April 10th: Bo Links


  • April 17th: Fripp Day! Uncle Bill - First & Longest British POW of  WWII
  • April 24th: Andrea Rey: Spaulding Wooden Boat Works
  • May 1st: Kevin McCormack Patient Advocate Outreach CA Institute for Regenerative Medicine

    ROBERT D. “BO” LINKS has conducted a general civil practice in San Francisco since 1974.

    His special areas of emphasis include labor and employment disputes, education law, construction matters, and general business counseling and private dispute resolution services. He has extensive experience as a trial and appellate advocate and, in addition, as a respected arbitrator-mediator. He has prosecuted jury cases to verdict and well over 100 arbitration claims to hearing and final adjudication.

    Bo serves on the American Arbitration Association panel of commercial arbitrators, and he regularly volunteers as a pre-arbitration settlement panelist for the San Francisco Superior Court. He is a Mediator, as well as an Early Neutral Evaluator, for the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.


    This morning, for the first time in many, many years, our meeting was presided over by our Second Vice President.  Usually, when our President is unavailable, our First Vice President steps in to run the meeting.  President Harvey was at a mediation in Los Angeles this morning and First VP Jill Hoffman would like you to think she too was doing something lawyerly, but in actually, Jill was skiing in Lake Tahoe.  So, the duty was thrust upon Second Vice President Joel Panzer to undertake this most important task.  Utilizing Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn; Second VP Joel was able to bring the meeting to order right on time and in a fairly expeditious manner.  Joel also had a decent crowd to witness his debut.  Right around fifty.              

    We had three guests this morning.  Rich Corriea, not releasing any personal information, again hosted his fellow SFO colleague, Alan Jones from the Department of Homeland Security.  Past President Hugh Tuck brought along wife Judy, and Dan Negron brought along recently retired Recology driver Pasquale ScerboPasquale started working with Sunset Scavengers in 1971 after his release from the Italian Navy and spent his entire career working on Potrero Hill.  Pasquale’s service spanned five generations of collection vehicles, starting with the open trucks and progressing to the Mike Mustacchi $350K alarm clock, better known as a dual compartment, side loader.  Judy Tuck commented that Pasquale has the same build as her father, who packed the can for San Mateo County Scavengers.  Wow, 1971, that’s a long time.  I should know, because that’s when I started packing garbage.                  

    Excuses requested for this morning; Joel Panzer asked to excuse Bert Hill and Reg Young requested excuses for Jim Simpson and Mike HanlonMike needs one more week for his shoulder to be fully recovered, or at least recovered enough to make the drive into the City.  Bill Buchanan excused member-to-be John Bell as John is back at the Naval Academy.  John only needs to be published one more time in the bulletin, and if the membership has no objections, the Board can vote on John’s membership.  Excuse request received via e-mail from Patricia FrippFripp is on her way to SFO this morning and then onto Chicago.  Fripp says she misses us and will be back next week for sure.  Needing an excuse for next week; Rickey WilsonRickey has to start getting ready for this summer’s second grader swim lessons and has to put the squeeze on the surrounding Rotary Clubs to come up with more than two volunteers.       

    Marin Carpool #2 was back to full strength as both Les Andersen and John McKnight were in attendance.  But Marin Carpool #1 didn’t operate at all.  With Jill Hoffman up in Tahoe skiing, neither John Cribbs nor Roy Wonder made the trip into the City.  

    Members that have returned; Janet Von Doepp who walked in on her brand new knee. Dan Herling is back and let us know he’s starting with a new law firm tomorrow.  It’s a Boston based firm, but Dan’s office will be at 44 Montgomery Street.  Johnson You was back and delivered our only joke of the morning.  It was an old one though.  A rich woman dies.  Her doctor, accountant and lawyer are in attendance at the memorial service.  The doctor walks up to the casket, pays his respects and slips a $100 bill into the coffin.  The accountant walks up to the casket, pays his respects and slips a $100 bill into the coffin.  The lawyer walks up to the casket, pays his respects, slips a check for $300 into the coffin and takes back the $200 cash in change.

