Oct 29th: Mystery Speaker, Michael Mustacchi


This morning, even though we again had a bit of a sparse crowd, Bert Hill thought he would get a jump on the five minute warning and rang our Fire Truck Bell at 7:23AM, a full seven minutes prior to starting time.  I’m wondering if our attendance was affected by the World Series?  Of course there was no celebrating in the City of St. Francis last night.  With less than a week before Election Day, President Jill Hoffman not only took the morning off from campaigning and was dressed very casually in jeans.  President Jill remains confident as her pollsters, Husband Steve and Son Robbie, still show her in first place.  Perennial losing GGBC candidate Jim Lazarus reminds Jill everyone he knew was voting for him too, and we all know how Jim’s elections turned out.  President Jill also mentioned that even though Kansas City is her home town, she’s a Giants fan through and through.  And to prove it, President Jill stripped off her blazer to reveal a Giant’s tee shirt. 

Tom Jacobs, who arrived three steps before Tom Smegal, is still encouraging any of his patients that live in Sausalito to vote for JillBill Buchanan even registered to vote in Sausalito so he could cast a vote for Jill too.  I hope nobody realizes that Bill lives in Mill Valley. Although Bill’s vote may be cancelled out by John McKnightJohn, who actually is a Sausalito resident, is still angry that President Jill forgot his birthday.  

As Hugh Tuck walked towards my table with his breakfast, he looked just like a waiter holding his plates out at arms length.  I thought he was bringing me more food.     

We had a single guest this morning.  Hosted by Jerome Stroumza was Joseph Ozanne. Joseph was the designer of the Oracle teams main sail used in their America’s Cup victory.

Excuses requested for this morning:  Sidney Mobell updated us on the condition of your editor, Antonio White.  Though Antonio is recovering from the virus he, and Wife Christina, picked up in Paris, the doc wants Antonio to take it easy for another week or two.  Steve Shain excused Terry Cowhey who is still experiencing lingering effects from his McDonald’s altercation.  Steve then requested an excuse for himself.  His Wife is leaving again, but she’s taking Steve with her to Denver.  Joel Panzer decided to emulate President Jill by stripping off his shirt, to reveal, in Giant’s orange, he has been promoted from a Pa to a Grandpa.  Son J. J. is excused as wife Michelle delivered Grandpa Joel’s new five pound, nine ounce Granddaughter on Saturday.  Although our new Papa was hoping Michelle would hold off until Monday as J. J. had tickets to the weekend Series games.    

Speaking of baby’s birthdays, Cathy Scharetg reports her baby just had his seventeenth birthday.  Cathy promises to attend more frequently, but does remind us while hope springs eternal, it doesn’t get your ass out of bed at 5:00AM. 

Excuse requested for the future, Bert Hill is going back to Seattle to check up on Mom and the following week Bert is going into the hospital for a heart ablation procedure.  We hope all goes well, so Bert doesn’t need more than a two week excuse.

Members that have returned:  As promised, Patricia Fripp is back from the UK and Ireland.  Fripp had a great time and didn’t realize the beauty and history of Ireland.  Fripp was duly impressed.  Although Fripp did strain her back on the way home and vows to travel lighter.  Agreeing with Fripp in terms of the beauty and history of Ireland,   Marty MijalskiMarty’s Wife Patti is Irish and on their trip to Ireland, Patti was so pleased to see one of her relatives was a “Turf Accountant”.  Patti thought that meant he was a successful CPA.  Marty almost didn’t have the heart to tell Patti a “Turf Accountant” is a bookie. 

Robin Brasso is back from her trip to Greece and Istanbul and had a wonderful time.  Except for the trip back home.  Lufthansa went on strike, so Robin got an extra day in Istanbul and got to see a lot of airports she didn’t expect to see.  Also not back from Istanbul, Mike Hanlon.  As mentioned in last week’s column, Mike was not robbed at gunpoint and was not in need of an emergency loan.  AOL scrubbed Mike’s e-mail account and all is well now.  Marty Mijalski just wants to know why the hijackers picked O’Leary’s Pub in Santa Rosa as the depository for any funds sent to Mike.           

