June 14th: TriClub Gathering, Berkeley City Club


JUNE 14th (FRIDAY) Annual Triclub Meeting, Berkeley City Club
JUNE 19th Ann Mahoney-Forgery and Handwriting Analysis
JUNE 26th Tom Melhor: How Scouting Instill Values
JULY 10th Doug Wilkins "Thrown" Out of Africa



It's that time of year again when the Hippies, Yippies, Hipsters, Yuppies and Old Fogies join together for breakfast, enlightenment and fun. We'll meet at the beautiful City Club where this year's hosts will be our friends from the Berkeley Breakfast Club.  

2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

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President Harvey changed his tactics this morning and had Alan Garber call the meeting to order.  Garber was a minute late and no more effective than President Harvey.  The membership was a little better at spreading out this morning, so every table had seats occupied, but our attendance really wasn’t any better than last week, just a tiny bit over forty.  It just looked better.  Then again, perception is always more important than reality.  

We had three guests this morning.  Even though Betty Taisch wasn’t here, she did have a guest; Bonnie Jones.  This is Bonnie’s second visit in as many weeks and in Betty’s absence, Membership Chairman Wayne Veatch, always trolling for new members, handled the introduction.  Past President Hugh Tuck again got wife Judy up early to drive him to breakfast.  Our third guest travelled the farthest to get here.  Marty Mijalski brought along his favorite youngest daughter, Maria, all the way from Moscow.  That’s Moscow, Russia not Moscow, Idaho.  Maria followed in her father’s footsteps and is a member of the FBI.  Marty warns us that Maria may be small but she’s mean.  Just like Reg Young.

I had it tough this morning with two FBI agents, Marty and Maria, at my table.  Rob DeMartini had it easier, only Bill Buchanan was keeping tabs on Rob.       

Excuses requested for this morning, Ken Brown did not excuse Marty Fleisher, but Marty wasn’t here.  So, I’m thinking Ken forgot again.  So, I’ll give Marty an excuse.  Reg Young excused Mike Hanlon for this morning and next week too.  Mike has two more weeks of PT scheduled.  Reg also requested an excuse for Jim Simpson.  Although Jim is not working on Mike.  You probably noticed that Joel Panzer was working the check-in table alone this morning.  That’s because Ray Siotto is in the process of driving his just purchased Maserati GranTurismo back to San Francisco from Denver.  Note; that’s GranTurismo not GranTorino.  I don’t know if this is a bad sign, but there was not a financial report at yesterday’s GGBC Board meeting.  Marin Carpool #1 returned to operation today.  But, it wasn’t really a carpool, since John Cribbs made the trip into town alone.  I did find out the whereabouts of the rest of John’s carpool.  Jill Hoffman’s husband Steve is out of town, so Jill has to take Son Robbie to school.  Roy Wonder is on a food and wine tour of France.  And, there’s a lot of good food and good wine in France because Roy will be gone for two more weeks.  Also, John missed last week’s meeting because he was called for jury duty.  Marin Carpool #2 wasn’t really a carpool either.  Both Les Andersen and John McKnight were here, but came into the City in separate cars.  John has an appointment this evening in the Sunset District and didn’t want to deal with the multiple bus rides back home to Marin.  Carpool #3 continued its unbroken streak as both Chuck Mills and Bill Buchanan were in attendance.    

Excuses requested for the future; Alex King and his fellow firefighters are jumping on their motorcycles and heading for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation’s Champ Camp down in Wonder Valley, which is near Sanger, which is just east of Fresno.  Champ Camp is a one week summer camp for burn survivors, fully staffed with doctors, nurses, councilors, and plenty of volunteers.  And, it’s completely free.  Papa Joel Panzer says J. J. is still in Texas, but will be heading for Orlando next and will come back home through Wisconsin.  If that seems like a very cumbersome itinerary, it’s because J.J. has to make his annual visit to the In-Laws, who live in….Wisconsin.  Now that rain is pretty much unlikely, David Dissmeyer is heading for two weeks in Healdsburg.  Leaving soon for a month in Europe; Hedy Kaveh.  Since there will not be a meeting on July 3rd, you won’t see Hedy again until July 10th. 

