June 26th: Boy Scouts of America


  • June 26th:  Tom Melhor: How Scouting Instill Values
  • July 3rd:  No Meeting
  • July 10th: Doug Wilkins- "Thrown" Out of Africa
  • July 17th:  To be announced 
  • July 24th:  United States Attorney Melinda Haag, Northern District of CA


Boy Scouts of America

With over a century of service, a membership of 2.6 million youth, and a million adult volunteers, the Boy Scouts remain the premier organization in character development and values-based leadership training. In teaching life skills, Scouting is always striving to treat everyone with respect and courtesy, especially those perceived to be different. Scouting is changing and adapting programs and policies to a more diverse world, while maintaining the traditions and values it began with.  To lead a conversation on Scouting today, a panel of three will provide their insights:

Dan Walters sits on the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Bay Area Council, and has a long history with The Girl Scouts and other youth organizations.  

Ryan Di Bernardo is the Director of Field Services/COO, a long time professional and executive, currently assigned to the San Francisco Bay Area Council

Bert Hill serves as Chair of the Golden Gate District, representing San Francisco in the Council. He also served as a voting delegate at the National Annual Meeting in May."



We were back home at the MMC after last week’s sojourn to People’s Republic of Berkeley.  It must have been pretty busy at the MMC, because we were moved into the Crystal Lounge for this morning’s breakfast.  I like the Crystal Lounge though.  Its smaller size makes our attendance look better.  Any speaker would much rather talk before a full room, so this morning our speaker, Ann Mahoney, must have been pretty happy.  Our total attendance, members and guests was fifty-one.  Of course, the Berkeley Breakfast Club would never fit in the Crystal Lounge for one of their meetings.

President Harvey gave us a two minute warning with only about fifteen members in their seats.  Then President Harvey issued a second two minute warning four minutes after the meeting was supposed to start.  Well, at least President Harvey got Tom Jacobs into a seat before 7:30AM, so that could be considered an accomplishment.

We had six guests this morning.  Chairperson of the Day Patricia Fripp hosted two of them, both past visitors to the GGBC, Linda Burke and Simma LiebermanJoel Panzer brought along Ashley Clark from Vintage San Francisco, an assisted living facility.  The GGBC is probably a good place for Ashley to visit.  Janet Von Doepp hosted our former member Patti Mangan.  Not to steal any thunder from President Harvey, but it’s possible that Tom Jacobs was on time because he brought a guest.  Deb Thea from San Anselmo’s Yankee Girl Antiques.  Our final guest was Francine Brevetti, technically hosted by Antonio White.  But, Antonio doesn’t really know Francine, as she was referred to the GGBC by an acquaintance of Antonio’sFrancine also brought a guest along; her dog.  Since the dog didn’t sign in, I don’t have the dog’s name.  Where’s Hedy when you really need him?  Actually, Hedy is in Vienna, Austria.   While we’ve had dogs at the GGBC before, the program about the Guide Dogs for the Blind a few years ago comes to mind, I think this is the first time we’ve ever had a dog as a guest.             

Excuse requested for this morning; Reg Young excused Mike Hanlon for this morning and for the next two weeks too.  Mike still has three more rounds of PT scheduled.  Speaking of PT, Past President Hugh Tuck has a new name for Jim Simpson; the “Touter of Torture”.

Excuses requested for the future; Patricia Fripp is on her way to Las Vegas, then onto Cincinnati and finally to England for the Fourth of July.  Patricia will be back at the GGBC on July 17th.  Also heading to Cincinnati is Wayne VeatchWayne is going to his high school reunion and suggested that Fripp meet him in the Queen City.  Unbelievably, Fripp was speechless, possible contemplating Wayne’s ulterior motive.  Then Wayne did point out he was bringing wife Janet along on his trip.  Phil Moscone will be on his way to Hawaii with his youngest son.  Phil is pretty sure he’ll be more semi-retired, as three new judges have been appointed.  And, it’s that time of year, as Jill Hoffman will be going on active duty and heading to Japan for a month.  Joel Panzer reminds us J. J. is leaving Orlando and is on his way to Wisconsin to visit his In-Laws. 

