May 15th: Walt Anthony, Magician and Storyteller


MAY 15th: Walt Anthony, Magician and Storyteller
May 22nd: Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot: Major Building Security in the 21st Century (NOTE THIS WILL BE AN OFFSITE MEETING)


Actor, Storyteller, Conjurer, Walt Anthony has entertained nationwide for over thirty years: "spinning tales and weaving enchantment." His San Francisco Magic Parlor at the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square is in it's eighth successful month. Please join us and welcome Walt this Wednesday to GGBC.


President Harvey has returned and got right back into the swing, using Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn for the five minute warning and officially calling the meeting to order with the Fire Truck bell.  

We were back in the Commandant’s Room and we had a very good turn out.  Every seat was taken.  So, that means we were one short of our minimum of sixty.

I even had an opportunity to sit with one our speakers, Robin Morjirkin, for all of a minute.  Robin didn’t realize the speakers sit at the center, front table.  Don’t worry Robin, I wasn’t offended.  

We had three guests this morning.  Past President Hugh Tuck, his right arm still in a sling, had wife Judy along as his driver.  Past President Hugh says the docs are going to remove the staples from his rotator cuff this week, so hopefully, Past President Hugh’s XXL Hawaiian shirts can go back to Goodwill.  Or, he could give them to Chuck Mills.           Bert Hill hosted Richard Pon, who Bert knows from their long involvement with Boy Scouts Troop 88.  Many GGBC members were either leaders or members of that troop and Bert says Rich is the greatest backpacker he ever saw.  Our final guest, retired USCG Vice Admiral Jody Breckenridge, was hosted by Ray Siotto.  Since Ray was unable to breakaway from the check-in table in time to do the introduction, the duty fell to Ed Flowers.  Admiral Breckenridge is the Vice Chair of the Fleet Week Board, meaning that Board members Ray and Ed work for her.  Ed says, “you think General Myatt is tough, if I screw up, I have fears of being called before an Admiral’s Mast”.           

Excuses requested for this morning; from Ken Brown for Marty FleisherMarty has a meeting and this time Ken didn’t forget.  Last week your editor, Antonio White, as noted in an Editor’s comment added to last week’s column, requested excuses from two members, J. J. Panzer and Tom Jacobs, but neither of them issued Antonio’s excuse.  So, just to make sure, I made the request for Antonio’s excuse.  Antonio is still having back problems.  And to make doubly sure, Joel Panzer issued the very same excuse for Antonio about two minutes later.  I guess the only person that has to actually listen to what the membership is saying is me.  Jackson Talbot excused both Frank Reed and Eric McGarty.       

The Carpools did not make three weeks of running at capacity.  Marin Carpool #1 wasn’t even a car pool today.  Only John Cribbs made the trip.  Jill Hoffman’s husband Steve is home, but sick, so Jill again had the duty of bringing Son Robbie to school.  John didn’t say what Roy Wonder is doing this morning.  But Carpools #2 and #3 were at their full load factors with Les Andersen, John McKnight, Chuck Mills and Bill Buchanan all in attendance.        

Excuses requested for next week and beyond:  For Arlan Kertz.  Now that all of Arlan’s clients have their extensions filed, Arlan is heading to London and then onto Portugal for three weeks.  Portugal is pretty small Arlan.  So what are you going to do there for three weeks?  Needing four weeks off, John Mathers will be in Italy for three weeks, then Istanbul for an additional week.  Bert Hill also needs three weeks.  Starting on the Coast Starlight to Dunsmuir, then riding his bike up into Oregon, then to Dallas for a Boy Scout’s convention to see if he can persuade the Scouts to allow gay members, then to Paso Robles, then home to San Francisco. Bert won’t be leaving until tomorrow, because tomorrow is Bike to Work Day and Bert doesn’t want to miss it.  Christine Torrington will be in Atlanta next week for a medical school graduation.  The graduate is the youngest female to ever graduate from medical school.          

Members that have returned; Sidney Mobell finally ran out of excuses and came back to breakfast.  Although, as mentioned previously in this column, Sidney has already booked next year’s cruise. Also returning from far flung places, Don Persky from Burma and Doug Wilkins from Kenya.  Doug handed his special world wide cell phone back to Hedy Kaveh and Doug mentioned he will be our speaker on July 10th telling us of his Kenya adventure.  Back from not so far flung places, Betty Taisch returned from Sacramento, so we have our photographer back, but only for a week as Betty will be in Washington DC next Wednesday.  Jim Lazarus was in Chicago last week and says San Francisco is doing better than the Windy City.  Janet Von Doepp was visiting her ex-husband and mentioned she stayed up until almost 3:00AM talking to his new wife.  Seems like women always find a lot to talk about when the subject is husbands.

