May 8th: Robin Morjirkin: Veterans Health Research Institute


  • May 8th: Robin Morjirkin: Veterans Health Research Institute
  • May 22nd: Eric McGarty & Jackson Talbot Major Building Security in the 21st Century
  • May 15th: Walt Anthony-Magician and Story Teller


How NCIRE Helps Veterans

The physical and mental consequences of military service are serious and complicated. Our scientists, clinicians and researchers are united in their dedication to care for the brave men and women who have served our country in the Armed Forces.

NCIRE is part of one of the world’s most dedicated and successful Veterans care communities, pioneering new treatments and understandings of military medicine and care. We take seriously our obligation to understand and meet the health challenges facing all generations of military Veterans. Through new technologies, novel scientific insights, and international clinical collaborations, we strive to set a new standard of health care for Veterans and military personnel.

Along with our partners at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco, we:

  • Provide care for Veterans
  • Discover and develop effective, safe, and practical treatments for military injuries and diseases, and deploy them worldwide
  • Train new researchers in Veterans health
  • Prepare new generations of providers to care for Veterans in the years to come

We focus on:

  • Psychological Health / Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Gulf War illness
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Chronic kidney and liver diseases
  • Readjustment and reintegration into society

PHOTO CREDIT, J.J. PANZER:   Board Member Alan Garber on the Mic with 2nd VP Joel "Pappy" Panzer ready to open the trap door beneath the floor, should Garber get long winded.

PHOTO CREDIT, J.J. PANZER:  Board Member Alan Garber on the Mic with 2nd VP Joel "Pappy" Panzer ready to open the trap door beneath the floor, should Garber get long winded.


President Harvey is attending to family business in Indianapolis and First Vice President Jill Hoffman’s husband Steve is travelling, so Jill is bringing son Robbie to school this morning.  This means that Second Vice President Joel Panzer was tapped to run this morning’s meeting.  This is the third time Second VP Joel has presided over a meeting.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a Second VP chair this many meetings. Ever.  Well, at least not during my twenty-two year tenure anyway.

Which GGBC member is happiest when Joel presides over the meetings?  Why, it’s Harry Kim, since he and Joel share the same hair style.

The Marines’ Memorial was pretty busy today, so we were moved into the Crystal Lounge.  That isn’t a problem though for our usual attendance.  We were set with our normal eight tables with fifty-nine seats total.  Until our last arrival, Mike Mustacchi, took his seat, there was one table that was completely untouched.  So, thanks to Mike, we ended up with 48 members and guests for breakfast.  When attendance is light, the smaller room makes it appear we have a bigger crowd.  So, I’m sure the speaker feels a lot better about having to show up at 7:00AM when he or she faces a full room.   

Two more guest this week when compared to last week.  Five guests this morning.  Since   J. J. Panzer was here, he didn’t have to rely on Dad Joel to take care of guest Anthony Mills this morning.  Anthony, no relation to Chuck Mills, is from Saarman Construction and is visiting the GGBC for his second time.  Bert Hill, looking scruffier each week, hosted his Brother-in-Law, Russell Chang, who came all the way from Henderson, Nevada.  Mike Mattis brought along UBS Senior Vice President, Evan SwainEvan doesn’t look old enough to be a Senior Vice President, but Mike did say that Evan is all of forty-two.  Past President Hugh Tuck, with his right arm in a sling, had wife Judy along to feed him.  Although Hugh managed to do pretty well on his own.  I guess those doctors at Mills Hospital in San Mateo do good work.  Mike Hanlon should have considered having his surgery there.  Our final guest was speaker Kevin McCormack’s wife ShirleyKevin didn’t need anyone to feed him.  Shirley was here to operate the computer.            

Missed excuse requested for last week; from Ken Brown for Marty FleisherMarty duly asked for an excuse, but Ken just plain forgot.  For this week, Reg Young excused Jim Simpson, Mike Hanlon and Janet Von Doepp.  It’s safe to assume that Jim had an early patient, who is probably Janet.  This morning our editor, Antonio White, was missing.  Since no excuse was forthcoming from the floor, I will issue the excuse.  Antonio’s back is most likely still giving him trouble.  If not, it’s still a better excuse than “I overslept”.  [Editors Note: I asked J.J. and Tom Jacobs both to excuse me, explaining my ailment.]  Although last week, President Harvey did excuse Patricia Fripp through June 5th,  Fripp just wanted to make sure speaker Kevin McCormack, a Fripp referral, did a good job with his presentation.  Patricia, yes Kevin’s presentation was first rate and well received by the membership.  Matter of fact, Bill Buchanan is on the waiting list for some stem cells to get injected into his bad knee.  And, I’m right after Bill, looking for some stem cells to remedy my bad ankle.  Where will Fripp be next week?  In Dallas at the Gaylord Grapevine for eight days.  Fripp will be speaking at the American Payroll Association’s convention.  Fripp has been speaking for this group since 1987 and they invite her back every year.