Your Treasurer, Ray Siotto, has left Africa and is now in Rome spending his time taking pictures of the tiny garbage trucks used in the Centro Storico.        

Wayne Veatch wants you to know he’s the President of the White Stag Association and to answer Mike Mustacchi’s question, no he is not wearing his Boy Scout shirt.  It’s actually a British Military shirt Wayne bought at a thrift store for two bucks.  Wayne got his Giants tie from the Giants as a game day giveaway.  John Stewart offered to buy Wayne’s tie for five bucks, which means Wayne can now afford to buy two and a half more shirts.         

Happy for the Kansas City Royal’s success; John Mathers.  And, Harvey reminds us the Royals have made their greatest accomplishment in a quarter century just getting to the World Series.  Kansas City, and its fans, deserves our respect, no matter what happens tonight.  Our "World Class" city owes that to them, to ourselves and to our children.

Even though our Giants didn’t finish off the Royals last night, Dan Negron reports Recology was prepared in the event the Giants did wrap up the Series.  We started a bunch of routes early to get the combustibles off the street before the “celebration” started.  Given how last night’s game turned out, I should have been out there picking stuff up instead of watching that painful game.  Of course, “torture” is nothing new for Giants fans.  Recology will be doing the same tonight too.  Let’s hope the Giants do something different, like win.          

After the Cruising with Kids cruise, Janet Von Doepp received an e-mail that President Roosevelt’s yacht, the Potomac, is in deep financial trouble.  The Potomac went into dry-dock earlier this year and the job ended up $75K over budget.  They are hoping to organize a Pearl Harbor Day Champagne Cruise as a fundraiser.  We’ll publish the details as we receive them.  

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; The Brixton on Union Street in Cow Hollow. 

Your Speaker’s Chair, Mike Mustacchi, was supposed to be in Mendocino today.  After last week’s meeting, Mike was feeling a touch of the flu coming on, so he took our speaker’s advice.  Mike didn’t contract the flu, but his honey, Honey, didn’t follow the same regimen and did.  So, no trip to Mendocino.  That’s a good thing though, as our Mystery Speaker was….. Mike Mustacchi 

Jackson Talbot made it for two weeks out of three and John Bell visited Hundley Hardware.  John even bought some stuff.  

Hugh Tuck attended the premiere of Video Games, The Movie this past Saturday.  A history of, what else, video games.  Why?  Well, Hugh and his buddy, Phil Pitts, invented the first video game.  Hugh didn’t say when, so you’ll have to GTS it.  

We had two jokes this morning.  The first from Don Persky.  Guy is on a date.  Wonders if he’ll get lucky.  The girl already knows.  The second from John McKnight.  A woman goes into a pet store and asks to buy a parrot that talks.  She comes back to the pet store complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a mirror.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a ladder.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot doesn’t talk.  The owner says you need a pool of water.  The woman comes back again complaining the parrot died.  The owner says “did the parrot say anything before he died?”  The woman says yes, “does that pet store have any food?”        

Mike Hanlon had one birthday this week.  Hedy Kaveh on Monday.   

Knucklehead of the Week; another baseball figure.  Former Oakland A’s slugger Jose CansecoJose, you put the bullets back into the gun after you finish cleaning it.  


OCT 22nd: Dr. Michael Smith, M.D., The Radio Doctor


This morning when Bert Hill stepped up to the podium to ring our Fire Truck Bell to deliver the five minute warning, only myself, Marty Mijalski and Sidney Mobell had sat down to breakfast.  So, Bert rang the bell extra hard and the sound reverberated quite well off the walls of the empty Crystal Ballroom.  I know I’ve been avoiding reporting our weekly attendance, but when the membership filed into the room and took their seats, three tables were completely untouched.  We had a good speaker too.  Dr. Michael Smith told us how to avoid catching the flu and since it’s flu season, is there more timely a subject?  Grant Hundley and Les Andersen heard Dr. Smith’s presentation yesterday and Grant was here this morning to hear it again.  Dr. Smith even told a joke.  Why didn’t the lobster want to share?  He’s shell fish. Just as good as Marty’s “he got toad” joke of last week.   

