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March 13th: Mony Nop: Cambodian Story of Survival and Success
March 20th: VADM Paul Zukunft
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Since President Harvey doesn’t want to give up his ability to socialize before calling the meetings to order, he again delegated the five-minute warning to Past President Bert HillBert likes using the Fire Truck’s bell, although President Harvey did personally deliver the two minute warning to the noisy and unruly crowd.  The membership did manage to quiet down and we did get everyone seated by about 7:33AM.  I guess there’s a lot of interest in seaplanes, as we again had almost a full house.  Maybe four empty seats out of fifty-nine.     

Just like last week, we had eight guests again for this morning’s meeting.  Antonio White hosted past speaker Shawn Brown.  As Bert Hill is going to be shooting more footage for his bicycle safety video this morning, about how to negotiate your bike safely around a “bus island”, Bert decided to fortify his videographer, Marcus Cheek, with a hearty breakfast.  Joel Panzer brought along retired professor Jack TaylorChuck Mills hosted Shea Baldez, the Operations Manager from Chuckles’ building, the San Francisco Design Center.  Christine Torrington’s guest was her long time friend, Christian Einfeldt of State Farm Insurance.  How long has Christine known Christian?  Counting today, four days.  Two of our guests were from outside of the United States.  John McKnight hosted Tarja Knudsen from Denmark and Malik Looper brought along Jon Jimenez from Spain.  Malik credits his return to Ray Siotto’s e-mail inquiring about Malik’s whereabouts, and the whereabouts of Malik’s dues for 2013.  Finally, although she signed the Guest List, technically, Semara St. Denny is Janet Von Doepp’s “stand in” and isn’t really a guest.  

Excuses requested for this morning; from Antonio White for Jaclyn Carpenter, who is on a job this morning and for J. J. Panzer who is travelling on business.  Bert Hill excused Robin Brasso, home taking care of husband Russ, who has a case of that bad flu that is making the rounds.  Bert also mentioned that Wayne Veatch is home and recovering nicely from his surgery.  Although, Wayne probably needs one more week off to fully recuperate.  Joel Panzer reminded us that Patricia Fripp is still in Vegas.  Marin Carpool #1 was short a rider.  Only Jill Hoffman and John Cribbs made the trip into the City this morning.  Roy Wonder is travelling.  Jill also confided that she and John actually drove in separately.  Jill has an event this evening and didn’t want to deal with the bus and ferry to get back home to Sausalito, so Jill thought it prudent to drive herself.       

Only one excuse requested for next week; Betty Taisch is going skiing

The security table had all its members present, Frank Reed, Eric McGarty and Jackson Talbot, this morning.  We now have a new table, the needlers.  Dentists Tom Jacobs and Jerome Stroumza joined by our acupuncturist Johnson You.   This morning Tom mentioned he didn’t see a single Recology truck.  This may explain why Tom arrived on time.  Ray Siotto is happy with Recology though.  Ray took delivery of some new furniture and carefully bundled the cardboard for collection.  Only problem; Ray’s nicely tied bundle was too big for our dual compartment side loaders.  But, our Route Supervisor, Ramiro Alvarez, swung by Ray’s house and picked up the cardboard bundle personally.  Ray says Recology is faster than FedEx.  Well at least Ramiro is.          

Both myself and Stan Ellexson received an e-mail from Sidney Mobell Sid has left Shanghai and is on his way, as mentioned in last week’s column, to Yorkeys Knob, Far North Queensland, Australia.  Unfortunately, Sid has a bad rash on one of his feet.  The ship’s doctor hasn’t found a remedy yet.  Any suggestions for a good anti-inflammatory analgesic?  Sid is now down to ten excuses remaining. 

Bill Buchanan was reading one of the SFPD’s Academy tests.  The question; if you have an armed person with multiple personalities, is it a hostage situation? 

With the return of Johnson You, both Alan Garber and Marty Mijalski declined to tell any jokes.  But, both Garber and Marty had timely comments.  Garber’s; sequestration is coming, so shouldn’t that mean congress gets locked up like a jury?  Marty gave a bit of advice; always borrow money from a pessimist, since a pessimist never expects to be repaid. 

Johnson did deliver with two jokes.  The first was about the guy during World War II that hid a Jewish guy in his basement.  He charged the guy $2K month to hide him, saved the guy’s life, but then didn’t tell him when the war was over.  The second was an old one about the monkey who was “driving the car”.      

Terry Cowhey, still “a great American”, and still running over the exact same problems on the PUC job out in Sunol.  So, this morning Mike Hanlon issued a warrant for Terry’s arrest.  Rich Corriea got Terry up, frisked him and escorted Terry out of the Crystal Ballroom.  Judge Hanlon says Terry’s infraction was only a misdemeanor, but Ed Flowers says with Terry, it’s a felony.     

When you’re on your third and, hopefully, final marriage, you need to award those kudos to your wife when they are deserved.  The afore mentioned Rich Corriea wants you to know that wife Maria has her very own plunger, and the plunger is clearly marked with her name in her beautiful handwritten script.  Rich even has a picture of the plunger on his phone.  Maybe wives #1 and #2 didn’t know how to use a plunger.  I’m still on wife #1, and my wife Nora is quite adept in her plunger use.  I guess the secret to having a long marriage is to marry a woman that can unclog a toilet.        

