April 17th: Patricia Fripp, A Tribute to Uncle Bill


This morning, for the second week in a row, our meeting was presided over by our Second Vice President, Joel Panzer.  President Harvey is still at that mediation in Los Angeles, although First VP Jill Hoffman did say her schedule was clear to serve as Chair for this morning’s meeting.  Except, First VP Jill was nowhere to be found this AM.  Second VP Joel didn’t say why Jill wasn’t here and why he was at the podium.  Maybe a coup has taken place? 

Even though Joel had Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn at his disposal, the novelty of having Joel run the meeting has worn off.  The membership was in complete disarray, and totally disorganized.  So, there were quite a few stragglers still getting into their seats after the start of the meeting.  Surprising, given that our attendance dropped to only forty-three.  Down a whole table’s worth since last week.        

We technically had three guests this morning.  Bill Buchanan hopefully hosted John Bell for the last time, as John was published for the second time in last week’s bulletin.  If Membership Chair Wayne Veatch doesn’t receive any objections from the membership as a whole, Wayne can call for a vote of the Board on John’s induction.  I hope there are no objections to John’s membership, since John has already been issued a badge and already received his new member round of applause.  I’m sure glad we spent all that time back in 2003 refining the by-laws with such precise language defining the steps for membership in the GGBC.  I’m hoping that I’ll live to see the day that these precise steps to membership are actually followed.  It doesn’t look promising.                           

Bert Hill hosted his friend and past GGBC speaker Tim HoltTim came to breakfast all the way from Dunsmuir.  Tim will be accompanying Bert on their bike ride along the Klamath in May.  Tim related a story about the last time he and Bert rode their bikes through the forests of Northern California.  Seems Bert truly believes all that stuff about sharing the road, so Bert will ride smack dab in the middle of the traffic lane.  The drivers of logging trucks don’t particularly care to be delayed by bike riders, so Tim suggested to Bert that Bert hug the side of the road to let the truckers pass.  Tim’s feeling was if Bert complied with Tim’s request, Bert probably wouldn’t get the crap kicked out of him by a trucker.  Bert’s retort, “I’m not worried about those truckers, because I have a copy of the Vehicle Code and I’ll show them”.

Bert also had to leave a little early this morning. Bert is teaching a group of Muni bus drivers how to deal with bikes.  Past President Hugh Tuck thinks Bert should issue little bike decals to the drivers to be affixed to the sides of their busses.  Just like fighter pilots.     

Our final guest, wine expert Adria Avilla-Pena, made a grand entrance to the Commandant’s Ballroom as she was being introduced by her host Antonio WhiteAdria’s, and Antonio’s, timing was perfect.  

Excuses requested this morning; from Reg Young for Jim Simpson and Mike HanlonMike is still in the shoulder harness and now his doc says Mike needs two more weeks to heal.  Jim was thinking of coming to breakfast, but thought he’d better take a little extra time to prepare for his first patient of the day, Janet Von DoeppJim may be thinking he should have come to breakfast, as Janet did say she hasn’t been doing her home exercises as directed.  Jim is not going to be happy.

Also needing an excuse, Les Andersen, who is at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Medical Committee meeting in Memphis.  Why is Les on a medical committee?  Since Ed Flowers’ son George made a point to visit his Dad here in the City for a couple of weeks, his Dad decided to visit George and his family in Brooklyn.  So, we’ll excuse Ed for this morning too.      

With Les in Memphis, that means Marin Carpool #2 wasn’t a carpool as John McKnight had to drive himself into town this morning.  But, even without Jill Hoffman, Marin Carpool #1 did operate today with both John Cribbs and Roy Wonder in attendance.  I should also give credit to Marin Carpool #3, consisting of driver Chuck Mills and passenger Bill BuchananChuck also serves double duty and becomes South of Market Carpool #1.  Usually driving myself and John McKnight to our offices after breakfast.   

Chuckles also mentioned that Todd Lewis was here early, but had to leave as money was calling.  Chuckles also wanted to know if Alan Garber represents the barber’s union. 

Needing an excuse for the next three weeks, Doug WilkinsDoug is heading to Kenya to teach the locals how to install and maintain solar panels in a remote village.  Also planning some good works that involves construction, J. J. PanzerJ. J. is getting ready for the Professional Property Manager’s Association’s annual Rebuilding Together project in the Bayview.  Jim Lazarus mentioned he could use some remodeling and a few solar panels too. 

Since Johnson You was not here to deliver any jokes, a couple of other members stepped up to the plate.  Unfortunately, they both struck out.  Bill Buchanan retold the joke about Leviticus 20:13, which provides a biblical justification for legalizing gay marriage and the use of marijuana.  Garber told that joke two month’s ago.  Don Persky retold the joke about Mr. Goldstein in the hospital.  The doctor asks Mr. Goldstein, “are you comfortable?”  And Mr. Goldstein replies, “I make a living”.  Garber told that joke two year’s ago.  Of course, Don wasn’t in the club two years ago, so I’ll cut him some slack.  No excuse for Bill though.  To any member thinking of telling a bad joke; check with Garber first.   

Bill did manage to redeem himself by delivering some news from our old member Bryan Remer, who, as you should all remember, relocated to the Wine Country.  Bryan joined the Rotary, but reports it’s not nearly as much fun as the GGBC.  So, Bryan makes sure to read the bulletin, so he can keep up with what’s going on here at the GGBC.  Bryan’s biggest news though; he finally got up enough courage to propose to Karen. And, Karen accepted.  The GGBC offers our congratulations to Bryan and our condolences to Karen.

Marty Mijalski passed on telling a joke, but delivered some words of wisdom.  Hard work takes time, but laziness is rewarded immediately.  After my careful evaluation, those don’t seem to be words of wisdom.  Unless you won the lottery. 

