February 20: SFPD CMDR Richard Corriea

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Policing the City: Tips, tales and perspectives from our SFPD and GGBC cop.    

Richard Lyons Corriea is a Commander in the San Francisco Police Department.  

He is fourth generation San Franciscan and a thirty-two year veteran of the Department.  He attended George Washington High School, S.F. State University and Golden Gate University.  He holds Juris Doctorate, a Masters in Business Administration and is a graduate of the State’s Command College for Police executives.  

Commander Corriea is an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco and a member of the University's International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership Advisory Board. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the S. F. Police Credit Union and the Board of Directors of Planning Association for the Richmond (PAR). Commander Corriea and his family reside in San Francisco's Richmond District.  


By Pete Ratto, GGBC Past President
Photos by Betty Taisch

President Harvey, with a little assistance from Bert Hill, brought us to order right on time using our Fire Truck bell with the admonition “this bell tolls for thee”.  So, President Harvey rings the bell and quotes Hemingway, as opposed to Past President Hugh Tuck squeezing his little Barbie horn and just telling us to sit down and shut up.  It appeared we were going to have another under forty attendance day when President Harvey called us to order, as there were two tables that were completely empty.  But, just like last week, enough stragglers arrived to boost the attendance to just over forty.  Not a good showing for our speaker, our former member and Administrative Secretary Pierre FournierPierre gave us a great talk on his trip to Machu Picchu, which certainly deserved a better crowd.       

We had but a single guest this morning.  Perennial late arriving Terry Redmond hosted by Ray SiottoTerry should change his name to Tom.     

Excuses requested for this morning; Jill Hoffman is sick, so Marin Carpool #1 was just John Cribbs and Roy Wonder.  But, Marin Carpool #2 was at full strength as both Les Andersen and John McKnight were here.  Les missed last week, as he was fighting a bout with pneumonia.  Rob DeMartini excused Dan Negron, as Dan had a meeting with the union this morning.  The driver of truck #14469 filed a grievance after he was disciplined for blocking a traffic lane on Lombard Street last Wednesday.  Plus, with #14469 picking up his customers on Lombard first this morning, #14469 got to Laguna Street late and, consequently, Mike Mustacchi was almost late as well.  Remember, Hanlon is up at Sea Ranch for Valentine’s Day with wife Yvonne.  Adding insult to injury, Tom Jacobs wasn’t even here this morning and Tom can’t blame Recology this time.   

Excuses requested for the future; Betty Taisch is heading to Southern California for a political issues conference.  Rickey Wilson will be taking daughter Jessica skiing at Heavenly Valley.  Did you know that Jessica and Steve Shain’s daughter have the same birthday?    

No e-mail from Sidney Mobell this week, so I checked Cunard’s web site to see where the Queen Mary 2 is located.  Right now she’s tied up in Ho Chi Minh City.  Next stop; Hong Kong.  Sid is now down to twelve excuses remaining. [Ed. Note: Sidney is meeting up with our resident newlywed, Antonio White's in-laws, Albert and Esther, who will be taking him on an insider's tour of Hong Kong. First course of business, Dim Sum at the Shanghai Club, where in order to be a member, you have to be born in Shanghai (and you thought GGBC's three meeting membership prerequisite was tough.) Antonio can attest that it is the best Dim Sum he's ever had. After tasting it, Sidney may not want to come back.]

In honor of our speaker and his subject, Robin Brasso wore a sweater made from Alpaca yarn.  Or maybe Vicuna yarn. Anyway, Robin’s sweater was made from the coat of one of those Peruvian high altitude goats.  Christine Torrington decided to do the same, although Christine was wearing a necklace from Peru.  I can’t say where the material in Christine’s sweater originated from.   

Even though two of our female members honored our speaker, Mike Mustacchi pointed out that none of Pierre’s FBI colleagues were in attendance.  Now George Grotz is probably in South Carolina, but where were Bill Buchanan and Marty Mijalski?   

Our two newest members of 2013, John Mathers and Jerome Stroumza, both received  rounds of applause again this morning.  Are we setting a new precedent with all this enthusiastic applause, or are we just getting kinder and gentler?  John also mentioned that his neighbor is one of the environmentalists working on Terry Cowhey’s Hetch Hetchy job.  Terry also went back to using one of his older intro tag lines; “great American” before launching into his usual tale of woe regarding the previously mentioned project.        