Finally, Mike Hanlon came back to breakfast after his rotator cuff surgery.  Unlike Past President Hugh, Mike was properly attired in suit and tie, not a XXL Hawaiian shirt.  Mike did say the physical therapy has been pretty tough.  Mike has already confessed three times.  Past President Hugh, says we should start calling Jim Simpson the Marquis de Simpson, to which both Alex King and Reg Young agreed.                    

Jonathan Stone received an inquiry from Grant Hundley about getting some ball caps with Grant’s slogan applied.  Unfortunately, “more for your door than any other store” is a bit too long to fit on a hat. Even if you wrapped it around the entire hat.  So, Jonathan and Grant settled on “Hundley Hardware, go screw”.  What about “everything hinges on Hundley?”  That would fit on a ball cap.   

After quite a long process, Rickey Wilson finally received notification that his Mom can be finally laid to rest next to Rickey’s Dad at Arlington National Cemetery. 

I guess Christine Torrington doesn’t get out to 24th Street & Castro too often.  She finally saw Joel Panzer’s billboard which hangs’s over Joel’s office.

Speaking of the Real Management Company, J. J. Panzer reports that he and Antonio White will soon be rolling out an app for your smart phone or tablet computer that will allow you to find vacant apartments before they actually come onto the market.  In this hot San Francisco rental market, that should come in handy.  The app is called Early Bird Apartments.  Not to be confused with Angry Bird Apartments.  

When J. J. Panzer handed the microphone to Marty Mijalski this morning I was poised to record Marty’s latest joke.  But, Marty simply mentioned he heard a good joke and quickly handed the microphone to John McKnight.  No joke.  Then Alan Garber mentioned this is the 100th anniversary of the 16th Amendment and pulled out the original Form 1040.  All you needed to do back in 1913 was figure out what seven percent of your earnings were and send a check to the Government for that amount.  No need for Arlan Kertz or Len Stec back then.  But, Garber didn’t have a joke either!

David Dissmeyer, who is now resigned to just waiting for next winter, did have our only joke though.  It sort of tied in with Garber’s tax comments too.  Two guys are sitting in a bar. One looks over at the other and asks how his sex life is going.  The second guy looks at him and replies, “I’m having social security sex". His buddy looked puzzled for a minute then finally asks "what is social security sex?”  The reply, “I get a little every month, but it’s not enough to live on.”

Phil Moscone was worried about being late to breakfast since it took forty minutes to get two riders so Phil could use the Bay Bridge Carpool Lane.  Typical Genovese move.  We’ll wait an hour or two to avoid pulling five bucks out of our wallets.  

At Yesterday’s GGBC Board meeting, we finally voted in three new members.  John Bell, Dennis Mandell and Alan Jones.  Unfortunately, only John was here to pin on his new badge receive his new member round of applause.  Then again, John didn’t have to share the spotlight with anyone else.  So for John, not unfortunate.

The casually dressed Mike Mattis introduced himself as the “man about town”, prompting Jim Lazarus to say “not in that get up”.

Bill Buchanan let the membership know he has two spots left on this weekend’s back country ski trip on the eastern side of the Sierras.  Bill didn’t get any takers. 

Stan Ellexson saw Russ Gorman and reports Russ is doing as well as can be expected.

Happy Father John Stewart is pleased to say his Daughter, Son-in-Law and three Grandsons just moved into their new home in the Marina.  It’s a historic landmark, as it is the former home of the Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio.  I know exactly where it is, because when I lived in the Marina, my house was two doors away.  Mike Mustacchi mentioned after Joe passed, the real estate agent that had the listing to sell Joe’s house was Joan Smith, wife of our former member, and partner of Bill Buchanan, Rick Smith.  And, Joan had her work cut out for her.  As we all know, Joe was known for his frugality, much like Phil Moscone, and the house hadn’t received any updating since Joe bought it.  When my wife and I went through on the first open house, I remarked to Nora, “wow, I can sit on the same toilet seat as Marilyn Monroe!”  No disrespect intended to the GGBC’s residential real estate agents Betty Taisch and Cathy Scharetg, but Joan was our agent when we bought and sold our house in the Marina.  And Nora and I were very happy with the results. On both ends.                         