Members that have returned; Roy Wonder completed his food and wine trip through France and surprisingly looks not a pound heavier.  The presence of Roy prompted Ed Flowers to ask “all rise”. Last Wednesday Jack Shea was on the operating table getting a stent installed.  Jack seems to have come through the procedure just fine.  Now, Jack, listen to what your cardiologist says, so you won’t have to go back on the table.  That’s what I did and it’s been over seven years for me.  Janet Von Doepp was up in Tahoe for five days celebrating her birthday.  See if you can guess which birthday Janet is celebrating?  Answer in the Birthday section at the end of the column.  Robin Brasso has gone through a bit of a rough patch.  Her husband has been undergoing chemotherapy, but is doing much better now.  Robin is looking to set up a bike ambassadors program.  The idea is to get responsible bike riders to council those who are not.  Where are you going to find responsible bike riders RobinTom Jacobs said he was heading home to Marin from the Cliff House and on his way to the bridge almost collided with a bicyclist that ran a stop sign.  And this is noteworthy because?  Owen O’Donnell was in New England and while in Boston had a day in which eleven inches of rain fell.  Owen is glad to be back in San Francisco.  Although we could probably use some of that rain.

Les Andersen and Arlan Kertz were both in attendance this morning, and received a special delivery of bananas, not available to the general membership, directly from Jorge.        

John Cribbs wanted to thank all of the GGBC members that attended Red Starr’s internment at the San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio the week before last. 

We had a number of jokes this week; Bill Buchanan told another redneck story, Marty Mijalski told us the joke about the guy that goes before St. Peter and in response to St. Peter’s final question says “about two minutes ago” and Joel Panzer told us a joke about a depressed short guy, which was not autobiographical.  After these three jokes, Alex King elected to yield his time to the speaker and delay his joke until next week.

Also passing on a joke, Alan Garber.  Although Garber did take the time to complement Jill Hoffman on her great job in delivering those barbs last week in Berkeley.  The pauses for applause and hair flips were timed perfectly.

And for the second week in a row, not counting last week since we didn’t meet here, Steve Shain again promises the prizes for the GGBC Golf Tournament will be awarded soon.  Steve also introduced Sidney Mobell, as Sid is fighting a bout of laryngitis.

Why wasn’t Jim Lazarus at breakfast in Berkeley on Friday?  Jim doesn’t do breakfast in the East Bay.  Jim did report he and the Chamber met with Board of Supervisors President David Chiu on Supervisor Chiu’s proposed Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance.  Jim didn’t report on the results, but last week Jim did tell the Chronicle this ordinance was “beyond unbelievable.”                   

Chuck Mills reminds us the Showplace is open every third Thursday evening.  Until 8:00PM.  Wine is served, so Chuck says you can sip then shop. 

The GGBC welcomed another new member this morning; Antony MillsAntony received our customary new member round of applause.  Also, my apologies to Antony, as I have been referring to him as Anthony.    

Eduardo Blount has kept his round of applause streak alive.  Three weeks ago for passing the bar, two weeks ago for getting sworn in to the bar and this week for hanging out his shingle as a new practicing lawyer.      

Here is your GGBC upcoming special event reminder:

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  The price is $75.00 per person and Joel Panzer is looking for your check, if you are signed up to go. 

Reg Young, still subbing for Mike Hanlon didn’t have any birthdays for this week.  But, we had two last week and they were both here today; Janet Von Doepp and Owen O’Donnell.  And what birthday is this for Janet?  The big 7-0.   

The minutes of last week’s meeting were provided by Antonio White, primarily because Antonio wanted to deliver his zingers written for Jill completely unedited. So, this morning we got the grossly offensive and inappropriate comments instead of Jill’s edited version with mildly offensive and inappropriate comments.

No knucklehead this week.  Instead, I’m nominating a Hero of the Week.  Christina Torre, the daughter of former Yankee’s manager Joe Torre.  Seems Christina was sitting at an outside table at a cupcake shop in Brooklyn, enjoying, what else, a cupcake and a cup of coffee.  Christina happened to look up and see a baby had crawled out onto a fire escape on the second floor of the adjacent building.  The baby fell from the fire escape, landed on the first floor awning and as the baby rolled off, Christina was able to get there in time to catch him.  Are quick reflexes and good eye/hand coordination genetic?  In any case, a tip of the hat to Christina for a job well done.    








What do the Russian President and the New England Patriots owner have in common?  it's what they DON'T share that counts. 

Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring caught the attention of President Putin at a meeting 8 years ago. It ended up in Putin's pocket.  His handling of Kraft's recent complaints shows classic Putin style.  The Russian President is offering to make another ring! Maybe not a Super Bowl ring original, but still “an expensive object, made from a nice metal, with a stone," according to Putin. 

How will that work?