April 3rd: Rosalind Franklin, Life Coach


April 3rd: Rosalind Franklin, Life Coach
April 10th: Bo Links
April 17th: Fripp Day: A Tribute to Uncle Bill


The power of coaching for life and leadership

Life moves along at a pace that is often out of our control and there is no pause or rewind button for us to make any adjustments.  How we react to it is our choice. These choices make  the difference to the quality of our daily existence and to the lives of others with whom we interact. Whether we are beginning our careers or in retirement, living a life that is meaningful, balanced and fulfilling is something we all strive to achieve.

Coaching offers the opportunity to reflect and consider the paths available to us through accessing different perspectives, thereby opening up different vistas to make alternate decisions with clear intention and choice.  It is having someone there to support you, facilitating conversations that create new ways of thinking and behaviors, as well as being totally committed to your success.

Both our personal and professional lives can be enhanced and invigorated through the coaching relationship, allowing for improved personal and business outcomes.

Whether you are a parent, retired or jet setting executive bringing self awareness into the forefront of your life and thinking process can significantly change relationships with people you are closest to or work with on a daily basis inviting greater communication, understanding and respect.

Rosalind Franklin will present a talk on the power of coaching and will leave the audience with tools and new ways of thinking that are applicable and easy to implement into their personal or professional environment, to enhance their lives and relationships.


Principal of Rosalind Franklin Group, Rosalind grew up in England and is a Certified Professional Life and Executive Coach, accredited through the Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation, who brings 20 years of organizational strategy and leadership development experience to her work with groups and individuals, both in the United States and abroad.

She was the co-founder of an award-winning nonprofit arts organization,  served as Senior Director of Leadership Development at the Jewish Community Federation and has worked with clients in the areas of education, government and community based programs, to create satisfying work environments as well as valuable enduring relationships. Rosalind is known for combining a keen sense of organizational and political savvy with a straightforward and intuitive approach to her work. She provides tools and knowledge for her clients that are applicable and practical in both their personal and professional lives while focusing on the bottom line results necessary for success.

Rosalind is engaged in the community both professionally and as a volunteer, serving as a trustee on boards nationally and locally.


This morning President Harvey delivered the five minute warning, then stepped back from the podium and combed his hair.  That’s a new twist.  Marty Mijalski commented, “comb it while you got it”.  Given I’m hair challenged like Marty, I heartily agree.     

We had a little bit of confusion concerning this morning’s program.  Originally, we were supposed to have new kids.  But, while Program’s Chair Joel Panzer was in process of transitioning from Yahoo calendar to Google calendar, it appeared Joel had booked a speaker, Andrea Ray from the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, for this morning.  Turns out, Andrea was moved to next month, so all the new kids that thought they were off the hook were back on the hot seat.  How’s that for mixed metaphors. I don’t know if the confusion over the program contributed, but this morning’s attendance dropped down to around forty-five.       

We had three guests this morning and Bill Buchanan accounted for two of them.  John Bell is on his fourth visit to the GGBC and his application is pending.  Bill’s other guest was Tom Watson.  The real estate agent, not the golfer.  President Harvey hosted Dennis Mandell, who has met the three meetings requirement and turned in his application as well.  Matter of fact, Dennis even included his initiation and dues with his application.  That’s confidence!  

We sort of solved last week’s guest mystery.  As I reported last week, our speaker, Coast Guard Vice Admiral Paul Zukunft was accompanied by two guests.  I was certain that Chairman of the Day Stan Ellexson introduced the female guest as Admiral Zukunft’s wife.  But, I didn’t catch her first name.  No problem, I’ll just get her name off the guest sign-in sheet.  Well, there was a problem.  On the guest sign-in sheet her name was listed as  “Mrs. DeNinno”.  So, I figured I didn’t hear so good.  But, Stan did say I heard just fine.  The female accompanying Admiral Zukunft was indeed his wife, Fran.  We don’t have a clue as to why the listing for “Mrs. DeNinno” appeared on our guest sign-in sheet though.                   