Here’s the GGBC upcoming special event reminders:

Next Wednesday, May 15th, it’s the annual GGBC Golf Tournament at Lake Merced Golf Club.  Steve Shain may still be able to squeeze you in, but I think he only has one spot left.  

On the following Wednesday, May 22nd, we have our off site meeting at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi has added five spots, so now our limit is forty-five.  Remember, no guests and you must be signed up in advance to meet the Transamerica Building’s security requirements.  Don’t just show up, because if you are not on the list, you will not get in.  Parking is available in the Transamerica Building’s garage. Regular breakfast door price and breakfast cards will be accepted.

On Sunday, May 26th, it’s the annual commemoration of the Battle of Guadalcanal.  Starts at 12:00 Noon at Land Ends by the bridge of the USS San Francisco.  The Daughters of the American Revolution will be there with cakes, cookies and free Peet’s coffee.  Plus, this event is free and you don’t have to sign up.  Just get there early to get a good seat.   

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  Since BBC is the host, our breakfast cards will not be accepted.  You need to pony up $16.00 at the door.

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  Price is $75.00 per person and Joel Panzer has the sign up sheet.  If you can’t figure out how to sign up, see me.   

Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh reports everyone, except new member John Bell, signed the attendance sheet.  Rickey Wilson signed?  Ed Flowers signed?  I don’t believe it.

Mike Hanlon returns and we finally had a birthday!  Malik Looper, on Tuesday.  We were so excited, Malik even got to wear both hats!  Malik mentioned he’ll be running in the upcoming Bay to Breakers.  Malik says he’ll be easy to pick out since he’s going to wear a flesh colored body suit. 

Before the speaker was introduced, Ed Flowers asked if Admiral Breckenridge could say a few words about Fleet Week.  As we all know, due to sequestration, all Blue Angels demonstrations for this year have been cancelled and the Navy’s ships are sailing for essential deployments and training only.  But, Admiral Breckenridge says we are going to have a Fleet Week that will showcase the military’s ability to aid local agencies in disaster relief.  A hallmark of Fleet Week since Mike Myatt took over the reins.  After her remarks, Admiral Breckenridge, mentioned she had a special presentation for two GGBC members that are great supporters of Fleet Week.  Called to the podium were Jaclyn Carpenter and…..myself.  Jaclyn and her company, Ideal Restoration, have always participated in the exhibits at Marina Green and Recology has always taken care of the garbage and recycling.  Jaclyn and I each received a framed reproduction of the photo featured on the cover of Crossroads of the Corps, the MMC’s magazine, commemorating Fleet Week, and signed by Mike Myatt.  I was completely surprised, touched, and for once, at a loss for words.           

Knuckleheads of the week:  It should be Ray Siotto and Ed Flowers for not tipping me off so I could have gotten a hair cut, put on a coat and tie and prepared some gracious remarks of thanks.  But, then I put myself in Ray’s and Ed’s position and asked what I would have done if the tables were turned.  The same damn thing.  Thanks guys, myself and Recology are truly honored to do everything we can to make Fleet Week a success.        





My flight back to the Midwest last weekend was delayed hours. Republicans and Democrats missing anxious loved ones and connecting flights shared frustrations.  

We all hoped the quick Congressional "bandaid" would fix at least that ONE problem before our return flights.  Some of us wondered aloud what next public outcry from "Sequester Pain" might likewise warrant "bipartisan cooperation." 

A few of us questioned where the newly added cash for Air Traffic Controllers was magically produced when needed, without raising any new revenues?  Notice how quickly Congress found that needed cash in some other "less immediately important" allocation that was already funded.  

Is it not remarkable how universally our bitterly divided elected officials suddenly agreed to "gore someone's ox," in order to quiet the outraged clamor threatening their own job security?  

Why was that reallocated priority ranking not so agreeable BEFORE the Washington Stalemate triggered senselessly unguided "across the board" cuts?  Did Congress just sit back and wait for sudden outbursts of pressure from the public, special interests and  media to tell our elected representatives that, "We want "THIS", even at the expense of "THAT?"

Is the awesome Budget responsibility of Washington being passed to the whims of whatever interests start barking loudest next?

Will the end of the hated "across the board" cuts of the Sequester come not with truly decisive comprehensive cooperation needed for consensus on pragmatic priorities, but instead just endless "bandaids" hurriedly stripped from "here" to paste on "there" with each new suddenly erupting little outburst?

Will the Sequester end, "Not with a Bang," but with the whims of  countless "whimpers?"  Are we now budgeting by spasmic call-in votes for "favorites" like on "Dancing with the Stars?"