Even though it’s only thirteen days until

OCT 15th: New Kids with a Twist


Well, you can tell the Blue Angels weren’t on the program this week.  MMC wasn’t too busy and we were moved back into the Crystal Ballroom, but we really didn’t make good use of the space.  Bert Hill was a bit late in delivering the five minute warning, so it was more of a two minute warning.  President Jill Hoffman was busy campaigning, so First Vice President Joel Panzer had the duty again.  First VP Joel did triple duty today.  In addition to his customary duties at the front desk, he also subbed for Treasurer Ray Siotto, who is on his three week vacation that will take him to East Africa, Rome and London.

Before you start grousing about our

Oct 9th: NAVY Blue Angels


Looks like most of our membership actually read the bulletin and paid attention during last Week’s meeting and showed up on this bright and sunny Thursday morning for breakfast.  Why Thursday?  Well, if it’s Thursday, it must be Fleet Week and we’re going to have a visit from the Navy’s Blue Angels.  

And, as typical for Fleet Week, the MMC is extremely busy and we were to have breakfast in the very small Heritage Room on the tenth floor.  Fortunately for us, the MMC’s staff kept wheeling and dealing and managed to get us into the larger Crystal Lounge.  Then Elmer and Jorge did a bit of wheeling and dealing on their own to squeeze seventy-six seats plus the full breakfast buffet into the room too.  Good thing, because we used each and every one of those seventy-six seats.   

Bert Hill delivered the customary five minute warning, but I guess President Jill Hoffman was a bit excited having the

Oct 1st: Eve R. Meyer, Executive Dir, SF Suicide Prevention


We had a bit of an unruly crowd this morning. Bert Hill delivered the five minute warning at exactly five minutes, but that didn’t seem to get any reaction from our socializing members.  President Jill Hoffman was conducting a deposition in Belmont, so First Vice President Joel Panzer stepped up to the podium to call the meeting to order.

Unfortunately, First VP Joel had microphone problems and had to use both our Fire Truck’s bell and Past President Hugh Tuck’s little Barbie horn to attempt to create some semblance of order.  Eventually, the membership passed through the buffet line and sat down.       

Back into the Commandant’s Ballroom for this

Sept. 24th: USCG Vice Admiral Charles Ray


Looks like the GGBC will accord a Coast Guard Admiral the same on time start courtesy extended to an Army General.  So, this morning Bert Hill delivered the five minute warning two minutes early.  With seven minutes to get seated, the membership was ready to go when President Jill Hoffman called the meeting to order. 

This morning, we were in the more intimate Crystal Lounge, which I think is the best venue for our meetings.  Initially, I was a bit concerned with our attendance, since there was a significant scattering of empty seats at each table.  Until Ed Flowers decided to join us, myself and Marty Mijalski were the only occupants of our table.  As the meeting progressed though, a good number of

Sep 17th: General Anthony Zinni


Since this morning our speaker, General Anthony Zinni, was expected to be a big draw with a very timely presentation, President Jill Hoffman was going to make certain to commence on time.  Even though Rickey Wilson was present, Bert Hill delivered the five minute warning, using our Fire Truck bell, and President Jill jumped up to the podium and started the meeting right on time.           

Before I start reporting the events of this morning’s meeting, I will give you the latest breakfast burrito update.  Evidently, the chef on the 12th floor has shared his recipe with the chef on the 10th floor and as a result this morning we did have the proper breakfast burrito.  Scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla.  Although, I would have liked to see a

Gary Brechin: The Living New Deal


President Jill Hoffman was running a bit late this morning, so we only got a two minute warning, which turned out to be a six minute warning because the mass of members couldn’t get through the breakfast buffet fast enough.  Even though President Jill enlisted Rickey Wilson to prod the members through the line.  So, while there isn’t a spot for either Joel Panzer or Bert Hill in President Jill’s new administration, there might be a spot for Rickey.                 

There were no guests this morning. 