Since Alan Garber is still recovering from his big move to Point Richmond, he declined to tell a joke this morningAlthough Garber has already had a house guest at his new digs.  Alan’s daughter was at a conference in Austin, Texas, and upon conclusion of the conference, couldn’t fly home to Boston since Logan was snowed in.  So, she decided to visit Dad and wait for the snow to melt.  Garber may also have been a bit worried about his 91 year old Mom, who is getting a new hip this morning. 

If you are friends with Garber or Rich Corriea on FaceBook, or are friends of their friends, you would have seen a photo of Garber and Rich posted by Garber’s wife MicheleRich’s wife Maria “liked” it, so now the wives are FaceBook friends too. The power of social media. Another tool for wives to plot against us.

Rich mentioned that he is next week’s speaker and is hoping for a good crowd.  After all, Rich says cops need love too.  So please come to breakfast and make Rich’s day.        

A new tag line for Grant Hundley, “the place to go for the brands you know”.   

Ed Flowers looked right a home sitting between Judges Roy Wonder and John Stewart.

Speaking of Roy Wonder, are you looking for something to do next Tuesday evening?  Roy ran into Mike Myatt and Mike asked if Roy could let the GGBC know the next speaker in the George Shultz Lecture Series at the MMC is Vice Admiral Matthew Nathan, the Surgeon General of the Navy.  Starts at 5:30PM, it’s free and you can register on line via the MMC’s web site.    

There’s a blog called Middle Aged Men that Wear Lycra.  Bert Hill thinks he fits that demographic.  Although can you really consider Bert middle aged?

Jonathan Stone says Stan Ellexson was not lying when Stan said the TSA would return Jonathan’s confiscated Swiss Army Knife.  The knife arrived in Jonathan’s mail box last week. And for proof, Jonathan pulled the knife out of his pocket this morning.

We always refer to Don Persky as a pilot, but Don is also the Executive Director of the Korean Immersion Education Alliance.  Don says he has a fund raiser coming up and the Counsel General of the Republic of Korea has offered to help.         

Tony Alfidi again wants to reinforce that he does not give investment advice.  Also, direct to Terry Cowhey, Tony says “I’m not Antonio”.  To Terry, all those young guys look alike. 

We had but a single joke this morning.  From Alex King; a guy buys a new computer and has to set his password.  The guy chooses “my <common euphemism for male genitalia>” and the computer responds “too short”.  The word actually used by Alex has only five letters, which when combined with “my” is indeed too short for a password.  I was tempted to quote Alex verbatim, but when I applied my New York Times test, it appears the Times always substitutes for the five letter word.  So, if you won’t see it in the New York Times, you won’t see it in this column.

While Past President Hugh was quick to award the chicken, President Harvey appears to be more conservative, even though President Harvey does have the rubber chicken available if the joke is not worthy of Goldie.  

Speaking of Past President Hugh, if you go on the Yosemite trip, a round of golf is

included. If this peaks your interest, see Hugh.   

Since Mike Hanlon wasn’t here and didn’t send any birthdays to Reg Young, we had no birthdays this morning.  And in keeping with President Harvey’s new policy, no birthday song either.

Plus, without Hanlon to translate, Guest Secretary Mike Mustacchi delivered his minutes in English. 

Knucklehead of the Week:  Jonathan Cole Collins.  Seems Georgia teen Jonathan was released from prison on Sunday.  As Jonathan was walking home, he started to get tired.  Jonathan happened upon a parked school bus with the keys in the ignition, so he hopped aboard, started the bus up and headed home.  Jonathan did park the bus at an elementary school near his home.  Unfortunately, as per usual in these times of heightened security, Jonathan’s escapade was captured on video.  So, Jonathan will be heading back to prison.  Most likely, not on a school bus.     


Photos by Betty Taisch

President's Message
By Harvey Elam

Support Your Local Police

This week, "Support Your Local Police" at least means hearing what commander Coriea can tell us about SFO.  

Every day, it may mean more about how we take care of ourselves than about how we treat those who "Serve and Protect."

For some, that might be as simple as remembering to lock your doors and windows at home.  Many of our members participate in community and professional support organizations or events. A few have ridden along under programs improving relations and understanding.

On Google, "Support Your Local Police" draws lots of political rants decrying the new "Police State."  Across America and over the span of our lifetimes, it means many different things.  Decades after the introduction of the "911" Emergency Call service, and awash in cell phones, each of us still has some personal obligation for protecting our own personal security. We cannot yet completely "outsource" and "professionalize" our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

Let's all learn something this week at the GGBC about becoming better citizens.