Member that would have needed an excuse if next week’s meeting wasn’t going to be in Berkeley on Friday; Sidney MobellSid leaves for Washington DC to attend a Smithsonian Affiliates meeting this coming Saturday and will return next Thursday.  Just in time to join us for breakfast in Berkeley.      

Members that have returned; Patricia Fripp, who had the longest layoff, last here at the GGBC on 4/19 when she was the speaker.  John Mathers is back from Italy where he conducted an extensive study on where to find the best Bolognese Sauce.  John, you don’t have to go all the way to Italy for the best Bolognese Sauce.  The best Bolognese Sauce in the world is mine, made according to my Mother’s recipe.  I only had to water board her for three days to get it out of her.  Jim Lazarus returned from Hawaii, where to quote our former mayor, Gavin Newsom, everything that’s supposed to be up is up and everything that’s supposed to be down is down.  Back in time to warn us our second quarter estimates are due in ten days, Arlan KertzArlan was in Portugal and London, which is the home of the Hard Rock Café twenty-four dollar hamburger.  Cooked to the consistency of shoe leather and almost unrecognizable as meat.     

Speaking of the IRS, Alan Garber, whose politics can be described as somewhat right of center, actually somewhat right of the Tea Party, received greetings and salutations from the IRS.  Garber isn’t worried though, he’s just going to plead his innocence and then take the 5th. 

Even though Bert Hill has been back for a week, Bert mentioned the big Boy Scout conference he attended was held at the Gaylord Hotel.  Kinda ironic don’t ya think. 

Todd Lewis had an opportunity to speak with Russ Gorman and Todd agrees with me; even though Russ has trouble getting around, his mind is sharp and his voice is strong.  And, again, Russ asked Todd to extend his good wishes to all the members of the GGBC.   

A question posed by Chuck Mills; is SOMA getting better?  Not for me and Chuck’s neighbor, Zynga.  Five Hundred employees got laid off this past Monday.  The up side; there’s going to be more parking in the neighborhood.

Jonathan Stone was wearing an interesting tie.  Not one of Harry Kim’s, an actual real tie. Twenty years old and commemorates a concert Jonathan attended twenty years ago at the Fillmore Auditorium.  I should have done that.  Then I would remember some of the concerts I attended, or at least prove I was there.      

We had three jokes this morning.  The only one worthy of repeating was Bill Buchanan’s; you know you're in a redneck hotel when you call the front desk and
say, I've got a leak in the sink, and the guy at the front desk says go ahead.

Past President Hugh Tuck’s joke was an old one and so bad he was awarded the chicken.  Then Tom Jacobs, almost on time this morning since there were no Recology trucks to impede his progress, told a joke than combined racial and religious overtones with Star Trek.  Three hundred trucks on the road this morning and we couldn’t even get one to slow Tom down enough to spare us from that joke?  Recology is really slipping.

Why no joke from Marty Mijalski?  With daughter Maria in attendance, Marty was concerned his behavior may get back to wife Patti.  Then Patti would ban any further participation by Marty in the GGBC.       

Last week, we mentioned in this column that Janet Von Doepp had to evade a bear while up in Tahoe.  Well, Janet has since had confrontations with both chickens and skunks and is worried she’s becoming an animal magnet.  Mike Mustacchi wants to know if it’s legal to keep chickens in San Francisco?  Even though Rich Corriea wasn’t here, the general GGBC consensus is; yes, as long as they don’t make any noise.

Terry Cowhey reports he has good news and bad news.  The good news; his big PUC job in Sunol is almost finished.  The bad news; all the engineers and compliance inspectors that have been harassing Terry will be unemployed.  Actually, I bet they would all love to continue to harass Terry, even for free. 

