October 2nd: John Martin, SFO Economic Impact

Please Mark Your Calendars for our Upcoming GGBC Speakers 

OCT 2nd: John Martin, SFO Economic Impact
OCT 9th: New Kids and an Old Guy
OCT 16th: Don Persky
OCT 23rd: Mike Phipps, SF Cable Car Museum



President Harvey was here and managed to call the meeting to order right on time.  He did confess though, that he has been spending a lot of time down on the waterfront watching the America’s Cup.  President Harvey also admitted his practice is in a shambles.

A few other members also admitted to spending time on the waterfront.  Mike Mattis says these are epic days of days, as we witnessed what did turn out to be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.  Antony Mills says Oracle Team USA’s win can be compared with the “Miracle on Ice” from the 1980 Winter Olympics, when the USA defeated the heavily favored Soviet team.       

We had three guests this morning, all hosted by Bert Hill.  Son Eli Hill, neighbor Susan Sidel and very soon to be member Madeleine Savit.  Actually, I can safely say new member Madeleine Savit, because the Board approved Madeleine’s application right before press time.  Bert mentioned during Susan’s introduction that she and her partner were just married and the ceremony was performed by a Boy Scout Leader.  I know Judges and Ship’s Captains can perform marriages, I didn’t know Boy Scout Leaders could.  Bert also asked how many GGBC members have joined Bay Area Bike Share.  Two, Madeleine, as expected, and…..me.  Now I too can terrorize pedestrians and run red lights. Although, Tom Jacobs wouldn’t consider that to be anything new.             

With fewer guests this week, our attendance fell off again to only forty-three.  Ten less than last week.     

This morning’s excuses; J.J. Panzer for Alex Mozes.  J.J. says Alex has a bug.  J.J. also requested an excuse for himself, as next week he will be in the Big Apple.  Too bad J.J. wasn’t in New York City this week.  Wayne Veatch reports his son C.J. is there watching our Giants play both the Mets and the Yankees.  Wayne doesn’t get why everyone is so excited about Oracle Team USA’s comeback.  After all the crews from both boats are pretty much Aussies and Kiwis.      

Jim Simpson excused Reg Young.  Eric McGarty excused Jackson Talbot.  And, I’ll excuse Sidney Mobell.  Sid is back in Washington DC for the Smithsonian’s annual Legacy Dinner for all their big donors.  Alex King requested an excuse for Mike Hanlon as Mike’s hand is still a bit swollen from the spider bite.

This morning Mike Mustacchi was too late for Marin Carpool #2, but fortunately he caught a ride with Marin Carpool #3.  It’s a good thing Mustacchi made it to the meeting, since he had to issue an excuse for Antonio White, as Antonio’s water heater decided to blow up this morning.  Mustacchi also requested an excuse for Hugh Tuck, since Mike says Hugh is replacing the water heater.  I didn’t know Atlas replaced water heaters?  Isn’t that a job for a plumber?

Speaking of Carpool #3, Chuck Mills had a full load this morning.  In addition to Mustacchi, Bill Buchanan returned from his trip to Ketchum, Idaho, where Bill spent the week with 300 of his best FBI buddies.  Bill even brought wife Claire and the dogs along too.  Plus, this just wasn’t a week of huntin, fishin and partyin; Bill visited the grave site of Ernest Hemingway, which inspired Bill to even quote some poetry this morning.   

Chuckles reminded us he is still serving cheap wine and cheese one Thursday evening a month.  Hopefully, this will drum up some business.  Jim Lazarus suggested Chuckles join the Chamber, because Jim’s members all claim business is booming.  Jim reminds the membership this is the last week for the Chamber’s old slogan of “where smart business starts”.  New slogan and logo to be unveiled next week.

Steve Shain returned from his fiftieth high school reunion.  Frank Reed is waiting for enough of his fellow Mission High alums to get some time off for good behavior, so they can have a reunion too.

Phil Moscone is going to be John Stewart again for this week.  Phil doesn’t know where John is, but I guess we should give John an excuse.     

We received another speaking tip from Patricia Fripp this morning; “present information in a way your audience can see it”.  

An interesting statistic from John Mathers.  Average CEO salary = $12.3 million a year.  Average employee salary = $35K a year.

Even though Betty Taisch screens her calls, she took a chance and answered a call from a number she didn’t recognize.  As soon as Betty answered she recognized the voice.  It was a client from twelve years ago that Betty never met but Berry handled an investment property transaction for this client.  Must have worked out well for the client since she called Betty back.        

Counting down with two weeks left until his new title, the Master of Disaster, becomes official is John McKnight.  John also had our only joke this morning; there were two lines of women at the pearly gates.  One for women who were bothered by their husbands and one for women that weren’t bothered by their husbands.  The first line was very long, but only a single woman was in the second line.  St Peter asked, “why are you in this line?”  The woman replied, “my husband told me to get in this line”.  I guess you had to be here to appreciate this joke.     

Also counting down, Marty Fleisher has 43 days left until he leaves on his African safari. Marty’s first stop; Nairobi, Kenya.  Don’t forget your Kevlar vest Marty. 

Our other Marty, Mijalski, skipped delivering a joke this morning in favor of issuin

g some words of wisdom.  Commas are very important.  Marty called the hospital looking his doctor, Charles Wang Do.  The switchboard couldn’t find him.  That’s because his correct name is Charles Wang, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy).

Joel Panzer called his bank and, as is typical, was put on hold.  As Joel was listening to the Muzak, he realized the song was “Ain’t we got fun”.  Not much money, oh, but honey
ain't we got fun?
  Probably not the best choice of song for a bank.  

Getting ready for the holidays, Don Persky.  What holiday?  Chu-Suk, which is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving.         

Although all three projects vying to replace the Sport’s Basement down at Crissey Field seem to be worthy candidates, Christine Torrington favors George Lucas’ proposal.  Given the first class job George did with Letterman Digital Arts, I’m inclined to favor George too.    

Tom Jacobs is heading up to Loomis to talk about old bottles.  Tom says he’s the top collector of old bottles.  Wait, a minute, Recology collects more bottles than Tom Jacobs.  Tom did clarify; he collects intact bottles. 

With both Mike Hanlon and Reg Young not in attendance, we didn’t have any birthdays, nor did anyone freely admit to having a birthday this week.  So, no birthday song this morning.  

Knucklehead of the week; this week it reader’s choice.  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith, or 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, or 49ers owner Jed York.  And for you baseball fans, I’ll throw in, get it, throw in, LA Dodgers closer Brian Wilson.  Your choice. 

Your scribe is taking the next three weeks off to head to the homeland just in time for Columbus Day.  Next week, Bill Buchanan will be writing the column.  The following week, Wayne Veatch will pickup the pen and the final week it’s back to Bill Buchanan.


Have fun guys.