May 22nd Jackson Talbot and Eric McGarty




We are very excited to meet this week at San Francisco's beloved skyscraper, the Transamerica Pyramid. Located at 600 Montgomery Street, the building is San Francisco's tallest and most iconic. Our very own GGBCrs Jackson Talbot and Eric McGarty will present Modern Security practices applied to todays most high profile properties. Of course, we'll have the enviable view with a 360 degree view of the city.


President Harvey was a little late in calling the meeting to order, three minutes to be exact, but it didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the membership this morning.  

Our attendance took a tumble from last week.  Down to only forty-six.  Maybe our speaker, magician Walt Anthony, made some of our members disappear? 

We had only two guests this morning.  Making his third visit to the GGBC was Anthony Mills, hosted by J. J. Panzer.  Now that Membership Chair Wayne Veatch has returned from Mexico, Anthony has turned in his application.  Our other guest was hosted by Janet Von Doepp, Jay Auslander from the California Academy of Sciences.       

To back up our low attendance figure, we had a lot of excuses requested for this morning.  Ken Brown again excused Marty Fleisher.  Since Frank Reed was here, Jackson Talbot only had to excuse Eric McGarty.  Even though he made it back last week, Mike Hanlon was excused by Mike Mustacchi this morning.  We received a number of excuses via e-mail; Mike Mattis, Betty Taisch, Shawn Brown, Stan Ellexson and Patricia Fripp.  I do know that Fripp is speaking in Salt Lake City and that her last stop was Skokie, Illinois.  And, Fripp didn’t like her hotel.  I do know that Betty is in Washington DC.  I don’t know where Mike, Shawn or Stan are.  Only that they are not here.  I will also issue an excuse for our editor, Antonio WhiteAntonio is not fully recovered from his hip problem.  Previously this column noted Antonio was having a back problem, but that was not correct.  Hey, this column is only as good as the quality of my sources, which, given my sources are the members of this club, is not very high.           

Marin Carpools #2 and #3 again both operated at capacity with Les Andersen, John McKnight, Chuck Mills and Bill Buchanan all in attendance.  But Marin Carpool #1 didn’t even get out of the garage today.  And I don’t know where John Cribbs, Jill Hoffman or Roy Wonder are either. Since Past President Hugh Tuck couldn’t convince wife Judy to get up early again to act has his driver, we initiated Peninsula Carpool #1.  I elected not to take my early morning BART ride from Millbrae and drove instead, so Past President Hugh could make the meeting.            

Excuses requested for next week and beyond.  As mentioned previously, even though Wayne Veatch just got back from Mexico, he’s leaving next week for New Orleans to visit his Son and Daughter-in-Law.  Wayne is also looking to buy a Nash Metropolitan.  Heading to exotic Sacramento next week on Chamber business will be Jim Lazarus, and then to decompress afterwards, Jim will be heading for Hawaii the following week.  Before Jim leaves though, on Sunday he will be the commencement speaker at the University of San Francisco’s graduation for students receiving their degrees in Public Administration.  Jim thinks he may not have been their first choice, since the invitation came in pretty late.  Plus, Jim is the only commencement speaker not getting an honorary degree.           

Grant Hundley has a new slogan this morning, “everything is in Hundley”.  I think Grant is looking for shorter slogans that can be used on logo wear.    

Deciding to spice up his breakfast experience, Owen O’Donnell moved to the other side of the room.  Let’s see where Owen sits next week.  Mike Mustacchi wants to know if the garbage guys sit according to their respective territories.  Dan Negron and Rob DeMartini sit on the west (Sunset) side of the room and I sit on the east (Golden Gate) side of the room.  Actually, I sit on the east side because the acoustics are better.  If I sat on the west side of the room, this column would be either two paragraphs long or a complete work of fiction.           

J. J. Panzer and Antonio White’s free app for your smart phone, both i-phone and android, or tablet computer is now live.  Early Bird Apartments lets you find soon to be vacant apartments before they actually hit the market.  President Harvey says you can also determine if you are soon to be evicted if your apartment appears on Early Bird Apartments while you’re still living there.   

New member John Bell made it two weeks in a row and received a new member round of applause again.  No sign of our other two new members Dennis Mandell and Alan Jones

Getting properly psyched up for today’s GGBC Golf Tournament; Alan Garber.  That meant no joke, which would have broken Garber’s concentration.  No joke from Marty Mijalski either, although Marty did substitute some words of wisdom; “before you jump into the gene pool, remember there are no lifeguards.”

Terry Cowhey said he’s too embarrassed to say what he’s doing in Sunol and just sat back down.  No jokes from Garber or Marty and no social commentary from Terry.  What’s the GGBC coming to?  