Member that returned; Jaclyn CarpenterJaclyn even got a new member round of applause.

The Carpools are on their second week of full operation.  Marin Carpool #1 was missing Jill Hoffman, but John Cribbs and Roy Wonder made the trip.  Carpool #2 was at capacity with both Les Andersen and John McKnight, as was Carpool #3, with Chuck Mills and Bill Buchanan.  The GGBC, a leader in the greening of America!       

For the past forty years John Mathers has been a consultant.  John has finally found a real calling.  John will plan your trip to Italy.  Seems John has been giving lots of free advice for years with good results, so it’s time to cash in.

We received an important safety tip from Frank Reed this morning.  Frank says to make sure you have an “ICE” contact on your cell phone.  Bert Hill wants to know why Frank thinks Bert needs to get in contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  No, Bert, ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.  So, let’s say Bert is riding down Market Street on his bike and gets hit by a Muni bus driven by the one driver that hasn’t attended Bert’s safety class.  Assuming the bus didn’t crush Bert’s cell phone; the driver could grab the phone, look for ICE in Bert’s contacts, call Lorna and let her know that Bert just ran into his bus.  Frank also suggests having multiple ICE contacts, like ICE1 and ICE2.  A good idea for all of us.  Not just Bert.  

All this talk of emergency contacts prompted Robin Brasso to remind us that San Francisco is the #3 most dangerous city for pedestrians.  I was surprised that Tom Jacobs didn’t mention it’s because of all the Recology trucks driving around town.

Tom did, of course, mention two offending Recology trucks this morning.  Blocking a lane of Bush Street was #05168, which is a new type of truck we are using to irritate Tom.  It’s one of the little bobtail box trucks we use to deliver our plastic carts.  Then Tom made a quick turn onto Polk Street, hoping to avoid the backup caused by #05168, but ended up blocked by #14527.  Although Polk Street, unlike Bush Street, doesn’t have any restricted hours in terms of collection times.  Tom just does not appreciate the difficulty in routing these trucks to maximize commuter inconvenience.

Tom also mentioned seeing a couple of our old members; now retired Judge Dave Ballati and Past President Irv Williams.

Grant Hundley is alternating between self-intro lines.  This morning, Grant went back to “more for your door than any other store”.  We should take a vote, do you like this one or do you prefer “everything hinges on Hundley”. 

Rickey Wilson is half way through teaching every second grader in Sebastopol how to swim.                            

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend.  Christine Torrington did.  Skiing on Saturday and out on the bay for Opening Day on Sunday. 

Honored to be at the Harry Kim table, Terry CowheyTerry continues to be a fountain of good cheer.  After drilling for six month in Sunol, the PUC says Terry is drilling in the wrong place.  I ask again, is it Terry, or is it the rest of the world?

This morning our dedicated joke tellers, Marty Mijalski and Alan Garber were sitting next to each other.  Marty got the mike first and told the joke about the guy who walks into a bar, orders a shot of whiskey, downs it in one gulp and looks down into his shirt pocket.  The guy then continues to order shots, gulp them down, and look into his shirt pocket.  The bartender finally asks, “why do you look into your shirt pocket after each shot?”  The guys replies; “I have a picture of my wife in my pocket and when she starts to look good, I go home.”

Garber just returned from his trip back east and was in Boston on the day the city was shut down.  Very eerie, no buses, subways, cabs, cars or even people on the street.  After the lockdown was lifted, Garber visited his 91 year old mother in Connecticut, then on to New York City, Paso Robles and Los Angeles.  That’s a lot of travelling for a week, prompting Garber’s joke.  A travel agent puts up a “help wanted” sign.  The agent is looking for someone who writes well, is computer and internet savvy and bilingual. A dog walks into the office, points to the sign and starts barking, “woof, woof, woof”.  So, the agent asks, “can you write?”  The dog sits at the computer and types out a letter.  The agent asks, “can you navigate the internet?”  The dog stays at the computer and starts planning a trip using all these different web sites.  The agent asks, are you bilingual?”  The dog replies, “meow, meow”.

Having control of the podium, Joel Panzer decided to tell a very long joke as well.  The punch line, “I’m on the commode”.

