June 19th: Ann Mahoney-Forgery and Handwriting Analysis


June 19th: Ann Mahoney, Forgery and Handwriting Analysis
 June 26th: Ken Mehlhorn, How Scouting Instill Values
 July 3rd:  No Meeting
 July 10th: Doug Wilkins, "Thrown" Out of Africa
 July 17th: To be announced


Handwriting expert: Ann Mahony

A certified forensic document examiner in both civil and criminal matters, providing expertise to the legal community, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals.  She brings 30+ years experience, combined with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and professionalism to the job.

A Graphic Design major in college, she learned the intricacies of inks and papers, dyes and printing. Focusing on letterforms, she studied typography for two years with Heinz Schenker, who trained at the School of Design, Basel Switzerland. After graduation, she turned her attention to forensics, training with a mentor, and became court qualified in 1982. She remains current in the field through annual study, training, and proficiency testing, and has been certified through written and oral examination, case testing and peer review.

Ann has rendered opinions on signatures, printing, initials, graffiti, watermarks, ink, paper, and computer generated documents in a variety of formats, including wills, grant deeds, insurance claims, corporate records, medical records, notary entries, petitions, promissory notes, anonymous hate mail and more. Her office is equipped with both both infrared and ultraviolet viewing capability, as well as ESDA testing for indented writing.

She has delivered presentations on: stroke and its effect on handwriting, signatures of bedridden individuals, anonymous hate mail, dating a document through watermarks, page substitution in contracts, identifying a case from initials, altered checks, internal employee theft, the use of infrared detection in medical records, bogus exemplars, and how to protect your will and your signature.

Retained in over 900 cases to date, Ann has testified as an expert witness in both Federal and Superior Court.




This morning brought another change in the routine of the GGBC.  Instead of our customary Wednesday morning meeting at the Marines’ Memorial, we journeyed across the Bay Bridge on Friday morning to visit the Berkeley Breakfast Club at their usual venue; the Julia Morgan designed Berkeley City Club.  Last time we visited the BBC, I rode over on BART, but this time I decided to drive.  Coming from San Mateo, with Sidney Mobell riding shotgun, we decided to leave a bit early in case there was any traffic.  We departed the San Mateo CalTrain Station at 5:45AM, pulled up in front of the Berkeley City Club twenty-five minutes later and found a legal parking space directly across the street.  I guess Sidney and I didn’t really have to leave so early.  An added bonus, you don’t need to put any money in the parking meters in Berkeley until 9:00AM, so we parked for free.   

Fortunately for Sidney and myself, the BBC has its own cadre of early arrivers.  Even at 6:15AM the coffee was ready and their check-in table was already manned.  Breakfast is only $16.00, so even with the bridge toll, we saved four bucks. 

As we moved into the ballroom, we were serenaded by a combo.  Both the BBC and the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club are far more musically oriented than the GGBC.  I continue to be impressed with the BBC’s attendance.  There were at least 150 seats and a table had to be added, so this morning’s attendance topped 160.  The BBC doesn’t have a badge box, they have a badge wall.  Although the Berkeley City Club doesn’t do as good a job on their breakfast buffet as the MMC.  No bananas, which may explain why Les Andersen and Arlan Kertz were not in attendance.   

The LMBC had a good showing this morning, but then again, they don’t have to cross a bridge to get to Berkeley.  The San Leandro Breakfast Club had a member present and he even brought a guest.  So, for the San Leandro club that’s about a 67 percent attendance rate.  We had nineteen of our members make the trip across the bay.  In addition to myself and Sidney, Stan Ellexson, Joel Panzer, Hugh Tuck, John Cribbs, John Mathers, Betty Taisch, Marty Mijalski, Patricia Fripp, Alan Garber, Bert Hill, Tom Jacobs, Rich Corriea, Christine Torrington, Larry Jacobson, Mike Mattis and Antonio White all managed to find their way to the People’s Republic of Berkeley.  Wait, you say, that’s only eighteen. 