Excuses requested for this morning; Bert Hill excused Robin BrassoRickey Wilson excused Mike Hanlon, as Mike’s recovery from rotator cuff surgery has taken a bit longer than expected.  Seems the tear was longer than originally diagnosed.  Rickey says Mike should be cleared to drive next week.  Also not completely recovered from surgery, knee not rotator cuff, Janet Von Doepp, excused by Steve ShainJoel Panzer corrected Patricia Fripp’s itinerary.  Fripp did go to Rhode Island first and is now in Houston addressing a meeting of solar turbine executives.  Ken Brown reminded us that his driver, Marty Fleisher, is in DC for Passover.  After reminding us we now have two weeks and five days to file our extensions, Arlan Kertz excused Phil MosconePhil’s back is acting up.   

Both Marin Carpools were not carpools this morning.  John Cribbs made the trip across the tolltakerless Golden Gate Bridge without Jill Hoffman, who has a deposition this morning and Roy Wonder, who has a doctor’s appointment.  Les Andersen was all by his lonesome too, as John McKnight had to be at the Harbor Light early for the annual visit from the University of Oregon’s huge volunteer group. 

Needing an excuse for next week; Stan EllexsonStan is going on a cruise.  On Princess Lines, not Carnival.  So, we should see Stan the following week.      

Speaking of cruises; today Sidney Mobell is in the middle of the Indian Ocean aboard the Queen Mary 2 and is heading for Mauritius.  Sidney now has six excuses remaining.

Members that have returned; Jim Lazarus back from the Chamber’s annual DC trip.  Jim says things in DC are screwed up.  Jim, I could have told you that and you would have saved the airfare.  Also returning; Malik Looper, who is here because he couldn’t think of a good excuse not to be here.      

Have you noticed that Bert Hill hasn’t shaved in a while?  That’s because Bert is planning to take a long bicycle trip and Bert is of the opinion if he doesn’t shave and looks a but scruffy people will think he’s crazy and not harass him.  I guess Alan Garber is joining Bert on the trip as Garber certainly appears scruffy enough to qualify.  Past President Hugh Tuck says he never gets harassed when riding his bike.  It may have to do something with the AK47 Past President Hugh has strapped to his back.   

Betty Taisch threw a client appreciation party and one of her appreciated guests/clients is a World War II flyer.  Betty thinks he’ll make an excellent speaker.  If Betty can persuade him to do so. 

Which of our member looked the most nervous today?  Eduardo Blount.  Results of the bar exam don’t come out until mid-May.  Expect Eduardo to look even more nervous as the week’s progress. 

Which of our members looked the most disappointed today?  Steve Shain.  The Lake Merced Golf Club got an offer to sell out that would have brought each of the members more than a million bucks each.  But, the majority of the membership didn’t want to sell.  A million bucks will cover a lot of greens fees.  Now, since Lake Merced will still be here, Steve asked for a show of hands from those interested in playing in the GGBC’s Golf Tournament in May.  See Steve for details. 

As for other GGBC special events; Joel Panzer’s transition from his old Yahoo calendar to his new Google calendar has caused more problems than just double booking a speaker.  In last week’s column I mentioned our yearly joint meeting with the Lake Merritt and Berkeley Breakfast Clubs will be on Friday, June 16th.  Well, the joint meeting will be held on a Friday, only the correct date is June 14th.   The meeting will be hosted by the BBC at their usual venue, the Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley.  The GGBC Dick Pohli Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament will be held on Saturday, July 13th, not July 9th, at the Marin Bocce Federation, 550 B Street, San Rafael.

Although Joel apologized for giving me the wrong dates, I said “you should be honored, whenever I get dates from any other members, I always double check them”.    

Here’s another special event you can attend; the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center’s 72nd Annual Fund Raiser honoring Goldman Sachs Gives, which will be held right here at the MMC on April 17th at 6:00PM.  See me, Len Stec, Antonio White or John McKnight for the details.    