I do have a breakfast burrito update for you though.  Yesterday was the GGBC Board’s monthly meeting, which is held up on the 12th floor.  There on the buffet were breakfast burritos.  Up on the 12th floor, the burritos contain the proper

Sept 3rd: Donald H. Kagin, Epic Buried Backyard Treasure


President Jill Hoffman returned and just to prove she’s serious about breaking the curse of the GGBC, she was accompanied by her Campaign Manager, Sarah Hook.  President Jill  personally provided the five minute warning and started the meeting right on time.   So, it appears there isn’t a spot for either Joel Panzer or Bert Hill in President Jill’s new administration.                 

Besides Sarah, we had one additional guest this morning.  Hosted by her husband of forty-three years, Judy Tuck.

August 28th: Joel Engardio: A Moderate Revolution, Starting with Schools


Well, for two weeks in a row President Jill Hoffman has begged off with an excuse.  This morning she had a deposition go south, which required her immediate attention.  So, First Vice President Joel Panzer presided over his second meeting in a row.  First VP Joel again personally provided the five minute warning, not relying on Bert Hill, to perform this important task.  Plus, this morning First VP Joel started right on time, not two minutes early.  This allowed me to finish by breakfast before the meeting commenced.

I have to wonder though; are we going to see President Jill again before Election Day?            

I’m usually quite happy with the breakfast buffet served up by the MMC.  I was a

Aug 20th: Bert Hill & Andy Stone, Two Wheeled Adventure


This morning, President Jill Hoffman had to bring son Robbie to his first day of school, requiring First Vice President Joel Panzer to step up to the podium to preside over this morning’s meeting.  First VP Joel personally provided the five minute warning, which was actually only a three minute warning, as First VP Joel started the meeting two minutes early.  President Jill also wanted me to mention this is a legitimate excuse and is not an attempt to avoid appearing at the GGBC until after Election Day.            

We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by our speaker, Bert Hill, was his riding partner Andy Stone.  Bert had a bit of difficulty with the microphone this morning.  The mic just didn’t want to work whenever Bert spoke.  Strangely, the mic operated just fine whenever another...

Aug 13th: Chris Gallagher, USACOE, The Bay Model


President Jill Hoffman has returned from her family vacation in West Marin and provided the five minute warning personally.  Then she got distracted and didn’t return to the podium until ten minutes later.  Still in vacation mode, President Jill even brought her cup of coffee along.             

Only a single guest this morning.  Hosted by President Jill, her rapidly growing son Robbie.  I am going to venture to say Robbie is now taller than his Mom.  I couldn’t be 100 percent sure, since this morning Mom was wearing heels and Robbie was not.  Although President Jill says Robbie will be looking up to his Mom until the day he dies, irrespective of how tall Robbie actually grows. Also, Mom had to bribe Robbie with a cappuccino to get him to come to breakfast this morning.  President Jill may be on to something here.  A free cappuccino when you arrive at the GGBC.  Guess I should probably stop calling Robbie, Robbie and start calling him Rob

President Jill also had a big announcement this morning.  She is now a candidate for the Sausalito City Council.  President Jill admitted she thought long and hard about her decision knowing the curse of the GGBC.  Although I will point out Frank Jordan was elected Mayor of San Francisco while still a member of the GGBC.  So, it’s possible President Jill can be the second GGBC member to win elective office.  I did suggest to President Jill she could persuade the membership to change the GGBC by-laws to allow political endorsements. Then the GGBC could endorse all her opponents.      

Excuses requested for this morning; from me for Marty Mijalski and John McKnight.

Marty’s leaving for his two week Adriatic cruise today and Les Anderson says John had an early meeting.  Chuck Mills excused Bill Buchanan, who had an important meeting “downtown”.             

Excuses requested for the future; J. J. Panzer is heading to Wisconsin to visit his in-laws.  Wisconsin where there’s nothing to do and the food is bad.  Bert Hill is going to be a babysitter next Wednesday as he’s covering that last week before school starts.  This prompted Robin Brasso to remind us all to be aware of vacation mode little kids walking to school that may not be too attentive.  Or, less attentive than usual.  Now that Janet Von Doepp’s big dredging lawsuit has settled, she and Chris are heading to Tahoe.

