May 1st: Kevin McCormack CA Institute for Regenerative Medicine


May 1st: Kevin McCormack, CA Institute for Regenerative Medicine
May 8th: Robin Morjikin: Veteran's Health Research Institute
May 15th: New Kids
May 22nd: Eric McGarty & Jackson Talbot: Major Building Security


President Harvey stepped up to the podium and faced a much smaller audience this morning when compared to last week’s crowd.  Uncharacteristically, President Harvey also called the meeting to order five minutes late.  Maybe President Harvey was hoping for a flood of late arrivals to boost attendance.  Alas, even with the delay, our attendance shrunk by fifty to only forty-six total.  That’s too bad, as our speaker, Andrea Ray, of the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center gave a very interesting and informative presentation.  I would consider Andrea a “sleeper”.  A “sleeper” is a speaker that provides a presentation that is far superior to what was expected from reading the bulletin blurb.  Maybe we should get Patricia Fripp to produce all the speaker’s blurbs.  

Today’s column is not a guest column like last week’s.  Only three guests this morning.  Two were hosted by Joel Panzer, although Joel didn’t actually intend to host any guests.

Anthony Mills (no relation to Chuck Mills) from Saarman Construction was supposed to be son J. J.’s guest.  But J. J. had a property emergency this morning and couldn’t make breakfast.  Joel’s second guest was Allison Short, a previous visitor to the GGBC who dropped her business card into the cup that sits on the check-in table.  Each week Joel dutifully draws a card from the cup and invites the winner to a free breakfast.  This week, the winner actually showed up!  Our final guest was soon-to-be-member Alan Jones, hosted on his fifth visit by his sponsor Rich Corriea.  Come on Membership Chairman Wayne Veatch and Board, move Alan’s application along.  Alan works for the TSA, he’s not on the TSA’s watch list.  Rich is tired of paying for Alan’s breakfast and his running out of nice things to say.  We also had a guest member or member guest in attendance.  Patti Mangan joined us this morning.           

Excuses requested this morning; from me for Phil Moscone and Alan GarberPhil, like all good rugby dads, is out this morning doing some field maintenance and preparation.  Even though Garber was duly excused last week, this is a reminder that Garber is in New England.  Joel Panzer excused, as previously noted, son J. J. and your editor, Antonio White, who is having back problems this morning.  Antonio has to stop carrying all his video equipment in one bag.  Reg Young excused Jim Simpson, Tom Jacobs and would have excused Mike Hanlon, except Jill Hoffman beat Reg to it.  Jill is also glad to be back home after a week on duty with the Mile High Navy in Denver.  Remember Jill’s unit is technically billeted in Japan, so it’s easier to send Jill to Denver for drill than across that big ocean.  Hedy Kaveh excused Don Persky, who is flying to Burma this morning and Hedy reminded us that Doug Wilkins is still in Kenya.

President Harvey mentioned that Patricia Fripp needs excuses through June 5th, as Fripp is just too busy and has too much travelling scheduled in between.  Christine Torrington did point out though; she was not trying to fill Fripp’s shoes this morning.  It’s Hat Day across the street from the MMC at the Metropolitan Club. 

Needing an excuse for the next two weeks, Wayne VeatchWayne will be heading to Puerto Vallarta.  Possibly needing an excuse for next week is our Past President Hugh TuckHugh will be checking into Mills Hospital in San Mateo tomorrow for some surgery on his rotator cuff.  Since Hugh’s operation is happening at Mills, which does out patient surgery only, that could be a good sign for a speedy recovery.  Although, when is the last time we saw Mike Hanlon?       

All the Carpools operated today.  Marin Carpool #1 didn’t have a full load, only John Cribbs and Jill Hoffman.  But Carpool #1 could have brought our speaker, Andrea Ray, into town as they pass right by the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center.  Carpool #2 was at capacity with both Les Andersen and John McKnight in attendance, as was Carpool #3, with driver Chuck Mills and passenger Bill BuchananChuck also served as South of Market Carpool #1 today as well, delivering both John McKnight and myself to our offices after breakfast.  The GGBC, still doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint.     

Speaking of John McKnight, John wanted to make sure he thanked all the GGBC members that attended the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center’s fundraiser last Wednesday evening right here at the MMC.  It was the Harbor Light’s best fundraiser ever.  Over $76K in sponsorships and donations.    

This morning Janet Von Doepp had what we long time members of the GGBC call a Duke DeLuca moment.  Back in 1996, when Reg Young was President, one of our members, Bob Moore, was the President of Halsted’s, the funeral directors.  A cousin of Duke’s went into Halstead’s to make arrangements for another relative that passed away.  But, the message that got back to Bob was that Duke had passed away.  That Wednesday, Bob announced the erroneous information that it was Duke who passed.  President Reg called for the appropriate moment of silence to honor Duke’s passing and our membership complied.  When Duke walked off the elevator the following Wednesday, many of us came close to voiding in our pants. After the shock wore off, the general consensus was; an honest and amusing mistake and no offense was taken by Duke or the membership.  But, Bob Moore was so upset with his error, he never attended another meeting of the GGBC.

Mike Mattis is still taking advantage of his time off and took a road trip with his Dad up to Oregon to visit the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville.  About 45 minutes southwest of Portland.  Mike says it’s well worth the trip.  The centerpiece of the collection; Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose.

One of the GGBC’s other writers, John Mathers, reports the first edit of his manuscript is completed.  Joel Panzer relayed a story told this morning at the badge box by John.  It seems John’s wife had her credit card stolen while she and John we travelling in Italy.  By the next day, over $17K had been charged to the card.  Sometimes, we Italians do work fast.  John’s tale of woe prompted Joel to tell the story of our former member, Steve St. Denny, whose wife Semara also had a credit card stolen.  Steve didn’t report the card as stolen for three months, because the thief was spending less than Semara.

