Nov 27th: Hedy Kaveh, The Way I See It.


NOV 27th: Hedy Kaveh, The Way I See It
DEC 4th: Mike Hanlon, The  View from the Bench
DEC 11th: Oak Dowling:  the Cross-Examination of the Nazi Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trial of 1946.



Past President, current GGBC board member and Attendance Czar, Hedy Kaveh will dazzle you with his ability to put world events into context with wit and wisdom. As CEO of TripTel, Hedy helps travelers from around the globe with telecommunications solutions and as GGBCs attendance Czar, he keeps track of who's present and who's making excuses. Come join us this Wednesday for a very fun and insightful breakfast.

One of Our Own

Hedy Kaveh moved to the US in 1976 at the age of 17. He went to Dominican college of San Rafael for 2 years, Lexington for 1 semester and Sacramento state to finish his Electronic and Electrical Engineering degree. His passion for cars and buildings steered him to open his Audio / Video store in San Francisco in 1981 and once the car phones hit the market, he was the first to offer it in 1985. In 1989 he started a cell phone rental program from San Francisco International Airport and over the next 10 years, he expanded to Washington Dulles, JFK, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Honolulu Airports. His wife currently operates SFO and LAX and the rest of the locations were sold to local operators.

Hedy sold his share at Audio Symphony in July of 2012 to his partner and concentrated on property development.

He is married to Shahrzad with 3 children who all have been regulars at GGBC, Anthony, Ryan(AKA Santa Helper) and Ariana

He enjoys travelling and plans to live abroad for a few years as soon as his youngest daughter goes to college in 2 years, until then he is trapped in Hillsborough and attends Wed. Breakfast club meetings as the highlight of his life.


This morning, Chairman of the Day Bert Hill, concerned that President Harvey would not promptly start this morning’s meeting took matters into his own hands and gave the four minute warning.  One minute late and Past President Bert is already engineering a coup.  President Harvey may have been reflecting on what he should do with his $17.50 windfall for his day of jury service.  Once President Harvey snapped out of his daydreaming, he did start the meeting right on time.  President Harvey also warned the membership to turn off their cell phones and reminded us the GGBC is a charitable organization that fosters good fellowship and interest in San Francisco.               

Our attendance was stable.  Falling slightly to forty-one.  We did a better job of spreading out though, as every table had some members taking seats.  So, our slightly smaller crowd actually looked bigger than last week’s.       

We had six guests this morning.  Hosted by Bert Hill was wife Lorna and Shawn Whelan the COO of San Francisco State University who accompanied his boss, our speaker, SFSU President Les WongJoel Panzer brought along Michael Dotson another Boy Scout Troop 88 veteran.  Bill Buchanan hosted two guests, Alex Johnson and Chris Burns from Carrier Corporation.  Dennis Mandell was finally able to return to San Francisco from Anchorage and brought along his partner, Ron Gagosian.  Both from Anchorage and to breakfast.     

Today’s excuses; Bert Hill excused new member and son Eli HillEli is working on a project for P G & E, which means Eli may miss a few more meetings, depending on the project’s duration.  Bert also let us know that Robin Brasso’s husband Russell passed away last Monday after a long illness.  The GGBC sends our condolences to Robin and her family in this difficult time.  Bill Buchanan was at a law enforcement event out at the Cliff House yesterday and Rich Corriea was also there.  Rich told Bill he would see him tomorrow morning at breakfast, but Rich wasn’t here.  Since Rich said he was going to be here, and wasn’t here, Bill says no excuse for Rich.  Those FBI guys are tough.  Ray Siotto excused Alan Garber and I excused your editor, Antonio White, who is expecting a visit from the plumbers this morning.  Reg Young says he has no idea where Mike Hanlon is this morning, so, just to be safe, Reg excused Mike.  Note to the membership; if you need a “questionable” excuse, ask Reg not Buchanan.   

Excuses for the future; John McKnight will be setting up for the turkey carving at the Harbor Light Center bright and early next Wednesday.  John’s not worried about carving the turkeys, because the SFFD, SFPD and Mayor Lee will be on hand to perform that chore.  But, John does need volunteers to deliver 4,000 meals on Thanksgiving morning.  John’s first volunteer; Christine Torrington, who does this every year with one of her friends. 

Heading to the East Coast for Thanksgiving; Marty MijalskiMarty will be celebrating with his daughter and her new husband.  Betty Taisch will be travelling for Thanksgiving next Wednesday as well.  Betty just returned from her river cruise through the Slovakian Countries.  Said it was great and Betty highly recommends Viking Cruises.  Although, I thought Betty said biking cruises and was ready to make a comment about Bert Hill’s increasing influence among the membership.  Fortunately my better hearing seat mate, Marty Mijalski, set me straight.  Viking not biking.  

Past President Hugh Tuck, who has formed the Slow and Distinct Talkers Club in response to my comment last week about my inability to hear Janet Von Doepp, slowly and distinctly told us he will be at his new “cabin” in Truckee for Thanksgiving.  Stan Ellexson is heading in the opposite direction to Palm Desert to spend Thanksgiving with his sister.  Stan also reminded us that Sidney Mobell is visiting his money in Las Vegas this week.

Request for a perpetual excuse; sadly Alex King reports that every Wednesday morning at 6:15AM he receives a call from Harry Kim wondering if Alex can bring him to breakfast.  Alex always tells Harry he’s not coming to breakfast as Harry’s wife feels Harry’s mental impairment is too severe to allow Harry’s attendance.