Although she just returned from Southern California, Patricia Fripp is leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas.  While she’s there, Fripp is going to take in Al Pacino’s one man show.  Arlan Kertz was glad to see that his junior partner Len Stec returned.  Upon receiving the microphone from Arlan, Len promptly requested an excuse for the next five weeks.  Len is heading to the Far East.

Other member that has returned; Aaron Draime spent the last two weeks touring Oregon.

After wrapping up his remodeling project up in Healdsburg and returning to the GGBC, David Dissmeyer pointed out that he’s two-for-two.  Another remodeling project that’s almost finished; Frank Reed’s in Carlsbad.  More importantly, Frank’s wife Patricia says when the house is done, she and Frank are going to sell it.  That means more regular attendance for FrankFrank did say he’s missed us.  Or, most of us anyway.

There were many reminisces and comments about the passing of Robin WilliamsRickey Wilson tried to e-mail his condolences to Michael Pritchard, Robin’s great and good friend, but Big Mike’s e-mail box was full.  Patricia Fripp related the story from her great and good friend, John Cantu, who ran the Holy City Zoo back in the early 2000’s.  Robin would often visit the Holy City Zoo and tend bar in addition to doing his standup routine.  John told Fripp he was able to sell every glass Robin touched. 

Even though both Marty Mijalski and John McKnight were not here, there was no joke from Alan Garber again this morning.  Garber did have an observation though; colleges are going to require written consent for any sexual contact.  Garber didn’t outline all the parameters, which is probably good, but it does make you think.   

Now that both boys are back to playing football, Cathy Scharetg says they are no longer acting like a couple of grumpy old ladies.        

This week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Pesce at 2223 Market Street.  If you’re Italian, you’ll know what’s served at Pesce, and Joanne points out they serve great steaks too.  

Although Betty Taisch says the best seafood in San Francisco is served at her house.  I guess Rich is quite the chef.  Might be a good place for the GGBC to have an “off site”. But, not tomorrow night, because Betty’s is going to see Paul McCartney

From Jim Lazarus, the latest idea to come out of the Board of Supervisors; work schedules must be set two weeks in advance.  If you change the schedule, you must pay a penalty.  Small retail businesses, bars, restaurants and…..garbage companies are really going to like this one. 

What an outrage, Phil Moscone had to wait forty minutes for his two casual carpool riders before he could cross the Bay Bridge.  Phil, this is truly a first world problem. 

On his way to breakfast this morning, Tom Jacobs saw an iconic San Franciscan, novelist Herb Gold waiting for Muni.  Herb just published his memoir, “Still Alive, a Temporary Condition”.  Herb is ninety.  Upon arriving at breakfast, Tom saw another iconic San Franciscan, Sidney Mobell.

Speaking of iconic San Franciscans, Terry Cowhey had dinner with former GGBC member and Past President and sponsor of Pete Ratto, Gene DeMartiniGene, known to all us older members as “famous Italian Astronaut and Test Pilot, Broccoli Zucchini”, is having a bit of a rough time.  When you’re a garbageman for forty plus years, your back is bound to deteriorate and that’s the problem Gene is having.  Even though Gene’s now in a wheel chair, he can still talk, so give him a call at 415-346-4730.       

We did have one joke this week.  From Chuck Mills.  Not entirely PC.  Involved a Marine and two Arabs on a plane, expectorating in shoes and urinating in soft drinks.

Despite concerns that our annual Dick Polhi (aka Broccoli Zucchini’s sidekick Romeo Tortellini) Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament was not going to break even, thanks to the previously mentioned donations and some last minute signups, Joel Panzer reports we actually turned about a $1,300 profit. 

This week’s sunshine, John Mathers is finally home after spending twenty-five days in Mt. Zion Hospital.  John had some intestinal problems that turned out to be a bit more serious than originally anticipated.  We’re hoping John can rejoin us for breakfast soon.
With no Mike Hanlon or Reg Young in attendance, we had no birthdays this week.  Or, nobody that would admit to a birthday.      

No knucklehead this week either because I have to get over to Sausalito to register to vote along with some member of my family.  Do you think they’ll mail our absentee ballots to Colma?     



