks ago and it means we were twenty-six short of our minimum.  We’re going to deplete our treasury pretty fast unless more of you decide to get out of bed.  Like Terry Cowhey says, the GGBC is cheaper than his psychiatrist.

President Harvey did issue both a five minute warning and a two minute warning before calling the meeting to order right on time.

Our two guests this morning were Kelly Strain hosted by Ken Brown and Betsy Strong brought along by Betty TaischBetsy is a financial planner and Kelly is an environmental planner.  It may have been more appropriate if Kelly was hosted by Bert Hill.  As alluded to previously, this morning’s speaker was one of our own, Doug WilkinsDoug said he was bringing a guest, but it turned out he actually brought a play-by-play guy, Barrett RafteryBarrett organized Doug’s trip to Kenya, so Doug was more of a color man this morning and left the heavy lifting to Barrett.    

Excuses requested for this morning; Reg Young was not here, so it fell to Joel Panzer to excuse Mike Hanlon for one more week.  Mike promises to return, for sure, next Wednesday.  Papa Joel also says son J. J. is on his way back from Wisconsin where J. J. was visiting his In-Laws.  J. J. even sent Joel the word of the day, from Milwaukee airport; “Recombobulation Area”.  After you make it through the security checkpoint, where the TSA will get you all discombobulated, you can get yourself back together at the “Recombobulation Area”.  I will excuse Patricia Fripp who is in England on vacation.  Fripp also expects to return to breakfast next Wednesday.  Hopefully they have a “Recombobulation Area” at Heathrow.

Excuse requested but not required; Antonio White.  Antonio was here bright and early to deliver the speaker’s certificates of appreciation to Ray Siotto, and mentioned to Ray that he had to leave for a conference this morning, so could he have an excuse.  But, when you actually appear in person at the meeting that counts as attending, even if you have to leave the meeting early.  So, Hedy, check Antonio off your list.     

Excuses requested for the future; Betty Taisch needs to be excused for the next three weeks as Betty is heading to Croatia and Slovenia.  I guess this means our most senior photographer, Mike Mustacchi, has to break out his camera for the next three weeks. Alan Garber needs to be excused for two weeks, as he’s bringing wife Michele to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Michele’s twentieth birthday.  While he had the mike, Garber gave kudos to Rich Corriea and all the first responders at SFO last Saturday for their quick reaction in dealing with the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214.  Garber also wants to know which of these guys has the worst job in the Bay Area.  The PR guy for CalTrans, the PR guy for BART’s employee unions, the PR guy for the America’s Cup or the PR guy for Asiana Airlines.  Ed Flowers says it’s still the PR guy for P G & E.  Although Don Persky, a former airline pilot with 30,000 hours, of which 3,000 were in the Boeing 777, says not to be too quick to judge the actions of the flight crew of Asiana 214.  Keep an open mind until the NTSB is finished.     

Jonathan Stone is off to Florida to see his Mom.  Wayne Veatch is packing up the MGB and will be taking himself and wife Janet to Corvallis, Oregon for MG-2013, a gathering of MG enthusiasts.  Then it’s on to Vancouver BC.  Quite a few miles for that old MGB.  

Members that have returned; Marty Fleisher is back from Jackson Hole where the fly fishing in the Snake River was great.  Marty also recommends Will Durst’s “Elect to Laugh” at the Marsh Upstairs Studio Theater at 1074 Valencia Street.  Christine Torrington returned from Ashland, Oregon, where Recology picks up the garbage and recycling.  Not being Tom Jacobs, Christine was more interested in watching plays than watching garbage trucks.  John Mathers is back from Federal Court in Dallas where his big lawsuit against investment scammers was thrown out of court.  Over a million in lawyer’s fees and John comes up empty.  John was in a lot better mood this morning than I would have been.

Len Stec is back from his family homestead in Pennsylvania, where Len got his hands dirty moving rocks, visited Gettysburg and Philadelphia, and is getting drunk on the nectar of retirement.  Len was happy just sitting on the porch with his family enjoying the day.

Hedy Kaveh returned from almost a month in Europe to find even more attendance scofflaws than usual.  I must have got them all complacent during Hedy’s absence, since I use the Claude Grimm method of attendance verification.      

Although Mike Mustacchi has been back for over a week from his trip to Phoenix and Washington DC, Mike knows he’s a true San Franciscan.  Anything under 50 degrees is too cold and anything over 65 degrees is too hot.