For all of you that participated in the GGBC Golf Tournament and are wondering where all the promised prizes are, Steve Shain says they will be awarded soon.

Since he didn’t get a chance last week, Rickey Wilson wanted to make sure he thanked Jackson Talbot for the best breakfast he’s had in a long time.  Spectacular views on a spectacular day.  Of course, as I mentioned previously, Rob DeMartini and I are always happy when we enter the building through the lobby instead of the loading dock.

You would think the GGBC hasn’t gotten any new members for a long time, since

John Bell received his fourth consecutive new member round of applause.  This is unprecedented.  Big change from when I was finally admitted to the GGBC.  After attending over forty meetings as a guest of my sponsor, Gene DeMartini, I didn’t even get a round of applause.  We have become kinder and gentler over the years.  

Plus the membership really likes to clap.  Last week Eduardo Blount received a round of applause for passing the bar and this week received a round of applause for getting sworn in to the bar.     

Here are your GGBC upcoming special event reminders:

Next Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  BBC is the host, so our breakfast cards will not be accepted.  The cost is $16.00.  Do not come to the MMC next Wednesday, unless you want to eat alone up on the twelfth floor.      

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  See Joel Panzer.  The price is $75.00 per person. 

Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh reports all the usual suspects failed to sign in this morning.  With Hedy in Europe for the next four weeks, I’m taking over the attendance duties.  I use the Claude Grimm method.  I don’t have Claude’s giant clipboard, nor Claude’s very serious demeanor, but, if you forget to sign in, I’ll check you off.     

Reg Young, subbing for Mike Hanlon for two more weeks, didn’t have any birthdays for this week.  Since we’re going to be in Berkeley next week, and the BBC doesn’t appreciate our singing talent, Reg did recognize those members who have birthdays next week; Cathy Scharetg and Tom Smegal.  Only Cathy was here to wear a hat and be properly serenaded though.   

Knucklehead of the week:  Miley Cyrus.  Looks like I’m on a pop star slamming streak, but I couldn’t pass this one up.  Miley’s latest song makes reference to “dancing with Molly”, a slang term for MDMA, better know as ecstasy and being “in line in the bathroom and trying to get a line in the bathroom”, referencing a “line” of cocaine.  As most of Miley’s fans are prepubescent girls, she received a lot of criticism from parents for this song’s content.  Miley’s explanation; she was actually saying Miley and mispronounced her own name and there is a big problem with insufficient capacity in ladies rooms always resulting in lines.  Miley, you’ve come a long way from Hanna Montana.           





Darrel W. “Red” Starr, Jr., had among the most uplifting smiles and sparklingly engaging eyes I can recall among GGBC members.  He was already a distinguished career serviceman, and quarter-century member, by the dawn of our new Millennium.  Still, his smile and eyes said, even to us newer members of lesser life accomplishments so far, “I am happy to be with all of us here this morning.”  And he was WITH US nearly EVERY Wednesday morning.   Actively joining in each time.  Enjoying each new opportunity for the “friendship and enlightenment” embodied in our creed.   His appreciation for us showed in consistency of his attendance as well, despite the long drives and commitments required of him, even when later requiring participation by his friends and family to make that happen again each week.

When I mentioned Red’s smile, right after his services at the San Francisco National Cemetery last Friday, one of his family assured me that his appreciation for our club, and all of us, was profoundly sincere.  He truly looked forward to being with us every Wednesday morning, even if it meant getting up at 4:00 a.m.

With the passing of a “Greatest Generation” member, we all feel special regret.  Still, my daughter gives me hope that our “Greatest Generation” may become a recurring blessing.

It’s nice to be “remembered” after we pass.  It’s better to be “appreciated” while we are here, especially by those you respect.

I look forward to seeing everyone who can attend, every time we meet.