We didn’t get a Recology safety report this morning as Tom Jacobs wasn’t here.  But, I think we’ve created a monster.  Now, it seems like the entire membership is on the lookout for Recology trucks and everyone seems to always get that five digit truck ID number.  That creates a lot more work for me, Rob DeMartini and Dan NegronKen Brown says he never really scrutinized Recology’s trucks before, considering them just part of the urban landscape.  Now, Ken makes sure to take careful notice.  Since Marty Fleisher had to visit the House of Pain (450 Sutter Street), he even offered to stop at Tom’s office to pickup Tom’s observations for the past week.

Arlan Kertz reminds us we now have five days to file our extensions.

Over the weekend Betty Taisch attended a Bar Mitzvah in Scarsdale, New York.  As part of the celebration, Betty took a bus ride into Manhattan with the all the kids and found them to be very well behaved and very well spoken.  She was duly impressed.

This prompted John Mathers to mention he spent the weekend on a Rotary Leadership Program with eight teenagers.  John too was impressed with the kids.  This may be an emerging pattern.  If so, our future looks bright.     

Well, Mike Mattis is still unemployed, but he has an interview scheduled for tomorrow.  Plus, Mike decided to take advantage of this time off and decided to ride his bike from his home on Nob Hill to the top of Mt. Tam.  On his way back, looking at the long climb out of Sausalito up to the Bridge, Mike decided to take the ferry home instead.  I’ve done that before.  I like to ride my bike too, but I’m no Bert Hill.

Part time cab driver Pat Conley doesn’t think those six hundred new cabs are the answer to the City’s cab “shortage”.  You want cab drivers to deadhead out to the Avenues?  Pay them a surcharge.  The other alternative is to let Recology hang a pink mustache on our trucks.  Hey, we’re already out there and if you don’t mind a little dirt and interesting smells, this might be the answer.  Kinda like riding Muni. 

Remember a couple of weeks ago we congratulated Jonathan Stone on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his business and being married twenty-five years as well?  Jonathan is still married, but he sold the business to Motivators.com.  That’s a big national company, but thirty percent of their business is here in Northern California.

Looking for something to do on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night?  Janet Von Doepp recommends Walt Anthony’s “Astonishment”, a magic show at the Chancellor Hotel, 433 Powell Street.  Starts at 8:00PM sharp.       

Stan Ellexson got back from his cruise just after breakfast on Wednesday and forwarded a message from Sidney MobellSid celebrated his 87th birthday in an old castle, in Cape Town, South Africa.  The President of Cunard Lines, Peter Shanks, was at the party which included 325 world cruise passengers.  A full orchestra played the music to the latin standard, "La Cumparsita" or "Tango of Love".  A song for which Sid wrote the English lyrics, over 40 years ago.  Sid says it’s a birthday he will always remember.  Sidney will be back home in SF on Sunday, May 5th.  Even though Stan is back in town, he needs an excuse for next Wednesday.  Stan has an appointment with the dermatologist.    

GGBC special event reminders:

This Wednesday (4/17/13), Patricia Fripp reminds us she will be giving her presentation on her Uncle Bill’s service during World War II.  Uncle Bill was one of the first RAF aircrew to be shot down and captured right at the start of the war.  Patricia has twenty-six guests coming.  Get here early if you want a good seat.

On Monday, May 6th, right here at the MMC is the fourth annual Best of the Best Cabaret Night.  The evening starts with cocktails at 5:30PM, a full buffet dinner at 6:00PM, the show at 7:30PM and dessert at 9:00PM.  Only $100.00.  Proceeds benefit the renovations and upgrading of the MMC’s theatre.

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we will have our off site meeting at the Transamerica Building, 48th floor, hosted by Jackson Talbot and Eric McGartyMike Mustacchi still has a few spots left.  Remember, we are limited to forty members only.  Regular breakfast price and breakfast cards will be accepted.

On Friday, June 14th, our annual joint meeting with the Lake Merritt, Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs hosted by the BBC at the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.

On Saturday, July 13th, we have our annual GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael. 

Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh was in a state of shock this morning as everyone signed in.  That’s probably because all the usual suspects were not in attendance.

This morning Reg Young subbed for Mike Hanlon and had three birthdays.  Yesterday, John Cribbs, and today, the aforementioned Sidney Mobell and Jill Hoffman.  Maybe that’s why Jill decided to give Joel another shot on the podium.   

No knucklehead this week.  I am mourning the passing of Annette Funicello.  For baby boomers, such as myself, I’m willing to bet Annette was your first crush.  She certainly was mine. Ask the birds and ask the bees, and ask the stars above, who’s their favorite sweet brunette; you know, each one confesses, Annette! Annette! Annette!   





Now that the Masters Tournament is in the history books, it's time for the International Sports World to focus on Racing.

This week the third and final racing event of the America's Cup World Series begins in Naples, before summertime culmination of Sail Racing on our own San Francisco Bay. (Look for it April 16-21)

In Naples, like here, AC racing will be close to the shoreline.  A chance to see how that European televised coverage compares with the Silicon Valley Video Graphics Marvels we are promised this Summer.

Next month, annual "Indy Car" racing begins again.  Like the America's Cup, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Auto Race is now over a century old.

Also like the America's Cup, the Technology of open wheel racing draws heavily from Aviation Technology.  On "The Brickyard" track, as on the waters, the Winners literally "Wing their Way to Victory!"  At well over 200 mph, they "fly" across neo-asphalt, barely skimming the surface in ultralight composite craft.

Unlike the America's Cup, we can't yet hope to host a Trophy Holding veteran speaker at the GGBC before that 102nd Racing on Memorial Day.  I do hope to bring you a first-hand report, after visiting the May 1 Commencement of that next Month building to what Midwesterners call "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing!"