Mike Mustacchi mentioned that Steve Shain took offense at the comment reported in last week’s column that Steve was dressed down a bit, prompting Alan Garber to ask if Goodwill was having a sale.  Mike said Steve went to Good Wilkes not Goodwill.  Steve did confide though, this morning’s outfit was from Nordstrom.  The shoes were from Wilkes though.  Although maybe Garber shouldn’t comment on other member’s sartorial splendor.  When Garber walked off the elevator this morning, I could swear he was the guy sleeping in the doorway next to the Seven Eleven on Sutter as I passed on my way to the MMC in the pre-dawn darkness.           

Having second thoughts about the joining the GGBC, John MathersJohn didn’t realize there were so many lawyers in this club and John was looking at having to pay potentially $2 million in legal fees.  That was reduced to around $50K, but that’s still a sizeable amount, so John’s not too fond of lawyers.  Of course, President Harvey says the GGBC is full of attorneys not lawyers.  Lawyers are the guys that charge less than $300.00 per hour.  John wasn’t laughing.

Don Persky reported his organization, the Korean Immersion Education Alliance has officially qualified as a 501(c)(3). . 

A new intro tag line from Michael Mattis, “of Bite Size TV”.  What is Bite Size TV?  Mike also supplied the answer; “a fine of $250K, restitution, and up to six years in prison”.  The question; “what is the penalty for making a false distress call to the Coast Guard?”  

Do you need to get better at speaking one-on-one as opposed to texting?  See Alex KingDale Carnegie has a course for you.

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Joel Panzer recommends the San Francisco History Expo at the Old Mint, 88 5th Street, corner of Mission.  On Saturday from 11:00AM to 5:00PM and on Sunday from 11:00AM to 4:00PM.  And, admission is free!

Looking for something to do on April 17th?  Antonio White suggests attending the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center’s Annual Dinner.  Right here in the Crystal Ballroom at the MMC.  Only a hundred bucks a ticket, and if you’re cheap, see me.  I have some extra seats on my table.       

Also, if you are having any GGBC web site problems, see Antonio

Real estate mavens Pat Conley and Betty Taisch say the housing stock in San Francisco is way down.  A sellers market.  But, Betty says it’s better in Marin, so if you’re looking to buy, maybe you should consider crossing the bridge.

Enjoying today’s weather, Doug Wilkins.  Not enjoying today’s weather, Doug’s table mate David Dissmeyer.

As you know, last week Mike Hanlon was in San Jose for an arbitration.  Since the arbitration lasted for more than a day, Mike had to spend the night in San Jose and stayed at the Sainte Claire Hotel.  Mike says the last time he stayed at the Sainte Claire, he was in high school.  Wow, I didn’t realize the Sainte Claire was that old.  Mike did come back to a bunch of birthdays, including one that was missed last week, new member John Mathers.  This week, today, J. J. Panzer (who was travelling, yeah right) and as mentioned by Reg Young, on Sunday, Judge Hanlon himself.  And, while not a birthday, last Monday the 18th was Malik Looper’s 21st anniversary of the day he met his wife.  Another week where both hats were worn and the birthday song was sung.  The hats were worn by John and Mike.  We don’t have a “met your wife anniversary” hat.   

Attendance Chairman Hedy Kaveh decided to delegate the attendance report to Steve ShainSteve duly reported he did not sign the list.  But, Steve didn’t rat out the usual suspects.  Steve only threw Len Stec under the bus. 

Joel Panzer’s sunshine report; Owen O’Donnell has the gout.  

Since Mike Hanlon has returned, Guest Secretary Mike Mustacchi was able to revert to Italian to deliver the minutes and presented last week’s speaker, Rich Corriea, with the appropriate ciambella.  A ciambella is an Italian donut.  I was going to tell Mike it’s properly called a bombolone, until the Italian experts here at Recology told me a bombolone is a filled or jelly donut.  I will not second guess our Guest Secretary again.

What’s Mike going to do next week since our scheduled speaker didn’t show and our substitute speaker was none other than Rich Corriea?  So, Rich was bumped twice, but then spoke for two weeks in a row.  The only other GGBC speaker to ever do consecutive weeks; Harry Kim.  And that was for Harry’s New Kids presentation.                 

Knucklehead of the Week: as mentioned by Mike Mattis during this morning’s meeting.  The guy on Sunday that made the fake distress call that his sailboat with his wife and two children aboard was sinking 65 miles off the coast near Monterey.  The Coast Guard, the Navy and the Air Force pooled their resources to search an area the size of West Virginia and came up totally empty.  The cost, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  A Coast Guard HC-130J has a crew of five to seven.  What if that HC-130J crashed?  There would be no penalty severe enough to punish that hoaxster.            



Remember the stereotypic “Grandmother’s Admonition” that, “If you can’t say something good about someone, then don’t say anything at all”?\

The Georgia Institute of Technology has just published their comprehensive follow-up on a MIT study identifying how to maximize growth and interest of Twitter followers. This most recent study reportedly tracked 507 Twitter users  producing more than 500,000 tweets over 15 months, in order to confirm what “Grandma already knew.”  My take on the latest shockers include the following “findings”:

  1. Don’t just talk about yourself,
  2. Focus on interesting new topics that people want to hear about (instead of rehashing the same old stuff”,
  3. Make every word count concisely,  
  4. Be positively energetic, and,
  5. Try to mix in some occasional broader audience interest along with easier appeal to the “same old crowd.”

Judging from the refreshingly lively set of introductions over the last few weeks, could we have a robust crop of potential “Tweeters” hidden amid our ranks? 

Your President urges all (especially himself) to “Engage Brain Before Mouth” in introducing ourselves to our members and guests this week.  That’s our best chance of avoiding our new “Golden Chicken” award!