Marty Mijalski told a joke this morning.  I think I’ll let it go at that. 

I’ve been outfitted by Harry Kim with ties that match Recology’s colors for each commodity we collect.  A black tie for trash, a blue tie for recycling and a green tie for compostables. Both zip ties and bow ties too!  And the colors match perfectly.  This morning Dan Negron received his first zip tie.  A green one.  As noted in last week’s column, Dan was at the at the San Francisco Veterans Employment Committee’s Job Fair at the War Memorial Building looking for a few good men, and hopefully even a few good women.  Women are greatly underrepresented in Recology’s collection work force.  Ed Flowers wanted to know if this means Recology is looking for trashy women.  We’re always looking for trashy women Ed.  Not necessarily to work on the trucks though.

Ed also wanted to know why Tom Smegal was here.  Now that Tom works for the Federal Government shouldn’t Tom be on furlough?  

Walking up Sutter Street this morning Dan Herling was behind a guy with a three foot tall parrot perched on the guy’s shoulder.  The parrot was wearing a “hoodie”.  Maybe it was a falcon and not a parrot.  Did you know Recology employs falcons?  What do you think keeps the birds away from the transfer station.  

Stan Ellexson received a birthday card from Sidney Mobell.  No, it isn’t Stan’s birthday, Sid sent the card in honor of his own 87th birthday.  The Queen Mary 2 is tied up in Southampton and Sid will soon be heading home to San Francisco.  Sid has one excuse remaining.  Stan also reports that he too travels with interesting people.  On Stan’s last cruise one of his table mates was a 99 year old gentleman that set up the DEW Line.  Is the guy an environmentalist?  What’s the DEW Line?  Distant Early Warning Line, a chain of radar sites that ran from Alaska across Canada to Greenland to detect a Soviet bomber strike back during the cold war.  Stan also saw Russ Gorman and Russ is doing well.

We are coming up on the end of the month, so Bert Hill reminds us this Friday is Critical Mass.

Still waiting for the Bar Exam results; Eduardo BlountEduardo’s wait ends on May 17th.  Eduardo also called for a moment of silence for those that died in the Boston Marathon bombings of last week.

Back home from his annual Timberline Geezers ski trip up Mt. Lassen is Bill BuchananBill says the conditions were terrific and he had a great trip.  Bill’s euphoria was tempered a bit when he returned home and found a special offer from the Trident Society in his mail box.  Marty Mijalski reported he got one too!  Is the Trident Society targeting the old FBI guy demographic?

Grant Hundley continues to deliver the best self-intro line; “everything hinges on Hundley”.  Second best self-intro line was delivered by Terry Cowhey on behalf of Steve Shain, “the impresario of everything that doesn’t sell”.

Steve also had a bit of a problem last week.  Steve took a client out to breakfast and when Steve and his guest were retuning to their respective cars, Steve couldn’t find his car keys.  The keys were still in the ignition and Steve’s car was still running.  Steve didn’t mention if the client is still a client.      

Here’s the GGBC special event reminders:

On Saturday, May 4th, at the Stanford Court Hotel, 905 California Street, it’s the California Women Lawyers Annual Conference.  The keynote speaker will be House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.  And Congresswoman Pelosi will be introduced by President Harvey’s wife Kelly.  Only $210.00 for non-members.  Unless you’re Terry Cowhey, then it’s $410.00.     

On Monday, May 6th, right here at the MMC is the fourth annual Best of the Best Cabaret Night.  The evening starts with cocktails at 5:30PM, a full buffet dinner at 6:00PM, the show at 7:30PM and dessert at 9:00PM.  Only $100.00.  Proceeds benefit the renovations and upgrading of the MMC’s theatre.

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we will have our off site meeting at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi still has very few spots left.  Remember, we are limited to forty members only.  No guests and you must sign up in advance to meet the Transamerica Building’s security requirements.  Parking will be available in the Transamerica Building’s garage. Regular breakfast price and breakfast cards will be accepted.

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  Since BBC is the host, our breakfast cards will not be accepted.  You need to pony up $16.00 at the door.

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.  Price to be announced soon.

This morning Reg Young still subbing for Mike Hanlon had no birthdays. 

Knucklehead of the week:  Beyonce.  During the Super Bowl Halftime Show, in which Beyonce was the star performer, some of the photographs taken did not portray Beyonce in the most flattering manner.  Henceforth, Beyonce has decreed that only her personal photographers shall record her image.  I didn’t know a public figure performing at a public event could do that?  Hey Betty Taisch, you take an unflattering picture of me and you are fired!           


EVENT PHOTOS by M. Christine Torrington
Thank You Christine! 

PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS Alan Jones, Sponsored by Richard Corriea and Dennis Mandell, Sponsored by Harvey Elam



Unimpressed by Mercedes’ advertising recitals of its founder Gottlieb Daimler’s motto: “The Best, or Nothing?”  If that sounds to you like some “Unresolved Childhood Frustration” problem, then maybe you just aren’t in their “Target Buyer Audience?”

The last throes of “March Madness” super-superlatives leaves me similarly unimpressed:  “Giving 110%?” . . . “200%” .   . .?   Really?  Then why not MORE, multiplied infinitely to even greater absurdities?

My point remains that exaggerating performance beyond any credible frame of reference can distort the compliment to the point of meaninglessness. 

Our Congress gets this.  They embrace the motto I adapted for yard work, cleaning up my garage, and other “least favorite” chores:  “The Job’s  not done ‘Right’, until it’s ‘Half-Done’!”