Bill Buchanan reported the Timberline Geezers had a great time skiing around Mono Lake last weekend. Bill also reported he saw some cougar tracks.  Marty Mijalski wants to know if Bill’s wife, Claire, knows her hubby is being tracked by cougars.     

Last week it was John Stewart who delivered good real estate news.  This week it was Past President Hugh Tuck delivering the good news.  Hugh reported his Mom and Dad’s house in Hillsborough is finally under contract.  Past President Hugh also mentioned he had a few spots open up on the Yosemite trip.  Only $950.00 per person, but that’s all inclusive.  Almost like being on a land bound cruise.

Speaking of real estate news, Steve Shain got fired again.  Steve is now working for CB Commercial.   

Tom Jacobs did not have a Recology traffic report this morning and says he missed last week’s meeting because he got caught in traffic in San Rafael.  Tom didn’t blame Marin Sanitary, but then again since Joe Garbarino has a fleet of tanks in addition to his fleet

of garbage trucks, Tom may have thought discretion is the better part of valor.  Tom did say he was delayed this morning by an erratic driver in a white SUV while coming down Van Ness.  When Tom pulled up next to the SUV to give the driver a special hand signal, the driver was none other than Mike Mustacchi.

If you need to buy designer items for your home but can only do so in the evenings, Chuck Mills says Showplace Square is going to be open one night a month until 8:00PM.  Chuckles says they’re even going to have wine and snacks. 

Today’s last arrival; Cathy Scharetg

Here’s your GGBC upcoming special event reminders:

Next Wednesday, May 22nd, is our off site meeting at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi says if you didn’t sign up and are not on his list, don’t just show up.  If you are not on the list, you will not get in.  Make sure to have your photo ID handy.  Parking will be available in the Transamerica Building’s garage.  Enter on Washington Street.  Regular breakfast door price and breakfast cards will be accepted.

New event, via Stan Ellexson, on Saturday, May 25th, there will be a reception honoring Russ Gorman for his years of service and his significant donation to the Veterans Memorial Building Development Committee of San Ramon Valley.  The Board Room/ Library will dedicated as a gift of Russ and his wife.  The ceremony starts at 11:00AM, followed by a light lunch at 12:00 Noon.  The event will be held at, where else, the Veterans Memorial Building Auditorium, 400 Hartz Avenue, Danville.  You must RSVP to either 925-998-8865 or 925-362-9806.         

On Sunday, May 26th, it’s the annual commemoration of the Battle of Guadalcanal.  Starts at 12:00 Noon at Land Ends by the bridge of the USS San Francisco.  The Daughters of the American Revolution will be there with cakes, cookies and free Peet’s coffee.  This event is free, you don’t have to sign up, but get there early to if you want to get a good seat.   

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  BBC is the host, so our breakfast cards will not be accepted.  The cost is $16.00.  

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  See Joel Panzer.  The price is $75.00 per person. 

Before Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh gave his weekly scofflaw report, he had a safety tip.  While driving along El Camino Real in Redwood City an eight car, chain reaction accident occurred in the lane right next to Hedy.  The cause; a distracted, texting driver.  So, Hedy says if you are going to get behind the wheel, that text message can wait.  Hedy’s scofflaws; Ken Brown, Alex King, Mike Mustacchi and Jaclyn Carpenter.  But, Mustacchi pleaded in his defense, “the list was gone when I arrived!”  Hedy says the meeting starts at 7:30AM and that’s when the list gets pulled.  So, be on time.         

Reg Young, subbing for Mike Hanlon, had a single birthday; Jaclyn Carpenter. And Jaclyn was here.  Even if she didn’t sign Hedy’s list.     

Knucklehead of the week:  O. J. Simpson.  Blame your ex-lawyer and then waive your attorney client privileges.  So, your ex-lawyer can get up on the stand and basically say you’re a liar.  Think O. J. will be getting a new trial anytime soon?                                                          





The start of Summer is not about any calendar. Not the angle of our Hemisphere in relation to the Sun. It's more about your year's first sunburn, having "too much fun" on the weekend, and really looking forward to the next one.

For many in our Nation, Summer starts as an attitude uplifting outing, often with friends or family, just before the Memorial Day Holiday.  Is it time to move that up sooner?

Retailers have been jump-starting "End of the Year Holidays" earlier, and earlier still, for decades.  "Christmas Sales" promotions slipped ahead of  Thanksgiving long ago.  Last Fall I even noticed some popping up at Halloween costume sales.

Could starting a drive to recognize Summer a couple of months earlier make Global Warming seem less threatening?   How about helping the IRS with its image problems before next April 15?

I realized all this last Sunday morning, as I started the day with a couple of Aspirin at the lake where I spent way too much on "Marine Supplies" for our Party Boat the day before.  (Most of those were consumed that night.)

Here's wishing all a fun, safe Holiday start to Summer this weekend!