    With Johnson here to deliver a joke, Marty Mijalski decided to tell us a story about driving in the Sierras.  Marty is always prepared and always carries his chains.  Last time Marty was driving back from Tahoe the forecast was for snow, so Marty chained up inside a garage before he left Tahoe.  But, it wasn’t snowing, so the CHP made Marty take his chains off.  Then Marty saw an electronic warning sign that told him chains required.  So, Marty put the chains back on.  But it never started snowing.  The moral of the story; just buy a 4-wheel drive. 

    Speaking of snow or lack thereof; Bill Buchanan was on his annual back country ski trip last weekend.  Bill ran out of snow half way through the trip.  Plus, the snow quality wasn’t very good either.  Bill rated the trip between ass buster and death march.              

    Ken Brown thanked the membership for the warm reception he received after his new kids presentation last week.  The confusion over the program had to contribute to the memberships uncharacteristic behavior.  Ken’s driver, Marty Fleisher, was sorry he missed Ken’s presentation and Marty looks forward to his own new kids presentation.  Will the club be as kind to Marty?

    Terry Cowhey apologized for his old kids presentation.  Actually I thought Terry did a pretty good job.  Probably only insulted about forty percent of the membership.  Terry also mentioned he got his wardrobe by picking through Steve Shain’s garbage.  I don’t think so.  Could Terry fit into Steve’s old clothes?  

    Speaking of Steve Shain; Steve reports his Daughter Alana’s boyfriend asked if Steve would like to watch the NCAA playoffs at a sports bar.  Steve thought that was a nice gesture, but Alana’s boyfriend had an ulterior motive.  He asked Steve for Alana’s hand.  Steve gave his blessing and Alana’s now fiancée officially proposed last evening on Treasure Island.  Alana said yes.  Too bad the sale of the Lake Merced Golf Club isn’t going to happen.  Steve could have used some of those million bucks to pay for the wedding. 

    This reminded a couple of our other members as to when their Sons-in-Law asked for their Daughter’s hands.  When John Stewart’s Son-in-Law came to ask for John’s blessing, John put him at ease by asking if he was looking for a loan.  Reg Young was asked for his Daughter’s hand and didn’t even know.  Reg’s Son-in-Law asked Reg in Polish.  Where was Marty Mijalski when Reg really needed him?     

    Arlan Kertz reminds us we now have twelve days to file our extensions.

    This past Monday evening Betty Taisch attended another session of the Marin Speakers Series.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s advice to better health is to use a smaller dinner plate and then eat only ¾ of what is on that plate.  Betty also reports the real estate market is really hot.  Betty had two deals close last week.   

    Happiest guy in the room; David Dissmeyer.  Lot’s of rain forecasted for tomorrow. 

    J. J. Panzer was glad to see his Dad, Joel, looking so Presidential this morning.  Also happy to see Joel at the podium was Harry Kim, who flipped off his hat and said he’s glad to see a President with the same hair style as himself. 

    Having an issue with his wife accusing him of having selective hearing; John Mathers had a hearing test that officially certified John’s hearing loss.  That’s not news to me.  I figured that out long ago and even got Recology to pay for the test.  I too am certified as hearing impaired.  You say what?     

    Last week Mike Mattis was pleased at his efforts to save the famous Maxfield Parrish painting of the Pied Piper of Hamelin from being sold by the owners of the Palace Hotel.  But, I guess Mike’s boss wasn’t that impressed, as yesterday he called Mike into his office and fired Mike and his entire team. Mike did report though that Recology truck #10240 was parked properly with wheels curbed and blocked at Levenworth and Sutter Streets while our crew took their break.  Mike also reports these two guys are hysterical,   which pretty much describes all of our guys.   I will report that Recology truck #10232 was parked properly with wheels curbed and blocked in front of 450 Sutter Street.  I won’t say that we’ve instructed the crew of #10232 to take their Wednesday break at 450 Sutter Street just to make certain we ruin Tom Jacob’s day. 