Members that have returned; “new member” Larry Jacobson was here this morning for his quarterly visit wearing all his America’s Cup swag.  Larry is still sworn to secrecy by the America’s Cup Event Authority as to not discuss anything pertaining to their event.  Interestingly, all of us at Recology, who participated in the planning or provided service to America’s Cup, had to sign very strict confidentially agreements too. 

Larry’s sponsor, Patricia Fripp returned to breakfast this morning as well.  Fripp’s last stop; New York City.

Eduardo Blount took some time off this morning from getting cases to join us again for breakfast.  When you’re a “one man banana stand”, if you don’t work, you don’t pay the bills.             

Back from Bangkok, Jerome Stroumza. 

Spending the past two weeks learning to sail a tall ship; Michael MattisMike was aboard the Lady Washington.  Mike also told a joke that should have received the chicken.  If not Goldie, at least the rubber one.   

Even though Reg Young excused Rickey Wilson last week, Rickey wanted us all to know he took his daughter out for dinner on Tuesday evening, Ruth Chris’ in Walnut Creek, and that required a bit too much driving for Rickey to make the trip to San Francisco the following morning.  Rickey also told us the story of Charlie, the Bacardi Rum salesman.  Seems Charlie is kind of a rough guy.  Charlie doesn’t like fat people on airplanes trying to climb over him to get to the window seat.  Even if they are blind.         

Proud papa Joel Panzer reports son J. J. has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Apartment Association.  I hope they don’t meet on Wednesday mornings.  This morning J. J. is at his first Rebuilding Together board meeting. 

Who was all smiles this morning?  David Dissmeyer of course.   

Ken Brown says Marty Fleisher should be in Africa on his safari by now.  Marty Mijalski hopes Marty Fleisher doesn’t run into any cannibals.  I told Marty, Mijalski, not to worry.  Fleisher’s a lawyer and lawyers give cannibals heartburn.  Just like everyone else.  

Marty, Mijalski, delivered this morning’s best joke; a little girl was talking to her teacher about whales and how she had heard that whale had swallowed Jonah.  The teacher said it was impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though a whale is huge, its throat is very small so all it eats are plankton. The little girl remained steadfast in her position and insisted a whale had swallowed Jonah.  Irritated, the teacher repeated a whale cannot swallow a human; it’s physically impossible. The little girl said, “I'm not sure how it happened, but when I get to heaven I will ask Jonah.” The teacher replied smugly, “What if Jonah isn't in heaven?”  The little girl replied, “Then you can ask him.”

A correction from Chuck Mills; tomorrow is sip and shop Thursday at the Showplace.  In last week’s column, I said it was last Thursday.   

Make sure you’re here next week as Steve Shain says our former member Jeanine Spencer will be here.   

Remember a few weeks back a comment was made by Alex King in regard to the dangers that flame retardants pose for firefighter’s heath?  Christine Torrington says to make sure you catch the HBO documentary “Toxic Hot Seat”, premiering this Monday at 9:00PM.     

In honor of our speaker, Jim Lazarus reminded Dr. Wong that the Chamber’s new slogan is “our business, your city”.  In honor of anyone in need of a new doorknob, Grant Hundley reminded us his old slogan is “more for your door than any other store.”

A final reminder from Past President Hugh Tuck; if you want all your information to be correct in our printed roster, make sure to verify or add to the information we have on file.  Past President Hugh is ready to publish.    

As Christmas is quickly approaching, this morning was the first appearance of the sign-up sheet for the GGBC’s Annual Holiday Extravaganza.  All the usual suspects, GGBC favorites and Santa Claus himself will be present to entertain us.  Make sure you sign up.   

Even though Mike Hanlon was not here to do the birthdays, Reg Young stepped up to the plate and announced two.  Yesterday, Chuck Mills and today, Michael Mattis.  So,

we got to sing the birthday song and both hats were worn.  Chuckles also received a special treat for his birthday; he got to talk to his Great Grandson via Skype.  Who shares a birthday with Chuckles?  My wife, Nora!  Same day, but not the same year.

Our last arrival; Mike MustacchiMike had our speaker’s Certificate of Appreciation and made it just in time to deliver the minutes of last week’s meeting.  Mike had to take a little more time than usual with the minutes to fully cover Bert Hill’s very extensive presentation.  Mike also mentioned Board of Supervisor’s President David Chiu was here and said a few words.          

Knucklehead of the week; our speaker David Chiu’s collogue on the Board of Supervisors, Eric Mar, who took to Twitter for his total buzz kill tweet wondering how many poor San Francisco kids could have been fed with all the money spent on Batkid.  Most of the money spent on Batkid came from the private Make-A-Wish Foundation, which raises money specifically to provide kids like little Miles Scott with something special in what may be a very short life.  For you Tea Party members out there, Make-A-Wish Foundation does not receive any government funding.   The City & County of San Francisco spent a little over $100K, which will not come from the general fund, but from the funds paid to the city by conventions that are held here.  For the amount of totally positive local, national and world press coverage the City received, that $100K was money well spent.  And little Miles Scott, who’s wish was simply “I want to be Batkid” and who has suffered almost his whole short life from the ravages of leukemia, had the adventure of a life time.