Aug 6th: Jennifer Friedenbach: Laura's Law


Two weeks in a row in the Crystal Ballroom, although given the size of our crowd this morning, the Crystal Lounge would have been a more appropriate venue.  Bert Hill was paying better attention this morning, so he gave the five minute warning right on time.  Then to make sure everyone realized the clock was ticking, Bert used the portable microphone to give us continual warnings right until show time.  I say show time, because Bert’s count down reminded me of being at the drive-in theatre.  But, instead of my girlfriend snuggling close, it was Marty Mijalski at my side.  Not quite the same, returning me to the reality of the morning.  Unfortunately, First Vice President Joel Panzer didn’t remember that President Jill Hoffman is on vacation, and that he was supposed to be running the show.  First VP Joel called the meeting to order five minutes late.       

We had two guests this morning.  Hosted by Don Negron was thirty-five year veteran of Sunset Scavengers Ramiro Alvarez.  I say Sunset Scavengers because when Ramiro started in the waste business there was no Recology, it was Sunset Scavengers and Golden Gate Disposal.  Ramiro has also been a guest at the GGBC before.  Maybe you didn’t recognize him.  Last time Ramiro was at the GGBC he was carrying a packing can leading our precision drill team.  Our other guest, hopefully for the last time as a guest, was Dana Walsh.  Although Dana was introduced as a new member, since she will be in Denver next Wednesday, the Board actually hasn’t voted on Dana’s membership.  The vote was supposed to happen yesterday, but with President Jill on vacation, the Board meeting was moved to next Tuesday.  Let’s say Dana was hosted by her sponsor, Patricia Fripp this morning.                 

Excuses requested for this morning; from Alex King for Mike HanlonMike is interviewing candidates for the Catholic Charities Board up in Santa Rosa for the next two weeks.  From me for Past President Harvey.  As you all know, Harvey’s 89 year old Mom is recovering from recent surgery at Stanford Hospital.  She is now in a Surgical Rehab Facility in Los Gatos, recovering slowly.  Hopefully she will show some measure of greater improvement soon.  Then Harvey can get some rest.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Harvey and his family.  From J. J. Panzer for Karen NemsickKaren is in Washington, DC, at a national Rebuilding Together meeting.      

Excuses requested for the future; John Cribbs is having cataract surgery on Monday and won’t be able to see clearly enough to drive across the bridge on Wednesday.  Marty Mijalski is leaving next Wednesday for a two week Adriatic cruise.  If this causes President Jill a measure of agita, or Italian heartburn, worried as to who will take the minutes of Tuesday’s GGBC board meeting, no need to worry as Marty will be there.  Hugh Tuck is going back to Truckee for another week. 

Sidney Mobell is heading to Arizona to visit his brother, who fell and broke his hip.  Sid will be back for breakfast on Wednesday though.  No excuse needed.  

Members that have returned; David Dissmeyer has finished his remodeling project up in Healdsburg.  No more projects for David for a while, as Daughter Heidi is starting college at St. Mary’s in the fall.  Christine Torrington is back from Ashland, Oregon and says it’s not all Shakespeare in Ashland.  Patricia Fripp returned from Las Vegas where she saw David Copperfield’s show for the first time.  Patricia was impressed. 

Last night during National Smash and Grab Night, as Bert Hill described it, otherwise known as National Night Out, Bert was serving as Supervisor David Chiu’s driver.  They actually were in a car and not on bikes!  After the night’s festivities were over, Bert stopped at Tower Burger on Portola Drive to pickup, what else, a burger for wife Lorna, who was not feeling well.  Even though Bert’s car was parked less than twenty feet away, he was still a smash and grab victim.  Janet Von Doepp mentioned she owns rental property in that area and says there’s always trouble in that shopping area.  Back in late 2000-early 2001, between moving from the Marina to San Mateo, the Ratto’s rented a house in Monterey Heights.  We often frequented Tower Burger and thought that little shopping area was pretty nice.  I guess things change after thirteen years.  Rich Corriea tried to explain what happened to Bert using the triangle of crime.  I’m pretty good at geometry, but I didn’t quite get the triangle of crime.  I’ll just say to avoid being a smash and grab victim, do not leave anything of even minimal value visible in the passenger compartment of your car.   