There was a time when the jokes here at the GGBC were much better.  Or, at least the delivery was better.  My youngest daughter, Michela, just had her standup comedy debut on Sunday in New York City.  One of her jokes came from the GGBC’s own Bernie Blutman and was told to Michela when she was a very small child.  Three high iron workers are having lunch atop the Empire State Building, an Irishman and Italian and a Polish guy.  The Irishman opens his lunch box and exclaims; “a corned beef sandwich again, oh no, if I get a corned beef sandwich again tomorrow, I’m going to kill myself”.  The Italian opens his lunch box and exclaims; “spaghetti and meatballs again, oh no, if I get spaghetti and meatballs again tomorrow, I’m going to kill myself”.  The Polish guy opens his lunch box and exclaims; “polish sausage again, oh no, if I get polish sausage again tomorrow, I’m going to kill myself”.  Next day, each guy gets the same lunch and each guy throws himself off the Empire State Building.  At the funeral, the Irishman’s wife tearfully exclaims, “had I known I would have packed my husband soda bread or something else”.  The Italian’s wife tearfully exclaims, “had I known I would have packed my husband ravioli or something else”.  But the Polish guy’s wife was silent.  The other wives asked, “wouldn’t you have done the same for your husband?”  Her reply, “my husband packed his own lunch.”  My apologies to Marty.

Speaking of Boston, Jonathan Stone was born and raised in Boston and his childhood home was on the Marathon route.  Jonathan saw the race grow from a little local affair that barely drew a couple of thousand runners to one with a world wide reputation as the premiere marathon with over 27,000 participants.

Len Stec is feeling good.  Visited his doctor yesterday and the doc says Len will live to a hundred.  Len also says he didn’t sign the attendance sheet because Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh had already taken the sheet off the clipboard by the time Len arrived.

Here’s the GGBC special event reminders:

This is your last chance; on Monday, May 6th, right here at the MMC is the fourth annual Best of the Best Cabaret Night.  The evening starts with cocktails at 5:30PM, a full buffet dinner at 6:00PM, the show at 7:30PM and dessert at 9:00PM.  Only $100.00.  Proceeds benefit the renovations and upgrading of the MMC’s theatre.

On Wednesday, May 15th, it’s the annual GGBC Golf Tournament at Lake Merced Golf Club.  See Steve Shain who reports the list is getting filled up.

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we will have our off site meeting at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi has only a few spots left.  Remember, our limit is forty members only, no guests and you must sign up in advance to meet the Transamerica Building’s security requirements.  Parking will be available in the Transamerica Building’s garage. Regular breakfast price and breakfast cards will be accepted.

Stan Ellexson reminds us on Sunday, May 26th, it’s the annual commemoration of the Battle of Guadalcanal.  Starts at 12:00 Noon at Land Ends by the bridge of the USS San Francisco.  Stan says the Daughters of the American Revolution will be there with cakes, cookies and free Peet’s coffee.   

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  Since BBC is the host, our breakfast cards will not be accepted.  You need to pony up $16.00 at the door.

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  Price to be announced soon.

This morning Reg Young still subbing for Mike Hanlon had no birthdays.  And since Wayne Veatch is in Puerto Vallarta, no minutes either.   

Knuckleheads of the week:  The United States Congress.  What did they do this time?  Well, since Congressmen and Congresswomen are flying all the time between Washington DC and their home states they cannot be inconvenienced by the furlough of air traffic controllers.  No problem setting all those ideological differences aside and crossing the aisle when it affect you eh.  So, the FAA gets enough money to call all its controllers back to work and viola, no delays to air traffic.           




My flight back to the Midwest last weekend was delayed hours. Republicans and Democrats missing anxious loved ones and connecting flights shared frustrations.  

We all hoped the quick Congressional "bandaid" would fix at least that ONE problem before our return flights.  Some of us wondered aloud what next public outcry from "Sequester Pain" might likewise warrant "bipartisan cooperation." 

A few of us questioned where the newly added cash for Air Traffic Controllers was magically produced when needed, without raising any new revenues?  Notice how quickly Congress found that needed cash in some other "less immediately important" allocation that was already funded.  

Is it not remarkable how universally our bitterly divided elected officials suddenly agreed to "gore someone's ox," in order to quiet the outraged clamor threatening their own job security?  

Why was that reallocated priority ranking not so agreeable BEFORE the Washington Stalemate triggered senselessly unguided "across the board" cuts?  Did Congress just sit back and wait for sudden outbursts of pressure from the public, special interests and  media to tell our elected representatives that, "We want "THIS", even at the expense of "THAT?"

Is the awesome Budget responsibility of Washington being passed to the whims of whatever interests start barking loudest next?

Will the end of the hated "across the board" cuts of the Sequester come not with truly decisive comprehensive cooperation needed for consensus on pragmatic priorities, but instead just endless "bandaids" hurriedly stripped from "here" to paste on "there" with each new suddenly erupting little outburst?

Will the Sequester end, "Not with a Bang," but with the whims of  countless "whimpers?"  Are we now budgeting by spasmic call-in votes for "favorites" like on "Dancing with the Stars?"