    More Recology news, this morning Mike Mustacchi arrived for breakfast unusually early at 6:05AM.  That’s because Recology truck #14442 was outside of Mike’s window at 5:00AM. 

    Also, as Hugh Tuck and wife Judy were on their way to breakfast they got behind Recology truck #16165, which was throwing so much smoke they thought the truck was on fire.  That truck is one of our transfer rigs which makes the long trip to Livermore.  We must have got a bad batch bio-diesel down at the transfer station. 

    Doug Wilkins just happened to mention to Ed Flowers that Doug’s cousin is in the Marine Corps.  This morning Ed presented Doug with a custom made plaque for Doug’s cousin.   

    Where is Sidney Mobell?  At sea on his way to Durban, South Africa after leaving Mauritius.  Sidney now has five excuses remaining.

    GGBC special event reminders; The joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro (all two of them) Breakfast Clubs will be held on Friday, June 14th , hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  The GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament is on Saturday, July 13th, at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  Plus, here’s a new one; the GGBC will be having a special off site breakfast on Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Transamerica Building up on the 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi is circulating a signup sheet, as we are limited to forty members only.  Regular breakfast price and breakfast cards will be accepted. 

    There are two other special events you can attend; the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center’s 72nd Annual Fund Raiser honoring Goldman Sachs Gives, which will be held right here at the MMC on April 17th at 6:00PM.  See me, Len Stec, Antonio White or John McKnight for the details.  We still have seats available.  Also on May 6th , right here at the MMC as well, is the fourth annual Best of the Best Cabaret Night.  The event starts with cocktails at 5:30PM, a full buffet dinner at 6:00PM, the show at 7:30PM and dessert at 9:00PM.  A great evening of food, drink and entertainment all for $100.00 to benefit the renovations and upgrading of the MMC’s theatre.

    Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh reports all the usual suspects failed to sign in, and for the first time ever, J. J. PanzerHedy says that’s because J. J. figures the acting President will give him a pardon.       

    This morning Mike Mustacchi stepped in for the other Mike, Hanlon, to handle the birthdays.  We had two.  Rickey Wilson and the MMC’s own Donnarose GarrettDonnarose was nowhere to be found, but Rickey was here to wear one of the hats and be properly serenaded.   

    Knucklehead of the week:  Our President.  No not Harvey, the other guy, Barack Obama.  Here in San Francisco for a fund raiser, the President made reference to our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, as being the best looking Attorney General in the country.  Now, I’m not saying the President is a knucklehead in his assessment, as I am pretty much in agreement with the President.  But as we all learn in Sexual Harassment 101, you can not ever comment on a woman’s appearance, good or bad.  Not ever.  As best summed up by my old partner, Giobatta Fazio, at the end of our Harassment 101 class, Fazio raised his finger to his bald head and said “so, it’s OK to tink, but not schpeak”.  Yes Faz, that’s right, OK to think, but not OK to speak. Please take note Mr. President.  Not you Harvey, you know better





    Unimpressed by Mercedes’ advertising recitals of its founder Gottlieb Daimler’s motto: “The Best, or Nothing?”  If that sounds to you like some “Unresolved Childhood Frustration” problem, then maybe you just aren’t in their “Target Buyer Audience?”

    The last throes of “March Madness” super-superlatives leaves me similarly unimpressed:  “Giving 110%?” . . . “200%” .   . .?   Really?  Then why not MORE, multiplied infinitely to even greater absurdities?

    My point remains that exaggerating performance beyond any credible frame of reference can distort the compliment to the point of meaninglessness. 

    Our Congress gets this.  They embrace the motto I adapted for yard work, cleaning up my garage, and other “least favorite” chores:  “The Job’s  not done ‘Right’, until it’s ‘Half-Done’!”