No joke from Alan Garber this morning, only two observations.  First, the month of August 2014 has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays.  This will happen again in 800 years.  Garber also thinks Rich Corriea is breathing a sigh of relief now that the infamous serial attempted stowaway Marilyn Hartman has moved to Mineta San Jose Airport.  Although, now Marilyn is a successful serial stowaway.     

An observation from Rickey Wilson this morning.  On Rickey’s two block walk from the Sutter Stockton Garage, there were ten homeless people sleeping in doorways along Sutter Street.   

If you caught Betty Taisch’s interview on CNBC you might have gotten the answer why.  The median price of a home in San Francisco is now over $1 million. 

Speaking of cash or lack thereof, Tom Jacobs looked in his wallet and he had only two bucks.  Who just got married?  

Phil Moscone has three days off, so now Phil thinks he really is semi-retired. 

Now that Phil has more time off maybe he can check out this week’s restaurant recommendation from Joanne Fazzino; Moshi Moshi on 3rd Street in Dogpatch.  I still can’t believe fine dining has come to Dogpatch.  

Bill Buchanan reported he finally got a phone call at his new office.  It was from Tom Smegal letting Bill know that Tom is in Ely, Minnesota.  Believe or not, Bill even knows where Ely, Minnesota is.  Bill was there with wife Claire in ’72 for a canoe trip.      

Chuck Mills reported this past weekend’s annual Dick Polhi Memorial Bocce Ball Tournament at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael was a great event again.   Our turn out was a little lighter than in the past, but the weather was beautiful, the food was excellent, as usual, and the competition was fierce.  Plus, I’ll give special recognition to both Marty Mijalski and John Mathers, who each bought a couple of tickets knowing full well they would not be able to attend but wanted to assure the event would be a success.  Thanks to all from Joel Panzer as well, since it appears the GGBC even turned a slight profit on the tournament when we were worried it was going to show a loss.    

There were zero jokes this week.  Although, Steve Shain told one to all the early arrivers, then reconsidered when it was time to recite the joke in front of the masses.    

We had a single birthday this week.  Today, on the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Betty Taisch.  And, though I’m the last person to be considered a good judge of woman’s fashions, I must say Betty’s dress was quite chic.  Please see the photo in this edition of the bulletin and please disregard the less than fashionable headgear.       

No knucklehead this week because I think we should take a moment to honor Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk,  who passed away on July 28th at the age of ninety-three.  Dutch was an Army Air Corps navigator and flew almost sixty bombing missions during World War II.  While Betty was in the process of arriving into her Mother’s arms, Dutch was guiding the Enola Gay, a B-29 bomber, from the tiny island of Tinian to Hiroshima.  Thanks to Dutch and his crewmates aboard the Enola Gay, countless American lives were saved from what was certain to be a brutal battle in the final fight during the invasion of Japan.  Dutch was the last surviving crew member of the Enola Gay.             




July 30th: Mark Farrell, Laura's Law


We returned home this morning.  Back to the MMC, the Crystal Ballroom, and back into the care of Elmer and Jorge.  I assume something distracted Bert Hill this morning, as it was left to President Jill Hoffman to give the five minute warning.  Bert did get up to the podium to give the thirty second warning though, except he wasn’t very effective.  President Jill was forced to ring our Fire Truck bell repeatedly and even resorted to using Past President Hugh Tuck’s Barbie horn.  As the unruly mass was attempting to comply with President Jill’s urging to get seated, Cathy Scharetg walked though the door, was handed the microphone and suggested President Jill reappoint Rickey Wilson as the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Did any members admit to being here at the MMC last Wednesday.  Only two.  Steve Shain and John Stewart.  Although Shain claims they conducted an actual meeting and

July 24th: Annual Interclub Breakfast


Well, I hope you didn’t show up at MMC bright and early on Wednesday morning, because if you did you probably ate breakfast surrounded by strangers on the 12th floor.  Or, with another GGBC member that forgot our meeting was in Oakland on Thursday.

