April 24th: Andrea Rey, Spaulding Wooden Boats


April 24th: Andrea Ray, Spaulding Wooden Boats
May 1st: Kevin McCormack, CA Institute for Regenerative Medicine
May 15th: New Kids with a Twist
May 22nd: Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot, Major Building Security in the 21st Century



Spaulding Wooden Boat Center is a volunteer based organization. Our volunteers are essential to the well being of the Spaulding Center.

  • Assist with community outreach to support our Youth Program and Community Sails Program
  • Become a crew or skipper for our Community Sails Program
  • Become an Assistant teacher at our Youth Boatbuilding & Sailing Program
  • Assist in coordinating and setting up events


President Harvey has returned and ended up facing a Christmas Breakfast sized crowd this morning.  Twelve tables of eight, two tables added during breakfast, for a total of 96 guests.  Both the bell and the Barbie horn were needed to call the meeting to order.  Since we had a very special program this morning and wanted our speaker Patricia Fripp to have as much time as possible, we didn’t do our usual self-introductions.  Even without self-introductions, Fripp confided she was still going to be pressed for time and wondered if a second installment would be proper.  Sure.  If we let Harry Kim have seven “New Kid” segments, Uncle Bill is certainly welcomed for two.      

So this is a guest column.  No, not written by a guest columnist, it’s basically a listing of our thirty-six guests.  Twenty-two of the guests were hosted by Patricia Fripp, including, in no specific order, David Aldrich, Marie Randall, Sheryl Krajewski, Cynthia Baron (our former member Al Baron’s wife), Glenn Ray, Earl Sanders (not the former Chief of Police), Bill Holsman, Jim Prost, Anelia Illelia, Tom Drews, Martha Logan, Joan Sills, Wendy Miller, Lynn Fraley, Diane Parente, Alfonso Montuori, Dawne Bernhardt, Ann Mahony (who will our speaker on June 19th), Shirley Davalos McCormack, Kevin McCormack (who will be our speaker on May 1st), plus audio technicians Glenn Cardon and Anthony.

Betty Taisch was second place, hosting five guests, Emmet and Gloria Landrum, Rich O’Toole, Fran Devlin and Phyllis Melvin.  Also hosting multiple guests, Bill Buchanan brought along John Bell for the last time, hopefully, as a guest, along with Bill Peacock, a fellow Marine and a former Assistant Secretary of the Army.  John McKnight hosted Tranh Pham, who helps John at the Harbor Light Center secure the always elusive government funding and Tim Rodriguera.  For those of you that expect to die shortly, see TimTim handles planned giving and will be glad to receive your bequest to the Salvation Army.  Janet Von Doepp was prepared if her knee started to give her any trouble.  Janet brought along her at home version of Jim Simpson, physical therapist Katrina Griffith.  And if Katrina can’t work her magic on Janet’s knee, Janet also hosted magician Walt Anthony. In last week’s column I even gave Walt a plug, and since I need content for this column, I’ll give Walt a plug again.  Catch Walt’s show every Thursday, Friday or Saturday at 8:00PM at the Chancellor Hotel, 433 Powell Street.

Christine Torrington also had two guests.  Both previous visitors to the GGBC.  First off, Laura O’Malley, cousin of Rich Corriea and Mimi Lawrence.  Speaking of Rich Corriea, his guest was fourth time visitor Alan Jones, who has turned in his application for membership into the GGBC.  Antonio White brought along Rosie Aiello, Don Persky brought along his better half, Valerie and Mike Mattis’ guest was auctioneer Greg Quiroga.  Ever play Frisbee golf in Golden Park?  Thank Greg, as he designed the course.                  

This was a bad week if you needed an excuse, because without the self-introductions you didn’t get an opportunity to make your request.  If you thought ahead, you would have e-mailed me like Dan Negron and Stan EllexsonDan is looking for a few good men, or even a few good women, at the San Francisco Veterans Employment Committee’s Job Fair at the War Memorial Building.  Stan isn’t up at the War Memorial waiting to turn in his application.  If you read last week’s column you would know Stan is at the dermatologist.  Don’t have a computer and still need an excuse?  Walk with me down to the Sutter-Stockton Garage and ask then.  Alan Garber will not be here next week as he is heading to New England.

This was a bad week if you wanted to tell a joke too.  So, here’s one courtesy of Ray Siotto; an Irishman goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church.  He is amazed to find a fully equipped bar with Guinness on tap. On the other wall is a dazzling array of the finest cigars and chocolates.  Then the priest comes in.  Excitedly, the Irishman begins... "Father, forgive me, for it's been a very long time since I've been to confession, but I must first admit that the confessional box is much more inviting than it used to be."  The priest replies "Get out. You're on my side."

Where in the world is Sidney Mobell?  At sea off the west coast of Africa.  Next stop for the Queen Mary 2 is Gran Canaria.  Sid is down to two excuses remaining and will be back in San Francisco on Sunday, May 5th. 

This morning Reg Young still subbed for Mike Hanlon and had two birthdays.  Yesterday, Phil Moscone, who hit the big 7-0, and tomorrow, our speaker, Patricia Fripp.              

Since Bo Links was last week’s speaker, it’s most appropriate that Guest Secretary Mike Mustacchi give the minutes for last week’s meeting.  Why?  That’s because Bo is an exceptional golfer, and Mike is the exact opposite.  Mike typically has the high score and usually wins the prize for farthest from the hole.  Mike even bought in his can of tennis balls, the usual prize for high score, to prove it.  Although, farthest from the hole gets you twenty-five bucks.     