Well, President Harvey was unexpectedly called out of town and was unable to attend this morning’s meeting.  So, First Vice President Jill Hoffman had to step in to represent the GGBC on the head table.  Jill even brought a guest, jury consultant Patrice Truman, who is President Harry Truman’s second cousin.

President Harvey’s instructions to Jill were to show up, look pretty and don’t worry as Antonio White will provide the appropriate barbs to deliver during the GGBC’s allocated five minutes. 

BBC President, Tim Cannon, wearing a tuxedo coat with shorts and sandals called the meeting to order right on time.  Tim minimized his negative comments about San Francisco and Oakland and even allowed the visiting club members an opportunity to introduce themselves.  LMBC President Steve Hanson didn’t even sit at the head table, and wasn’t nearly as well prepared as JillSteve’s mention of San Francisco’s allowing our sewage overflow to run into the bay was only about five years out of date.  Maybe next year Antonio can whip something up for the LMBC’s President too?  Jill did temper Antonio’s script though, editing out the grossly offensive and inappropriate comments and substituting mildly offensive and inappropriate comments.  Although Jill did follow Antonio’s instructions with respect to pausing for laughter, applause and flipping her hair when required.  Overall, Jill did a fine job and is now completely ready for next year’s joint meeting.                        

Excuses requested for the future; only one, which arrived via e-mail.  Stan Ellexson thought he would make next week’s meeting, but Stan has a dermatologist appointment next Wednesday and will be visiting his Sister, Brother-in-Law, Niece, Grand Niece, her husband and his Great Grand Niece in Palm Springs the following week.  Stan’s Niece and her family have to travel a little farther than Stan, all the way from Santiago, Chile.   

How many of our members showed up at the MMC on Wednesday?  Two for sure; Terry Cowhey and my cohort Dan NegronDan asked me on Friday if I was going to rat him out in my column, and my reply was, of course. 

Here is your GGBC upcoming special event reminder:

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  See Joel Panzer.  The price is $75.00 per person and Joel will gladly accept your check, or cash.    

Knucklehead of the week:  a repeat winner, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu for his proposed Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance.  Sounds pretty benign right, plus don’t we all want to be friendly to families?  It only applies to business with ten or more employees, which exempts ninety percent of San Francisco businesses.  Of course, the ten percent of businesses affected employ more than 550K people.  So, now we have to provide flex time alternatives for employees that have to care for children or elderly parents.  In addition, work schedules need to be published two weeks in advance.  That’s going to work well for retail, restaurants and business like mine.  Um, if you’re going to be sick, can you let me know two weeks in advance so I can schedule the relief driver?  And, let me make sure that doesn’t conflict with the relief driver’s diaper changing or baby bonding sessions.  Also agreeing with me, fellow GGBCer, S F Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jim Lazarus, who told the Chronicle the idea was “beyond unbelievable.”            




I went fishing on Father's Day.  Hopes grew steadily as Smallmouth Bass occasionally cruised within sight.  The first bites sparked immediate attention.

Our Chronicle Sports Section recurrently offers tips on where to go and how to do best. Experienced hands debate lures, casting, depth, temperature, and a host of other factors we can see.  So much more seems to me like the luck of timing:  Just being, "In the right place at the right time."

Notice the metaphor for best fulfillment of our daily opportunities: From career moves, to raising children, just showing up to try is always the key start.  "Step up to the plate," whether you wield a bat or just a fork next time! 

Our best known and appreciated members have often exemplified value of "Being in the Moment" each week. We look forward to their broad smiling greetings and laughter.  They welcome us to join easily in collective celebration.  

With every weekly opportunity, we may each find this next meeting might turn out most fun and meaningful, until the next one.

When you get the chance for weekend golfing, biking, sailing, hunting or hiking, resolve to "Get out there!"  Every Wednesday morning you have a fresh chance for breakfast with friends, new and old: "Get IN here!"