We joined our hosts, the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, along with the Berkeley and San Leandro Breakfast Clubs at the Lake Merritt Hotel; which is actually a combination of an extended stay hotel and independent senior living apartment building.  The meeting was held in the Terrace Room, which is all glass on the north side, overlooking Lake Merritt.  The room even has this all glass bay window where the head table was set up.  I would have second thoughts about sitting in an all glass bay window in Oakland.  Fortunately, President Jill Hoffman was not required to sit there.

Jul 16th: Barbara Barigan-Parilla, Save the Delta!



We moved into the Commandant’s Ballroom this morning.  I’m not sure if we’re in the summer doldrums, but our attendance fell off a bit from last week.  Certainly not worthy of the big room.  Bert Hill wasn’t here to ring in the five minute warning, and President Jill Hoffman wasn’t here either.  So, this morning First Vice President Joel Panzer was a one man banana stand.  Gave the five minute warning, presided over the meeting in President Jill’s absence and was Chairman of the Day.        

Jul 9th: Bob Silvestri, Community Venture Partners

Jul 9th: Bob Silvestri, Community Venture Partners


With the Holiday behind us, our attendance had a rebound this week.  We were in the Crystal Ballroom this morning, and while not completely full, we had a respectable crowd for our speaker Bob Silvestri.  Like last week’s speaker, Randy OverbeckBob arrived early as well, around 6:45AM.  So, Bob had time to interact with our membership, and Bob too decided to stay.  Maybe we are the nicest people in the world?  Or, maybe Bob just didn’t meet Terry Cowhey.  

Jul 2nd: Dr. Randy Overbeck, Teachers are the Real Heroes

Jul 2nd: Dr. Randy Overbeck, Teachers are the Real Heroes


Even though it’s only two days before the 4th of July Holiday, we were in the Commandant’s Ballroom this morning.  The holiday week is a slow one for the MMC, so we get moved into the biggest room.  Too bad this morning attendance was even sparser than last week’s.  As Bert Hill completed his 600 mile, not 400 mile, bike ride, Bert was available to ring the fire truck bell and give the membership the five minute warning.  President Jill Hoffman has family visiting this week, so an excuse was requested and First Vice President Joel Panzer moved up to the podium to preside over this morning’s meeting.  Unlike last week, our speaker, Randy Overbeck walked into the Commandant’s Room before 6:30AM.  I’m always impressed when the speaker arrives early enough to interact with the membership.  And, even more impressed when they decide to stay.

Jun 25th: David Johnson, FBI Special Agent, SF Division


We were in the Crystal Ballroom this morning.  Plenty of room for a bit of a sparse crowd.  Since Bert Hill is finishing up his 400 mile bike ride, there was no five minute warning this morning.  President Jill Hoffman wrung the fire truck bell five minutes late.    But our speaker, David Johnson from the FBI, arrived ten minutes late.  So, no harm, no foul.

Sadly though, President Jill opened our meeting with a moment of silence in the memory of Janet Panzer, wife of Joel and mother of J. J. who passed away on Sunday.  One day before her 70th birthday and one day before she and Joel’s 47th anniversary.  The GGBC offers our deepest condolences to JoelJ. J. and the entire Panzer family during this difficult time.  

Jun 18: Patrick Otellini, SF's First Resilience Officer


Lots of business peaks and valleys at the MMC.  Two weeks ago a down business week put us back into the Commandant’s Room.  Last week, an extremely busy business week put us into the Leatherneck Lounge and theatre lobby on the 2nd floor.  This week, business is down again and we’re back in the Commandant’s Room.  As a result, Jorge and Elmer were happy this morning.  With Bert Hill on his 400 mile bike ride, the Master of Disaster, John McKnight, handled the five minute warning for President Jill Hoffman.  No fire truck bell, no Barbie horn, John just used his best deep Reg Young voice.  Got everybody’s attention except President Jill’s.  This prompted Past President Harvey to jump up to the podium and announce it was 7:36AM, and Mike Mustacchi to also use his best deep Reg Young voice to announce “attention everybody”.  This resulted in President Jill’s mad dash to join Harvey and start the meeting.  Actually, it was only 7:31AM.  Even the trains in Italy allow a five minute cushion, so a minute late is still considered on time.