On Monday, May 6th, it’s the fourth annual Best of the Best Cabaret Night.  Cocktails at 5:30PM, a full buffet dinner at 6:00PM, the show at 7:30PM and dessert at 9:00PM.  Only a single c-note.  Not the musical kind.  Proceeds benefit the renovations and upgrading of the MMC’s theatre.

On Wednesday, May 15th, it’s our annual GGBC Golf Tournament at the Lake Merced Golf Club.  Only $125.00.  See Steve Shain.  

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we have our off site breakfast at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor.  Our hosts will be Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi says there are very few spots left.  Remember, we are limited to forty members only, no guests.  Regular breakfast price and breakfast cards will be accepted.  Also, Jackson and Eric arranged for free parking in the Transamerica Building’s garage.  No, you cannot leave your car in the lot all day.

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.

Leaving on Sunday, June 23rd, Past President Hugh Tuck still has a couple of spots left on the first annual GGBC trip to Yosemite.  Only $950.00 and that includes transportation, two nights in the historic Wawona Lodge and golf if you so desire. 

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.

If none of those events appeal to you, Bill Buchanan has two spots left on his annual back country ski trip up Mt. Lassen.  Ski up to 8,600 feet.  I’d rather ski down from 8,600 feet.    

A special thanks from myself, Len Stec, Antonio White and John McKnight to all those members, and former members, of the GGBC that joined us Wednesday evening at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center’s 72nd Annual Dinner held right here at the MMC.  Joining us were our stalwart Honorary Council Members; Ed Flowers, Mike Milstein, and Mayor Frank Jordan.  Along with Bert and Lorna Hill, Janet Von Doepp, Betty Taisch and Rich Wank, J. J. Panzer, Alex King, Rich Corriea, Don Persky, the Brown brothers, Ken and Shawn with Shawn’s better half too. Jaclyn Carpenter was again one of the major sponsors and, of course, Mike Mustacchi was there as the official, unpaid, photographer.  At least Terry Lowry did give Mike a little special recognition from the podium though. The dinner raised $76K, the most ever!  Although Ed Flowers was disappointed as his date Cathy Scharetg stood him up.     

No knucklehead again this week.  In honor of those who lost their lives or were badly injured in the bombing at the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  A horrific act of terrorism, striking at innocent people gathered in what is supposed to be a joyous event.  While many suffered a great loss of a loved one, or loved ones, some of us thank God that our loved ones were spared.  My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, was eight blocks away from the blast and escaped without injury.   





Our April 10, 2013 featured Speaker Bo Links did me the honor of signing his sketch below.  I requested that to help me understand Tiger Woods’ infamous “Two-Stroke” Penalty at the Masters Tournament.  (Bo is an impressive artist, as well as author, attorney, golfer and a local favorite “Fun Guy.”)

Sports Illustrated’s lead story on the Masters afterwards mirrored Bo’s observation to me that Tiger Woods had missed perhaps that rarest of great competitive opportunities:  Not just to “Win,” but to be appreciated among your peers for Quality of Character that earns recognition above any mere victory. 

I hope that most of us recall Bo’s GGBC Tribute to Tiger on his meteoric Rise to Golfing Glory years ago.  Our returning Speaker had aptly entitled that first one: “Haley’s Comet!”  (I only hope by now that Bo has forgiven my unfairly sarcastic update to “Catch a Falling Star?”)

By now, and for all future time, Tiger’s performance at the 77th Masters may most universally be remembered more for the opportunity he missed at a small first measure of “Redemption.”  Not by inching only marginally closer to a shot at Jack Nicklaus title as “Master of The Masters.”  Just another “one under par-5” score on the 15th hole at Augusta would have little profited the troubled “Legend In His Own Times” as he struggles to emerge from international disgrace at this precarious turning point in the remainder of his not yet settled story.  (Tiger has already 42 times achieved that score of 4.)  Experts agree widely that Tiger next wisely chose the “do-over” option to try his third shot again.  That raised his count to five, after suffering a penalty stroke when the third disappointingly angled back into the water, after surprisingly ricocheting off the half-inch flagstick.  Tiger’s transgression afterwards, of failing to place the ball “as nearly as possible” to where he had first shot it, was also such a venal “Rule 26-1a” sin that the Competition Committee had already decided to overlook it as “within the rules.”  (They only reviewed it reluctantly after a watchful television viewer had called in complaint.)  

It was Tiger’s own televised admission that night that started his descent back into “The Pit.”  What he tragically failed to see was rare opportunity, surprisingly masked as disappointment.   Did he seem to some even possibly to boast his forbidden betterment that day in perhaps even intentionally replaying the ball from “two yards behind” his first try (perhaps to avoid hitting it too far again?)?.  “The World will little note, nor long remember” Tiger’s hollow sounding attempt to defend his ill-fated decision to seize immediate advantage from that same Tournament Competition Committee’s continuing homage in invoking its Rule “33-7” discretion to forego the more traditionally commonly upheld “DQ” punishment of Disqualification for having signed his card with a score that he should have known was not accurate on the Fifteenth Hole.  Every experienced Trial Attorney winces at how Juries react to a line like, “Under the Rules of Golf, I can play.”

Had Tiger taken his TRUELY “Best Shot,” he might instead have graciously announced his own choice to disqualify himself.

''For of all sad words of tongue or pen The saddest are these 'it might have been' ''*

(* John Greenleaf WhittierMaud Muller)

If you ever happenchance such fortune as to glimpse your own “Best Shot” at a rare moment of Grace, take it immediately.