Like Steve Shain, also lamenting real estate deals, Chuck Mills reports another 2,500 housing units have been approved for the neighborhood around Showplace Square.  Poor Chuckles is going to lose his parking space and is going to have to compete with 6,000 new residents to find a spot at one of those new “dynamic pricing” parking meters.     

Unfortunately, Johnson You was not here this morning.  So, Marty Mijalski stepped up and delivered our only joke.  Here it is in its entirety;    

Twins are separated at birth and are adopted by two separate families.  One twin went to a family in Egypt, and they named him Amal.  The other twin went to a family in Spain and they named him Juan.  Years later, Juan's mother gets the address of Amal's family and sends a long letter to Amal's mother telling her about Juan's life with numerous pictures.  Amal's mother sent back a letter in reply saying how happy she was for her son's twin, but sent no pictures.  Juan's mother sent back a short letter, asking why she didn't send any pictures.  Amal's mother sent back a one sentence reply: "Well, once you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal". 

Reg Young asked to excuse Marty for that bad joke.  Like I said last week, Google “really bad jokes”, and up pops this column. 

Of course you can harness the internet for good.  Mike Mattis organized the on line opposition to the owners of the Palace Hotel’s attempt to sell the famous Maxfield Parrish painting of the Pied Piper of Hamelin that hung in the bar of the same name.  The painting will not be sold, although it will be relocated to a more protected spot within the hotel.  

In preparation for Passover, Jonathan Stone gave us a lesson on matzo, the unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jews during Passover.  Jonathan showed us that matzo looks like cardboard, except it doesn’t taste as good.  

Best introduction tag line of the morning from Grant Hundley; “everything hinges on Hundley”.    

Remember a couple of weeks ago new member John Mathers related his story about the PG&E shutting off his power even though he actually had a credit on his account?  Well, it gets better.  PG&E realized it did make a mistake, so a serviceman was sent to John’s house to turn on the power.  Only the serviceman was a gas specialist and couldn’t turn on the electricity.  So, John asked if the gas guy could call the dispatcher to call the proper serviceperson, but the gas guy says that’s not his job.  Anyway John and the gas guy get into a bit of a confrontation and the police were called.  Good thing John lives in Mill Valley, where the cops don’t have much to do. 

Regular Secretary Wayne Veatch made sure to thank his replacement Guest Secretary Mike Mustacchi for a job will done.  

Although not this morning’s most disappointed member, as that honor went to Steve Shain; Tom Jacobs still hasn’t had an opportunity to catch any Recology trucks operating in an unsafe or reckless manner.  In an attempt to cheer Tom up, Dan Negron promises to bring along one of our recently retired drivers to have breakfast with Tom next Wednesday.  Mike Mustacchi still blames Tom for Recology’s rerouting of Mike’s $350K alarm clock.   

Len Stec found it ironic that the name of the guy that announced the failure of those critical bolts on the new Bay bridge was Randy Rentschler.  Rhymes with wrench, get it?

Adding to Joel Panzer’s string of errors, Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh reports that Joel forgot to sign in for the first time ever.      

Looks like Mike Hanlon picked a good series of weeks for his rotator cuff surgery.  Reg Young reports no birthdays again this week.

We end the column on a bit of a sad note.  Tony Alfidi announced his resignation from the GGBC.  Tony’s blog is taking off and in order to keep those hits, and their attendant income coming in, Tony needs the three extra hours a week to concentrate on producing content.  We wish Tony all the best and Ed Flowers says whenever Tony feels like coming back for a bit of breakfast, Ed will treat. 

No knuckleheads this week.  Sadly, while Dan Negron and I were having breakfast with you all this morning, one of our trucks struck a grandmother and her seven year old granddaughter as they were walking across the Embarcadero at Broadway.  I can’t comment while the incident is under investigation, but our hearts go out to all that were involved in this tragic accident.     




"A DRONE, BY ANY OTHER NAME . . .(maybe like 'Bob Ford?')"