If you are interested in taking a cruise with Sidney Mobell next year, let Sid know and he’ll bring you the brochure.  Sid says you don’t have to go all the way around the world.  Maybe just to Australia.

Les Andersen is a happy guy since the California Western Railroad, better known as the Skunk Train, got the money to fix its collapsed tunnel.  Since the tunnel caved in, there has been no train service to Camp Mendocino.  Les says he would have just grabbed a bulldozer and leveled that pesky mountain.  While you’re at it Les, cut down some of those pesky redwoods too.        

Bert Hill sounded like Steve Shain this morning.  His wife has left him again.  Lorna is at the big National Boy Scout Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.   Bert has also been sworn in as a marriage commissioner.  No mention of Bert’s fees.     

July 10th is a very significant date for many GGBC members.  Forty-two years ago on this date Past President Hugh Tuck and Judy were married.  Forty-eight years ago on this date Ken Brown had his Bar Mitzvah.  And fifty-five years ago on this date Ed Flowers got off the train at this little shack in South Carolina, got put on a bus and ended up at Parris Island, where he became a Marine.

Past President Hugh will not be at the GGBC’s Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament this Saturday because Hugh will be attending a seminar on the first coin operated video game, which Hugh had a hand in inventing.

The GGBC’s member with the longest commute since 1986, Rickey Wilson, is looking forward to the Bocce Tournament though.  Rickey’s just not sure if he wants to be Irish, Italian or Jewish.         

If you have been following the coverage of Flight 214, you probably have seen a number of interviews with Salvation Army Officers and staff.  The Salvation Army has a sizable Korean congregation here in San Francisco and on the peninsula, so the SFPD asked if the Salvation Army could supply translators.  John McKnight says not only did the Salvation Army supply Korean translators, but Chinese translators as well.  Plus, clothing and luggage for those passenger who lost everything.    

We had two jokes this morning.  Marty Mijalski’s joke was suitable for all audiences and the punch line was “I told her I was ninety”.  Stan Ellexson decided to tell a blond joke, which was not necessarily suitable for all audiences.  Stan was deservedly awarded the chicken.  Also, his table mate, Ken Brown’s guest Kelly Strain, who is quite blond, probably was not amused.    

Since neither Mike Hanlon nor Reg Young were at breakfast this morning, it looked like we weren’t going to have any birthdays this week.  So, we again celebrated birthdays that are close to this week.  Stan Ellexson, July 4th, and Wayne Veatch, July 17th, each got to wear a hat and be properly serenaded by the membership.     

Knucklehead this week:  I’m going to follow Don Persky’s advice and withhold judgment until the investigation is completed.  But, we did have two bad transportation related accidents this past week.  In addition to the Asiana crash here at SFO, a Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway oil train ran away, derailed and exploded in the town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec.  Thirteen confirmed dead with fifty people still missing.  In a town of only 6,500 people.  Hopefully neither the Asiana flight crew nor the MM&A train crew will end up being knuckleheads.         




Senior Manager of Instructor Operations at Udemy
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CONGRATULATIONS J.J., Michelle, Adam and Alexis on winning this year's Third Annual  Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Tournament


Last Saturday’s Annual Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball tournament exemplified “Fun in the Sun for All,” with good food and best company. 

OK, my team finished Fourth, being bested TWICE by the ultimately victorious “Panzer Division” winners.  (JJ makes a gracious Commander in Chief, hardly gloating at all.)

Sporting FBI marksmanship training, my teammate Dr. Mijalski was perhaps our best shot.  His insistence that we adhere to the rules scrupulously unfortunately prevented my family from keeping pace.  (I had hoped to prevail through a combination of appointment of my daughter Grace as “The Decider,” whose rulings would be “Final,” and occasional offerings to our CPA’s Arlan Kertz and Len Stec as certifying authority.)

Inspired by the Baltimore Ravens’ surprising decision to take a safety penalty in order to maximize their ultimately successful chances of winning Super Bowl 47, I suggested we quickly throw the first game that we were losing, in hope of leaving time on the clock for a second round.  Dr. Marty insisted we keep trying until our inevitable demise.

In our final playoff round, Wayne Veatch had no ethical problem knocking “The Jack” out of place, to spoil our chances of a “Show” finish.

A “Black Tie Affair” barbeque luncheon fit the tone nicely.

Cathy Scharetg has the whole thing on film.

We all thank Joel and his Special Event team.

If you missed it this year, I recommend next!


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