Recent nationwide furor or over possible Presidential misuse of CIA/Military "Drones" to assassinate suspected terrorists within the United States has roots deep in our history.

One hundred and thirty one years before our next April 3 meeting, the "Notorious Outlaw" Jesse James was assassinated with the active encouragement and protection of the Governor of the State where he had lived many years, fairly openly, as a locally popular free citizen, never charged in Court with any of the crimes for which he was shot in the back, unarmed, right in his own home, in the presence of his horrified wife and children. 

Jesse James became what we might now call a "domestic terrorist" at the tender age of 15, amid viciously war-torn times. He soon joined infamous Confederate "Bushwacker" raiders, murdering unarmed civilians throughout Kansas and Missouri. 

After the end of our "War between the States," Jesse continued justifying cold-blooded killings committed in his robberies as "Revenge" and "Warnings" against Northern "oppressors."  Amid real injustices of "Reconstruction" of our South, Jesse's personally convenient propaganda fabrications quickly found ready appeal in the newspaper media of the day.  

Capturing Jesse James, even as he flaunted his nationally growing legendary celebrity from the safety of his deadly protective home communities, proved fatally impossible for soon deceased agents of law enforcement.  Worse than that, the otherwise highly successful private "Pinkerton" Detective Service inflamed public indignation by blowing up his mother's home while he was not even there! (Sound anything like a modern "Blackwater Ops" gone bad debacle?)

Frustrated at the resulting public humiliation and loss of leadership confidence, Jesse's home state Governor resorted to tactics effectively amounting to "Conspiracy to Commit Murder for Hire" of a citizen of his own state who had never been convicted of crime, and who was praised and supported by many prominent local pillars of their communities. 

Televised "Docu-Dramas" recounting the April 3, 1882 "back-shooting" assassination of the then unarmed and unsuspecting Jesse James in his home, in the presence of his wife and children, now provide persuasive new evidence that the Governor of Missouri promised his murderer much more than the publicly announced reward for his capture "Dead or Alive."  

One nationally televised example last week boldly asserted convincing new evidence that Governor Thomas T. Crittenden had met directly with the newly reviving "James Gang" recruit Bob Ford to assure him personally of a Pardon even in the unlikely event that local authorities might prosecute him for any crimes committed in connection with the assassination.  The Deed was soon done, April 3, 1882.   

I cite these "Revisionist History" Revelations of modern "Truth" as further proof of my concerns that we ourselves encourage our Government to justify illegal and otherwise immoral "Means" with assurances of "Higher" or "Greater" public need for the immediate "Ends" that they hope to achieve.  Such is often said to be done for "good reasons" of "public necessity" or even "National Security."  All too often, much lesser foresight attention is given to ruinously counterproductive "Blowback" from "unintended "collateral consequences" inevitably following.  

In this case, locally outraged juries soon acquitted Jessie's brother, Frank James, despite crimes that he is now universally recignized, and often even celebrated, for committing through many years of co–partnership in the "James Gang" reign of terror.  Since then, the "Legend of Jesse James" has been increasingly galvanized from best-selling Nashville ballads of decades ago to star-studded Hollywood "Blockbusters" still being remade.  (In 2007, Brad Pitt starred as Jesse in Ridley Scott's production of "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," also co-starring Sam Sheppard as his brother Frank, Mary-Louise Parker as his wife, and Ben Affleck's brother Casey as the "cowardly" assassin deceitfully manipulated by James Carville as the corrupt Governor.)

Popularly common belief would now mislead our children to imagine the murderous "domestic terrorist" Jesse James was some kind of misunderstood "Anti-Hero" of our unjustly victimized "underdog" classes, struggling against greedily cruel corruption of institutional authority.

Again, I conclude by asking whether most of us now EXPECT such excess from both our leaders and media, if not outright DEMAND it from them?  

How long before the next international film production remake abroad of "Zero Dark Thirty" tells it like "Poor Misunderstood Osama?"

Let us all be careful what we ask for, and what we condemn, from our Executive leaders and those charged to implement their decisions!



John H. Bell